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									     THE AMES

 April 30, 2001
                                                                                                                  on-line at: http://amesnews.arc.nasa.gov

“NASA Ames is alive and well...”
     So announced NASA Administrator                 advanced helicopters, work previously done           possibility of real breakthroughs. Other ar-
Daniel S. Goldin at a crowded April 9 brief-         by the rotorcraft program at Ames, Goldin            eas include advancing the state of the art in
ing in Washington, D.C. as he unveiled the           said. The HPCC is losing its value as silicon-       air traffic management technology, en-
Bush administration’s FY 2002 budget re-             based computer technology reaches the                abling future advances in space-based as-
quest for NASA.                                      limits of its potential, according to Goldin.        tronomy and new sensor and data fusion
     The proposed NASA budget of $14.5               However, he said, “from such cancellations           technology development for Earth remote-
billion represents roughly a 2 percent in-           comes an increased emphasis on computa-              sensing.
crease over the FY 2001 budget “at a time            tional, information and communication                    Goldin paid special tribute to the Earth
when many other federal agencies are get-            technology, 21st century aircraft technol-           Observing System’s data information sys-
ting less,” Goldin noted. He said the Bush           ogy [and] a more robust Earth science                tem led by Ames and the Goddard Space
plan provides “good, solid funding levels”           follow-on program…”                                  Flight Center. After one year of operation of
for NASA.                                                                                                                   the EOS satellites, thus far
     Goldin had nothing but                                                                                                 “we have collected more
praise for Ames Director Dr.                                                                                                data than in all the years
Henry McDonald and the              “Under the leadership of Dr. Henry                                                      before last year,” Goldin
Center as a whole. He cited       McDonald, the people at Ames are going                                                    boasted.
McDonald and the people                                                                                                         “This budget provides
of Ames for the “unbeliev-        to write history, not read it.”                                                           the funding for research
able” research being done                  -- NASA   Administrator, Daniel S. Goldin                                        and technology advances
here, including work in bio-                                                                                                in all these areas,” he said.
technology, information                                                                                                     “Good, solid funding lev-
technology and nanotechnology. “Under                     Goldin noted that the fiscal 2002 bud-          els,” he reiterated.
the leadership of Dr. Henry McDonald, the            get includes strong support for the Space                The proposed space science budget
people at Ames are going to write history,           Launch Initiative, which will invest $4.5            will enable the space science community to
not read it,” Goldin declared.                       billion over the next 5 years, and in which          do exciting new work. But there is a limit to
     Although the Administrator indicated            Ames’ thermal protection group, in par-              the funding available. “Hard decisions
that he is taking a hard look at the cost of         ticular, may play a key role. Other areas            had… and will have… to be made,” he
maintaining the aging facilities at the              where Ames has strong programs include               warned.
agency’s four aeronautics centers – Ames,            space sciences and improving aviation                    Goldin expressed his concern that there
Dryden, Glenn and Langley--he described              safety.                                              will not be enough young scientists and
Ames as “the finest research center in the                The areas seeing the biggest increases          engineers to carry on the pursuit of re-
world.” Goldin’s enthusiastic remarks about          in funding levels are science, aeronautics           search and development. He noted that
Ames were met by applause from the senior            and technology ($639 million increase), in           American colleges and universities are
managers and employees watching the                  which Ames plays a key role, and human               awarding more degrees in recreation and
budget news conference in Ames’ main                 space flight ($1.845 billion increase).              leisure than in engineering. He worries
auditorium.                                               Goldin stated his support for several           that with the impending retirement of many
     The agency must take a close look at            “management reform goals” from the                   experienced NASA employees, the agency
program priorities and the capabilities of           White House. These goals encourage NASA              will face a lack of experienced workers. He
NASA field centers in supporting those pri-          to “aggressively pursue space shuttle                noted that the agency has twice as many
orities efficiently, Goldin said. The agency         privatization opportunities” and cut oper-           employees over age 60 as under age 30.
must closely review every program and                ating costs by increasing reliance on pri-               Goldin said he supports the president’s
engage in a rigorous process of                      vate industry and other outside vendors.             desire to ensure that NASA’s “workforce
reprioritizing, he said. Even some valuable          These reforms should promote innovation,             and institutions are most effectively fo-
programs must be ended, he warned, once              open government activities to competi-               cused on those key efforts that are most
they have achieved most of their goals.              tion, and improve the depth and quality of           important to moving the country forward
     As a result of this reprioritization, Goldin    NASA’s research and development exper-               in the pursuit of science and technology
announced that the new budget eliminates             tise. Goldin stressed his continuing com-            discoveries.”
two programs based in part at Ames. Al-              mitment to commercialization of the Space                Again, Goldin singled out Ames for its
though both the rotorcraft technology and            Station, with significant rack space avail-          innovative work in creating the NASA Re-
the High Performance Computing and                   able to support worthy commercial pay-               search Park (NRP), a collaboration with
Communication (HPCC) programs have                   loads.                                               universities and private industry, that should
been highly successful, Goldin said the                   Goldin said that NASA must focus its            address the problem of lack of skilled tech-
agency must now move “from mature                    efforts in the areas of advanced informa-            nical workers. The NRP will develop a world-
projects to bold new ventures.” The private          tion technologies, biological systems and            class research and education collaboration
sector should take on the effort to develop          nanotechnologies – areas that hold the                                       continued on back page

  April 30, 2001                   Communication for the information technology age
                                                                             The Ames Astrogram — 1

                              Seth Anderson remembered, see p. 5
                                                   Science & Environment
Ames’ polar-ring research may explain ozone mystery
    Newly discovered, narrow rings of cold         clouds away from the cold rings to fill the        tive, ozone-destroying forms.
air over Earth's poles help form colorful          polar air with ozone-destroying particles.             The large particles in PSCs also remove
clouds that destroy ozone, according to a          The areal extent of these clouds is often          nitrogen compounds from the air, a pro-
technical paper in the March 30 issue of the       larger than the United States despite the          cess called "denitrification." Nitrogen com-
journal Science.                                   fact that the clouds initially form inside a       pounds in the atmosphere normally mod-
    The ozone layer protects life on Earth         narrow temperature ring," she said.                erate the destructive impact of chlorine on
from the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation            The other authors of the paper are Eric       ozone. "An ozone hole forms every spring
that could cause skin cancer in human              Jensen and Katja Drdla, both of Ames; Brian        over the Antarctic in the southern hemi-
beings and biological damage to living             Toon from the University of Colorado, Boul-        sphere, which is colder than the Arctic,"
things. The paper's authors believe they           der and Mark Schoeberl of NASA's Goddard           said Tabazadeh.
have solved a decade-old mystery of how            Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD.                    Increased denitrification over the Ant-
glowing, ozone-destroying clouds that con-              The PSCs form in the stratosphere, the        arctic can cause the area of the "ozone hole"
tain nitric acid and water form road-dust-         part of Earth's atmosphere between about           there to increase, according to the authors.
size particles that later spread to decom-         9 and 30 miles (about 12 to 40 kilometers)         Last year, a NASA satellite measured the
pose ozone.                                        altitude, which includes the ozone layer.          largest ozone hole ever over the Antarctic,
    "Large polar stratospheric cloud (PSC)         The cold rings (about minus 120 degrees F.         Tabazadeh said. "It is possible that the area
particles are born inside narrow tempera-          or minus 83 degrees C.) where PSCs form,           of the Antarctic ozone hole may spread
ture rings around Earth's poles in absolute        circle both poles at an altitude of 12 to 20       even farther than that measured last winter
darkness," according to Azadeh Tabazadeh,          miles (15 to 26 kilometers). Known for their       before the hole recedes to what it was in
lead author of the paper and a scientist at        colorful glow, PSCs provide surfaces that          the 1970s," she added.
Ames. "Strong winds blow these special             convert benign forms of chlorine into reac-            "On the other hand, the warmer Arctic
                                                                                                      climate in the north is becoming colder,
                                                                                                      more like the Antarctic in the south. This
Environmental protection essay                                                                        could lead to more dramatic ozone loss in
                                                                                                      the future over the northern hemisphere
    It’s becoming clearer all the time that        important thing each of us can do for the          where many people live," Tabazadeh said.
we need to pay more attention to taking            environment is to incorporate some diver-          The authors report that NASA satellite ob-
care of our environment (after all, it’s the       sity into our transportation choices. Sure,        servations for the first time showed wide-
only one we’ve got so we’d better make it          a car will get you just about everywhere           spread denitrification as high as 20 percent
last!). So what do I do to protect it? Quite       you need to go, and sometimes it may even          to 50 percent in the Arctic stratosphere
honestly, as little as possible. Yes, I’m          be the best option – but certainly not             during the 1999-2000 winter.
serious. Moreover, I really wish I could           always! Be alert for opportunities to use              "Increased denitrification in the Arctic
persuade more people to take this approach.        alternatives whenever possible. Try actu-          can delay the recovery of the ozone layer
Don’t get me wrong, I have the greatest            ally looking at a transit map and checking         despite the fact that ozone-destroying chlo-
respect for people who clean up toxic spills,      the schedule before concluding that the            rofluorocarbon (CFC) levels are declining in
invent more efficient power sources, and           bus or train isn’t for you – it may come as a      the atmosphere due to international agree-
accomplish all those other headline-grab-          pleasant surprise to find out just how con-        ments," Tabazadeh said.
bing achievements. But for most of us, the         venient it can be, and avoiding the stress of          More than a decade ago, scientists de-
best thing we can do is to simply avoid            driving in traffic is a terrific bonus. Call the   termined that human-made chlorine and
contributing to the problems. “Reduce,             nice folks at VTA and they’ll be happy to          bromine compounds cause most ozone
Reuse and Recycle” isn’t just a cliché, it         help you plan your journey. Combined               depletion. Manufacturers made the chlo-
neatly sums up what we should all be doing         with bicycling and walking, you might find         rine compounds, "CFCs," for use as refriger-
in every aspect of our lives in order to           that you can easily do without a car alto-         ants, aerosol sprays, solvents and foam-
minimize the negative impacts on our envi-         gether for many of your trips!                     blowing agents. Fire fighters used bro-
ronment. And if we all work together, it will          Every parent is understandably con-            mine-containing halogens to put out fires.
make a huge difference.                            cerned about such issues as the quality of         Manufacture of CFCs ceased in 1996 in
    The biggest obstacle to getting people         the local school district, because they natu-      signatory countries under the terms of the
to cooperate with this approach is the wide-       rally want to do everything they can to help       Montreal Protocol and its amendments.
spread perception that it must entail a huge       insure a good future for their children.               "Scientists used to believe that, as chlo-
sacrifice in their sacred “lifestyle,” but this    Doesn’t it make sense to put some of that          rine levels decline in the upper atmosphere,
fear is completely unfounded. It only takes        same spirit to work making sure they’ll            the ozone layer should slowly start to re-
the tiniest bit of thought to switch off a light   have a clean, healthy and livable world in         cover. However, greenhouse gas and soot
when you leave the room, to turn off the           which to enjoy that future?                        emissions, which provide warming at the
water faucet while brushing your teeth, to                                                            Earth's surface, lead to cooling in the upper
put recyclable materials into the proper bin,          --Editor’s note: This essay was written by     atmosphere. This cooling promotes forma-
and to help out in so many other ways every        Kevin Jackson, an Ames associate, who is very      tion of more clouds that destroy ozone,"
day. Just do whatever you’re comfortable           active in protecting the environment in many       Tabazadeh added. NASA's Office of Earth
with, and it will soon become automatic            ways. The essay won an award in the recent         Sciences, Washington, DC funded the re-
and effortless.                                    “City of Sunnyvale 2001 Environmental              cent research.
    As far as I’m concerned, by far the most       Achievement Awards” contest.
                                                                                                                              BY JOHN   BLUCK

     2 — The Ames Astrogram                                                                                                April 30, 2001
                                                   Outreach & Remembrance
Cañada College event excites kids
   About 400 enthusiastic preschoolers at-             achievement of dreams and aspirations. It
tended a youth-oriented career faire called            also served to raise expectations about what
KinderCaminata held recently at Cañada                 every child can learn and accomplish. More
College in Redwood City.                               than 50,000 California children have par-
   The event was held to aid in connecting             ticipated in KinderCaminata events since
K-12 schools and higher education to the               the program began in 1993.

                                                                                                                                photos by Astrid Terlep

                                                                                                           Jonas Diño (lower left) shows a group of
                                                                                                           children samples of dehydrated astronaut
                                                                                                           food, in this case, spinach. Other food
                                                                                                           samples displayed were teriyaki chicken,
                                                                                                           salmon and pears.

                                                                                                            VPP STAR Tip
                                                                                                                The site team was intent on
                                                                                                            determining the robustness and
                                                                                                            viability of our contractors' safety
  Jonas Diño (second from left), public affairs officer in Ames’ Communication Office, demonstrates to
  a group of school kids the durability of a space shuttle tile to withstand the intense heat from a
                                                                                                            and health programs, despite the
  blow torch flame. The tiles protect the shuttle from the heat that is created around it as it makes it    fact that they were looking at the
  way back into Earth’s atmosphere. Valonne Finnie (far left) and Sonia Capristo (top right), both of       Government side of the site for
  Code DX, assisted at the event.                                                                           certification.”
                                                                                                            …VPP Lessons Learned in 1999
                                                                                                            at Johnson Space Center

Kaattari passes away
     Born in Elkol, WY, on Dec. 2, 1919,               applicable to missiles, aircraft and space-
former Ames employee George Edward                     craft. His results were reported in numerous
Kaattari died at his home in Menlo Park,CA,            publications.
on March 28. He was 81.                                    Kaattari is survived by his wife of 58
     Kaattari graduated from high school in            years, Mary Elizabeth Kaatari, a volunteer
Kemmerer, WY and from the University of                worker in the Bay Area for the past 40 years;
Utah with a degree in mechanical engineer-             a son, Dr. Stephen Kaattari, a professor of
ing. He was employed by Columbia Steel                 immunology and marine science at College
Company in Provo, UT, prior to serving 2               of William and Mary, Virginia Institute of
years in the Army Air Force.                           Marine Science; a daughter, Katie Ann
     He obtained a masters degree in me-               Kaattari, employed at SRI International,
chanical engineering from Stanford Univer-             Menlo Park and two grandchildren, Daniel
sity in 1947, and taught engineering courses           and Christine.
at the University of Utah from 1948 to                     A memorial service will take place at
1950. He served as an aerospace scientist at           his church, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church,
Ames, (NACA Ames Laboratory at the time)               Menlo Park on May 6, at 2 p.m.
from 1950 until his retirement in 1978. At
Ames, he conducted aerodynamic research                                       BY   ELLIOTT KATZEN
                                                                                                                        George Kaattari

  April 30, 2001                                                                                           The Ames Astrogram — 3
                                                       Awards & Recognition
Kaufhardt acquisition peer awards presented
   Alma Garcia (Code JAI), Paul Kamrar                   the Acquisition Branch for Information Sys-      efit Code JA by offering a short training
(Code JAB) and Bea Morales (Code JAC) of                 tems. Her years of experience allow her to       session to all acquisition personnel on dif-
                                                                               not only provide ex-       ferent pricing courses. He is always willing
                                                                               ceptional service to       to share his expertise with those in the
                                                                               her customers, but         division who need pricing assistance. His
                                                                               also to give direction     get-to-work attitude allows him to meet
                                                                               and mentoring to sev-      the multiple, short deadlines that are im-
                                                                               eral student interns.      posed on him.
                                                                               Garcia is active in team       Morales was recognized for her contri-
                                                                               exercises to simplify      butions as the grants officer. Recently,
                                                                               and standardize divi-      more emphasis has been placed on the
                                                                               sion policy with regard    utilization of new solicitation vehicles such
                                                                               to purchasing. Garcia      as NASA research announcements (NRAs)
                                                                               is always congenial        and cooperative agreement notices (CANs)
                                                                               and takes the time         in this arena. Morales has had the task of
                                                                               from her busy sched-       quickly coming up to speed on these ve-
                                                                               ule to help those who      hicles and supporting the technical organi-
                                                                               ask her questions. She     zations. Morales has also managed to
                                                                               also continues to vol-     streamline the grant procedures and get
                                                                               unteer for additional      from submission of the purchase request
                                                                               duties by coordinat-       and requirement to award within an aver-
                                                                               ing morale-building        age lead time of seven days. She continues
                                                      photo by Dominic Hart    events. Garcia has a       to seek out ways to improve the process
  From left to right: Paul Kamrar, Bea Morales and Alma Garcia, recipients     positive impact on         while providing a high level of support to
  of the Leslie A. Kaufhardt acquisition peer awards at Ames.                  those inside and out-      meet the critical needs of various programs,
                                                                               side the division.         all while maintaining a positive attitude.
                                                                                   As the lead price          The award winners have contributed to
the Acquisition Division were recently rec-              analyst in Code JA, Kamrar is kept very          improved performance, efficiency and mo-
ognized by their peers for their achieve-                busy. He recently supported one source           rale, which has strengthened relationships
ments and accomplishments. Alma, Paul                    evaluation board and two source evalua-          within the division and with other director-
and Bea were presented with the Leslie A.                tion committees at the same time. Kamrar         ates.
Kaufhardt Acquisition Peer award for their               is also involved in the NASA Research Park       BY   DEBORAH GLASS, JOANNE COMSTOCK,
contributions to their branches, the JA divi-            proposal and will be providing the pricing
                                                                                                                BARRIE CALDWELL, CARLOS TORREZ
sion, and the Center.                                    support for that important endeavor.
                                                                                                                               AND JILL WILLARD
     Garcia is the sole purchasing agent in              Kamrar has also used his expertise to ben-

EEL’s open house is a hugh success
    In late March, nearly 400 NASA employ-            launch levels, saw the centrifuge where             lab for you or your group. For those who did
ees and contractors from the Ames commu-              Galileo experiments were accelerated up to          come to the open house and require addi-
nity attended the first Open House of the             200 gs, and felt the thump of the shock             tional information describing our services,
Engineering Evaluation Laboratory (EEL).              machine during impact in a live drop test.          drop by or call Howard Menche or the
Attendees were treated to an unforgettable            The open house provided all the Ames                author at ext. 4-6048.
day of live demonstrations, informative dis-          employees with an opportunity to learn                                         BY JERRY WANG
plays, self-guided tours, refreshments and            more about the spe-
souvenirs.                                            cific capabilities and
    To withstand the stress of launch and             services available in the
space flight, and to verify function and              EEL and the uniqueness
reliability, flight hardware has to be ex-            it brings to the center.
posed to the environments it would en-                    Many in atten-
counter during their mission. The center              dance commented af-
was given an opportunity to take a glimpse            ter seeing a particular
into a unique laboratory where many of                demo or display,
Ames’ high profile planetary experiments,             “Wow! I didn’t know
space shuttle hardware and ground-based               you could do those
projects were evaluated and environmen-               kind of tests!” or “You
tally tested.                                         have a lot more capa-
    The event was sponsored by Code FE                bility than I ever
and was designed to showcase the lab’s                thought!”
capabilities and facilities, to let attendees             We would like to
meet the highly qualified technical staff of          encourage all those
the lab and to feature a small portion of the         who were unable to at-
contribution by the EEL to Ames’ history in           tend the open house                                                           photo by Tom Trower
photos, models and exhibits. The attendees            to give us a call and     Visitors were treated to demos, displays and refreshments at the EEL
saw and heard where space packages were               allow us to set up a      Open House held on March 29 in the hi-bay of building N244.
shaken on a vibration table to space shuttle          personalized tour of the

     4 — The Ames Astrogram                                                                                                   April 30, 2001
Ames legend, Seth Anderson, passes away
     A 60-year career in aeronautics research          aircraft, identifying
came to a sad end earlier this month when              problems and provid-
Seth Anderson passed away. The 82-year-                ing design modifica-
old Ames aerospace engineer, who was one               tions to improve their
of NASA's oldest employees, died on April 3,           control and handling
2001 at the Veterans Administration hospi-             qualities. Post-war re-
tal in Palo Alto.                                      search on the early jet
     Anderson enjoyed a lifelong fascination           fighters followed and
with airplanes. As a young boy, he loved to            led to one of his favor-
watch airplanes take off and land at the               ite programs involving
local airport in his Illinois hometown. He             installation of an in-
enjoyed constructing rubber-band-powered               flight thrust reverser on
and scale models of popular aircraft. He               the Lockheed F-94
pursued his interest in aviation at Purdue             Starfire. This research
University, and in 1941, graduated with a              attracted the attention
degree in aeronautical engineering.                    of the commercial air-
     “Ames Research Center and the world-              craft industry and led
wide aerospace community has lost a val-               to an early technology
ued friend and colleague,” said Jack Boyd,             spin-off for the NACA.
executive assistant to center director Henry               As a supervisor of       Anderson celebrated his 79th birthday by using space spin-off
McDonald. “From NACA to NASA, Seth                     flight research, Ander-      technology to glide from the top of Glacier Point, more than 3,200 feet
Anderson’s career in aeronautics spanned               son was involved in or-      above the valley floor at Yosemite National Park, CA.
more than half a century. He will be missed.”          ganizing programs in
     Anderson was primarily interested in              vertical and short take-
aeronautical research and his enthusiasm               off and landing (V/STOL) craft, including               space capsules,” Anderson would explain.
led to a job at the National Advisory Com-             international collaborations with the Euro-             Although NASA discontinued the parawing
mittee for Aeronautics (NACA), NASA’s                  peans and Japanese. He was a principal                  concept, a multi-million dollar hang-glid-
predecessor, at its Langley Memorial Labo-             author of design principles for control and             ing industry was born.
ratory in Virginia. He soon returned to                handling of V/STOL airplanes. He assembled                    Anderson’s favorite flying venue was
                                                                                 a widely appreci-             Yosemite National Park, where he flew ex-
                                                                                 ated video of the             tensively from 1981 to 2000. During that
                                                                                 history of V/STOL             time, he easily surpassed nearly all other
                                                                                 aircraft that illus-          pilots by amassing nearly 200 flights from
                                                                                 trated notable suc-           scenic Glacier Point, more than 3,200 feet
                                                                                 cesses and failures           above the valley floor. Anderson was a
                                                                                 in their design. In           member of the Yosemite Hang Gliding
                                                                                 recent years, he              Association and worked with the National
                                                                                 worked actively on            Park Service and USHGA to help administer
                                                                                 remotely piloted              the flying program in the park.
                                                                                 vehicles and also                   Anderson celebrated his 79th birthday
                                                                                 lectured and wrote            by soaring over Yosemite Valley in his hang
                                                                                 a number of articles          glider. As he usually did, Anderson video-
                                                                                 about aviation                taped the entire 16-minute flight. To allow
                                                                                 safety. Through-              Yosemite visitors to see the park from a
                                                                                 out his career, he            bird’s eye view, he donated a hang-gliding
    Anderson in 1997 shown flying the BD-5 single-seat, turboprop aircraft       published more                video he produced to the park’s visitor
    that he built.                                                               than 100 technical            center. In describing his unusual hobby,
                                                                                 reports and papers.           Anderson often said that it was not for the
                                                                                 Anderson recently             timid. “It is as close to nature as one can
Purdue for a master’s degree in aeronautics            completed his personal recollections of                 get,” he said. “ You feel like a bird.”
and in the summer of 1942, Anderson                    flight research at Ames, “Memoirs of a                        An avid health enthusiast who often
hitchhiked across the country to California            Flight Research Engineer,” which is being               could be seen riding a bicycle around Ames,
to seek work at what was then NACA’s Ames              published as a NASA Monograph.                          Anderson kept in shape by lifting weights
Laboratory.                                                In 1979, at the age of 60, Anderson                 twice a day, five times a week and running
     Anderson’s aeronautical research at               took up the sport of hang gliding. Two                  a mile and a half each morning.
Ames covered a wide range of subjects that             years later, he earned an advanced pilot                      Anderson was also a commercially rated
were topical with the times. He worked as a            proficiency rating from the United States               pilot and experimental aircraft builder. In
researcher and supervisor in many of the               Hang Gliding Association (USHGA). He                    the early 1980s, he built and flew his own
aeronautical disciplines, including flight             was a member of the Wings of Rogallo                    BD-5, a very small, 200-mph, single-seat
performance, flight dynamics and flight                Northern Hang Glider Association and flew               turboprop aircraft. “The first time I landed
operational techniques. His career reached             at popular Bay Area sites as well as other              it, I had to skid it in on its belly, because the
back over most of the modern period, when              locations in the western United States.                 landing gear did not come down,” he said,
flight technology and flight research pro-                 He liked to remind onlookers that his               recalling the experimental aircraft’s first
duced the historic breakthroughs and per-              hang glider was a NASA spin-off from space              flight to a reporter. He frequently incorpo-
formance enhancements that propelled                   research. “It was originally called a Rogallo           rated advanced NASA aerodynamics tech-
aviation’s major advances.                             Wing, for Francis Rogallo, who in the early             nology in his projects and experimented
     Anderson began conducting flight re-              60s experimented at NASA Langley with a                 successively with turbo-charged automo-
search on an array of World War II military            parawing as a possible landing method for                                             continued on page 6

  April 30, 2001                                                                                                The Ames Astrogram — 5
                                                                   Recognition & Safety
NASA administrator receives premier space honor
                                                                       NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin       pioneer the frontiers of space and knowl-
                                                                   was honored on March 30 with one of this      edge in order to achieve a safer, more

                                           photo by Dominic Hart
                                                                   country's most prestigious space awards.      secure and more fulfilling life here on Earth."
                                                                   The National Space Club presented Goldin           Established in 1958, the Dr. Robert H.
                                                                   with the Dr. Robert H. Goddard memorial       Goddard Memorial Trophy is given to an
                                                                   trophy at the organization's annual dinner    individual or group who have demonstrated
                                                                   in Washington, DC.                            great achievement in advancing space flight
                                                                       The award was the centerpiece of the      programs contributing to American leader-
                                                                   44th event held at the Washington Hilton      ship in astronautics. Past winners include
                                                                   Hotel.                                        astronaut and former U.S. Senator John
                                                                       Each year, executives from the aero-      Glenn, rocket pioneer Wernher Von Braun
                                                                   space industry, government leaders and        and President Ronald Reagan.
                                                                   space educators gather to mark the past           Founded in 1957, the National Space
                                                                   year's space achievements.                    Club is a non-profit corporation created to
                                                                       "Dr. Goddard is considered to be the      stimulate the exchange of ideas and infor-
                                                                   father of practical modern rocketry and       mation about rocketry and astronautics and
                                                                   space flight. He was a true pioneer and       to promote recognition of the nation's
                                                                   innovator," said Goldin. "I am both honored   achievements in space. The recipient of this
                                                                   and humbled by this award which validates     award is selected annually by the Board of
   NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin
                                                                   and supports NASA's continuing mission to     Governors of the National Space Club.

 SAFETY                                                                                                          Ames legend,
 SNAPSHOTS                                                                                                       Seth Anderson,
                                                                                                                 passes away
                                                                                                                 continued from page 5
This feature is one in a series intended to inform the Ames community about facets of Ames’ safety               tive and gas turbine engines.
and health programs.                                                                                                 For many years, Anderson helped staff
                                                                                                                 the NASA exhibit at the Experimental Air-
Ames Safety Accountability Program Inspections                                                                   craft Association’s annual air show at
PROFILE                                                                                                          Oshkosh, WI, relating his personal experi-
    Since the Ames Safety Accountability Program (ASAP) began 3 years ago, the Center has seen                   ences and NASA’s technical accomplish-
significant improvements in the reduction of occupational injuries and illnesses. There has also                 ments to a wide community of aircraft
been a decrease in damage to equipment and facilities. A key component at ASAP is the periodic                   enthusiasts. His hang gliding video, ac-
                                                                                                                 companied by the soaring arias of Puccini’s
safety inspection performed by supervisors or managers. This exercise in identification of safety
                                                                                                                 beautiful opera,“Madame Butterfly,” was a
concerns and demonstration of safety’s importance fosters the survival of a safe environment.                    highlight of the exhibit.
Many supervisors involve their employees when performing a safety inspection, using the exercise                     Anderson was a Fellow of the American
as an opportunity to encourage employee participation in the development of a safe environment.                  Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
                                                                                                                 and a member of Sigma Gamma Tau and Pi
CLOSEUP                                                                                                          Tau Sigma, honorary societies for aero-
    Don Dains, Professional Analysis Inc., (PAI) safety manager at Ames, says, “Each supervisor                  space and mechanical engineering. In ad-
needs to conduct monthly safety inspections. Each monthly inspection need not cover all your                     dition to aviation, he was very involved with
work sites, but all of your work sites must be covered at least once each quarter.” For example, if              track and field and gymnastics. In the
you are responsible for more than one primary area or building, you may want to inspect one area                 1970s, he served as coach and assistant
or building each month. Supervisors may accompany the VPP assessment team on safety
                                                                                                                 coach for the Stanford men’s gymnastics
inspections of their areas and receive credit for this metric for the month in which the inspection
                                                                                                                     Anderson is survived by his wife, Eliza-
was conducted.                                                                                                   beth; a son, Thomas of New York; a daugh-
                                                                                                                 ter, Kim of Palo Alto and two grandchildren,
    The Safety, Health and Medical Services office (QH) has developed inspection checklists to                   Karl and Annika. Memorial services were
conveniently document inspections in office, shop and laboratory areas. These checklists have                    held in the Stanford Memorial Church on
been developed to include regulatory requirements as well as common safety hazards found at                      April 17. Remembrances may be made to
Ames over the past few years. The safety inspection forms should always be signed and dated by                   the department of athletics, men's gymnas-
the supervisor and maintained in the ASAP binder. If hazards are documented, results of the                      tics, in memory of Seth Anderson and mailed
inspections must be posted in an area frequented by employees for five days or until the problems                to Development Staff, Department of Ath-
                                                                                                                 letics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
have been corrected, whichever is longer.
    For more information about the ASAP inspections and forms for the shop, laboratory or office,                   BY JACK FRANKLIN, BOB ORMISTON,
go to http://asap.arc.nasa.gov/ or the Manager’s ASAP binder.                                                    DALLAS DENERY AND MIKE MEWHINNEY

  6 — The Ames Astrogram                                                                                                                 April 30, 2001
                                                                      Calendar & Classifieds
           Event Calendar                                                   Ames Diabetics (AAD), meet twice a month on first &        prayer. Meet at the soccer field east of bldg. N245, Pioneer
         Model HO/HOn3 Railroad Train Club at Moffett                 third Wednesdays, 12 noon to 1 p.m., in the Ames Café, far       Ave and N. Warehouse Rd. POC: Don Durston, ext. 4-1515.
   Field invites train buffs to visit & join the club in Bldg. 126,   corner of Sun room. Peer support group that discusses
                                                                      news that affects diabetics, both type I & II & exchange               Nat’l Association of Retired Federal Employees,
   across from the south end of Hangar One. Work nights are
                                                                      experiences in treatment & control & help each other best        (NARFE), San Jose Chapter #50, Mtg, May 4, at
   usually on Friday nights from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Play
   time is Sunday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. For more info, call           cope with the disease. POC: Bob Mohlenhoff, ext. 4-2523,         Hometown Buffett, Westgate Mall, 4735 Hamilton Av, San
                                                                      or email at: bmohlenhoff@mail.arc.nasa.gov.                      Jose. Prog. & bus. mtg. at 9 a.m., followed by lunch, $6.27,
   John Donovan (408) 735-4954 (W) or (408) 281-2899 (H).
                                                                                                                                       in a reserved area. Program starts at 9:30 a.m. followed by
        Jetstream Toastmasters, Mondays, 12 noon to 1                       Ames Child Care Center Board of Directors Mtg,             lunch. POC: Rod Perry (650) 967-9418 or NARFE 1-800-
   p.m., N-269/Rm. 179. Guests welcome. POC: Samson                   Every other Thursday (check website for meeting dates:           627-3394.
   Cheung at ext. 4-2875 or Lich Tran at ext. 4-5997.                 http://accc.arc.nasa.gov), 12 noon to 2:00 p.m., N269, rm.
                                                                      201. POC: Katharine Lee, ext 4-5051.                                  NFFE Local 997 Union General Mtg, May 16, noon
         Ames Ballroom Dance Club. Tuesdays: West Coast                                                                                to 1 p.m., Bldg. 19/Rm. 2017. Guests welcome. POC:
   Swing 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, Cha Cha AND Casino Rueda 4/24,                  Ames Contractor Council Mtg, May 2, 11 a.m.,                 Marianne Mosher at ext. 4-4055.
   5/1, 5/8, Foxtrot 5/15, 5/22, 5/29, East Coast Swing and           N-200, Comm. Rm. POC: David Lawrence at ext. 4-6434.
   Jive 6/5, 6/12, 6/19, Paso Doble 6/26. 3 levels of classes,                                                                              Ames Amateur Radio Club, May 17, 12 noon, T28-N
                                                                           Environmental, Health and Safety Monthly                    (across from N-255). POC: Michael Wright, KG6BFK, at ext.
   from Beg. to Int., 5:15 - 6:45pm. Classes in Building 944,
                                                                      Information Forum, May 3, 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.,                4-6262. URL: http://hamradio.arc.nasa.gov
   the Recreation Center. Women dancers encouraged to
                                                                      Bldg. 19/Rm 1040. POC: Linda Vrabel at ext. 4-0924.
   join. POC: Helen Hwang, hwang@dm1.arc.nasa.gov.                                                                                          Native American Advisory Committee mtg, May
                                                                           National Day of Prayer Observance, May 3, 11:30             22, 12 noon to 1 p.m., Ames Café. POC: Mike Liu at
         Ames Bowling League, Tuesdays, at 6 p.m. at Palo
                                                                      a.m. In accordance with the annual Presidential                  ext. 4-1132.
   Alto Bowl. Bowlers needed. POC: Mina Cappuccio at ext.
                                                                      proclamation of the National Day of Prayer as the first Thurs
   4-1313 or Carmen Park at ext. 4-1215.
                                                                      in May, Ames staff are invited to gather for a half-hour of

                                                                                                                                       Lost & Found
Ames Classifieds                                                          Little Tikes Toddler car bed and mattress, $75. Call
                                                                      (408) 774-9442.                                                       Moffett Field Lost and Found may be reached at ext.
                                                                                                                                       4-5416 at any time. Residents and employees at Ames
     Ads for the next issue should be sent to                               Camper shell, full size (8 foot), fiberglass with raised
astrogram@mail.arc.nasa.gov by the Monday following                                                                                    may also use Internet browser at: http://ccf.arc.nasa.gov/
                                                                      ceiling and boot. Needs paint, otherwise excellent
publication of the present issue and must be resubmit-                condition. $150. Call (408) 248-1281.
                                                                                                                                       codejp/pages/lostFound.html to view a list of found
ted for each issue. Ads must involve personal needs or                                                                                 property and obtain specific instructions for reporting lost
items; (no commercial/third-party ads) and will run on                    Jogging stroller/bicycle trailer with computer (to           or found property and how to recover found property.
space-available basis only. First-time ads are given                  measure speed/distance etc.) $75 check it out at http://         Call Moffett Field security police investigations section at
priority. Ads must include home phone numbers; Ames                   members.home.net/kunz/ Nans (510) 790-3506.                      ext. 4-1359 or email at: mfine@mail.arc.nasa.gov.
extensions and email addresses will be accepted for
carpool and lost & found ads only. Due to the volume                       Pentium 166MHz w/MMX motherboard & CPU,
of material received, we are unable to verify the accuracy            with 32MB 72pin RAM, sound card, 4MB PCI video card,
of the statements made in the ads.                                    two floppies w/4 ISA slots and 3 PCI slots, all in a case,
                                                                      w/documentation. All you need is a HD: $75 Call for              Exchange Information
Housing                                                               emailing photos. Cal (408) 295-2160.                                   Information about products, services and op-
                                                                            Pillgram cab over camper, excellent condition, fully
                                                                                                                                        portunities provided to the employee and contrac-
     3 bd/1.5 ba, 2-story townhouse on Luz Avenue, San                                                                                  tor community by the Ames Exchange Council.
José. Freshly painted inside, dishwasher, gas heat, w/w               self contained, fits on 7 1/2 ft. bed, sleeps 4, sink (13
                                                                      gallon water tank), 3-way refrigerator, oven, stove, over
carpeting, outside child play area/large patio. 1 car port.
Easy access to H101/680/280. $295K. Azucena Guzman                    hood fan, toilet (15 gallon septic tank), face basin.
                                                                                                                                        Beyond Galileo N-235 (8 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
                                                                      $1,800 or B/O. Call (408) 226-3535. Lv. msg.                            New items arriving daily. Stop by and see
(408) 559-2881.                                                                                                                         the unique one of kind items. Don’t miss the new
      NRC senior research associate & spouse seek a                        Drk oak finished desk w/9 faux carved drwrs, $20.            kits and climbatron climbing toys. Ask about the
furnished 2 bdrm apartment or house, Feb 1 to end July                Maple secretary's desk circa 1950, writing shelf, cpbrd           NASA customized gifts for special occasions.
2001. Interested in buying/leasing a cheap, used car for              base and cabinet top w/glass door, $80. Small maple 4
this period. Sophie Wuerger, email to:                                drwr dresser circa 1900's, 2 pedestals w/center mirror,
                                                                      $180. Large 5 shelf, black laquer bk shelf, 72" tall, $20.
                                                                                                                                        Mega Bites (Ames Café) N-235
s.m.wuerger@keele.ac.uk or phone (+44 1782 752299 or
                                                                      Black metal 2 drwr filing cabinet, legal size, $15. Rob or        (6 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
+44 1782 584214) or by fax (+44 1782 583055).
                                                                      Kay (408)265-5983 after 6 p.m.                                    • Make your reservation for the gas BBQ
     Pleasant furnished room for rent in home in Los                                                                                    available for on-site functions. The cost is $25
Gatos/Campbell corner of San José for professional, N/S                   Apartment-size 4 burner gas range, one year old
                                                                      $150. Call (650) 938-9922 no calls after 8 p.m.                   (refueling charge) per use. Call ext. 4-5969 to
or outside smoker. Off-street parking, safe family
neighbrhd, cntral ht/air, utils inc. Long term preferred,                                                                               reserse, 48 hour notice required.
hort-term possible for spring/summer. Shared bath/                    Transportation
kitchen. Lease/deps required. Call (408) 266-7272 lv msg.                  ‘97 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500C, 22,000 mls, one                   Visitor Center Shop (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
      Room in 4 bd/,2 ba home, excellent Mtn View area.               owner. Maintenance dealer performed every 3,000 mls.                    NASA logo merchandise, souvenirs, toys,
Washer, drier, fireplace, microwave, new carpet and cable             Extras/changes: rifles windshield and lowers, engine              gifts and educational items.
modem, PG&E block 50. Tidy person and nonsmoker.                      guard, Mustang seat, passenger flrboards, Cobra exhaust
$425 and share utils. Available June 1, maybe sooner.                 system, Kawasaki tall sissy bar, luggage rack, turn signal         Tickets, etc... (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
Call (650) 964-1900.                                                  relocated for adding saddlebags, saddlebag guards.                     Entertainment and transit tickets. Great
                                                                      Cheap (very used) saddlebags included but not installed.          discounts on many favorites.
     Room for rent in 3 bdrm duplex in Willow Glen, S.J.              Service manual included along w/orig. owners manual.
Rent is $450/mo. plus $250 dep and 1/3 utils. Shared                  $6,950 or current loan value, whichever is lower. Ron
                                                                                                                                        • San Francisco Giants vs. Colorado at PacBell
bathroom, kitchen and living space w/street parking in                (408) 943-1576 or e-mail: rgbsr@hughes.net.                         Park, Sat, May 26,1:05 p.m.
quiet neighborhood. House shared w/two quiet
professionals. Easy access to major freeways. Kevin                        ‘97 Kawasaki 1500D Vulcan Classic. 10K mls.
(408) 723-2115.                                                       Custom pt. V&H xhaust, Progressive shocks, Champion               NASA Lodge (N-19) 603-7100
                                                                      hard bags, xtras. $7,950. Call (408) 981-2198.                    Open 7 days a week, 7:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.
     Walk to work! Quiet, shaded 1bd/1ba condo for                                                                                      Reasonable rates.
rent between Ames and downtown Mtn. View. Close to                        ‘89 Plymouth Acclaim LE sedam 4 Dr. 4 Cyl 2.5.L
Shoreline trail access. Front and rear patios, lots of greens,        Turbo, air con., good condition 54,000 mls. asking price
carport. Amenities: clubhouse, pool, hot tub, tennis                  $2,500. Judy (408) 263-3806 after 5:30 p.m.                       NASA Swim Center (N108) 603-8025
courts, enclosed bicycle storage, laundry room. $1,500/                                                                                 Book your summer parties now!
mo plus dep, N/S, restrictions on pets. Available                     Carpool
immediately. Tom (408) 248-6132 evenings or email at:
                                                                            Clayton-Walnut Creek Vanpool seeking additional             Vacation Opportunities
                                                                      rider. Departs Clayton 5 a.m., Rudgear 5:20 a.m. Arrive               Lake Tahoe-Squaw Valley townhse, 3bd/2ba,
                                                                      Ames 6:30 a.m; Departs Ames 4:00 p.m., M-Th, 3:00                 view of slopes, close to lifts. Wkend $490, midwk
Miscellaneous                                                         p.m. every other Friday. $75/mo. Pietro Martinelli at ext.        $180 nite. Includes linens, firewood. Call (650)
     Hutch, 20in x 30in x 46in, honey-laquer finish, mint             4-4186 or email pmartinelli@mail.arc.nasa.gov.                    968-4155 or e-mail DBMcKellar@aol.com
condition, only a few months old, $700 (50 % of original
cost). Call (650) 473-0604.                                                                                                                  South Lake Tahoe cottage with wood fireplace
                                                                      Ames public radio                                                 and hot tub. Rates from $50 to $130 per night.
     Century, 4 in 1 stroller with infant seat, $25; glass                1700 KHz AM radio -- information announcements                Call (650) 967-7659 or (650) 704-7732.
top kitchen table w/4 chairs, $50; Berber carpet,                     & emergency instructions, when appropriate, for Ames
unbound, off white,7'x11', $25, bathroom, counter top                 employees.
w/sink, green marble, $75. Call (408) 364-0545.

   April 30, 2001                                                                                                                       The Ames Astrogram — 7
                                                                   Visits & Notifications
Is your web site ready?                                                                                            “NASA Ames is
     Everyone who curates a web site at
NASA is aware that new regulations, Sec-
                                                                 group wants to ensure that every site at
                                                                 Ames is compliant.                                alive and well...”
tion 508 and the Children’s Online Privacy                           A presentation will be made on May 2          continued from front page
Protection Act (COPPA), are coming into                          from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., in the Bldg.          that should both leverage the high-tech
effect shortly. Section 508 requires federal                     N258 auditorium. It will cover high-level         talent already in Silicon Valley and provide
agency web sites to comply with 16 basic                         policy information to HTML and other re-          an exciting proving ground for attracting
rules enabling disabled persons to use them.                     quired tags. Technical staff will be on site to   students who will become the high-tech
The COPPA is a law that affects the manner                       discuss details and answer questions at-          workers of the future.
in which information is gathered from chil-                      tendees may have on this topic.                       The budget numbers for specific Ames
dren under 13 years of age.                                          For further information about the new         programs are mixed. While the Center
     June 21 is the day earmarked to require                     Section 508/COPPA regulations, contact            should be given authority to hire 20 new
all forth-going web sites to be compatible                       either Felicia Multz at: email:                   civil servants (of a total of 51 agency-wide),
with these rules as well as to have re-coded                     fmultz@mail.arc.nasa.gov        or Meagan         Ames’ proposed budget for the upcoming
                                                                                                                   fiscal year shows a slight (0.5 percent)
the current top 20 sites. This date is just                      Eskey at: email: meskey@mail.arc.nasa.gov
                                                                                                                   decrease, from $720.9 million to $717.6
around the corner and the web services
                                                                                                                   million. There is also a reported major
                                                                                                                   reduction in the science budget for the
  Former Ambassador visits Ames                                                                                    Space Station Biological Research Project,
                                                                                                                   an effort also led by Ames.
                                                                            Robert Pastorino, former U.S.
                                                                            Ambassador to the Dominican                                    BY   ANN HUTCHISON
                                                                            Republic, and Joanne Vilet,
                                                                            director, Silicon Valley U.S. Dept.
                                                                            of Commerce, shown during a               Astrogram deadlines
                                                                            recent visit to Ames. Ambassador               All Ames employees are invited to submit
                                                                            Pastorino was the keynote speaker         articles relating to Ames projects and activities
                                                                            at the “Basics of Export                  for publication in the Astrogram. When submit-
                                                                            Compliance” training course.              ting stories or ads for publication, submit your
                                                                            Both distinguished guests enjoyed         material, along with any questions, in MS word
                                                                            an escorted tour of Ames facilities.      by e-mail to: astrogram@mail.arc.nasa.gov on
                                                                            They were invited to come to              or before the deadline.
                                                                            Ames by Dr. Raj Shea, Ames’
                                                                            Center Export Administrator                  Deadline                 Publication
                                                                            (Acting).                                    Mon, May 7               Mon, May 14
                                                                                                                         Mon, May 21              Mon, May 28
                                                                                                                         Mon, Jun 4               Mon, Jun 11
                                                                                                                         Mon, Jun 18              Mon, Jun 25
                                                                                                                         Mon, Jul 2               Mon, Jul 9
                                                                             photo by Dominic Hart

                                                                                                                                            FIRST CLASS MAIL
                                                                                                                                          POSTAGE & FEES PAID
                                                                                                                                              Permit No. G-27
National Aeronautics and
Space Administration

Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, California 94035-1000

                                                                                                                      THE AMES
Official Business
Penalty for Private Use, $300
                                                                                                                     The Ames ASTROGRAM is an official
                                                                                                                     publication of the Ames Research Center,
                                                                                                                     National Aeronautics and Space

                                                                                                                     Managing Editor........David Morse
                                                                                                                     Editor..........................Astrid Terlep
                                                                                                                     We can be reached via email at:
                                                                                                                     astrogram@mail.arc.nasa.gov or by
      PLEASE RECYCLE                                                                                                 phone at (650) 604-3347.
      Printed on recycled and recyclable paper with vegetable-based ink.

    8 — The Ames Astrogram                                                                                                                  April 30, 2001

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