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					Hayling Island Community Board

                Minutes of meeting held on Monday 14 July 2008 at 7.00pm
                    at The Bridge Centre, Beach Road, Hayling Island

                                     Action Notes
Present: Community Board Members:

Terry Worrall                  Chairman/Resident
Andy Lenaghan                  Nominated Councillor
Zachary Allgood                Youth Café/Community Library Panel
Paul Dennison                  Resident/Bridge Centre/Pride of Place
Phil Gooch                     Resident
Zita Good                      Resident
Tony Higham                    Resident
John Perry                     Resident/HIRA/Neighbourhood Watch
David Sheppard                 Resident/Fire Service
Colin Turner                   Hayling Island Health Centre
Present: Others:

Helen Wood                     Community Boards’ Support Officer
Sergeant Steve Pratley         Hayling Island Safer Neighbourhood Team, Hampshire
Helen Moseley                  Hayling Island Safer Neighbourhood Team, Hampshire
2 Community Safety Officers    Hampshire County Council
Julie Boschi                   Havant Borough Council
Nick Horton                    Havant Borough Council
Samantha Todd                  Library Manager, Hayling Island Library
Jane Kent                      Hampshire Libraries
Lucy Flannery                  Havant Literary Festival
3 members of the public

1.    Introduction and Apologies
      Terry Worrall welcomed all to the meeting.
      Apologies had been received from:

      Nigel Chilcott     Vice Chairman/Havant Community Partnership Board
                         Representative/Faith Groups
      Paul Fisher        Hayling Island Residents’ Association (HIRA)
      Roy Jones          Resident
      Matt Shearman      Youth Council
      Mike Treadwell     North East Hayling Residents’ Association (NEHRA)
      Linda Woodage      Resident
2.   Action Notes from Previous Meeting/Matters Arising

     The minutes of the previous meeting were approved subject to the following
     Item 5 final paragraph should read ‘…it would be helpful to hear the views of
     Havant Borough Council and Hampshire County Council’.
     Proposed: Paul Dennison         Seconded: David Sheppard

     Matters Arising:
     a. Item 5 An item to be added to the agenda of the next meeting to discuss            HW
        ‘Sea Defences’.

3.   Hayling Seafront Masterplan

     Julie Boschi, Senior Urban Designer/Landscape Architect at Havant Borough
     Council, attended the meeting to provide information on the Hayling Seafront
     Masterplan consultation which had commenced on 4 July 2008.

     Terry Worrall stated that he was disgusted that the Community Board had not
     been involved at the very first stage of consultation and it was felt that the
     Community Board had been presented with a ‘fait accompli’. The first
     information seen had been in the News. Julie Boschi confirmed that this was
     the early stages of consultation.

     It was generally agreed that, although the Community Board should have been
     involved from the beginning, the proposals made had a tremendous amount of
     merit and this was an exciting project. Tony Higham confirmed that a group of
     stakeholders had been invited to contribute ideas at the start of the project.
     Julie Boschi confirmed that this was not a ‘fait accompli’ and it was hoped that
     the Community Board would provide responses to the proposals. Further
     information could be found at
     A presentation had been made to Councillors and a further presentation would
     be made to the Residents Association. Windsurfers had also been consulted.
     Funding from Central Government would regenerate this area of the Island. An
     exhibition trailer would be on the Island and further exhibitions would be held in
     the library and at the Civic Offices. There was plenty of time for comments to be
     made on the proposals either on-line or in paper format.

     Andy Lenaghan confirmed that it was very important to write in to support the
     project as well as putting forward any objections.

4.   Eastoke Liveability Project Phase 2

     Julie Boschi confirmed that it had been decided, at a meeting in April, not to
     continue with Phase 2 of the Eastoke Liveability Project. Phase 1 had been
     more expensive than planned and there was therefore less money available for
     Phase 2. It had been decided to retain the budget for a future scheme (and bid
     for match funding) following the Seafront Masterplan.

     Terry Worrall felt that it was appalling the way the Community Board had been

     treated with another Committee deciding what Hayling Island could not have
     and decisions had being made without consulting the people who mattered and
     cared. The Community Board had spent a great deal of time bidding for money
     for Eastoke Corner and was not being involved in decisions. David Sheppard
     confirmed that the Community Board advertised the work to be undertaken and
     the fact that this would not be done, undermined the credibility of the Community
     Board when they could not answer questions posed by local residents.

     It was questioned how and when the public would be informed that Phase 2
     would not go ahead. Julie Boschi confirmed that information would be placed
     on the website but it was felt that this needed to be publicised more widely.

     It was agreed that Terry Worrall would attend a future meeting of the Community
     Partnership Board to discuss Liveability and working in partnership as everyone
     should be working towards the same goals. Helen Wood to inform Terry Worrall         HW
     of the date of the next meeting of the HCP Board.

     North Circular Walk Julie Boschi confirmed that no work could now take place
     until October 2008. She had been trying, without success, to arrange meetings
     with Hampshire County Council regarding the stiles. There were also issues
     with gates. David Sheppard spoke of the time spent talking to landowners who
     had changed their minds due to actions by Hampshire County Council.

     Thanks were passed to Julie Boschi for attending the meeting.

5.   Environmental Quality Ranger’s Report
     Nick Horten of Havant Borough Council provided an update on environmental
          a. Fly tipping and abandoned vehicle numbers were low

          b. Time had been spent with the Travellers but there were currently no
             Travellers in the Borough and clearance of Bosmere Field was being

     Thanks were passed to Nick Horten for attending the meeting.

6.   Community Safety
     Sgt Steve Pratley reported on the following:
     a. Travellers had been in the Borough but had not moved on to Hayling Island

     b.   An additional PC had commenced working on Hayling Island

     c.   Preliminary results had been received on the Youth questionnaire. These
          had not yet been verified but looked encouraging
     d. Youth engagement was continuing with football competitions etc.
     e. Crime figures were provided. Overall crime figures were up by
        approximately 11%, mainly due to graffiti. There were issues on Seafront
        with criminal damage to beach huts, and at The Crescent where plans were
        in hand to meet owners to discuss strategies – an ongoing priority. There
        had been no burglaries during June. Litter was building up at Winsor Close
        but work was being undertaken to resolve this. It was questioned how many
        people had been caught speeding in Southwood Road but figures were not

     f. Sgt Pratley was not aware of any instances of knife crime and confirmed that
        it was not illegal to carry a knife for lawful reasons.

     Thanks were passed to Sgt Steve Pratley for attending the meeting.

7.   Hayling Library – Community Lottery Bid

     Samantha Todd, Library Manager at Hayling Island (but based at Havant) and
     Jane Kent who worked on the Lottery Bid attended the meeting to provide
     information of the successful Lottery Bid of £1.2 million to provide Community
     areas at Havant, Waterlooville, Leigh Park, Hayling Island and Aldershot
     libraries. £140,000 had been allocated to Hayling Library. Roy Jones and
     Zachary Allgood had been involved in the process. It was hoped that work
     would commence in April 2009 which would provide a new community room with
     full IT facilities which could be removed to make the area as flexible as possible.

     Required outcomes were of the project included:
            Consideration of employment skills to assist people returning to work
            Provision of IT for both qualifications and general use
            Parenting and family learning – bringing families into libraries
            Leisure programmes providing more traditional adult learning which
              has been lost (non-examination skills)

     Part of the Bid required engagement with the community to ensure that the
     many different groups were involved. It was suggested that the Chairmen of
     individual groups were invited to the Community Management Boards in order
     that information could be fed back to the various groups.

     Tony Higham confirmed that the MTI were keen to establish a Hayling Archive
     and the library was the ideal place for such material. It was confirmed that a
     Heritage meeting was to be held at which this could be discussed further.

     It was confirmed that the community room would be available outside normal
     library opening hours and that consideration would also be given to revising
     library opening hours.

     Thanks were passed to Samantha Todd and Jane Kent for attending the

8.   Havant Literary Festival

     Lucy Flannery and Sam Holt attended the meeting to provide information on the
     forthcoming Havant Literary Festival to be held from 25 – 28 September 2008,
     the first to be held in the Borough. This was to be a celebration of the written
     and spoken word with over 50 events including talks, workshops, poetry,

      children’s events etc. Local writers would be featured and links with P. G.
      Wodehouse, Nevil Shute and Keats would be celebrated. Further information
      could be obtained at:

      There would be a huge press campaign but word of mouth was very important.
      Leaflets were distributed to those present.

      Andy Lenaghan suggested the possibility of themed weekends at Warner Hotels
      during future festivals
      Thanks were passed to Lucy Flannery and Sam Holt for the information
9.    Public Open Session
      No issues were raised.
10.   Floodlights at Skatepark

      There was a short discussion regarding light pollution, the possible moving of
      the Skatepark with the proposed Seafront development and the issue of funding.
      It was agreed that Andy Lenaghan would speak to the Beachlands Team to              AL
      progress this matter.

11.   Community Board Website

      John Perry confirmed that responses regarding the website had been received
      from half of the Community Board and some changes had been made but not
      uploaded. Photographs were required and it was agreed that Terry Worrall and       TW/JP
      John Perry would meet on 2 August to take photographs for the website.

12.   Youth
      Zachary Allgood provided an update on youth issues.

      Hayling Island Youth Café (HIYC) Following a successful bid to the Big Lottery,
      through partnership with Havant Borough Council, the Youth Cafe was able to
      provide a more up to date, fresh, look to Hayling Island Sports Centre. Young
      people were at the centre of the decision making process regarding the colour of
      the walls, new furniture for the Sports Centre and new equipment at both the
      Sports Centre and the Bridge Centre. ‘Art n Soul’ Traders ran workshops with
      the young people making Street Art murals for both venues to reflect pride of
      Hayling. Chris Bauch from Portsmouth University kindly offered to make a DVD
      telling the story of the work undertaken to show how much the young people
      were enjoying it.

      On 1 July 2008 HIYC held a New Look Launch Party. The event was a success
      with many positive comments complementing Lydia Armstrong and her team for
      the great service to the community which, in turn, developed better citizens for
      the future. Those who attended the event included The Mayor (who officially re-
      opened the HIYC), Churches Together on Hayling Island, Extended Services,
      Havant Borough Council staff, local councillors, Ted Gale, Hayling library,
      A.C.E., HI Residents Association, Lions and Sovereign Carpets.

      HIYC hosted a Music Event called ‘Rock School on Tour’ with children and
      young people of a variety of ages and abilities performing for friends/family and
      Hayling Youth. The Rock School run an after-school music club for children and
      young people at Havant Arts Centre where they can learn a variety of skills and
      there are also bursaries available (i.e. a child can attend sessions and take
      home a guitar to practice whilst they attend the Rock School.)
      Lydia Armstrong, project manager, would be leaving HIYC at the end of August.
      Churches Together on Hayling Island would use this as an opportunity to review
      the project before making decisions about a permanent replacement. HIYC were
      in the process of recruiting an interim manager.
      A Fundraising Committee named F.R.Y or FUNdraising for youth had been
      formed. The first fundraisers would be at Hayling Carnival and 3 Churches Fete.

      A future event would be the Extended Services Scarecrows – working together
      with Free 2 Play (for 0-5s) this would be a tableau of Scarecrows based on
      Children’s TV Characters.

      Donna Field, Youth Worker, reported on the following:
      a. Detached work was being undertaken on the Island two evenings per week
         – Monday and Thursday or Friday
      b.   CHIFY (Confidential Health Information for Young People) would continue
           during the summer
      c.    Youth workers were supporting the Hayling Dirt Ramp Project. Andy
           Lenaghan confirmed that soil would be delivered shortly for the dirt ramps at
           Station Road (supported by Lift and Shift). Plans had been drawn up and
           money obtained from Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF), Police and
           Hampshire County Council, an excellent example of young people working
           in partnership. Health and Safety assessments, insurance etc had been
      d.   Two sessions had been held in schools to improve self-esteem, self
           awareness and confidence building
      Youth worker, Liz Walker confirmed that lighting at the skatepark had been an
      issue for some time. Money for the dirt ramp project had been obtained from the
      YOF (Youth Opportunities Fund) for which young people could bid. This was a
      possible source of future funding for the lighting, if permission could be obtained.

13.   Open Forum for Community Board Members
      a. B.T. Payphones Information had been received regarding the intention to
         remove two public payphones on Hayling Island at St Peter’s Road and
         Ferry Road. Following discussion it was agreed that the Community would
         not wish to object to this proposal.
      b.    Letters from Ted Gale relating to speeding along Seafront, raised at a
           previous meeting, had been circulated to Community Board members.

      c. Colin Turner expressed concern over the speeding of vehicles in West
         Lane. It was believed that a speed trap should be set in West Lane.

      d. It was confirmed that a recent meeting of Neighbourhood Watch had praised
         the work of the Community Board and it was agreed that the more work
         undertaken by the Community Board, the more local residents would
         become aware of the existence of the Community Board. It was agreed that
         it was important to have regular information in the Hayling Islander.

      e. There was a short discussion regarding Hayling Bridge as there had been a
         dispute between contactor and sub-contractor and scaffolding remained on
         the bridge.

      f.   Paul Dennison confirmed that a ‘Men’s Breakfast’ had been arranged by
           Churches Together for Saturday 19 July 2008.

      g. The possibility of mini roundabouts at St Peters Road and at the bottom of
         Seagrove Avenue was raised. Andy Lenaghan confirmed that no costings
         had yet been made for a zebra crossing in Mangham. Hampshire County
         Council did not believe that this location met the criteria for such a crossing.

      h. There were no Planning and Development issues

14.   Date of Next Meeting
      Monday, 8 September 2008, 7.00 p.m. at The Bridge Centre, Beach Road,
      Hayling Island.

Top Ten streets by crime type for the date period between :-
01/06/2008 00:00:00 and 30/06/2008 00:00:00          Hayling Island

Street Name                     Violent       Street Name             House
                                Crimes                                Burgs

SEA FRONT                            8
MANOR ROAD                           3
BRIGHTS LANE                         2
EASTOKE AVENUE                       2
MAGDALA ROAD                         2
AVENUE ROAD                          1
CASTLEMANS LANE                      1
CHURCH ROAD                          1
ELM GROVE                            1
GREEN LANE                           1
HAVANT ROAD                          1
ITHICA CLOSE                         1
MENGHAM ROAD                         1
SANDY POINT                          1
SINAH LANE                           1
SOLENT DRIVE                         1
STAUNTON AVENUE                      1
ST MARYS ROAD                        1

Street Name                     Damage        Street Name             Vehicle
SEA FRONT                            5        SEA FRONT                  2
MEATH CLOSE                          3        CREEK ROAD                 1
BEACH ROAD                           1        EASTWOOD CLOSE             1
BRIGHTS LANE                         1        ELM GROVE                  1
ELM CLOSE ESTATE                     1        MARINE WALK                1
FERNHURST CLOSE                      1        SOUTHWOOD ROAD             1
FIR TREE ROAD                        1                                   7
FISHERY LANE                         1
ILEX WALK                            1
LEGION ROAD                          1
MENGHAM ROAD                         1
RAILS LANE                           1
RICHMOND DRIVE                       1
SELSMORE ROAD                        1
STAUNTON AVENUE                      1

Street Name                  All Other

ELM GROVE                        8
SEA FRONT                        6
HAVANT ROAD                      5
FERRY ROAD                       4
STATION ROAD                     3
ITCHENOR ROAD                    2
MANOR ROAD                       2
MENGHAM ROAD                     2
MILL RYTHE LANE                  2
COPSE LANE                       1
EASTWOOD CLOSE                   1
LEGION ROAD                      1
MENGHAM AVENUE                   1
RAILS LANE                       1
SANDY POINT                      1
SANDY POINT ROAD                 1
SELSMORE ROAD                    1
SINAH LANE                       1
SOUTHWOOD ROAD                   1
ST CATHERINES ROAD               1

              Total Crime
Jun-08        Jun-07           %
103           92               11%
              Year to Date
Apr 08/09     Apr 07/08        %
307           276              11%