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The In Charge


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									The In Charge
Customer Care – Professional Couriers
Mumbai 99

Dear Sir,

                          Re: Lies , unaccountability and callous customer care for
                              Consignment no. MUM/VPL/W 105294244 dt. 03.02.2010

1. Mr. Mohan Siroya of Church Road, Marol, Andheri E ,had booked one parcel
   containing very important paper documents ,weighing 1.5 Kg thru’ your collection
   office opposite Fire Brigade ,Marol Mumbai 59 on 3 rd Feb. under above consignment
    no. Consignee address was Mr. Karunesh Agrawal , Cyberwit. net at 4/2B, L I G
    Govindpur Colony , Allahabad , Uttar Pradesh with telephone no. as 91-532-2541153 /

    As the consignment was not delivered to the party even after 5 days, the consigner had
     lodged a complaint with Mr. Vaibhav of collection office on 8 th. As nothing could
      happen,on 10 th Feb. he took comp./Req. no from Mr.Vaibhav bearing no 3123
     alongwith mobile no. of one Mr. Rawat , concerned person at Allahabad . On
     contacting him , the said Mr. Rawat expressed his inability to assure when the
    consignment will be delivered to the consignee. Having got alarmed, Consignor Mr.
    Siroya had referred the complaint to this Consumer Complaints Cell (CCCell) to
    further persue the complaint on his behalf.

2. The undersigned had phoned your Customer Care office on Phone no. 40258200 on 10
    thFeb. at 3.40 p.m. For this complaint I was asked to speak to one MR Jose , as the
   redressal officer. Mr. Jose, after about two hours, informed me (cell no.
   9029088870 ) that on 11 th Feb. by 2 p.m. the consignment will get delivered for sure .
   When the consignee did not receive delivery even by 4 p.m. Mr. Jose was again
   contacted , who after due enquiry confirmed to me at about 6 p.m that the DELIVERY

3. We accordingly had informed the consigner to get the confirmation from the consignee.
   On 12 th morning , we were informed by consignor that the parcel was not delivered
   On 12 th all phones of on 11 th and the confirmation of delivery by Mr. Jose was
   FALSE. On 12 th ,the nos of your Cusomer Cre were simply remained silent as the
   was closed observing holiday.

4.. Today on 13 th , when I phoned Mr. Jose and blamed him for dishing out lies to us
    about the delivery, he re-directed the line to one Ms. Neelima who first maintained that
    your Allahabad man had indeed confirmed of delivery . When I challenged her about
    this , she contacted the consignee on phone who maintained the non_delivery. She
  expressed regret for this goof –ups and delay and assured me that by evening she will
   ensure that it gets delivered and she will come back to me . No one came back to me .
    At about 6-30 p.m.; the consignor Siroya informed us that till 6-30 p.m the consignment
    was not delivered to consignee . On the other hand, the consignee at Allhabad himself
phoned at 6-30 p.m to your Mr. Rawat about the parcel, when the consignee was told by
him that he has not received any such consignment in his name from Mumbai.. This was
shocking .
 The undersigned, therefore , immediately contacted your customer care office where one
Mr. Donton , who said , he is the head of customer care, heard the whole case as narrated
above ; but expressed his inability to help or reply . The concerned persons had already left
the office and 14 th being Sunday, he can only enquire and tell me the position only on 15
th Feb. Fait accompli , but the consignor is dead worried about the safety of his parcel.

4. The above tissue of lies, grave negligence and cavalier attitude of the courier company
    towards the customer care speak volumes about the PROFESSIONALNESS of the
     company calling itself as the Professional Couriers.
       Please note that ,if U fail to deliver or account for the parcel containing
      IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS of the consignor , by 15 th Feb. Monday 3 p.m ; we
     shall be constrained to publish your lethargy and misdemeanor to the world at large
   at your risk and consequences, besides advising the the consignor to proceed against
   you legally which please note.

  Thanking you

  Yours truly
  For Consumer Complaints Cell

  Sunit Shah
  Hno. Secretary

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