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									                     Sale of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

•       This fact sheet concerns the sale of fresh fruit and vegetables at retail level
        in a small shop. Large retailers, such as supermarkets, are required to unit
        price for which separate advice should be sought.

•       The legislation covered includes:

        ∗      The Weights and Measures (Cheese, Fish, Fresh Fruits and
               Vegetables Meat and Poultry) Order 1984

        ∗      The Price Marking Order 2004

        ∗      The Food Labelling Regulations 1996

        ∗      The Weight & Measures (Specified Quantities) (Pre-packed
               Products) Regulations 2009

Labelling Requirements

•       Almost all fresh fruit and vegetables which are sold loose or are prepacked
        for sale on your premises must be labelled with the following information:

        ∗      True name
        ∗      Class
        ∗      Country of origin
        ∗      Price per unit quantity

•       In addition, potatoes and melons must be marked with their variety
•       The above information can be put on a notice near to the food

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Sale by weight

•        Most fruit and vegetables must be sold by weight either net or gross. If selling by gross
         weight the weight of the packaging used is strictly controlled. Most retailers find it easier
         to sell by net weight.

•        Soft fruits can also be sold by the 'punnet'. However, the weight must be made known to
         the customer before they buy. The best method is to weigh each punnet before you sell it.
         The types of soft fruits which can be sold by the punnet are:-

          Bilberries          Cherries                     Raspberries
          Blackberries        Cranberries                  Redcurrants
          Blackcurrants       Gooseberries                 Strawberries
          Boysenberries       Loganberries                 Tayberries
          Brambles            Mulberries                   Whitecurrants


•        Fruit and vegetables both prepacked and loose must be weighed and priced in metric
         quantities i.e. by the kilogram.

•        A supplementary imperial indication may be given provided it is less prominent than the
         metric indication.

Sale by bunch or number

•   Some vegetables can be sold by the bunch. These are:-

                         Aspargus          Garlic                  Radishes
                         Beetroots         Mint                    Salad Cress
                         Carrots           Mustard & Cress         Turnips
                         Chives            Onions (incl. Spring)   Watercress
                         Endives           Parsley

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•   Certain fruits and vegetables can be sold by number. These are known as ‘countable
    produce’. These are:-

Apples                Cauliflower    Garlic         Mangoes          Peaches           Shaddock
Apricots              Capsicum       Grapefruit     Marrows          Pears             Soft citrus fruits
Artichokes            Celery         Guavas         Melons           Pineapple         Tomatoes
Aubergines            Coconuts       Kiwi fruit     Nectarines       Plums             Ugli

Avocados              Corn-on-       Kohlrabi       Onions (not      Pomegrantes
                      the-cob                       Spring)
Bananas               Cucumber       Lemons         Oranges          Pomelo
Beetroots             Fennel         Lettuces       Passion fruit    Pumpkins
Cabbage               Fresh figs     Limes          Pawpaw           Radishes

•      Where fruit or vegetables are prepacked, the prices that must be shown are the selling
       price of the pack and the unit price (e.g. price per kilogram).

•      Where fruit and vegetables are loose the requirements are:

       ∗        When sold by weight you must show the price per kilogram. A supplementary
                imperial indication may be given provided it is less prominent than the metric
       ∗        In the case of countable produce or bunches of vegetables the price per item or
                bunch must be shown
       ∗        When goods are sold in a specific quantity, e.g. £1 for 6, £1.50 for 3kg, the selling
                price must be shown. In addition the price per unit quantity, e.g. 20p each, or 60p
                per kilogram, must also be shown

•      All prices must be clear and legible. The indication can be given directly on the goods or
       by means of a price list near to the goods which clearly identifies them.

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