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					                                     ‘Ship to Ship’                                                              EMYC Newsletter

                                 The Newsletter of the                                                          Ship to Ship 2006, Issue 1
RYA Affiliated                  Essex Marina Yacht Club                                                               January 2006

                   Wishing everyone a fun and safe boating season in 2006!

Commodore’s Report—by John Caten
Well another year has passed and I must take this       and Tony, Dave and Joan and Ray and Pru, for
opportunity to wish you all a happy, healthy and        decorating the Club House. Thanks also to Len
                                                        and Sam for supplying and erecting a gazebo, Fred     Inside this issue:
prosperous New Year.
                                                        who supplied us with a disco and Ian our Hallow-
Since my last report in August 2005 there has
been a lot of activity taking place around the Ma-      een drag queen standing in as DJ!
rina. For those of you who haven’t been able to         I must also thank Tim Mears for temporarily stand-
get down to the Marina, Essex Boat Yards have           ing in as Hon Secretary up to and including the day   Commodore’s Report             1
now taken over from R Levy and they are making          of our AGM.       Thanks also to Jenny Mears for
rapid improvements to the east side of the Marina,      taking the minutes and Rosie Stevens who took on
excavating uneven ground and resurfacing. Rap-          the role of Hon Secretary last year. Rosie (who       EMYC Diary Dates               2
idly new boats are coming round from Paglesham          has other commitments) has resigned from our
into the newly formed compounds at the entrance         Committee.
of Marina.                                              Marc Leduc has produced some wonderful edi-
I have spoken with one of the Barker Brothers           tions of our Ship to Ship Newsletters. Members        Important Notices              3
who have informed me that the Marina will be            report they can’t wait to read the next edition.
dredged in the New Year.                                While editing Newsletters, Marc created a brilliant
As owners of the Marina, the Barker Family will         Website for the EMYC that has been a big asset to     Fireworks Night                3
become Honorary Members of EMYC. Hopefully              the Club. Newsletters and flyers can be sent out
we will meet up with them in the New Year once          and read from the Website.
they have transported their boats round and set-
                                                        I must stress that Marc needs items of interest       Vice Commodore’s Re-
tled in.                                                from you the reader, on which to build the next
The first two weeks in September 2005 was our           issue of Ship to Ship. No matter how small, funny     port
last cruise of the year and saw 7 boats – Kalama,       or serious, it all makes good reading so put pen to
Jacks, Fedora A, Fandango, You Know Who, Capri          paper - or your finger to key board - and send        Rum, Sodomy & the Life
Tide and my wife Vicky and I with our crew of 2         Marc some news.
sea dogs, Lady and Amber on our boat, the Sarah
                                                                                                              Jacket                         4
                                                        Julie Newman our Social Organiser has been mag-
K meeting up at various points along the journey
                                                        nificent throughout the year organising various
to the upper Thames.                                    Club events along with her supporting partner
                                                                                                              Christmas Party                5
We could not have wished for better weather             Alan and despite all her back problems she has
(apart from one evening when we had a thunder-          managed to bring in a profit at every event.
storm).       Luckily it soon passed over and every                                                           Editorial                      6
                                                        (Continued on Page 2)
day was gloriously hot and sunny.
We had a small incident towards the end of our
fortnight though when Alan Summerfield mistook
4 feet for 4 inches and jumped down into the
cockpit of his boat injuring his knee!       He was
taken to hospital with the aid of a broom and
brush end for a crutch! He had an x-ray and was
later brought back to his boat where he was con-
fined to his helm seat for the rest of the holiday!
We had a most enjoyable and memorable holiday
with wonderful, humorous company.
Halloween Night was organised by Julie and her
partner Alan who both spent a lot of time deco-
rating the Club House in a ghostly theme. The
evening was a great success with a good turn out
of people in fancy dress. It was a fun packed eve-
ning for kids and adults alike.
Our Christmas Party with half price drinks was
also a brilliant night. Thanks to Julie and Alan, Jan
                                 Ship to Ship 2006, Issue 1                                                                Page 2

                                                                                                           NOTHING TO DO ON A SUN-
                                                                                                           DAY MORNING ? ARE YOU
EMYC Diary Dates for 2006 (subject to change)                                                              FEELING LOST? ARE YOU FEEL-
                                                                                                           ING HIGH AND DRY? DO YOU
                                                                                                           FEEL STRANDED? WOULD YOU
11th February       Clubhouse opens                  26th August – 9th September                           LIKE TO LEARN SOME BASIC
                    lunchtimes                                         Cruise to Thames                    NAVIGATION, CHARTWORK
                                                                                                           AND SEAMANSHIP? WOULD
18th February       Valentines Club Night            15th – 24th September
                                                                                                           YOU LIKE TO REFRESH YOUR
                                                                       Southampton Boat Show               KNOWLEDGE OF THE ABOVE?
31st March          Clubhouse Opens
                                                     24th September       Commodores Sail Past             WHAT ABOUT RADAR AND
16th April          Cruise to Brandyhole                                                                   GPS? LOOKING TO TAKE THE
                                                     30th September       Burnham Carnival                 ICC AT SOME TIME?
22nd April          Fitting out Dinner
                                                     28th October         Halloween Club Night             (INTERNATIONAL CERTIFCATE
29th April-1st May Cruise to Brightlinsea                                                                  OF COMPETENCE) WHAT DOES
                                                     4th November         Club House Closes Evenings       CEVNI MEAN? ETC,ETC,ETC, DID
13th May            Club Night
                                                     11th November        Dinner & Dance                   YOU KNOW YOU WILL RE-
27th May–9th May Cruise to Medway                                                                          QUIRE CEVNI FOR INLAND WA-
                                                     18th November        French Trip                      TERWAYS ABROAD...? COME TO
                                                     19th November        AGM                              THE CLUBHOUSE FOR 09.00 HRS
10th June           2 Rivers Cruise (Bradwell)                                                             ON SUNDAY 29TH JANUARY
                                                     26th November        Xmas Lunch
14th/15th June      OAP Cruise & Chinese Eve                                                               2006 ( 11-45 HRS FINISH)
                                                     3rd December         (Club Closes Fully)
17th June           ACE Event
                                                     9th December         Xmas Party
24th June           Club Night
                                                     A CRUISE MEETING WILL BE HELD ON
1st July            Surprise Party                   THE FRIDAY NIGHT IN THE CLUB
9th–16th July       Cruise Orwell                    HOUSE ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE
                                                     CRUISE TAKING PLACE.
5th August          BBQ & Fun Day

Commodore’s Report (Continued from Page 1)
Rear Commodore Paul Thompson arranged a very successful and well attended season of cruising, finishing
off with a fantastic and unforgettable 2 weeks on the upper Thames. Paul has also been working on pre-
paring accounts for the year end.
Last but not least, our Vice Commodore John Stephenson organised a most fantastic evening with 108
members and guests dining and dancing the evening away to the music of Easy Feelin’.
A big thank you to my wife Vicky and my sister Babs who spent the afternoon decorating the tables - the
room looked spectacular. The largest amount ever was taken by Julie’s raffle that evening. She came up
with a first prize of an LCD flat screen TV. See John Stephenson’ report on the evening.
Thanks also to Mike Wilkin. Each year, after paying your subscriptions to the EMYC you all have a diary
sent to you. The information gathered for the diary takes some considerable time arranging. Up until a
few years ago Mike kept his boat at Essex Marina and he spent quite a few years on our Committee. He is
now based over at Strood on the Medway and still attends our functions.
Radio and Navigation lessons will commence from February 2006. Mike Molineaux, an Hon Member of
EMYC has given a lot of his valuable time to voluntarily run these courses for EMYC Members. Until
recently Mike and his wife Christine spent a lot on time sailing in their catamaran from Essex Marina.
Thanks Mike.
I would like to welcome two new Committee Members. Clive Watts is our new Hon Secretary and his
partner Elaine Smith has taken on the role of Membership Secretary. John Elmer (who I think everyone
must know) has taken on the job of Hon Treasurer.
In order to secure the future of the EMYC we still need new Committee Members to join us so if you
think you could find time and join our team please get in touch with anyone on the Committee.
By now you will have seen the Club Accounts and noticed that we have had a successful year thanks to all
the hard work put in by the Committee and your support. The rather prudent purchasing of stock by
Natalie now shows a considerable turnaround to Club Funds as well.
Membership has been steadily increasing throughout the year. Hopefully with a fuller Committee next
season and all the new arrivals we aim to promote the EMYC around the Marina in order to recruit new
Finally, I must thank my wife Vicky for all her help and support on the Committee throughout the past
John Caten, Commodore
John Caten
                                  Ship to Ship 2006, Issue 1                                                                           Page 3

Important Notices - John Stephenson

Please contact me on   07787566816 regarding:

           •       CEVNI Course on Sunday, 29 January (this is the Inland Waters International Certificate of Competence and is a legal requirement for
                   many of the European inland waters.
           •       Fitting out dinner on 22 April. Places are limited so book now!

Firework’s Night - Julie Newson

A week on from the Halloween Club night and a good crowd gathered again to witness a sparkling and explosive evening.
The weather was kind to us and with the help from Alan Peake and Kevin Miller who set up the fireworks everyone enjoyed another great dis-
play. The children enjoyed the steady stream of sparklers while the adults indulged in a hot glass of punch and hot chestnuts.
When the display ended a Tombola was held in the clubhouse, which proved to be a great success, with every ticket sold. Along with music and
the good company of friends and family, everyone enjoyed the evening.

Vice Commodore’s Report - John Stephenson

As the new year draws to a close I felt I must write and thank you all for supporting the dinner dance in November. It was just the best we have
had for some time. We had well over one hundred at the dinner again, and had a small amount left over for the club funds.
Whilst writing I would like to thank the band and John Caten our Commodore and his significant other for all the help they gave me in the organ-
ising of this event.

Award Winners for 2005
ALISON JULIE CUP                          JULIE AND ALAN
BURKES CUP                                JULIE AND ALAN
LEN TYLER CUP                             MARC (EDITOR)

The Fitting Out Dinner is on the 22nd April 2006!

The venue is the Chichester in Wickford, which makes a pleasant change! No
prices yet, but please, please, please contact me on 07787566816 as soon as
possible to reserve your place as the number of seats is limited!

John Stephenson, Vice Commodore.
                                     Ship to Ship 2006, Issue 1                                                      Page 4

Rum, Sodomy & the Life Jacket
(Submitted by our commodore!)
(Extract from The Sun Newspaper        In that case, break open the           crew up the rigging without crash
by Littlejohn – 01.10.04) – No not     rum ration. Let us splice              helmets.     And they don’t want
Big John!!                             the mainbrace to steel the             anyone breathing in too much salt
                                       men before battle.                     – haven’t you seen the adverts?
                                       The rum ration has been abol-          I’ve never heard such in-
It’s almost 200 years since Lord
                                       ished Admiral. It’s part of the        famy. Break out the can-
Nelson’s famous naval victory
                                       Government’s policy on binge           non and tell the men to
over the French and Spanish in
                                       drinking.                              stand by to engage the en-
the Battle of Trafalgar.      To
kick-start the anniversary cele-       Good heavens Hardy.                I   emy.
brations an actor dressed as           suppose we’d better get on             The men are a bit worried about
Nelson posed for pictures on           with it. Full speed ahead.             shooting at anyone Admiral.
the River Thames at Greenwich
                                       I think you’ll find that there’s a 4   What? This is mutiny.
this week.                             mph speed limit in this stretch of
                                                                              It’s not that sir.   It’s just that
But before he was allowed to           water.                                 they’re afraid of being charged
board an RNLI lifeboat, safety
                                       Dammit man. We are on                  with murder if they actually kill
officials made him wear a life
                                       the eve of the Greatest sea            anyone. There’s a couple of legal
jacket over his 19th century
                                       fight in history. We must              aid lawyers on board watching
admiral’s uniform.                     advance with all dispatch.             everyone like hawks.
You couldn’t make it up.               Report from the crow’s
                                                                              Then how are we supposed
                                       next please.                           to sink the Frenchies and
But it got me wondering how            That won’t be possible sir.            the Spanish?
Nelson would have fared at             What?                                  Actually sir, we’re not.
Trafalgar if he’d been subject to
                                       Health & Safety have closed the        We’re not?
modern health and safety regu-
                                       crow’s nest sir. No harness. And
lations.                                                                      No sir. The Frenchies and Spanish
                                       they say that rope ladder doesn’t
                                                                              are our European partners now.
                                       meet regulations. They won’t let
                                                                              According to the Common Fisher-
                                       anyone up there until proper
We now travel back in time and                                                ies Policy we shouldn’t even be in
join Nelson and Captain Hardy          scaffolding can be erected.            this stretch of water. We could
on the deck of the recently re-        Then get me the ship’s car-            get hit with a claim for compensa-
named British Flagship HMS             penter without delay                   tion.
Appeasement…….                         Hardy.                                 But you must hate a
                                       He’s busy knocking up a wheel-         Frenchman as you hate the
                                       chair access to the fo’c’sle Admi-     devil.
Order the signal, Hardy.
                                       ral.                                   I wouldn’t let the ship’s Diversity
Aye, Aye Sir.                          Wheelchair access?           I’ve      Co-Ordinator hear you saying that
Hold on, that’s not what I             never heard anything so                sir. You’ll be up on a disciplinary.
dictated to the signal offi-           absurd.                                You must consider every
cer. What’s the meaning of
                                       Health and safety again sir. We        man an enemy who speaks
this?                                  have to provide a barrier free         ill of your King.
Sorry sir?                             environment for the differently
                                                                              Not any more sir. We must be
England expects every per-             abled.                                 inclusive in this multicultural age.
son to do his or her duty,             Differently abled? I’ve only           Now put on your Kevlar vest, it’s
regardless of race, gender,            one arm and one eye and I              the rules.
sexual orientation, religious          refuse even to hear men-
                                                                              Don’t tell me – Health &
persuasion or disability.              tion of the word. I didn’t
                                                                              Safety?        Whatever hap-
What gobbledegook is this?             rise to the rank of Admiral
                                                                              pened to rum, sodomy and
                                       by playing the disability
Admiralty policy, I’m afraid, sir.                                            the lash?
We’re an equal opportunities           card.
                                                                              As I explained sir, rum is off the
employer now. We had the devil’s       Actually sir, you did. The Royal
                                                                              menu. And there’s a ban on
own job getting “England” past         Navy is under-represented in the
the censors lest it be considered      areas of visual impairment and         corporal punishment.
racist.                                limb deficiency.                       What about sodomy?
Gadzooks Hardy.            Hand        Whatever next? Give me                 I believe it’s to be encouraged sir.
me my pipe and tobacco.                full sail.     The salt spray
                                                                              In that case – kiss me,
Sorry sir. All naval vessels have      beckons.
                                                                              Hardy !!
been designated smoke free work-       A couple of problems there too sir.
ing environments.                      Health and Safety won’t let the
                                   Ship to Ship 2006, Issue 1                                                                       Page 5

Christmas Party—Julie Newson
A time for the club members to get together before Christmas to wish each other best wishes and of course to drink the bar dry. As always we
gathered a bountiful feast of Christmas fare and the clubhouse twinkled with lights and tinsel.

As the Christmas post box began to bulge with Christmas cheer, we were all invited by Karen and Faye Owen to brave the cold for a majorette
light display in the car park. They were great and we would like to thank them.
Having settled in the warmth of the clubhouse we heard Santa was on his way. A seat was placed for him to rest his weary suit and one by one
all the children and ladies (Alan, OOPS!! Santa likes the ladies) sat on his knee to receive a pressie. Thanks Santa for coming.

Some of the ladies liked Santa a bit too much.

With the drinks a flowing and the Christmas music playing everyone danced and
drank and drank and danced.
The Christmas raffle, always a favourite, gave many a member a smile that evening.
Our winners were:

           6th & 5th Prize – Tim Mears
           4th Prize – Ann Wilson
           3rd Prize – Faye Owen
           2nd Prize – Sharon and Ted Auger Forbes
           1st Prize – Sam Auger Forbes

I think it is safe to say, everyone enjoyed the evening and it was time to tuck a few of our friends and family up in their beds.
Cheers and here’s to another Great Year in 2006

Julie Newson, the girl that makes the events so that you buy more drinks at the bar!
                   EMYC Newsletter

     Please send all your articles and points of
                     interest to:
         Marc Leduc, Editor ‘Ship to Ship’
                      60 Eastley
                Basildon SS16 5TQ
                  01268 459399


                                                           Essex Marina
                                                           Wallasea Island
    The next issue of ‘Ship to Ship’ will be
                 Spring 2006                               Rochford
                                                           SS4 2HF

         We’re on the
                                                             Clubhouse Mobile Phone Number: 07765 434913
                                                             THIS IS A MOBILE PHONE GIVEN TO US FREE BY REECE LARKIN AND IT IS KEPT
                                                             ON CHARGE BEHIND THE BAR BUT WILL RECEIVE INCOMING CALLS ONLY.

Any opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the editor and/or individual contributors and do not necessarily represent the views of the
Essex Marina Yacht Club. All information is provided in good faith and is understood to be correct at the time of printing. Any suggestions for im-
provements to the social nights and/or newsletter are greatly appreciated.

Editorial—by Marc Leduc
 Seasons Greeting to Everyone!
 This newsletter is a bit shorter than the average newsletters that I’ve been putting out. And fewer pictures too! There is a very simple reason
 for this; your not sending me enough material!
 Don’t be afraid to send me anything! Articles, letters, pictures, you name it! If you send me photographs, they will be returned to you!
 Here are a few facts about what I actually go through when I prepare a newsletter:
            •       I have the technology to process anything - photos, newspaper clippings, slides, negatives, just about anything!
            •       It’s my job to handle spelling, formatting, layouts, etc. You supply the material and I’ll make it pretty!
            •       If you are embarrassed about what you send, tell me and I won’t publish your name. For example, I’m not afraid to call John
                    Stephenson a plonker, but you might be! I will protect your identify with my life!
            •       I sometimes receive articles that don’t seem to make any sense (back off Mr Stephenson, I may not be referring to you!) - if
                    that is the case then I’ll call you for clarification!
            •       It takes me quite a bit of time to prepare a newsletter, but it takes longer when I have little material to work with! It’s not
                    my job to invent material, but to process the material I receive!
 So, if you haven’t made a New Year’s resolution, then make it this one: I promise to send an article to Marc in 2006!

 Hope everyone enjoys the 2006 boating season - and look forwarding to seeing you in the clubhouse! (Yes, I’ll actually be there!)

 Marc Leduc, Editor

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