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                        Minutes of a Meeting of Ellisfield Parish Council held in
                      the Memorial Hall on Monday 28th October 2002 at 7.30 pm

        Present:                  Bill Thompson (Chairman), (vice-Chairman) in the Chair
                                  Phil Self, Tim Sullivan, (Councillors)

        In attendance:            Edna Chilton (Clerk)

1.      Apologies for Absence.            Tina Wood, Nigel Wilson holiday

2.      Minutes of the Meeting held on 30th September 2002 Agreed and signed as a true record.

3.      Matters Arising from the Minutes. None.

4.       To receive a report from the Internal Auditor on the accounts for the year ended 31st
         March 2002.
Anthony Cecil had completed the eleven tests on the PC accounts and signed them off with the additional
comments as follows:
“Risk assessments: The PC is in the process of completing the required Risk Assessments. The Risk
Assessment for the swing in the playground has been completed. Risk Assessments in respect of the
other assets owned by the PC are being undertaken.
Asset and investment registers
The PC has no investments.
There were no additions to the fixed assets during the year. The asset register appears to be complete for
the small number of fixed assets held by the PC. I did not consider it appropriate to go back through the
historic filing to try to check the cost (where applicable or available) of the historic cost, when this has no
bearing on this year‟s expenditure.”

The report was noted.

5.      To complete and sign the Annual Return for external audit n the accounts for the year
        ending 31st March 2002.
The Parish Council was able to answer yes to 7 out of the 8 statements in the Annual Return. The 8th
referred to Risk Assessments which were not actually required by law during the currency of the accounts
in question but which are in the process of implementation. An additional note was agreed to be attached
to the Annual Return.
The return was completed and signed by the Chairman and Clerk on behalf of the Council.

6.      RESOLUTION: “That this Council Resolves to adopt the Model Publication Scheme for
        Local Councils (Core Classes only), as required by the Freedom of Information Act, 2000.”
Proposed by: Cllr Sullivan, Seconded by Cllr. Self, carried unanimously. There followed a discussion on
the merits or otherwise of a publication scheme, produced by the Clerk. Clerk to make some amendments
and re-present this at a future meeting.

7.       To receive a report from the Clerk on administration matters.
B & DBC          Did we wish to make a nomination to fill the vacancy on the Standards Committee?
agreed that since a member of this Council already held one of the two positions, it was unlikely that we
would be awarded the other. No action.
CPRE             Offer to support any objection to widening the village envelope. No action.
B & DBC          A Health & Safety, self audit pack had been received. The Clerk had passed this to
Councillor Self.
CONSULTATIONS:            The Local Plan 1996-2011 Review had been received. Comments and
objections to be in by 29th November. Passed to Councillor Self.
FINANCE: The Clerk supplied a written report as follows:
Payments since 10/07/02
       b/fwd from 10/07/02                                             1811.47
       Litter JUN/JUL/AUG                                                75.00
       Turner APM                                                        28.20
       Litter AUG                                                        11.52
       Audit Commission                                                 202.50
       Litter SEP                                                        25.00
      Litter SEP                                                        25.00
      Clerk saly & exes x 6mths                                        776.70

Receipts since 10/07/02
     b/fwd from 10/07/02                                              3395.49
     Interest                                                             .24
     Allot rent NEVILLE                                                 12.00
     B Ground HORGAN                                                    40.00
     total receipts                                                   3447.73          3447.73
     less total payments                                                               2955.39
      less VAT paid                                                                     165.80
      Balance @ bank 27/09/02         1164.76
      uncleared cheques               838.22

Cheques for approval and signature:
Litter                                            £25
Litter                                            £25
Butterworth, Local Council Administration         £38.50**
Ellisfield Memorial Hall                          £150

** Note: Even bigger discount negotiated by Society of Local Council Clerks.

Clerk’s salary
The rise in the national minimum wage was from £4.10 per hour to £4.20 per hour from 1st October. This
means an increase in the present Clerk‟s remuneration from £319.80 per quarter to £327.60 per quarter.
No budgetary implications.

The internal audit has been completed and the papers are ready to go for external audit once the
requisite statement by this council has been completed. The internal auditor asked what secondary
check was in place to ensure that the Burial Ground accounts are correct and no cheques have been
„lost‟. The present system is adequate in that all amounts received are entered in the Register of Graves
as well as the R & P book and it would be difficult to hide the fact that someone had died in such a small
village. However, there is no formal list of burial and memorial income received, to offset against the R &
P book. All records of burials and memorials during the year are kept separately in a folder until after that
year has been audited so it would not be difficult to go through and list them at the end of the year and
leave the list with the audit papers but it is something else which has to be remembered.

This year’s accounts
The accounts are up to date and balanced and expected to be checked by the (internal) internal auditor
within a few days. The half yearly review has been done and the budget has been adjusted to take
account of authorised virements. The adjustments do not, of course, either increase or decrease the final
budget figure, they merely shift unused funds from one heading to another where they are needed.
I hope to be able to hand over the book keeping to John Harvey once the accounts have been checked.
The half yearly review threw up the fact that we have not paid the Memorial Hall for this year.

Next year’s budget
The annual budget making is upon us and we shall need estimates from any councillor of money
expected to be needed for works in their particular field of endeavour after 1st April next year.
We shall also need a quotation (not estimate) from the Volunteer Group for work to be done next year. If
this exceeds £500, Standing Orders say we have to advertise the intention to enter into the contract for
three weeks.
Any councillor who has a bright idea for work to be done or a service to be created should also offer the
suggestion, in writing with costings, for inclusion. It can always be taken out, if too expensive, but it
cannot be put in very easily after the budget is agreed and the precept set. The costings do not have to
be to the last pound, reasonably accurate estimates will do. Please remember when estimating that if
your idea creates a Parish Council document, such as monthly newsletters, circulated reports, lists
available to the public et al, there is an element of officer time and stationery to reproduce these, to be
taken into account in the costing.

It is the Clerk‟s responsibility to produce the draft budget. This is not in any way binding on the council but
a starting point for discussion. It is helpful to the Clerk to have the Chairman‟s input to the draft budget.
For this reason they have to meet. It is not in any way a meeting, either of the council or of a committee of
the council but merely a working party to produce a draft budget. In the past the internal auditor has been
included but with the new system that would not be useful, since one of his functions is now to check that
the budget system is in place, so he clearly cannot be part of the system, however informal. This year I
would like to include John Harvey because the book keeper will, in future, be responsible for producing
the comparative figures.
My apologies for boring anyone who already knows all this, I am putting it on the record to avoid any
mistaken idea that the budget is a fait accompli prepared behind closed doors and excluding councillors,
either individually or collectively. The draft budget will as usual be presented to the council in session for
discussion and any amendments which are the will of the council as a whole.”

The report was noted and approved.

8.     To consider any new Planning Applications and receive an update on current applications.
There were no new applications and the Clerk provided a written progress report as follows:

          APPLICATION NO                   DETAILS               PARISH ACTION           OUTCOME

        BDB 53820                Erection of front               No objection       CONSENT
        Woodpeckers Axford       conservatory
        BDB 53896                Erection of conservatory        No objection       CONSENT
        Pemberton Bays,
        Axford Rd
        TCA1383                  Fell 2 Robinia, 2 goat willow   No obj. (CDP)      No objection
        Mulberry House           and 3 leylandii
        College Lane
        TCA 1387                 Crown thin 1 large ash by
        The Old Manor            10%, remove two lowest
        Church Lane              branches from 1 wingnut,
                                 reduce back to give at least
                                 2m clearance from building 1
                                 beech and 1 horse chestnut.

        Draft supplementary Planning Guidance has been issued on the subject of Buildings of Local Interest,
        Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas. Available if anyone wants to read them but please remember to
        return them for the files in good time.

The report was noted and approved.

9.       To receive any report from Councillors attending:
         BDAPC Meeting:
Cllr. Sullivan had attended this meeting and found that it went on for such a long time that the Secretary
packed up her belongings and left before the end. There were no matters raised, of which this Council
was not already aware.
         HAPTC Annual General Meeting
Cllr. Turner attended this meeting and produced a written report Appendix 1
The Council supported Cllr. Turners voting decisions as noted in the appendix.
The report was approved and noted.

10      To receive any report and approve any action needed on:

        (i)    Lower Common.           Noted that there had been a problem with dog mess near the
        swing and agreed that note should be made about this in the next newsletter.
       (ii)    Ellisfield Memorial Hall          The Chairman provided a written report as follows:

       “Future Events: - Christmas Bazaar, 30th November, same format as previous years. Christmas
       Crackers, Friday 13th December, show plus bangers and mash. Valentine‟s Evening,
       Saturday 15th February, wear red or black to rock „n‟ roll. Joyce Grenfell evening, Friday 28th
       February, show plus food.”

       The Chairman had also been supplied with a copy of the minutes of the May meeting from which
       he had noticed that it had been resolved to raise the annual rent for Parish Council use of the hall
       to £180. The Clerk/RFO was unaware of this but imagined it applied from next year, since the
       resolution had been made after the due date for the rent which was 1st April. An invoice had
       been received in the new amount but the Clerk had prepared a cheque for the budgeted amount.
       It was agreed that the Clerk would clarify the matter with the Memorial Hall Committee.

       (iii)   Highway Matters         The Chairman reported as follows: The BRADLEY sign at the
       bottom of Green Lane had been replaced and the Give Way sign re-erected. Overhanging
       bushes opposite Cresta Run had been trimmed back by Highways. Fallen tree had been cleared
       from Church Lane, east of the hall on the hill beyond Furzen Lane junction. The road surface
       break up at the junction of Bell Lane/College Lane had been reported but was unlikely to be
       repaired quickly because the Highways Department had run out of money.
       The report was noted and approved. Cllr. Sullivan reported that the junction sign opposite
       Tweedale had been blown down in the recent gales.

       (iv)    Maintenance of Parish Land and Property       The Chairman asked if anyone had the
       name of a craftsman carpenter/joiner to mend the seat and fence in the Burial Ground. It was
       agreed that councillors would ask around for recommendations.

       (v)      Neighbourhood Watch            No report. Complaint that there was still no replacement
       sign at the top of Green Lane. Clerk agreed that she would expedite the matter of ordering one.

       (vi)     Health & Safety          Cllr. Self reported that the final draft was almost completed, with
       photos to be sent to our H & S Consultant. However, Cllr. Turner had a few more items to add to
       the list of Risk Assessment items, not only related to the work of the Ellisfield Volunteer Group
       but to the Council‟s overall responsibilities. When these were received from Cllr. Turner he would
       be able to complete the draft and pass to the Clerk to write the covering letter to the consultant.
       The report was noted and approved.

       There being no members of the public present, there was no Open Forum

11.    RESOLUTION: That this Council Resolves to exclude the public from the meeting for the
       duration of discussion of the terms of service, conditions and salary of the Clerk to the
       Council (item 12 below) by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be
       (Public Bodies [Admission to Meetings] Act, 1960. s1 {2}

       Proposed by The chairman, seconded by Cllr. Turner carried unanimously.

12.    To discuss the terms of service, conditions and salary of the Clerk to the Council
       It was agreed that the Clerks was overworked. Various strategies to alleviate the problem were
       discussed and it was agreed that a person to act as Deputy or Assistant Clerk should be sought.
       Details of employment to be settled at a future meeting.

13.    To discuss any matters which the Chairman considers urgent. There were none.

The meeting closed at 10.10 pm Next meeting 2nd December



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