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Nutri-Link Technologies Introduces New Portal Application to Help School Districts Meet
Federal Mandate for Nutrition Education
Enables Parents and Students to Learn About the Nutritional Content of School Meals, Helps in Overall Fight
Against Childhood Obesity and Promotes Better Nutritional Choices

ATLANTA - May 1, 2006 - Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of technology for school nutrition
programs, announced today Nutri-Café, an interactive virtual cafeteria portal application that allows parents and
students to easily view and learn about the nutritional content of school meals, leading to healthier eating habits
and lifestyle for students.

The portal also provides school districts with an ideal solution to meet some of the requirements of the federal
Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004. Part of the law calls for school districts that provide free
and reduced-price meals to implement local school Wellness Policies by the beginning of the 2006/2007 school

Gwinnett County Public Schools, the largest school district in the state of Georgia and in the Atlanta area, has
installed Nutri-Café so parents and students can access their nutritional information on school meals beginning
this month.

"We are excited about this new educational tool," said Lora Novak, Interim School Nutrition Director for
Gwinnett County Public Schools. "Nutri-Cafe will provide our school nutrition leaders an added resource to use
with students and parents. Our hope is that this technology will generate more discussion among students and
their parents about meal choices, helping them to better understand the many choices available and the health
benefits of choices."

Nutri-Café is a web-based nutrition information portal available any time for students or parents with access to
the Internet. Parents and students can view menu choices for their school, create meals and print their breakfast
or lunch meal plans in minutes. This advanced planning helps students arrive for breakfast and/or lunch
prepared, resulting in faster moving serving lines, reduced serving time and increased throughput for the
school's food service operations.

The system is simple and easy to use with drag-and-drop functionality. Nutri-Café features a virtual serving line
that displays all the food items and condiments available for that particular school. Each item then can be
dragged onto the tray icon and when the mouse is moved over to a particular item, the nutritional value and cost
of that item is displayed. There also is a visual indicator when components of a complete student meal have
been met so parents can take advantage of reduced pricing for complete meals.

"Obesity in kids is now epidemic in the United States with the number of children who are overweight more
than doubling in the last three decades," said Michael Lobato, president of Nutri-Link Technologies. "Obesity is
easier to prevent than to treat and the most useful tool in prevention is through parent education. Nutri-Café is a
key tool for school districts to use in educating parents, students and the community at large on nutrition, as
well as comply with the federal Child Nutrition Act."

About Nutri-Link Technologies
Nutri-Link provides software and services for school nutrition programs. The company's suite of technology solutions, Nutri-Scan,
Nutri-Net and Nutri-Café, helps schools streamline their food service operations, improve worker productivity, and promote healthier
eating habits for students. For more information on the Atlanta area-based company and its products, visit: www.nutri-

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