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Set the scene

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									Set the scene
Giving your animation a background is easy to do and will help make
your film look more realistic. Adding the set will create a world for
your characters to live in.

You will need:
      A printed background of your choice
      Coloured pens and pencils

How to do it…
   1. Choose a background and print it off. You can choose which page you
      want to print.
   2. Use toys to add to the scene, model trees, animals, cars, anything that
      helps to create the look you want.
   3. If you don’t have the right toys you could draw the set, colour it in, cut it
      out and stick it onto card so it stands upright in your set.

Things to try…
      Perhaps you have an idea for background that is not here? Well, why not
      draw or paint your own?
      Add more detail to your scene by making some small plasticine props.

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