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									                                                                                                           No. 338 Dec. - Jan. 2010

                                                                           Season’s Greetings

                                                                                                Masamoto Tazaki

For further information please contact:                                             Website:

2-2, Toranomon 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Tel: (03) 5425-9671 Fax: (03) 5425-9674   E-Mail:
                                                                                         No. 338 Dec. - Jan. Page 2

                Namura completes Malaccamax-type VLCC
                         ATLANTIC PIONEER

    Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.         control system is installed as an envi-      7S80MC-C (Mark 8) diesel x 1 unit
delivered the ATLANTIC PIONEER,           ronmentally friendly device.               MCR:            27,160kW x 74.0rpm
a 302,303 DWT double hull type               The engine room machinery is au-        Speed, service: 15.50kt (at assigned
VLCC, to Primo Shipping S.A. at its       tomated based on the M0 concept, and         summer load draught)
Imari Shipyard & Works on Oct. 1,         the main engine is the MITSUI MAN-         Complement:                       33
2009.                                     B&W 7S80MC-C (Mark 8) type. The            Classification:                  NK
    The ATLANTIC PIONEER is the           electric generating plant consists of
first Malaccamax type VLCC built by       one turbo generator, two main diesel
Namura, which has the maximized           generators, and one emergency gen-
                                                                                            To our readers
deadweight at the assigned summer         erator. The steam generating plant          • Please notify us of any change
                                                                                        in address by letter, telefax, or
load draught to pass through the          consists of one auxiliary boiler and one
                                                                                        E-mail together with the old
Strait of Malacca.                        exhaust gas economizer.                       mailing label to ensure you con-
    The vessel can navigate at a speed       Special attention is given to safety,      tinue to receive SEA-Japan.
of over 15.5 knots at the assigned sum-   environmental protection, and reduc-        • We welcome your comments
mer load draught due to adoption of       tion of labor and operation costs, and        about SEA-Japan. Please ad-
the low-resistance hull form and the      compliance with the recent interna-           dress all correspondence to the
                                                                                        Japan Ship Exporters' Associa-
Namura flow Control Fin (NCF).            tional regulations. E.g., an air type         tion (JSEA), or the Japan Ship
These characteristics contribute to       stern tube-sealing device is applied to       Centre (JETRO) in London.
improved propulsion performance and       prevent marine oil pollution, and the       • Address (Tokyo): 2-2, Torano-
lower fuel oil consumption. The supe-     central fresh water cooling system is         mon 3-chome, Minato-ku, To-
rior cargo loading capacity can be        applied to the main engine and auxil-         kyo 105-0001 / Tel: (03) 5425-
                                                                                        9671 Fax: (03) 5425-9674
maintained at the shallow draught         iary machinery for easy maintenance.
condition in the Far East and the Per-       Principal Particulars                    • Address (London): 2nd Floor,
sian Gulf trade.                          Length, o.a.:                  333.00m        6 Lloyd’s Avenue, London
    The vessel has five center and five   Length, b.p.:                  324.00m        EC3N 3AX, UK / Tel: +44 (0)
pairs of wing cargo oil tanks, one pair   Breadth, mld.:                  60.00m        20 7680 9456 / Fax: +44 (0) 20
of slop tanks, and six pairs of water     Depth, mld.:                    29.00m        7680 9416
ballast tanks, all of which are ar-       Draught, mld.:                  20.60m        URL:
ranged in double-hull and double-bot-     DWT/GT:              302,303t/159,943         Portalsite:
tom structures. The vapor emission        Main engine: MITSUI MAN-B&W
                                                                                        No. 338 Dec. - Jan. Page 3

     MHI develops new generation MOSS type LNG Carrier
   Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.      dent ones for the spherical aluminum      the SAYAENDO LNGC to be more
(MHI) has developed a new genera-         alloy tanks. This innovative feature      compact and use steel materials effec-
tion MOSS type LNG carrier nick-          contributes to reducing the hull steel    tively.
named SAYAENDO (literally means           weight by about 10%, improved fuel           SAYAENDO LNGC can also attain
“peas in a pod”) LNGC, which has          consumption, higher terminal com-         higher compatibility with LNG termi-
obtained AIP (Approval in Principal)      patibility, and less maintenance.         nals in the world through its compact
from DNV, LR, and NK.                        The structural design is more ef-      dimensions and better maintainabil-
   In contrast to the conventional        fective than the conventional LNGC        ity because the flying passage support-
MOSS type LNGC, SAYAENDO                  since the tank cover is utilized as the   ing structures can be eliminated.
LNGC has a continuous tank cover          ship’s longitudinal strength member.         Furthermore, SAYAENDO LNGC
in place of the conventional indepen-     This structural optimization enables      has realized reduction of fuel con-
                                                                                    sumption by more than 20% in com-
                                                                                    bination with the higher efficiency
                                                                                    propulsion system called “MHI UST
                                                                                    (Ultra Steam Turbine)” compared
                                                                                    with the conventional steam turbine
                                                                                    plant. Therefore, the SAYAENDO
                                                                                    LNGC is a more environmentally
                                                                                    friendly LNGC design.

                                                                                    Summary of
                                                                                    SAYAENDO 165LNGC
                                                                                    L(o.a.) x B x D x dd/ds:   abt. 290m
                                                                                      x 50.4m x 23.0m x 11.5m/12.5m
                                                                                    Cargo tanks capacity: abt. 165,000m3
                                                                                    Main engine: Mitsubishi UST x 1 set
                                                                                    Designed ship speed:      abt. 19.5kt

   SSK completes CSR and PSPC applied Capesize bulker, ALEXANDRA P
   Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.      Principal particulars                     DWT/GT:         181,255MT/93,385
(SSK) has completed the 181,255DWT        Length, o.a.:                292.00m      Main engine:B&W 6S70MC-C diesel
Capesize bulk carrier, ALEXANDRA          Length, b.p.:                283.00m        x 1 unit
P, for Auckland Trading Co. of Liberia.   Breadth, mld.:                45.00m      Speed, service:           15.3kt
The vessel is the first 180,000 DWT       Depth, mld.:                  24.70m      Complement:                   25
class bulk carrier developed by SSK,      Draught, mld.:                16.50m      Classification:             ABS
to which the Common Structural Rule
(CSR) and Performance Standard for
Protective Coatings (PSPC) were first
applied in Japan.
   The deadweight of the
ALEXANDRA P is maximized as
Capesize bulk carrier of this class,
which meets the requirements of the
Dunkerque port. For economical ship
navigation, the vessel applies an en-
ergy-saving combination of the hull
form, SS-Fin, low-speed engine, and
low-revolution large-diameter propel-
ler. Many windows are provided for
all sides of the wheelhouse to give a
wider field of vision to the crew.
                                                                                         No. 338 Dec. - Jan. Page 4

                       Imabari completes PCC BRASILIA HIGHWAY
   Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.          fixed and mov-
completed the pure car carrier,            able type ramps
BRASILIA HIGHWAY (HN:1503) at              are installed and
its Marugame Headquarters for Ka-          arranged suit-
wasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. The vessel       ably to lead the
is designed with the carrying capac-       vehicles to desig-
ity of 6,237 cars based on the stan-       nated loading
dard passenger car (RT43), and can         deck. The mov-
carry recreation vehicles, land cruis-     able ramps are
ers, trucks, dump trucks, etc.             driven by hy-
   The general arrangement of the          draulic cylin-
vessel consists of four cargo holds and    ders.
11 car decks, and a garage is provided        The fire-fighting system uses high     navigation systems including ECDIS
on the upper accommodation deck aft        expandable foam fire extinguishers for    and Course recorder.
part. Two of the 12 car decks (Nos. 6      cargo holds and the engine room. This        Principal particulars
and 8 car decks) provided for the car-     is the environmentally friendly type      L (o.a.) x L (b.p.) x B x D (accommo-
rier are liftable to accommodate tall      without discharging CO2 gas. Extin-          dation deck) x d:         199.97m x
vehicles or small vehicles efficiently.    guishing foam uses freshwater. There-        192.00m x 32.26m x 34.48m x
   These decks are operated upward         fore, it is harmless for the cars.           10.00m
and downward by a panel lift car              The main engine is the UE marine       DWT/GT:                 18,793t/59,440
(SWL 32t). The No. 5 deck is a roll-on/    diesel engine, model 8UEC60LSII of        Car carrying capacity: 6,237 units
off deck (drive-through access) with       the inflow scavenging exhaust turbo-         (RT43)
two rampways, one of which is a flap       charged, two-stroke, and single acting    Main engine: Kobe Diesel-MITSUB-
type arranged center of the starboard      crosshead type. For remote control,          ISHI 8UEC60LSII diesel x 1 unit
side (SWL 20t), and the other is a fold-   the vessel satisfies the notation M0 of   MCR:              13,260kW x 100rpm
ing type arranged aft part of the star-    the Class NK.                             NCR:       11,270kW x 94.7rpm (85%
board side (SWL 150t).                        Onboard electricity demand is sup-        MCR)
   The center ramp can move verti-         plied by three diesel generators, which   Speed, service:                  20.0kt
cally between the Nos. 4 and 5 car         are controlled by an automatic start-     Classification:NK, NS* (Vehicles Car-
decks according to tidal conditions.       ing and/or stopping apparatus, syn-          rier) and MNS*, M0
Actuating devises for opening and          chronizing apparatus and power/fre-       Complement:                          31
closing of the external ramps are the      quency control device. Safe ship op-      Completion:              Aug. 20, 2009
inverter system except cleating. Both      eration is ensured with advanced

            MHI completes 78,500m3 type LPG Carrier YUYO SPIRITS
  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.        on Aug. 31, 2009. The vessel is the       sive performance with less vibration.
(MHI) completed construction of the        MHI’s 36th 78,000m3 class LPGC.              Main dimensions and cargo equip-
YUYO SPIRITS (HN: 2240), an LPG               The vessel is designed as a straight   ment are designed considering com-
carrier with a tank capacity of            LPG carrier to carry propane and bu-      patibility with worldwide terminals.
78,903m3, and delivered the vessel to      tane. The sophisticated hull form, op-    Considering various shore facilities, a
Gas Spirits Shipping S.A. at the Na-       timum design of propeller and Mitsub-     booster cargo pump and cargo heater/
gasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works          ishi-Reaction fin achieves high propul-   vaporizer are equipped.
                                                                                        Principal Particulars
                                                                                     L (o.a.) x L (b.p.) x B x D x d (sum-
                                                                                        mer): 230.0m x 219.0m x 36.6m x
                                                                                        20.80m x 10.795m
                                                                                     Gross tonnage:                 45,966
                                                                                     Cargo tank capacity:        78,903m3
                                                                                     Main engine:               Mitsubishi
                                                                                        7UEC60LSII diesel x 1 unit
                                                                                     Output:          12,360kW x 100rpm
                                                                                     Speed, service:                16.7kt
                                                                                     Classification:                    NK
                                                                                          No. 338 Dec. - Jan. Page 5

      MES completes NORD PROGRESS, 56,000DWT type bulk carrier
   Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding       handling of car-
Co., Ltd. (MES) completed and deliv-       goes. The size of
ered a 56,000DWT type bulk carrier         hatch opening is
NORD PROGRESS (HN: 1782) at the            the largest for
Chiba Works on Sept. 16, 2009 to           this type in terms
NORDEN Shipping (Singapore) Pte.           of both length
Ltd., Singapore.                           and width. Each
   The vessel is a Handymax type           cargo hold has a
bulk carrier of 56,000DWT with a           sufficient clear
huge cargo hold capacity of over           length to load
70,000m3. This series is widely called     long pipes. The
“Mitsui’s 56" and is highly appreciated    cargo holds are
in the market. More than 150 vessels       well strengthened to load heavy car-          Ballast water can be changed dur-
of this series have been ordered from      goes such as hot coils, etc. Outfitting    ing navigation for protection of the
MES. The vessel is designed in accor-      arrangement on the upper deck and          marine environment, and generator
dance with IACS Common Structural          the strength of hatch covers are well      engines comply with MARPOL NOx
Rules. As a result, structural safety      designed for packaged lumber car-          restrictions for exhaust gas.
and operational flexibility are im-        goes.                                         Principal particulars
proved. The vessel is provided with            The main engine is the MITSUI-         L (o.a.) x L (b.p.) x B x D x d: 189.99m
good manageable size of 56,000DWT          MAN B&W 6S50MC-C diesel, which                x 182.00m x 32.25m x 18.10m x
at the summer draft, accessible length     is a light, compact, and high output          12.69m
and draft for main ports worldwide,        engine complying with MARPOL NOx           DWT/GT:                   56,119t/31,759
and low fuel consumption boosted by        restrictions for exhaust gas. The          Main engine:         Mitsui-MAN B&W
good propulsive performance.               power margin provides a high degree           6S50MC-C diesel x 1 unit
   The vessel has five cargo holds and     of flexibility (at normal service output   MCR:               9,070kW x 125.0rpm
four deck cranes for handling cargo.       = 75% maximum continuous output)           Speed, service:               abt. 14.5kt
To load various types of cargo, the ves-   and the lowest fuel oil consumption        Complement:                            26
sel has adequate strength of the tank      will be realized by optimum match-         Classification:                       NK
top of cargo holds that allows efficient   ing at normal service output.              Delivery:                 Sept. 16, 2009

  Universal completes 300,000 DWT Unimax ore carrier, COSCO ANSTEEL
   The 300,000 DWT type ore carrier        optimized to have the largest capac-       cally improve propulsive efficiency, de-
COSCO ANSTEEL was delivered to             ity of the 300,000 DWT class to enter      creasing fuel consumption compared
Sinobright Shipping Ltd. at the Ari-       major iron ore loading ports in West-      with the conventional large ore car-
ake Shipyard of Universal Shipbuild-       ern Australia, while having a hull         rier.
ing Corporation on Oct. 14, 2009. The      form most suitable for deep water             Universal will respond flexibly and
COSCO ANSTEEL is the ninth ves-            ports in Brazil, the largest iron ore      actively to the diversifying needs in
sel of the new design series of Unimax     shipping country. Adequate hull            transport of steel material, amidst
ore carrier, dedicated for transport of    strength is provided to be applicable      expected future expansion in marine
iron ore from Brazil to China.             to various loading and unloading           transport triggered by global increase
   Universal’s Unimax Ore Carrier is       ports, and every cargo hold is equipped    in demand for iron ore.
                                                                with the world’s         Principal particulars :
                                                                largest single        Length, o.a.:                   327.0m
                                                                panel hatch           Breadth, mld.:                  55.00m
                                                                cover to facilitate   Depth, mld.:                    29.25m
                                                                cargo handling.       Draft, mld.:                    21.40m
                                                                   The energy         DWT/GT:              297,719t/150,971
                                                                saving devices of     Main engine: Hitachi MAN-B&W
                                                                Surf bulb, SSD           6S80MC-C diesel x 1 unit
                                                                and Ax-bow de-        Sea speed:                      14.5 kt
                                                                veloped by Uni-       Classification:                    ABS
                                                                versal dramati-
                                                                                          No. 338 Dec. - Jan. Page 6

       HONG KONG                                 QUEEN KOBE                             UNITED SERENITY
         BRIDGE                            Owner: San-E Maritime Corporation          Owner: Ocean Promise Pte. Ltd.
                                           Builder: Kawasaki Shipbuilding Cor-        Builder: Oshima Shipbuilding Co.,
Owner: Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K
                                              poration                                   Ltd.
                                           Hull No.: 1617                             Hull No.: 10530
Builder: IHI Marine United Inc.
                                           Ship type: Bulk carrier                    Ship type: Japanamax type bulk car-
Hull No.: 3233
                                           L (o.a.) x L (b.p.) x B x D x d: 189.90m      rier
Ship type: Container carrier
                                              x 185.00m x 32.26m x 17.80m x           L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 224.99m x 32.26m
L (o.a.) x B x D: 336.0m x 45.8m x
                                              12.50m                                     x 20.05m x 14.526m
                                           DWT/GT: 55,100t/31,000                     DWT/GT: 82,533t/42,931
DWT/GT: abt. 87,000t/98,800
                                           Main engine: Kawasaki MAN B&W              Main engine: KAWASAKI MAN
Loading capacity: 9,040TEU
                                              6S50MC-C (Mk 7) diesel x 1 unit            B&W 5S60MC-C diesel x 1 unit
Main engine: MAN B&W 12K98ME
                                           MCR: 8,200kW x 110rpm                      Output: 9,378kW x 88.0rpm
   diesel x 1 unit
                                           Classification: BV                         Speed, service: 14.5kt
MCR: 67,270kW x 93.4rpm
                                           Completion: Oct. 23, 2009                  Classification: NK
Speed, service: 24.5kt
                                                                                      Completion: July 31, 2009
Classification: NK
Completion: Sept. 24, 2009

    PANTERA ROSA                                   CHEMROAD
                                                                                          Tranquil Navigation
Owner: Tateyama Naviera S.A.                        JOURNEY
Builder: Sanoyas Hishino Meisho
                                           Owner: Cobalt Blue Shipping S.A.
                                           Builder: Shin Kurushima Dockyard
Hull No.: 1280
                                              Co., Ltd.
Ship type: Bulk carrier
                                           Hull No.: 5536
L (o.a.) x L (b.p.) x B x D x d: 225.00m
                                           Ship type: Chemical tanker
   x 219.00m x 32.24m x 19.90m x
                                           L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 174.39m x 167.00m
                                              x 27.70m x 16.00m x 10.00m/
DWT/GT: 78,844t/41,662
Cargo hold capacity: 91,188m3 (Grain)
                                           DWT/GT: 33,526t/20,108
Main engine: MAN B&W 7S50MC-C
                                           Main engine: 6UEC52LS diesel x 1
   diesel x 1 unit
MCR: 9,560kW
                                           Speed, service: 15.0kt
Classification: NK
                                           Classification: NK                               A 230,000DWT type ore car-
Completion: Oct. 23, 2009
                                           Completion: Oct. 20, 2009                     rier built by Namura Shipbuild-
                                                                                         ing Company navigating the
                                                                                         waters near the Philippines
                                                                                         with a full load of iron ore from

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