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Soccer Scene

          “                                                                                                            “
                                           Colin Gooch
                                           IT Manager - Soccer Scene

Soccer Scene is a football fanatics paradise that specializes in soccer and rugby clothing, shoes, gifts
and just about every club memorabilia imaginable. The Company has been trading successfully
within the London W1 area since 1969, Carnaby Street since 1980 and now the new store in Covent
Garden. The Company was the original a specialty shop within the area and was the trailblazer as
a Major outlet for soccer and rugby replica kits and allied products in the United Kingdom.

Soccer Scene and Rugby Scene are proud to have the reputation of helping to take Carnaby Street
and recently Covent Garden into the new millennium, by being the equivalent of 'Lord John' and
'John Stephens' when they were at their peak in the 1960’s. Soccer Scene and Rugby Scene are
regularly quoted in the National and International Press as a leading authority on the replica kit
market. It is commonplace for the Company to be hosts to both British and Foreign film crews. The
Soccer Scene shop in Oxford Street was recently featured in the film ‘Bend it like Beckham’.

         ECR Retail Systems ECR House Unit 3 Watling Gate 297-303 Edgware Road London NW9 6NB     Website:
                    Telephone: 020 8205 7766                    Facsimile: 020 8205 1493        E-mail:
As well as a retail operation, the company can                          It is a really smooth and hassle free method of
boast a successful mail order business. Their                           ordering and receiving. In the back office, the
thriving kit departments supply many local                              system’s super fast finding and filtering features
advertising companies, prestigious West End                             make locating and updating our inventory
Stores, London Underground, as well as City                             records really easy.
finance houses. There is also a close
relationship with TV production companies and                           The ability to automate and barcode has
it is fairly certain that each time a football or                       significantly improved the functioning and the
rugby kit appears on a television programme or                          performance of our merchandise sales. Our
advertisement, Soccer Scene or Rugby Scene                              cashiers are thrilled with ECR Touchsoft’s ease
was the supplier.                                                       of use and speed in processing a transaction.
                                                                        The ECR Touchsoft EPOS interface lets our
Such a prestigious retail company requires a                            cashiers quickly and accurately speed through
trail blazing EPoS system, which is why they                            checkouts.” Continues Colin.
chose ECR to provide their system. “The ease,
flexibility, detailed and accurate reporting
functions make my job so much easier, says
Colin Gooch, who is in charge of IT and Stock
control for Soccer Scene.”

                                                                        “ECR has provided us with complete,
                                                                        commonsense retail automation solutions that
                                                                        work. Touchsoft is so packed with technical
                                                                        advantages that it encourages the company's
                                                                        future growth while effortlessly humming
                                                                        along with today's business processes.
“Every day I run a report looking at items sold
for the previous day. I run one at the end of
                                                                        When asked about ECR’s support and services,
each week and each month as well. This helps
                                                                        Colin had this to say. “It’s phenomenal! No
me project our current inventory needs for
                                                                        matter what we come up with, ECR get answers
each store. We can easily restock fast-moving
                                                                        one way or another. They are able to resolve
items without having to wait for stock counts
                                                                        our issues very quickly and effectively. Even the
from our store managers. The ECR Touchsoft
                                                                        best software requires proficient technical
system allows us to quickly get popular items
                                                                        support. ECR provide service and support over
back on the shelf, which keeps our customers
                                                                        and beyond the call of duty. Just one more
coming back.
                                                                        reason I would recommend ECR to any
Keeping up with the numerous wholesaler item
numbers and order codes can be a nightmare,
especially when it comes to organizing a stores
inventory. Touchsoft’s inventory control is
fantastic! Plus it makes our product lookups
very fast!” Colin says.

         ECR Retail Systems ECR House Unit 3 Watling Gate 297-303 Edgware Road London NW9 6NB   Website:
               Telephone: 020 8205 7766             Facsimile: 020 8205 1493                     E-mail:

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