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“taste for passion”

                 NATURAL JUICE
                   “taste for passion”
                   FRESHNESS INDIA Ltd.
In partial fulfillment for the requirement of Integrated Marketing
  Communication Of the programme MBA (Pharmaceuticals)
                         Submitted By:
                      Sagar Mehta (17)
                    Nirmal Mojidra (19)
                    Siddharth Nayee (21)
                    Haresh Panchal (23)
                      Ankit Patel (31)
                      Rohan Patel (43)
                    Manan Sedhiya (52)

                         Submitted To:
                         Mr. Nirav Joshi

                   GANPAT UNIVERSITY

As a part of our Masters of Business Administration (Pharmaceuticals) program, we are required
to prepare a report on “NATURAL JUICE” by Freshness India Ltd in the subject of

The “NATURAL JUICE” by Freshness India Ltd , is the main focus in this project. It is the
effective learning of the concepts new product development and the role play of the advertising,
promotion and marketing communication that guides in today’s global marketing environment.
The entire topic of this work submitted is going to emphasize on the advertising, promotion and
marketing communication.

So, the entire research will cover on the point that how understanding of new product
development, its advertising, promotion and marketing communication are increasingly
becoming the primary means for marketers in marketing world and in our day-to-day life which
is supplemented by a proof.


We would first like to thank our Parents whose kind and constant support during the project was
our biggest strength, and to whom this assignment has been dedicated.

The work presented in this project has been carried out under the dedicated guidance of
Mr. NIRAV JOSHI. His keen interest and invaluable guidance, in every stage of the
project is greatly appreciated.

We would finally like to thank our friends whose constant support during the project has
provided us motivation.

Sr. No. Contents                           Page No.
*      Preface                             I
*      Acknowledgement                     II
1      Introduction                        1
2      Introduction of Company             3
3      Introduction of product “NATURAL”   4
4      Market segmentation                 6
5      Market description                  7
6      Distribution review                 10
7      Objectives & Issues                 11
8      Marketing strategy                  12
       8.1) Product strategy               12
       8.2) Pricing strategy               14
       8.3) Communication approach         16
       8.4) Promotional approach           17
9      Controls                            18
10     Consumer motivation                 19
11     Consumer perception                 21
12     Conclusion                          23
13     Bibliography                        24

                                                                      Freshness India Ltd.


Marketing as a concept           has changed through       20th century. The whole idea
of marketing has changed now; it is believed that “The best way to get and keep customers is
to constantly figure out how to give them more for less”

In the prevailing ear of the modernization and the globalization, the company has to keep
pace with the newer and the modernized technology. But only technology up gradation
doesn’t lead to an over all development of the organization. Along with the technological
advancements and the innovations, the company must have a strong marketing dept. with the
help of which it can market its product to the target segment and can very easily and rapidly
earn the name and fame for the same. In this far –reaching equally competitive ear of
modernization each and every field requires strong potentially and good marketing skills.
And before entereing into the market any company analyze that how far it is feasible for it to
get survived in to the market.

In this competitive ear only good service or productions don’t ensure sales. Today
competition is not rife but growing more intense every year. it is no longer enough to satisfy
customers, you must delight them. Hence, today we have to run faster to stay in the same
place. This is the place where marketing helps. The aim of marketing is to meet and satisfy
target consumer’s needs and wants.

Before going to market feasibility one must know what is marketing. According to Leslie
Rodger, “Marketing is the primary management function which organizes and directs the
aggregate of business activities involved in converting customer purchasing power into
effective demand for a specific product or service and in moving the product or service to the
final consumer or user so as to achieve the company – set or other objectives.

In this modern scenario, the roles of advertising and other forms of promotion are changing
in the modern world of marketing. In the past, marketers relied primarily on media
advertising to people of India. And however, today many companies are taking different
approaches in developing their marketing communication programs. So, we try to integrate

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                                                                    Freshness India Ltd.

the advertising efforts with a variety of other communication tools such as websites on the
internet, direct marketing, sales promotion, publicity and public relations, entertainment
marketing and sponsorship of events.

Our company recognizes that there are many ways to reach our Indian customers and we also
know that it is becoming interestingly difficult to reach our target audiences and
communicate effectively with them. To deal with this challenge, we are using variety of
communication tools and coordinating them to deliver a consistent message to our customers.

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                                                                       Freshness India Ltd.



“To set world class standards in the Juice industry through providing a diverse range of high
quality Juice products that are prepared in accordance with human principles striving to
satisfy consumers tastes and needs and serving the Society”


“To be a global leader in the Juice industry, dedicated to provide fresh and pure juice with the
highest standard of quality and health and a role model for all Juice providers”


Freshness -" Taste for passion" - People in india generally refers cold drinks as ‘Pure
Taste’. So Freshness wants to give an impression that whenever a customer think of ‘Pure
Taste’, he should think of Freshness. So the Punch line makes ‘Taste’ equal to Freshness. Of
late, we also have the “100 % pure taste with passion”.

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                                                                        Freshness India Ltd.


People started too perished under the scorching heat of summer in our country. They need an
energy drink to refresh themselves. “NATURAL JUICE” is a fresh juice product. It
provides energy and keeps people fresh when they are felt weak or tired from doing a lot of

It contains vitamins and proteins which is a useful energy source. Vitamins give freshness
and proteins are the energy cells that recharge the human body so that they work at their
maximum. With low fats

The students, employees and workers become tired due to the work burden and sunlight
which make them feel loose. They need an energy drink that makes them re-energize so they
may be able to perform better again and feel refresh.

NATURAL is a fresh juice product that is going to introduce in the Indian market. We are
focusing to all levels of generation. The kids, youths, mature and olds and overall families.
The prices of the refresh are moderate, because it is for everyone in the society.

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                                                           Freshness India Ltd.


                        NutritioN Facts
                                Serving Size:1 Container
                                      per 125 ml
         Energy                : 54 kcal
         Proteins              : 0.5gm
         Fats                  : 0gm
         Carbohydrates         : 13gm
         Natural Fruit Sugars : 8.2gm
         Added sugar          : 4.8gm
         Vitamin C            : 12.5gm
         Sodium               : 40mg
         Potassium            : 70mg
         Calcium              : 5mg
         Iron                 : 0.5mg

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                                                                      Freshness India Ltd.

The customer of the Refresh consists of following:

     a. Geographical

The refresh geographic target area is currently all metros. We are supplying our product to all
area of the metros.

     b. Demographical

There is an almost equal ratio between male and female and also kids.

Ages 5--- 50 are the customers. We are focusing offering


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                                                                  Freshness India Ltd.


The ‘NATURAL JUICE’ is currently facing a very competitive environment. Because the
competitors of the ‘NATURAL JUICE’ are

   •   Real(Dabur)
   •   Tropicana(Pepsico)
   •   Saint(Parle Agro)
   •   Orange pulpy(Coca-Cola)


The ‘NATURAL JUICE’ is available in 125ml size and available in different Flavors like:

   •   Apple
   •   Orange
   •   Grapes
   •   Mix-fruit


The products have the following Features:

   •   Available in different sizes
   •   Fresh original Fruit Juice
   •   Having Protein and Minerals
   •   Tetra Pack Protection packing.

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                                                                  Freshness India Ltd.


The competitors of “NATURAL” juice are more than 10. “Tropicana & Real” are leader in
market and other companies are far away from it. Tropicana 7 Real have loyal customers
over the years because they are matured companies and customers are aware of their merits
& demerits. The company’s first purpose is to compete Tropicana and Real & other products
in the same product categories , which have large market share.


   •   Real(Dabur)
   •   Tropicana(Pepsico)
   •   Saint(Parle Agro)
   •   Orange pulpy(Coca-Cola)

   a. Large distribution network
   b. Large range of flavors
   c. Standardized and attractive packing
   d. Large promotion and market coverage
   e. Available in Various weights packing.

Different sizes are available in various prices.

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                                                                    Freshness India Ltd.

They promote their product through

   a. Electronic media
   b. Print Media
   c. FM Radio stations
   d. Wall Chalking
   e. Billboard

Competitors have wide networks all over India. it has more than 300 distributors in all over
four provinces of india.

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                                                                         Freshness India Ltd.


To assure the availability of its product “NATURAL” juice has established effective network
of registered dealers. The main target of these juices is India.

   MANUFACTURER                 DISTRIBUTOR             RETAILER              CONSUMER

We don’t have our own distribution channel; we have a third party association for this
activity. The distributor directly picks the order from the factory floor and distributes it to the
various retailers and wholesaler.

The end consumer would then purchase “NATURAL JUICE” from the retailer. The
distributor hired by us is amongst the most reliable distributors in the region. They enjoy a
flawless reputation combined with business relations with numerous retailers even in the rural
areas of India and near sides. This has ensured that “NATURAL JUICE” will be made
available all over India.

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                                                                     Freshness India Ltd.


Objective and Goals must be smart for the purpose of marketing plan as we know SMART
means specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely
   •   Growth in all regions.
   •   Satisfy our customer.
   •   Provide high quality Fruit Juice.


   •   Profit maximization.
   •   To earn a good reputation and create a good image of the company.


   •   Increase the advertisement.
   •   Generate 60% brand awareness with in the consumers target market.


Following are the issues that “NATURAL JUICE” is facing:

In relation to the product launch our major issue is the ability to establish a well regarded
brand name linked to a meaningful positioning. We must heavily invest in market to create an
image of our company and our brand. We also need to measure the awareness and response
from the customer about our product. So we can adjust our marketing efforts.

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                                                                      Freshness India Ltd.


The market strategy is based on positioning of the product in the mind of consumers.

    •   Providing high quality Juice to the customers.
    •   Targeting upper-end income as the end customers.


We want to put an image of our product in the consumers mind as compare to competitor’s
product. We want to target the high school, college and graduate students who have to work
hard and need to “NATURAL JUICE” them in an instant. We have to position our product on
the base of quality, cost and nutrition’s.


    Product
    Price
    Promotion
    Place


   •    Develop the long-term relationship with the customers
   •    Give values to the customers to delighting them
   •    Do whatever it takes not to satisfy the customers but retain our customers

In order to accomplish this objective, the company has established sales, marketing and
support teams.

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                                                                     Freshness India Ltd.


Our product would be available in the following flavors:-

           •   Apple
           •   Orange
           •   Grapes
           •   Mango
           •   Mix-fruit


The name which we have chosen for our product is “NATURAL JUICE”


High quality assurance would be our first priority. This would be ensured by:

   •   Implementing high quality standards
   •   Total quality management
   •   Acquisition of the high quality raw materials


“NATURAL JUICE”is a sweet, refreshing Juice with an eye catching Tetra hedral pack.

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                                                                        Freshness India Ltd.

Our pricing strategies for the product are for total cost, which include custom services and
other expenses. Pricing strategy usually change as the product passes through its life cycle.
The price should be set at moderate level in order to attract a large number of buyers and to
gain large market share.


FOR 125ml

Total cost per kg = 38.40

Units produced per kg = 4 Nos

Per unit production cost= 38.40/4= 9.60/-

Packing per Juice= 1.75/-

Per straw = .15/-

Card board box for 27 juices = .25* 27 = 6.75(.25)

Total packing cost per juice pack = 1.75+.25 = 2.00/-

Total cost per juice pack = 9.60+2.00+.15= 11.75/-

Profit margin per juice pack: 2.90

Selling price per juice pack (distributor)/Invoice price per juice pack = 14.65/-

Selling price per box containing 27 juice packs (distributor) = 395.50/-

Profit per pack sold (27 juice packs) = 78.25

Trade price= 14.65

Retail price= 18.00

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                                                                    Freshness India Ltd.


This grid shows what pricing strategy a firm is perusing:-


PRICE        W
                        ECONOMY                      PENETRATION

                                                  “NATURAL JUICE”


                        SKIMMING                       PREMIUM

                         LOW                                 HIGH


According to this grid we are offering high quality at low price. So we are following
penetration strategy.

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                                                                     Freshness India Ltd.


   Actually the promotion is a first step when we are launching a new product, but we make
   its strategies in last. We want to make a good image in the mind of customers, so that they
   will buy only our products.

In promotion our main objective is to provide:

       •   Awareness
       •   Knowledge
       •   Liking
       •   Preference
       •   Purchasing

       •   skins
       •   Print Media
       •   Electronic Media
       •   Cable network

Using research, we are identifying the benefits that our target market segments value. Using
the research tools as:

       o Feedback from test market
       o Surveys
       o Questionnaires
Brand awareness research will help us determine the effectiveness and efficiency of our

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                                                                       Freshness India Ltd.


"Push or Pull"?

Marketing theory distinguishes between two main kinds of promotional strategy - "push" and


A “push” promotional strategy makes use of a company's sales force and trade promotion
activities to create consumer demand for a product. The Freshness India promotes the product
to wholesalers, the wholesalers promote it to retailers, and the retailers promote it to

For example Freshness India promote their products via retailers such as Juices, energy
drinks. Personal selling and trade promotions are often the most effective promotional tools
for companies such as Freshness India. for example offering subsidies on the Different
flavors of juices to encourage retailers to sell higher volumes. A "push" strategy tries to sell
directly to the consumer, bypassing other distribution channels (e.g. selling insurance or
holidays directly). With this type of strategy, consumer promotions and advertising are the
most likely promotional tools.


A “pull” selling strategy is one that requires high spending on advertising and consumer
promotion to build up consumer demand for a product. If the strategy is successful,
consumers will ask their retailers for the product, the retailers will ask the wholesalers, and
the wholesalers will ask the producers.

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                                                                     Freshness India Ltd.


This is the main and last element of the marketing planning by using this we can check our
product standard by comparing It with our standards if there is any problem arrive in
marketing plan the it must be corrected.

Three main functions are performed under this element of planning that is:

   •   Measuring

   •   Comparing

   •   Correcting


We can check our marketing condition through measuring in which different types of tasks
may be performed like

   •   Surveys
   •   Questionnaires


In controlling process we compare our product with our standards.


If any problem occurs then correcting process will take place in which we found that from
where the problem will arises.

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                                                                         Freshness India Ltd.

10. Consumer Motivation

Innate & acquired needs

Consumer can fulfill both his basic innate need (thirst) and acquired need (egoistic need) at
the same time.

Emotional Motives

We will target the emotional motives (pride) of consumers. The consumers will feel proud of
drinking tin pack drink, and show his belonging to a particular class.

Brand personality


       Excitement                 Competence                    Ruggedness

     - Spirited
                                   - intelligent                - outdoorsy
     - Up-to-date

We will later develop ads showing successful student in the college using our NATURAL
JUICE. As well as adventurous and thrilling ads, ads with the famous celebrities.

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                                                                  Freshness India Ltd.

Personality and color

As we are targeting the youngsters, so the packing will include base color ‘silver’, with
‘blue’ and ‘red’ fore color.

Silver         wealthy
Red            exciting, passionate
Blue           authority

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                                                                         Freshness India Ltd.

11. Consumer Perception

Just noticeable Difference (j.n.d)

The competitor’s quantity of tin pack is usually 330 ml. But our product’s quantity will be
125-350 ml (above j.n.d level). Provide less calories 35.4 kcal (above j.n.d level).

Perceptual selection

Nature of stimulus:
Our brand name is “NATURAL” related to teenage YOUTH. The brand name will be easy to
remember, recall and the consumers can relate it to the youngsters.

It is the common perception of Indian people that the local made JUICES are of inferior
quality. Similarly, the drinks in regular bottles are mostly counterfeits.
In order to change the perception, we have introduced the drink in Tin pack to establish good
image about the quality.

Selective perception

Selective attention:
We will use attractive colors like olive, orange in the back ground of the advertisement in the
print media in order to get the attention of the youngsters. The advertisement will be pasted
up side down, so that the consumers will pay special attention to the ad as it will create a
unique look.
Also in the T.V advertisements, well known celebrities will promote our,there
would be an extra care taken during ad campaign

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                                                                    Freshness India Ltd.

Perceptual Blocking:

    We shall organize and sponsor a 20/20 Cricket Cup among the regional cricket teams.
    Place our product’s advertising hoarding in the cricket matches of India.
    Be the official sponsors of the Indian Hockey team.
    Repetition of advertisement on different channels.
    Placement of product in T.V dramas.
    Organize musical concerts.

Consumer imagery

Product positioning
‘NATURAL JUICE’ will be positioned as a drink for the youngsters who are enthusiastic,
extroverts and energetic and who enjoy their life.

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                                                                 Freshness India Ltd.


      Freshness India is become to world leader in Beverages’ Industries, driving the
      transformation and growth of the converging Healthy and Energetic Environment.
      Freshness is about enhancing taste and exploring new way to feel fresh and healthy.
      Explore the full potential of NATURAL with Different Flavors coming in market
      with full of competition

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                                             Freshness India Ltd.


   •   By own thinking
   •   By faculty guidence
   •   Concern Books :


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