vikings by vinutha


									The Vikings
• Who were they?

• Where did they come from?

Who were they ?
• In Norse the word Viking means “raider” or “bay”. • Vikings came from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. • Vikings travelled all over the world to raid and trade.

When did Vikings live?
• Vikings lived a thousand years ago. • The first Viking raid took place on Lindisfarne 793AD. • For 300 years from the 8th to the 11th century Vikings took the world by storm.

Viking Warriors
• Vikings had iron helmets with a nose guard. • They had chain mail to protect them. • They had a shield. • For weapons they had an axe and a sword.

Viking Houses
• They lived in long houses. • The houses had walls made of woven wooden canes. • There were no windows and it was often very smoky inside.

Viking Long ships
• They built long ships. • They were long and shallow. • They made it move with oars or a sail. • These ships were feared by everyone.

Viking Raids
• They raided Monasteries for gold, silver and special books. • They raided for slaves. • They raided to get rich. • They raided for land.
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• The Vikings travelled in their long ships (knorrs) to buy and sell goods. • They sold timber, iron, furs and skins. • They traded for wheat, silver, cloth, wine, salt spices and silks.

• Viking lands were very crowded. • They settled in areas with good farming land. • Vikings learned to fit in to other countries around the world.

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