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					Petition for improvement of street. To the council of the city of _________, state of _________: We, the undersigned, being the owners of all the property abutting on _________ Avenue between _________ Avenue and _________ Street, hereby respectfully petition your honorable body for the improvement of the street between _________ Avenue and _________ Street, by paving the roadway with a permanent material, and constructing sidewalks, curbing, guttering, sanitary sewers, house connections, and water service connections, where necessary, and that the entire cost of the improvement be assessed by a percentage of the tax value of the improvement, or in proportion to the benefits, or by the front footage that will result from the improvement upon the lots and lands bounding and abutting upon _________ Avenue between the points previously mentioned. The undersigned and each of them consent and request that the assessments be levied and collected without reference to the value of the property of the subscribers to this petition, and waive all benefits of the statute limiting assessments to _________ percent of the actual value of the property assessed; the assessments to be payable in _________ annual instalments, proportioned to the whole assessment, or in cash, at the option of the owner of the property, assessed, in the manner provided by law, for the levy and collection of assessments.

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