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Chapters in books
Hoofstukke in boeke

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Research articles in accredited research journals
Navorsingsartikels in geakkrediteerde navorsingstydskrifte

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Research articles published in other journals
Navorsingsartikels in ander tydskrifte

Published research reports
Gepubliseerde navorsingsverslae

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Unpublished research reports
Ongepubliseerde navorsingsverslae

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Die volgende verslag is versoek en geborg deur die Premier’s Economic Advisory Council waarin die CDS ‘n
fasiliteringsrol gespeel het.

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Premier’s Economic Advisory Council of the Free State. Goldfields. 19 March 2004.

Category / Kategorie 10
Highlights from research findings
Glanspunte in navorsingsbevindinge
In this short overview of key research outputs of the Centre for Development Support (CDS) four key areas of research
are highlighted i.e. Municipal Cost Recovery, Social Impact Assessments, Municipal Cost Recovery, Youth and
Development and Local Economic Development.

Early 2002, Profs. Lucius Botes (Director of the CDS) and André Pelser (Senior Research Associate) were requested by
the national electricity supplier Eskom (Division: Technological Services International) to assist the latter in the
development and implementation of a customer loyalty reward programme with the ultimate aim to increase
consumers’ payment levels of electricity accounts. Eskom felt that their experience in this regard would add value to a
programme of this nature. After two years of further research and several national workshops involving various
stakeholders to clarify the technical aspects of the programme, the Eskom Wired to Win Rewards Programme was
launched early in 2004. This is a programme that rewards customers for paying their Eskom accounts, or for regularly
buying Eskom prepaid vouchers. Rewards take the form of cash prizes in lucky draws or by redeeming accumulated
points for household durables, etc. The pilot programme has only been implemented in Eskom’s North East Region,
comprising the Pretoria, Khanyamanzane, Witbank and Nelspruit areas. Depending on the success of the programme in
this region, it will be roll out on national level. Profs. Pelser and Botes will, amongst others, be responsible for monitoring
changes in customer behaviour and perceptions during the duration of the pilot programme. A baseline survey to establish
a customer profile as well as a survey where the pilot of registered and non-registered members have been interviewed
has already been completed.
During 2004, CDS conducted a comprehensive Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for De Beers Consolidated Mines in
Koffiefontein. This was pioneering research consultancy work and also the first of its kind in South Africa in the context of
the new mining charter. As part of their application for a mining right, De Beers Koffiefontein Mine was required by law to
prepare and submit an environmental management programme (EMP) that includes inter alia an assessment and
evaluation of the impact of the proposed mining operation. A multi-disciplinary research team conducted a SIA to inform
said EMP and more specifically to effect the compilation of a Social and Labour Plan as stipulated by the Mineral and
Petroleum Resources Development Act of 2002. The methodological approach for the SIA involved a wide range of
stakeholders and information gathering techniques during the various stages of scoping, impact identification and
assessment. The stakeholder participation process included public meetings, key-informant interviews, focus group
sessions, an extensive social survey and a one-day participatory workshop with strategic informants. Community
observation, site visits and scenario simulation were further employed to inform and validate the projection and
assessment of impacts.

A third research area is regarding youth issues in the Free State. The CDS, under the leadership of Dr Locner Marais,
negotiated a research contract of R3 million for three years. This is a true flagship research partnership since eight
different departments/units/centres from three different faculties are involved to pursue research regarding:
      a youth profile for the Free State province
      the integration of youth-related issues into government-related programmes and structures.
      successes and failures of HIV/AIDS and reproduction prevention/ care programmes
      enrolment figures at all the tertiary institution in different programmes on an annual basis and their success in
         finding employment
      the appropriateness of education and training of school leavers and individuals that complete tertiary education
      reasons for the failure and success of youth businesses
      the effectiveness and capacity needs of youth NGOs and develop guidelines to improve their functioning
      the reasons for youth crime
      youth rehabilitation programmes and placement programmes

A last research area regarding Local Economic Development (LED) generated quite a body of knowledge. One
published academic article and one book chapter as well as one published report and two unpublished reports appeared in
this regard. Most of the research regarding LED were commisioned work for the Premier’s Economic Advisory Council of
the Free State.

Kontakbesonderhede/Contact detail:
Naam/Name: Prof Lucius Botes
Telefoonnommer/Telephone number: 051-4012423

Naam/Name: Dr Lochner Marais
Telefoonnommer/Telephone number: 051-4012978

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