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					DECEMBER 2005

                     SHOOT FOR
                                              E       Y       E              O        N
                                                                                               A     R       B     O       N        N        E

                              THE MOON
                Can you see the face of the moon? I challenge you to take a closer look.
                If you are willing and able to discover the face of the moon and look

                                                                                                   NEW RVP
                beyond its surface, you can also be willing and able to look beyond your
                own surface and discover the greatness within you. Like the face of the
                moon, it is there if you want to see it. Arbonne helped me decide I
                wanted to discover my own greatness and make my dreams come true,
                which meant I had to aim high and shoot.

                I was the “perfect prospect.” I was frustrated that I was always broke after
                a 15-year career in social work. The “I do not care about money, I just
                want to make a difference” attitude with which I started my career was
                no longer working for me. I felt trapped by seemingly permanent debt
                and job security issues. I began to believe that the only way out would
                be for something big and miraculous to occur, like winning the lottery or
                receiving a surprise inheritance. My good fortune came by way of
                discovering Arbonne. When I heard NVP Lynne Ganley say, “I am going
                                                                                                                              janet kohlhase-purdy
                to the top of this company and I am taking my team with me,” I knew at                                 Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
                that moment I wanted to be part of her team.                                                                                    Janet & Co.; Lee, NH
                I thank God every day for opening my eyes to this opportunity. I had not
                considered the possibility of owning my own business. I believed a career
                in social work was my only option. Although I knew nothing about
                network marketing, I quickly saw that the combination of this industry and           my Arbonne business. My husband and I bought our first home just three
                a thriving company like Arbonne (with top leaders in the industry, a                 months before, and in our driveway is a brand-new, white
                strong upline, timing and trends and what I feel are the best products on            Mercedes-Benz. As I write this, I am two days from leaving a J.O.B. (Just
                the planet) could practically guarantee my success if I followed the                 Over Broke) from which I thought I would retire at age 65. I am not the
                simple, duplicatable system in place.                                                same person I was when I started this business two years ago. I can now
                                                                                                     dream again about the future, and for the first time in my life, I know
                How has my lifestyle changed? Well, for starters, I had a beautiful                  what I want. I have discovered my passion, my potential, and most
                sunset wedding last month on the beach in Hawaii — a trip earned with                importantly, myself.

                                                                                                                                                                     continued ...

                                                                                                                        Janet and husband, Rick
                                                                             Janet and hus-                             on their wedding day in
                                                                             band at Secret                             Oahu, Hawaii.
                                                                             Cove Ko’olina
                                                                             in Oahu,

                                              Janet and her team at ERVP
                                              Laina Niemi’s Mercedes-Benz
                       s u c c e s s strategy:

                                                                                                                                                                                          NEW REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
  “         Simply believe and act as if
                  it is impossible to fail.
 I absolutely did not get here on my own. I have an amazing team of
 women who were committed to achieving Region. I also have the great
 fortune of having an incredible upline, who took the time to reach down
 into my team to support, coach and train during this last month.

 Our numbers were looking low all month, but I kept telling everyone I
 believed in my team and that this was our month and we were going to
 do it. Part of me thought it would take a miracle, but I had seen miracles
                                                                                          Janet with her new Mercedes-Benz
 happen in Arbonne and knew it was possible.

 Two days before the end of the month, we still needed a significant boost
 in sales volume to complete Region! Our team had been striving for this                     Niemi: First and foremost, thank you for introducing me to Arbonne and
 goal since July. There were only two outcomes facing us: Either we were                     believing in me. I would not be writing this today if it were not for your

                                                                                                                                                                                                           The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
 going to finish this month a success, or start qualification all over again.                coaching and support this past month.
 I was determined it would not be the latter. The more determined I
 became, the more I saw my team work even harder. We were all in                             To everyone in the Janet & Co. Region: How did I get so lucky? You all
 massive activity and still found ourselves short when we got word from                      are future NVPs. I am truly honored to work alongside all of you. I am
 Arbonne that we had another 12 hours to place orders! We all got on                         inspired constantly by each of you. Thank you for your drive, ambition
 the phone, offered specials and did it! We owe our last-minute triumph                      and your belief in me. You are leaders of leaders. I am committed to your
 to DM Jean Vincent who sold nine NutriMinC® RE9 product sets in the                         success and I will not rest until you are all VPs!
 11th hour, pushing us over the finish line and even toward surpassing
 our goal!                                                                                   To my new husband, Rick: Thanks for your patience, support and belief
                                                                                             in me. I love you! Our life has just begun! You wait!
 If you are still wondering if this Arbonne business will work for you, just
 envision yourself on this flyer telling everyone about your own amazing                     Next time you have the privilege of being under the light of the full moon,
 success story. That is a great place to start! Feed your belief by reading                  allow yourself to see the face of the moon, and then take a minute to
 the brilliant works of great authors and speakers who explain the                           acknowledge and believe in your own greatness.
 potential for huge success in network marketing. Surround yourself with
 successful people. Attend the events whenever you can and never let
 anything get in the way of attending the monthly training meetings and
 NTC. Most importantly, do not quit! You will have bad days. You will
 hear “no.” You will even question if it is all worth it. I am here to tell you
 it is! Always remember that it is the journey that makes you a success, not
 the destination.

 There is not nearly enough room here to thank and acknowledge
 everyone who contributed to my success. However there are a few                                                                                           LEFT:
 people who are near and dear to my heart that I have to mention. To                                                                                       Janet with her husband,
                                                                                                                                                           Rick at the ASAP Hawaii
 ENVP Barb Kolby: Thank you for your coaching, your love, your time and                                                                                    2005 Luau.
 for teaching me the A to Zs of belief! NVP Lynne Ganley: Thank you for
 teaching me about goals, dreams, vision and leadership. ERVP Laina

EDM Carol McEleney, EDM Nancy Taylor, Ellen Fairfield, DM Joyce Sauca, AM Sharon Parent
and Janet at RTS 2005 in Baltimore.

                                                                                                                                    Janet with friends and upline, NVP Lynne Ganley
                                                                                                                                    and ERVP Laina Niemi at NTC 2004 Texas.

                                                                                            ABOVE: Janet with President
                                                                                            Rita Davenport and Chairman and CEO
                                                                                            Bob Henry at the President Circle
                                                                                            Reception at NTC 2005 Las Vegas.

                                                                                                                                                E Y E O N A R B O N N E | DECEMBER 2005

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