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									                               Ship Welfare Visitor Course

CALLING ON ALL SHIP VISITORS: The International Committee on Seafarers Welfare is inviting ship
visitors to join the Ship Welfare Visitors’ Course being rolled out around the world

What is it?
The Ship Welfare Visitor Course (SWVC) is a two-day attendance course designed by the ICSW and
accredited by the UK Nautical Institute. It is an introduction to maritime terminology, maritime
organisations, ship types, shipboard routines, protocols, seafarer’s issues and personal safety in port
facilities and onboard ship.

What are the aims?
ICSW hopes to enable ship visitors to better understand procedures and protocols when entering port
facilities and boarding ships. The course acquaints participants with personal safety and security issues
relating to port facilities and ships. Specifically, the course –

    •   Provides with an overview of shipping organisations
    •   Introduces marine industry customs and practices
    •   Describes ship types, shipboard organisation, trades and points out specific hazards to safety
        relevant to each ship type
    •   Highlights the current security issues which concern port authorities and shipping companies and
        which impact on ship visitors’ free access to the port and ships
    •   Facilitates the personal safety of ship visitors

What are the other advantages of taking the Course?
The course has been shown to benefit participants by providing a networking opportunity and a forum for
sharing best practice amongst individuals and organizations involved in ship visiting. Faith-based
missions, welfare practitioners, seafarers’ centres, port welfare committees, unions, and port authorities
are able to share time together to interact and forge better local relations.

Will the Course help ship visitors gain better access to ships?
In the UK, for example, it is foreseen that port authorities will eventually require all ship visitors to present
their SWVC ID passes when entering a port facility. Such a pass is issued to a ship visitor who
successfully completes the Course.

For ship visitors elsewhere around the world, the ICSW-issued SWVC ID pass will hopefully establish the
competence and bona fides of the pass-holder and make it easier for him or her to gain access to ports
and ships.

Where has the Course been offered?
SWVCs have been successfully delivered in the UK, Singapore, Melbourne, Mumbai, Boston USA,
Durban, Cape Town, the Ivory Coast, and Hong Kong. In time, ship visitors everywhere will receive this
training as part of enhancing welfare services to seafarers.

Who can participate in the Course?
The Ship Welfare Visitors’ Course was originally intended for members of the ICSW, the associated
members of ICMA, and employees of the ITF. But this scope has been broadened so that the benefits of
the Course are spread more widely.

Thus, any person who visits seafarers onboard to provide them care and support and tend to their welfare
needs is eligible to join the Course. A seasoned ship visitor or an occasional ship visiting volunteer, a
union member, a staff member of a seafarers’ centre, or a volunteer rendering services to seafarers is
welcome to join the Course. In fact, anyone with an interest in gaining more understanding of seafarers’
needs and well-being, and their places of work, will find the Course relevant and useful.

Is there an assessment at the end of the Course?
Yes. At the end of the Course, participants are expected to fill out a questionnaire to assess their grasp of
the course material. Those who successfully complete this assessment will receive accreditation and be
issues an access-card SWVC ID pass.

How to join
Please send an e-mail to with your name, date of birth, ports where you work,
employer/organisation, postal address, e-mail, telephone number and fax number; the ICSW will then look
for a course that is being run near you.

Also required, when appropriate, is a letter from the ship visitor’s employer/organisation authorizing the
participant to attend.

How much is the Course fee?
A participant, or his/her employer, is only required to contribute EUR 15. This pays for the SWVC ID pass
to be issued.

Transportation fares to the course venue and accommodation costs are at the expense of the participant
or his/her employer. All course materials, lunches, and snacks, will be covered by the ICSW from a grant
given by the ITF Seafarers Trust.

Further information
Please contact the International Committee on Seafarers’ Welfare (, the International
Christian Maritime Association ( or the ITF Seafarers Trust
( .

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