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									Jack’s MRI adventure video - transcript
Introduction music: MRI, MRI

Narrator: This is the Evelina Children’s Hospital, where Jack has come to have an MRI
scan. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. And that means taking pictures of
what Jack looks like inside.

Jack’s mum: Hi, we’ve come for an MRI scan, where do we need to go to please?

Receptionist: MRI is arctic – take the lift behind here to the first floor.

Jacks’s mum: thank you

Narrator: Each floor of the hospital is named after a different part of the earth. And
downstairs, the ocean level, is like a big playground.

Jack’s mum: Look, the lift’s here. Here we go. You can press the number on here.
(Jack pressing the lift button)

Jack narrating: Then we went up in the lift

Jack’s mum: Going up

Jack: It was like a rocket

Narrator: Jack has to go to the Arctic level. This is where the MRI scanner is, in an area
called the North Pole.

Lift: lift going up

Jack’s mum: There we go and we need to go that way.

Jack: There are lots of animals on the walls

Narrator: Some of the animals even move.

Jack’s mum (as they are sitting down): There we go Jack:

Radiologist: Hi there and welcome. The MRI scanner is a very strong magnet, so
before you and Jack go into the room I need you to fill in one of these questionnaires. I’ll
leave that with you for a few minutes and then I‘ll come back and check it for you, ok?

Jack’s mum: OK

Narrator: They make quite sure that the MRI is safe for Jack.

Jack’s mum (answering questions): Have you had any heart surgery…no, no…implants,
have you had any operations on your head your brain or arm..

Radiologist: Can I just double check Jack, you haven’t got a pacemaker? Jack shakes
his head

Jack’s mum: No

Radiologist: You’ve not had any operations on your head, your heart and you’ve not got
any metal work in your body? Jack shakes his head

Radiologist: And mum you’re the same?

Jack’s mum: yes

Radiologist: OK, do you want to come through then, come and have a look at my
machine. Do you want to hold my hand?

Narrator: Because the MRI is a giant magnet, you can’t take anything metal inside.

Radiologist (opening the door): There we are.

Jack narrating: I put my metal toys in a locker. The lady said they would spoil my

Jack’s mum: I’ve just got to take my things off now Jack (takes off necklace)

Radiologist: Have you got a watch on?

Jack’s mum: I have, yes.

Radiologist: this scanner is the real one this time. So you can see the film playing at
the back so all you need to do lie on the bed, just pop on there for me.

Jack narrating: I had to lie on the bed and not move.

Radiologist: OK? I’m just going to go round and raise the bed in the air.

Jack’s mum: ooh, really high.

Radiologist something I can’t hear!!
Radiologist: OK, now I’m just going to shift you up the bed a little bit. Now I’m going to
pop you some head phones on so you can listen to the film as well as see it. We’ll put
that on there. Now I’m going to pull this special helmet down over your head because
this helps us to get really nice pictures. Now I’m just going to put some cushions in so
that you can keep that helmet nice and still. (To Jack’s mum) I’m going to give you this
buzzer, if he looks very worried or gets very uncomfortable, just give that a squeeze.

Mum nods

Radiologist: OK Jack, I’m just going to move you into the machine now. You need to
keep very still. I’ll talk to you through those headphones as we go along and tell you
what’s happening. Alright? You ok there?

Jack: Yes

Radiologist: OK then. Mummy’s sitting right here beside you ok?

Jack narrating: I kept still for half an hour while they took the pictures.

Radiologist (in a separate room): Are you ok in there Jack?

Jack: Yes

Radiologist: Good boy. Keep nice and still, the next scan is about to start.

Narrator: Jack’s having his head scanned, but you might have pictures taken of any part
of your body.

Song: You can well and truly shout, I’ve been MRId, I’ve been MRI’d, I’ve been MRI’d.

Radiologist: Now because you did so well, I’ve got a special sticker for you, shall I put
that on your shirt?

Jack’s mum: Pop it down there.

Radiologist: There you go. Also a special certificate, now not everybody gets one of
these, that’s because you did so well and kept nice and still.

Jack’s mum: ooh, what do you say Jack?

Jack’s mum (outside the Evelina): That was alright wasn’t it Jack, wasn’t too bad at all?
Jack nods

Jack’s mum: Good. We’ll go and see the doctors soon and get all the results. Come on

Song: MRI you can look inside, MRI, , there’s nothing you can hide. When we’ve seen
you inside out, you can well and truly shout, I’ve been MRI’d, I’ve been MRI’d, I’ve been


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