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					      Save money, Save time.
Join Millwall Supporters Club and make your life a little easier.
Buy your ticket early, up to the day before matchday and claim
                                                                                                                   Join miLLwaLL
a £2 MSC discount.                                                                                               SUPPoRteRS CLUb
And next season you can buy tickets online or by phone. Your
TeamCard is automatically updated to give you access to your
                                                                                                                  anD bUy matCh
seat. Then just hand over your TeamCard at the turnstile. No                                                     tiCketS onLine oR
ticket to collect, no waiting in a queue.                                                                            by Phone
book onLine - Save time                                                                                                        Join now 0871 230 5585
Because there is no paper ticket there’s no postage charge.
And because you’re booking online there’s no additional                                                     yoUR DetaiLS
service charge (but standard credit card charges still apply).                                              Surname

When you book by phone a service charge of £1.50 and a
                                                                                                            First name                                                                    Mr/Mrs/Ms/other
standard credit card charge will be added to the ticket price.

bRinG yoUR FamiLy - bRinG yoUR FRienDS
You can also link your family or friends’ TeamCards to yours                                                                                                                              Postcode
so that you can buy tickets together. Buy online and you
                                                                                                            Day telephone:
can even choose your individual seats. With your new MSC
TeamCard you can buy tickets any time of the day or                                                         Evening telephone:

night, wherever you are, right up to 15 minutes before kick-off.                                            Mobile:

Remember that discounts apply for junior and senior                                                         Email:

supporters. And seniors now start at 60 - everyone 60 or over
                                                                                                            Date of birth:
qualifies for a senior concession price.
                                                                                                            If renewing please add your membership number I                                             I           I           I           I           I       I

moRe beneFitS FoR membeRS
                                                                                                            Payment DetaiLS
As a member of MSC you can apply to buy tickets for away
                                                                                                            I wish to pay by:           Cash (in person only)  Postal Order  Cheque (Cheques and Postal
games. Members also have a priority booking period for                                                      Orders payable to Millwall FC)
high-demand games; cup matches or any play-off games. It’s                                                   Please charge my Visa/Mastercard number (Credit card)
possible that tickets for some matches in the 2009/10 season
                                                                                                             Please charge my Delta/Connect/Maestro card number (Debit card)
will only be available for members and season ticket holders.†                                              We do not accept Solo, Electron or Amex

aPPLy now                                                                                                   I      I   I           I           I           I       I       I   I      I     I       I           I           I           I           I       I       I   I   I

Membership of MSC costs just £12 if you buy online at                                                       Expires end        I           I           I           I       I       Issue No     I       I           I or £14 if you join by phone or                                                      Start date     I           I           I           I       I           Security Code            I           I           I           l
using the application form opposite.
                                                                                                            Name of cardholder:
Supporters under 16 can join Junior Lions for just £5. Join
online or pick up an application form.                                                                      Cardholder’s signature:                                                                         Date

                                                                                                            amoUnt DUe
                                                                                                            Cost of membership:                                                                             £
                                                                                                            Or save £2 and join online at

                                                                                                            Return this completed application to:
                                                                                                            mSC membership, the Den, Zampa Road,
                                                                                                            London Se16 3Ln

*Discount tickets available until 5pm at the ticket office or until midnight at        Millwall FC and its service providers will keep your data on file and may contact
Discount ticket offer closes the day before matchday. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Home       you with information, offers and further promotions. If you do not want to receive
league games only and subject to availability.                                                                  this information please tick here 
†If a game is deemed a Members Only match only fans in possession of both a valid match ticket and their        Millwall FC and its service providers may share your information with selected
MSC or Junior Lions membership card will be allowed entry to the stadium. Any decision to make a game           business partners to offer you goods and services that may be of interest. If you do
Members Only will be widely publicised in local media and on the club website.                                  not want to receive this information please tick here 
Please do not send cash by mail. Applications cannot be processed on a matchday.
Promoter: Millwall Supporters Club, The Den, Zampa Road, London SE16 3LN

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