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					    The Greater Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation
      In Celebration of New Companies and Local Expansions 2004
                  Quality Jobs for a Quality Community

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        EDC VISION                        EDC MISSION                     2004 RESULTS

The Greater Colorado Springs      To sustain and improve the       Over the next five years, 14
Economic Development              quality of life in the Greater   EDC-assisted companies will
Corporation is a recognized       Colorado Springs area by         generate 2,038 jobs with
and respected source of           helping to meet community        average salaries of $52,400;
leadership and achievement        demand for the number,           79% in target sectors. Positive
in the creation and               diversification and average      economic news continues with
maintenance of a sustained        income of primary jobs that      expansion announcements
healthy economy which             are needed to support the        from 8 additional companies
contributes to a superior         population and the tax base.     representing hundreds of jobs
quality of life for citizens of                                    and millions of dollars in local
Colorado Springs.                                                  investment.

                     EDC is a privately funded, non-profit organization.
     ACE HARDWARE CORPORATION                                    BARRIOS TECHNOLOGY, LTD.

  Ace Hardware Corporation first located a
500,000 square foot distribution center in                    Barrios Technology, Ltd., opened an office in
Colorado Springs in February 1996. In 2003, Ace            Colorado Springs in October 2004 and will grow
Hardware was evaluating their 15 distribution              to 10 employees within a year. With locations in

                                                                                                                      EDC ASSISTED
                                                                                                                      EDC ASSISTED
facilities across the country to determine where it        Texas and Alabama, this 20-year old
made the most sense to expand operations. In               woman-owned company supports NASA in its
March 2004, Ace Hardware announced an                      space shuttle and space station operations and is
expansion plan of 225,000 new square feet to be            planning to become more involved in the military
added to the east side of their Colorado Springs           space support area.
facility. Locally, Ace Hardware employs 225.
  Mr. Rick Bruhn, General Manager - Western Region
                  Mrs. Diane Bruhn                                           Ms. Karen Saltsman
          Mr. Paul Ziemba, Facility Manager                           Director of Business Development
                  Mrs. Janet Ziemba

    5520 Astrozon Boulevard • Colorado Springs, CO 80916       3595 Fountain Boulevard • Colorado Springs, CO 80910
                         CALIFORNIA STATE                                            CARECORE NATIONAL, LLC
                      AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION
                After looking at over 60 cities, and narrowing                Headquartered in New York, CareCore National,
               down the choices to Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and             LLC, will open a medical support call center in
               Colorado Springs, California State Automobile                Colorado Springs in January 2005. CareCore
               Association (CSAA) decided in April 2004 that                works with employers, radiologists and healthcare

               Colorado Springs was the location for their claims           plans to provide patients high quality and clinical-
               processing center. CSAA is the third largest AAA             ly appropriate radiology-related diagnostic care.
               Club, servicing nearly 4 million members in                  The company services over 22 million customers
               Northern California, Nevada and Utah. California             nationwide. CareCore plans to hire 100 employees
               State Automobile Association plans to have 500               in their new Colorado Springs location.
               employees in Colorado Springs by the end of 2007.
                  Mr. Robert E. Valliere, Regional Claims Director
                         Ms. Sharon Fergot, Litigation Manager               Ms. Mary Smith, Manager of Clinical and Operations
                          Ms. Kris Richardson, CR Manager                          Ms. Barbara Gossett, Human Resources
                          Mr. Les Higgins, Casualty Manager
                           Ms. Sally Haagenson, HR Manager
                 5775 Mark Dabling Boulevard • Colorado Springs, CO 80919      1125 Kelly Johnson Boulevard • Colorado Springs, CO 80920
            COMPUTER GENERATED                                                   CONFIGURESOFT, INC.
               SOLUTIONS, INC.
  The New York based company Computer                                   EDC assisted ConfigureSoft, Inc., with locating in
Generated Solutions, Inc., acquired a technical                       Woodland Park in November 1999 with plans to
support contract in March 2004 for a Colorado                         eventually move to Colorado Springs. With 105
Springs company. CGS was able to hire many of                         employees in February 2004, ConfigureSoft, Inc.,

                                                                                                                                 EDC ASSISTED
                                                                                                                                 EDC ASSISTED
the existing technical support employees who                          decided it was time to relocate their office to
otherwise would have lost their positions with the                    Colorado Springs in order to take advantage of a
contract change. Employment for Computer                              larger workforce pool. ConfigureSoft, Inc., is
Generated Solutions is estimated at 360 new jobs                      engaged in the development and sales of systems
by the end of 2006.                                                   management software. The company plans to
                                                                      have 300 employees by 2009.
                  Mr. John Coroneos, Site Director
       Mr. Joe DeRiggi, Service Delivery Manager, After Hours                            Ms. Beverly Infante
Mr. Mitch McDonald, Service Delivery Manager, Dow, Dow - Facilities
        FDA Chris Sutton, Service Delivery Manager, Agilent
                                                                                     Director, Human Resources
    Mr. Ken Westberg, Service Delivery Manager, Bearing Point,
                   Burlington, On-Semi, and USG
  305 Rockrimmon Boulevard • Colorado Springs, CO 80919                     4390 ArrowsWest Drive • Colorado Springs, CO 80907
                              EFT SOURCE, INC.                                 EMPIRICAL TESTING CORP.

                 Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, EFT              Empirical Testing Corp. relocated from
               Source, Inc., opened a second location in Colorado       Broadview Heights, Ohio to Colorado Springs in
               Springs in June 2004. This location serves as the        September 2004. The company prides itself on

               disaster recovery location as well as a second           professional and accurate testing of medical
               production site. The company imprints and                devices, including spinal implants and other
               encodes Visa and MasterCard debit/credit cards.          orthopedic devices. Empirical Testing Corp.
               EFT plans to have approximately 50 employees by          plans to have 8 employees by the end of 2006.
               the end of 2009.

                                                                                           Mrs. Dawn Lissy
                        Mr. Eli Shayotovich, Plant Manager                               Mr. Christopher Lissy
                Mrs. Frances Shayotovich, Customer Service Manager                       Ms. Catherine Botson
                                                                                          Ms. Jessica Davis

                      2815 Janitell Road • Colorado Springs, CO 80906        4628 Northpark Drive • Colorado Springs, CO 80918
                 FEDEX GROUND                                               FOCUS PUBLICATIONS

  FedEx Ground is relocating its local facilities              Focus Publications is the premier provider of
from the Airport Business Center to Fountain                  marketing tools and support to title insurance,
Boulevard and Powers Boulevard. Scheduled to                  mortgage lending & real estate professionals.

                                                                                                                                    EDC ASSISTED
open in September 2006, the new 54,000 square                 Created in 1996, the company responded to a
foot terminal will house operations for FedEx                 need for marketing tools that put real estate
Ground and its residential-only ground delivery               professionals in front of their clients consistently,
service, FedEx Home Delivery. The two operations              in an informed, professional format. Focus
currently have 43 employees and 35 contractors                Publications located in Colorado Springs from San
and plan to add 12 new positions by the end of                Diego, CA in June 2004, plans to have 15
2006.                                                         employees by the end of 2005.
         Mr. Darrell Barton, Senior Manager                         Mr. Howard Voyles, Chief Executive Officer
                 Mrs. Melanie Barton                            Ms. Teresa McBratney, Chief Administrative Officer
        Mr. Trent Linville, Operations Manager                   Mr. Shane Hoalst, Technical & Creative Director
                  Mrs. Sherri Linville                                 Ms. Janna Kasza, Marketing Director
    2520 Aviation Way, Suite P • Colorado Springs, CO 80916   2630 Tenderfoot Hill Street, Suite 202 • Colorado Springs, CO 80906
                       PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE                              PROVIDENT PHARMACEUTICALS, LLC

                 Colorado Springs was pleased to learn in June             Provident Pharmaceuticals, LLC, is a start up
               2004 that Progressive Insurance decided to locate         pharmaceutical company that will be opening
               a new data center and information technology              operations in Colorado Springs by January 2005.
               group at their existing campus in Northgate.              Provident manufactures a variety of solid and

               Additional facilities will be constructed to house        oral dose prescription and over-the-counter
               these new operations. This decision adds 374 new          products. The company will also have an in-house
               jobs over the next couple of years, many of which         laboratory to conduct extensive testing on all
               are information technology and software support           products. The company plans to add 15-20 new
               positions.                                                jobs to the Colorado Springs community by the
                                                                         end of 2005.
                       Mr. Jim Boland, Call Center Manager                          Mr. Brian Crook, DVM, President
                           Ms. Barbara Cope, IT Manager                    Mrs. Kathy Crook, Administrative Services Manager
                      Mr. Scott DiFranco, Direct Sales Manager                             Ms. Katelin Crook
                            Mr. John Haas, Site Director                      Mr. Larry Boos, Ph.D., Director of Regulatory
                                                                                       Affairs/Quality Assurance
                    12710 Voyager Parkway • Colorado Springs, CO 80921       4831 Centennial Boulevard • Colorado Springs, CO 80919
      SHARENE SPORTSWEAR, INC.                                   WESTWOOD COLLEGE ONLINE -
                                                                     COLORADO SPRINGS

  Sharene Sportswear, Inc., relocated their                   Westwood College Online - Colorado Springs
headquarters and manufacturing facility to                  opened a recruiting center in mid-November 2004,
Colorado Springs in March 2004 from San Diego,              providing services to help adults pursue online

                                                                                                                       EDC ASSISTED
                                                                                                                       EDC ASSISTED
California. The company designs and                         education opportunities for a fast track,
manufacturers high quality figure skating                   career-focused education in a variety of fields.
apparel. Sharene Sportswear, Inc., plans to have            Westwood Online's recruiting center will help
15 employees by the end of 2005.                            facilitate inbound calls from prospective students.
                                                            The Colorado Springs operation will employ 125
                                                            people by the end of 2005 with plans for
                                                            additional growth.
            Mr. Norman Owen, President
             Mrs. Muriel Owen, Secretary                       Mr. Lane Sanders, Senior Director of Admissions
      Mrs. Sharene Eble, Chief Financial Officer                    Ms. Karen Craig, Operations Manager
       Mr. Jeff Eble, National Sales Manager
     1414 South Tejon Street • Colorado Springs, CO 80903        12320 Oracle Boulevard • Colorado Springs, CO 80921
                                CHECKS UNLIMITED                                             CURRENT USA, INC.

                    Checks Unlimited announced plans to hire an                  After acquiring a Longmont firm, Current USA,
                  additional 100 employees in Colorado Springs in              Inc., announced plans to add 100 new jobs to their

                  April 2004. The additional employment                        Colorado Springs location in September 2004.
                  opportunities are attributed to work coming from             Current USA, Inc., products now include
                  an Alabama plant that was shut down during the               stationery, gift wrap, cards, gifts, address and
                  summer of 2004. Checks Unlimited has a product               specialty labels, checks, apparel, home decor and
                  line that includes address labels, business cards,           home office products through their catalogs and
                  checkbook covers, checks and identity theft                  website.
                  prevention kits.

                               Mr. Gary Klonowski, President                                Mr. Dave Humbert, President

                     8245 North Union Boulevard • Colorado Springs, CO 80920       1005 East Woodmen Road • Colorado Springs, CO 80920

 DALSA Life Sciences relocated their research,                 Directed Energy Solutions recently announced
development and manufacturing operations to                  that it would like to have 70 employees by the end

                                                                                                                       LOCAL EXPANSION
                                                                                                                       LOCAL EXPANSION
Colorado Springs in March 2004. Moving from                  of 2006, up from their current 23. With half of
Arizona, DALSA Life Sciences joined sister division          their employees holding doctorates in physics or
DALSA Colorado Springs to become a single                    chemistry, Directed Energy Solutions has been
division of DALSA Corporation, DALSA Colorado                cited as one of the 500 Fastest Growing Private
Springs, Inc. The company manufactures                       Companies in the US by Inc. Magazine. Directed
digital cameras for the medical and aerospace                Energy Solutions is currently working on a
industries. This project represents 25 new                   contract developing a new laser for the aerospace
positions in Colorado Springs.                               industry.
                                                                              Dr. David Neumann,
                 Ms. Michele Hockemeyer                               President and Chief Executive Officer
                     VFM Controller                                          Mrs. Diane Neumann
    4820 Centennial Boulevard • Colorado Springs, CO 80919        14230 Timberedge Lane • Colorado Springs, CO 80921
                               INTEL CORPORATION                                           NAVSYS CORPORATION

                     In July 2004, Intel announced plans for several              Global positioning systems company NAVSYS
                  hundred new jobs and over $400 million in new                 Corporation announced in November 2004 that
                  investment in Colorado Springs, completing the                they plan to hire 40 more engineers over the next

                  half-vacant plant on Garden of the Gods Road to               year, expanding their workforce by two-thirds.
                  increase their chip manufacturing capacity. The               NAVSYS Corporation, founded in 1986, develops
                  local plant competed against other Intel facilities           GPS systems for both government and commercial
                  for this new expansion project. Intel cited the               clients. The company has also recently been
                  superb performance of its workforce that made                 named one of the fastest growing technology
                  the local plant globally competitive during very              companies in Colorado by Deloitte & Touche USA.
                  challenging times. Intel currently has 796
                  employees in Colorado Springs.

                         Mr. Dennis Emerson, Materials Manager                  Dr. Alison K. Brown, President & Chief Executive Officer
                                  Mrs. Susan Emerson                                      Mr. Bob Todd, Chief Financial Officer

                    1575 Garden of the Gods Road • Colorado Springs, CO 80907        14960 Woodcarver Road • Colorado Springs, CO 80921
           SPRINGS FABRICATION                                            USAA
                                                         United Services Automobile Association
 A custom engineered metal fabricator in                  USAA announced that they would add an
Colorado Springs, Springs Fabrication has varied         additional 125 jobs to their Colorado Springs
products ranging from small job shop oriented            policy service and claims staff. The extra

                                                                                                                 LOCAL EXPANSION
                                                                                                                 LOCAL EXPANSION
metal fabrication, welding and machining to large        employment opportunities come from the rapid
ASME pressure vessels and complete turn key              growth in the Western U.S. territory which includes
skidded systems. Starting as a two man operation         Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana,
18 years ago, Springs Fabrication has grown to           Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington
approximately 100 employees and has taken on             and Wyoming. The positions include adjusters,
some very challenging projects over the years with       examiners and managers for auto and
great success.                                           homeowner’s insurance policies. USAA currently
                                                         has over 1,200 employees.
                Mr. Tom Neppl, Owner
               Mrs. Lorrie Neppl, Owner                   Mr. Vic Andrews, Vice President & General Manager
Ms. Belinda Popovich, Director of Business Development
      850 Aeroplaza Drive • Colorado Springs, CO 80916          1855 Telstar Drive• Colorado Springs, CO 80920
                                                            SPECIAL RECOGNITION

                                                  The United States Olympic Committee

                        EDC is honoring the USOC for the outstanding performance of their athletes during the 2004
                      Olympics held this past summer in Greece. The United States team was first in total medals won with
                      103, first in gold medals with 35, and also received 39 silver, and 29 bronze medals. The entire
                      country was proud of the USOC’s accomplishments during the Olympics, and we in Colorado Springs
                      are proud that the USOC calls our city home. The USOC, the Olympic Training Center and
                      the National Governing Bodies located in Colorado Springs, create a world-renowned marketing
                      brand for our city. This outstanding branding helps EDC in discussions with prospects thinking of
                      moving into the Colorado Springs area. Thank you to the USOC for helping make the job of selling
                      Colorado Springs to prospective companies easier and for what you mean to our community.

                                               Mr. Jim Scherr, Chief Executive Officer & Secretary General
                                                         Mr. Early Reese, Chief Financial Officer

                                                        One Olympic Plaza • Colorado Springs, CO 80909
                                       EDC Board of Directors / Staff /

                                                                                                                                          EDC BOARD OF DIRECTORS / STAFF /
                                                                                                                                          EDC BOARD OF DIRECTORS / STAFF /
                                         Reception Host Committee

                                                                                                                                             RECEPTION HOST COMMITTEE
   BOARD OF DIRECTORS                     O
                                       EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS 2004                      EDC STAFF                       RECEPTION
                                                                                                                  HOST COMMITTEE
Chairman        Donald R. Sall         Tom Mullen, Chairman Emeritus       Mary Bitney, Researcher
                                                                                                                 William K. Hurt
Vice Chairman   Gen. John G. Lorber    Lieutenant General Joseph R. Inge   Julie Boswell, Vice President
                                                                                                                 Vicki Caldwell
                  (Ret), USAF          The Honorable Chuck Brown             Development and Communications
                                                                                                                 Joe Clement
                Ralph A. Braden        Councilman Jerry Heimlicher         John Cassiani, Marketing
                                                                                                                 Janet Conover
                Lee Jolivet, Esq.      Thomas Naughton                       Executive Vice President
                                                                                                                 Karen Faulkner
                Wendy Henry            Joseph Garcia                       Deborah Courtney-Bertha,
                                                                                                                 Christine Fullen, CRP
                George Kreigler, III   Phillip Tollefson                     Director, Research & Publications
                                                                                                                 Cecilia Gilkey
                Ellen J. Lary          Dr. Norm Ridder                     Tammy Fields, Marketing Associate
                                                                                                                 Becky Gloriod
                Beth Lee               Dr. Jeremy Haefner                  Barbara Hermansen, Receptionist/
                                                                                                                 Jack Gloriod
                Laura P. McGuire       David Palenchar                       Administrative Assistant to COO
                                                                                                                 Daniel Griffis
                Steven R. Schneider,   Terry Storm                         Kathleen Johnson,
                                                                                                                 Ed Hurt
                  CPCU                 Frank Barber                          Marketing Associate
                                                                                                                 Deirdre McCormack
                Steve Sharkey                                              Mike Kazmierski,
                                                                                                                 Glena McPeters
                Scott Smith                                                  Chief Operating Officer
                                                                                                                 Kevin Patterson
                Douglas M. Stimple                                         Karen Klein, Executive Assistant
                                                                                                                 Karen Rodriguez
                Carol Sturman                                              Jamie Krall, Coordinator
                                                                                                                 Jennifer McHugh Romero
                Jerry Weaver                                                 Development and Communications
                                                                                                                 Nancy Rusinak
President       Robert K. Scott                                            Andrea Scott, Database/Systems
                                                                                                                 Vince Rusinak
                                                                                                                 Lisa Rutherford
                                                                           Robert K. Scott, President
                                                                                                                 Marney Talbert
                                                                                                                 Donald Weiss
                                                       EDC MAJOR INVESTORS
                      Acordia Mountain West, Inc.             Holland & Hart LLP                           Pikes Peak Association of REALTORS
                      Adelphia Communications                 Holme Roberts & Owen LLP                     Poag & McEwen Lifestyle Centers

                      American National Bank                  Housing & Building Association of            Prudential Professional Realtors
                      Auer Colorado Online Mortgage            Colorado Springs                            Quantum Corporation
                      Beazer Homes Colorado                   Intel Corporation                            RE/MAX Properties, Inc.
                      Bethesda Real Estate                    John Laing Homes                             Richmond American Homes of Colorado, Inc.
                      BKD, LLP                                Keller Homes, Inc.                           Rusinak Real Estate, Inc.
                      The Broadmoor                           La Plata Investments, LLC                    S & S Homes, LLC
                      Bryan Construction Inc.                 Land Title Guarantee Company                 Schuck Corporation
                      The Campbell Companies, Ltd.            Lennar Communities Colorado                  Springs Ranch L.L.C.
                      Classic Companies                       Lennar/U.S. Home                             Stockman Kast Ryan + Company, LLP
                      CreekStone Homes, Inc.                  MasterBilt Homes, Inc.                       U.S. Bank
                      El Paso Corporation Western Pipelines   Memorial Hospital                            Van Gilder Insurance Corporation
                      Ent Federal Credit Union                Merrick & Company                            Vantage Homes
                      ERA Shields Real Estate                 Mulliken Weiner Karsh Berg & Jolivet, P.C.   Vectra Bank Colorado
                      First Community Bank                    Nichols & Comito /                           Vintage Communities
                      G.E. Johnson Construction Company        Premier Homes by L.L. Nichols               Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
                      The Gazette                             Nor'wood Development Group
                      Gloriod & Associates, Inc. and          Penrose-St. Francis Health Services
                       Relocation Solutions                   Picolan, Inc.
                                               EDC INVESTORS
A. Marvin Strait, CPA             Cameron Butcher Company                  Don Bates Insurance                  JR Engineering, LLC
Ackerman McQueen                  Case International Company               Dunn & Associates, Inc.              Kaiser Permanente
Acorn Petroleum Inc.              Charlie Brown's Goodtime Travel Inc      Dwire CO                             Kempton Construction L.L.C.
ADD STAFF, Inc.                   Cheyenne Management Services, Inc.       Dynalectric Company                  KILO, FM 94.3
Allegra Print & Imaging           Cheyenne Mountain Resort                 Empire Title of Colorado Springs     King Soopers, Inc.

                                                                                                                                                          EDC INVESTORS
                                                                                                                                                          EDC INVESTORS
Allure Homes, Ltd.                The Christian and Missionary Alliance    Equity Realty LLC                    KKTV Channel 11
American Bank of Commerce -       The Citadel                              Erickson, Brown & Kloster, P.C.      Kleinfelder, Inc.
  Colorado                        Citadel Bank                             Fenton Plumbing & Heating, Inc.      KOAA-TV, Channels 5 and 30
American Electric Company         City of Fountain                         Fidelity Holdings, Inc.              Lane Sales, Inc.
Antlers Hilton Colorado Springs   Colomex, Inc. DBA Taco Bell              First Business Brokers, Ltd.         The Law Office of Thomas M. James, P.C.
Apollo Park Executive Suites      Colorado Architecture Partnership, LLP   FirstBank of Colorado Springs        Lawn Doctor of Colorado Springs
Aquila                            Colorado College                         Frazee Construction Company          The London Group
Art C. Klein Construction, Inc.   Colorado Machinery                       Gendron Homes, Inc.                  Mallon Development Company
AT&T Wireless Services            Colorado Technical University            General Growth Properties, Inc.      Marge Milne Agency, Inc.
Atmel Corporation                 Commonwealth Land Title                  Gerald H. Phipps, Inc.               Mason Properties, Inc.
Bank One NA                        Insurance Company                       Graebel Movers of Colorado Springs   McCormick-Armstrong
Barrios Technology, LTD.          Compass Bank                             Griffis/Blessing, Inc.               McGinnis/GMAC Real Estate
Beckett Development, LLP          Contrarian Investors LLC                 Grubb & Ellis||Quantum               Midas Auto Service Experts
Bee Sweepin                       The Copestone Company                     Commercial Group                    Momentum Advertising and
Better Business Bureau            Craddock Development Company, Inc.       GTL Development Inc.                  Public Relations
BiggsKofford, P.C.                CTL/Thompson, Inc.                       HB&A, LLC                            Mountain States Employers Council, Inc.
The Boeing Company                Cushman & Wakefield                      Heartview Homes, Inc.                Mountain States Pipe & Supply Co., Inc.
Brigette Ruskin Ltd.              Cushman & Wakefield of Colorado, Inc.    Hoff & Leigh, Inc.                   Mountain View Electric Association
Broadway Moving & Storage         David Bamberger & Associates             Homewood Suites by Hilton            N.E.S. Inc
C & C Sand and Stone Co.          DLR Group                                Incentive Marketing Inc.             NAI Highland Commercial Group, LLC
                                                                EDC INVESTORS
                NAPA Auto Parts                       Prime West Companies                       Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP       Transit Mix Concrete Co.
                Nearon-Doyas Properties, LLC          Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association     Rutledge's                           Unified Title Company, Inc.
                New Generation Homes                  Proforma Land Development and              Salzman Real Estate Services, Ltd.   University of Colorado Foundation
                Next Level Development, Inc.           Construction, Inc.                        Sandia, Inc.                         USAA
                Nunn Construction, Inc.               Pueblo Bank & Trust Co.                    Schmidt Construction Company         Van Sant Group

                Oakwood Corporate Housing             Pulte Homes Corporation -                  Sellon Communities Inc.              Village Associates
                OfficeScapes                           Colorado Springs                          The Semmens Group LLC                Visual Latitude
                Olive Real Estate Group, Inc.         Qwest                                      Six & Geving Insurance               Wachovia Small Business Capital
                Olson Plumbing & Heating Co.          R.E. Monks Construction Company LLC        Soaring Eagles Orchards, Inc.        Wasson Properties, Inc.
                Overhead Door Company of              Radisson Inn North                         Sparks Willson Borges Brandt &       Waste Management of Southern Colorado
                 Colorado Springs, Inc.               Rampart Plumbing & Heating Supply Inc.      Johnson, P.C.                        - Colorado Springs
                Peak Professional Contractors, Inc.   Rancho Coachella Properties                The Spires Broadmoor                 Wells & West, Inc
                Peoples National Bank                 Randy R. Kilgore & Company                 SRC Computers, Inc.                  West Electric Group
                The Personnel Department, Inc.        Realtors Commercial & Industrial Society   Standard Sales Company               Westerra Development Co.
                Picture It Framed                     Red Noland Cadillac, Inc.                  Stewart Title of Colorado Springs    Westwind Homes, Inc.
                Pikes Peak Regional                   Rexel Electric Company                     Stresscon Corporation                Winslow BMW
                 Development Corporation              Rice & Rice, Inc.                          Stuart Scott, Ltd.                   Woodford Manufacturing
                PRACO, Ltd.                           RMC Corporation                            Team Chevrolet, Inc.                 Wynne Realty, Ltd
                Precision Electric, Inc.              Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.   TQ3Navigant                          Zephyr Development LLC
                                      Economic Development Partners
                                      Contributing to Success in 2004
City of Colorado Springs                  Colorado Springs Utilities            Colorado College
107 North Nevada Avenue, Suite 200        Post Office Box 1103                  Office of External Relations
Box 1575 Mail Code 1541                   Mail Code 1025                        14 East Cache La Poudre
Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1575           Colorado Springs, CO 80947-1025       Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3298
719-385-5855 / 719-385-5489 FAX           719-668-4800 / 719-668-8020 FAX       719-389-6000 / 719-389-6256 FAX

Pikes Peak Workforce Center               Office of International Affairs       El Paso County Enterprise Zone
2306 East Pikes Peak Avenue               Two North Cascade Avenue, Suite 110   27 East Vermijo Avenue, 5th Floor
Colorado Springs, CO 80909                Colorado Springs, CO 80903-1620       Colorado Springs, CO 80903
719-667-3715 / 719-667-3753 FAX           719-575-4314 / 719-481-5767 FAX       719-520-6480 / 719-520-6486 FAX

Greater Colorado Springs Chamber          Pikes Peak Community College          Colorado Office of Economic
 of Commerce                              5675 South Academy Boulevard, Box 6     Development & International Trade
Two North Cascade Avenue, Suite 110       Business Faculty/Workforce            100 West Pikes Peak Avenue, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80903-1620             Training Room A216                  Colorado Springs, CO 80903
719-635-1551 / 719-635-1571 FAX           Colorado Springs, CO 80906            719-227-1699 / 719-227-1954 FAX
                                          719-540-7202 / 719-540-7193 FAX
The Greater Colorado Springs
Economic Development Corporation
90 South Cascade Avenue, Suite 1050
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
719-471-8183 •

                                            For additional information on EDC mission activities, please
                                            contact the following at 719-471-8183 or:

                                             EDC Investments:             Julie Boswell (
                                             New Company Support:         John Cassiani (
                                             Community Infrastructure:    Mike Kazmierski (
                                             Existing Company Support:    Rocky Scott (

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