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									                                                                              Appendix B

Serious Case Reviews Update

Southwark Area Child Protection Committee (ACPC) has undertaken four inter-agency
Serious Cases reviews under Government Guidance set out in Working Together to
Safeguard Children (1999) since 2002.

3 of the children died and one survived the assault but is seriously disabled as a result.

Serious Case Reviews are undertaken when a child dies and child abuse or serious
neglect is suspected.      Each agency is required to undertake its own Internal
Management Review and then submits this to the ACPC. An Independent Group of
specialist managers drafts the Overview report which is then agreed by the ACPC.
Lessons are then disseminated and specific recommendations may be made to
Agencies in relation to the findings. The Standards Sub-Group of the ACPC monitors
the progress of the Agreed Action Plan and reports to the ACPC.

Issues arising from the reviews were:

   •   Serious events which cause deaths or injuries such as these are difficult to
   •   Younger children and disabled children appear to be more vulnerable;

   •   Awareness of parental mental health as an impact in parenting is important;
   •   Information sharing between professionals is important;
   •   Greater attention needs to be paid to the impact of stress on parents
   •   Awareness of the presence and impact of domestic violence is important;
   •   Awareness of the significance of a family’s race and culture and their meaning
       and their impact on family life is important.

Actions taken since the reviews

   •   The ACPC has disseminated the lessons throughout Southwark agencies and
       incorporated them into ongoing training;
   •   Member agencies have their own cascade training in place and all specialist
       advisers in child protection across agencies have had special training;
   •   Polices and procedures have been revised where necessary;
   •   A joint major screening exercise of all children under 5 who were known to have
       parent with a mental health problem was undertaken in 2004 and in Spring 2005
       a new Joint Service Protocol devised between SLAM NHS Trust, Souhtwark PCT
       and Southwark Council was endorsed by the ACPC. It has been disseminated
       and a rolling programme of training is underway in Adult Mental health as well as
       inter-agency children’s services;
   •   The Domestic Violence Forum has been co-opted onto the ACPC and a joint
       work programme is being agreed;
   •   The ACPC has offered increased training in understanding the impact of
       Domestic Violence; and Parental Mental Health;
   •   The leadership Group of Designated Child Protection Specialist across
       Southwark agencies is also designing a training programme to increase
       competence in skills of analysis and reflective practice in safeguarding;

                                                                   Appendix B

•   In November the ACPC will be asked to agree a new inter-agency risk analysis
•   The Young Southwark partnership is taking the lead in implementing Govt
    Guidance on Information Sharing Practice.


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