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					Buggypod PAST op de volgende kinderwagens/buggy’s:
(Niet alle modellen worden op deze lijst vermeld – zie montage voorschriften onderaan)

   •   Arrue X-Kape, Buggy, Minus
   •   Atlasss Buggy
   •   Baby Driver
   •   BabyDan Copenhagen, Stockholm, Reykjavik
   •   Babylove Duolite, Trekker
   •   BabyStyle XTS Twin Twister, XTS Twister, Evo
   •   Bebeconfort Elite, Trophy, Trophy Air 4, High Trek, Allegro, Activ
   •   Britax Excel, Delta, Trekker, Ultra, Voyaga Ultra
   •   Bruin Alpine
   •   Bugaboo Cameleon - fits, but pushchair cannot be fully folded due to
       brackets and, due to the front legs being narrower, Buggypod will point
       slightly towards centreline of pushchair
   •   Chicco C1, CT 01, CT 02, CT 04, CT 05, CT 05 Twin, CT 06, Ponee, Sydney
   •   Combi Dash, Dash DX, WE2 Twin, Caterpillar Tandem
   •   Contours Options Tandem, Options 3 wheeler, Options 4 wheeler, Lite
       Stroller Plus
   •   Cosatto Comet, Diablo, Dixie, Gogo, Solaris, Swift Lite, Triton,
   •   First Wheels City Elite
   •   Go-Go Babyz Urban Advantage
   •   Graco Aerosport, Citisport, Duosport, Expedition, Liberty, Mirage, Mosaic,
       Quattro Tour, Spree, Stadium Duo
   •   Hauck Roadster, Jet 6, Run 6, Ohio, Sprint 6
   •   Herqules Raptor and Razor (with size 70 bracket available from May 2007)
   •   iCandy Apple (with size 70 bracket available from May 2007)
   •   I'coo (with size 70 bracket available from May 2007)
   •   Inglesina Espresso, Trip, Allum, Zippy
   •   InSTEP Nipper (single)
   •   Jane Urban, Powertrack, Powertrack 360, Powertwin, Slalom
   •   Jazz Easy –S
   •   Jeep All-Weather Reclining Umbrella, Cherokee, Classico Duo, Overland
       Limited Jogging Stroller, Wagoneer, Wrangler All-Weather, Wrangler Twin
       Sport All-Weather
   •   Jusonne Othello Tandem
   •   Knorr Crosser, Slider
   •   Kolcraft Escape, Express Rider Universal, iBaby, lite Sport, Okie Dokie, Tour
       Mate, Tour
•   Sport, Tour Sport Universal, Travel About, Umbrella Stroller,
•   Little Shield Meribel, Verbier
•   Love N Care Sunshine
•   Maclaren Day Tripper, Easy Traveller, Global, MX3, Owen, Quest Mod &
    Sport, Ryder, Techno Classic, Techno XT & XLR, Triumph, Twin Techno, Twin
    Triumph, Volo
•   Mamas and Papas Pliko Pramette, Pliko P3, A3, Ziko, Pulse, Nipi
•   Mamu 1, 2, 3, 4
•   Marco Sky
•   Micralite (with adaptor bar)
•   Mothercare Atlan, Aulto, Citilite, Duolite, Jive, Maxim, Phoenix, Polka Twin,
    Polkalite Twin, Ranger, Rococo, Trenton, Vico
•   Mothercraft Impulse
•   Mountain Buggy Breeze, Terrain, Urban, Urban Elite (singles only)
•   Olympus Stroller
•   Peg Perego Pliko, Pliko P3, A3
•   Phil and Teds Evo; E3, Sports
•   Quinny Speedi SX
•   Red Castle CityLink, Shop'n'Jogg Disc II, Sport Jogg, Whizz
•   Red Kite Push Me Jogger Twin, Tandem, 100, 200, 450
•   Retrus Auglein (with size 70 bracket available from May 2007)
•   Roger Armstrong Elfin 2
•   Sesame Beginnings
•   Silver Cross Cruiser, Pop, Compact, Classic Sleepover
•   Steelcraft Enigma 3, Enigma Layback, Enigma Reverse Handle, Express,
    Phoenix Layback, Profile Umbrella Layback, Swiftlite, Viva, Terrain, SC
    range: Downtown, Swivelrite, Terrain, Transformer, Transition
•   Teutonia Fun System, Pixxel, Team Alu
•   Trendsetter Combo
•   Urban Detour Glacier, Xtreme, Vortex, Pinnacle, Altitude, Alpine
•   Valco Aero, Buggster, Everest, Navigator, Nova, RAD, Runabout, Titan,
•   X-Adventure Cross-Over, Inmotion 3, Twinco Quick-Silver, Swivel Quick-Silver
    (pushchair cannot be locked when folded), Researcher (pushchair cannot be
    locked when folded)
•   Ziko Frankie, Alfie
•   Zooper Hula, Zydeco, Disco, Waltz, Tango, Twist, Boogie
BuggyPod past NIET op de volgende kinderwagens/buggy’s

  •   Bebecar X Plus (telescopic front bar prevents bracket attachment), Vector
      (telescopic front bar prevents bracket attachment), Rversus (telescopic front
      bar prevents bracket attachment)
  •   Bebeconfort Loola
  •   Britax Zeta
  •   Bugaboo Gecko and Frog
  •   Chicco S3
  •   Cosatto Duotraveller (front bar has plastic casing which may mean Buggypod
      bracket does not fit solidly around it)
  •   Emmaljunga Classic Duo Combi
  •   First Wheels City Twin
  •   Graco Passage
  •   Hauck Infinity
  •   InSTEP Nipper (double)
  •   Jane Carrera, Twin Two
  •   Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain (front bar has hollow plastic casing which is
      unsuitable for mounting bracket)
  •   Maclaren Major Elite (special needs) (fit chassis, but due to position of
      mounting brackets, pushchair cannot then be folded)
  •   Mamas & Papas Freestyler (front bar has plastic casing), Aria, Twin Aria (rear
      bar has plastic casing), Venezia, MPX (front bar has plastic casing), Orb, O-
  •   Mothercare Loola, Maui
  •   Mountain Buggy Double & Triple Urban, Double Terrain (Buggypod fits onto
      the frame, but due to the seats being wider than the frame, it cannot be
      folded up flush against pushchair)
  •   Mutsy
  •   Peg Perego Aria, Venezia, Young
  •   Quicksmart Easy Fold
  •   Quinny Buzz, Zapp, Freestyle
  •   Silver Cross Linear, 3D
  •   Steelcraft Strider
  •   Stokke XPlory
  •   Urban Detour Vesta
Revelo does not guarantee that the Buggypod will fit every make and model of
pushchair. Customers should always follow our guidelines:

The Buggypod can be attached to most buggies and pushchairs including twin
buggies and 3 wheelers. The strap of the mounting brackets can be tightened
around most buggy and pushchair frames. The frames can be oval, square, round,
thick or thin (max. thickness approx 5.5 cm; a solution for thicker frames is
available from June 2007).

To assess whether the Buggypod will fit your pushchair, you should check that
there are exposed fixture points on two major frame bars on the right hand side of
your pushchair. The rear fixture point needs to be approximately 35-43 cm from
the floor. The front fixture point can be level with the rear fixture point or up to
approx. 8 cm higher. Both fixture points need to be between 16 - 37.5 cm apart.

You cannot fit a bracket around two parallel telescopic bars, as the bars may slide
alongside each other when folding the pushchair or may move away from each
other when folding pushchair (e.g. Bebeconfort Loola). You can fit the bracket on
one telescopic bar if there is a gap of minimum 2 mm between the bars (e.g.
Mamas and Papas Pliko).

Check that the mounting brackets, once fitted, do not interfere with the braking
system or folding mechanism of the host pushchair.

Check that the bar to which you are fitting the bracket is vertical (looking from the
rear or front), so that the bracket and Buggypod will sit vertically too.

The front bracket can be fitted slightly higher than the rear bracket if it helps
achieve a good connection. The Buggypod seat will then tilt back gently (as with
many pushchairs) and you may in any case prefer that.

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