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					           Science - AS/A2 Chemistry
Subject ___________________________                                                AQA
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Entry Requirements:
At Least a grade B in GCSE science

Why choose Chemistry?
Chemistry is the central science and impacts on all facets of our lives. An understanding of chemistry
is necessary to all other sciences from astronomy to zoology. All of the materials used by engineers
and technologists are made by chemical reactions and we all experience chemical reactions
continuously, whether it be breathing or baking a cake, driving a car or listening to a battery driven
MP3 player. Chemistry is concerned with all aspects of molecules, their physical and chemical
properties, their composition and structure, their synthesis and use in the 21st century.

 How is the course organised?
 AS                                                    A2
 Unit One – Foundation Chemistry                       Unit Four – Kinetics, Equilibria and Organic
 Written paper of 1 hour 15 minutes – 34% of           Chemistry
 AS Marks, 17% of A2 Marks                             Written paper of 1 hour 45 minutes – 20 % of
 Unit two – Chemistry in action                        total A Level marks
 Written paper of 1 hour 45 minutes- 46% of AS         Unit Five – Energetics, Redox and Inorganic
 Marks, 23% of A2 Marks                                Chemistry
 Unit Three – Investigative Skills Assessment          Written paper of 1 hour 45 minutes – 20 % of
 (ISA)                                                 total A Level marks
 Classroom based assessment of practical skills        Unit Six - – Investigative Skills Assessment
 in chemistry – 20% of AS marks, 10% of A2             (ISA)
 marks                                                 Classroom based assessment of practical skills
                                                       in chemistry 20% of total A Level Marks

What are the methods of assessment including coursework?
AS - Unit one is assessed in the January of year 12 and unit two is assessed in the June.
A2 – Unit four is assessed in the January of year 13 and unit five is assessed in the June, both of the
A2 units are synoptic (they assess knowledge of AS units one and two).
All examinations are mostly short answer questions with one or two longer structured questions.
Unit three in AS and Unit 6 in A2 are a teacher assessment of practical skills and a Teacher assessed

What are the career path and degree course progressions?
Chemistry crosses the boundary of all science; from genetics to theoretical physics, geology to drug
design. It is essential for medicine veterinary science and dentistry and can lead to careers in law, in
particular Material and Drug patent law, and business.

Any other course information?
Students will all receive textbooks, revision guides, learning checklists and past papers.

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