Zodiac by vinutha

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									                         The Night Sky

      We are the stars who sing, we sing with our light;
         We are the birds of fire, we fly over the sky.
                     Our light is a voice.
   We make a road for the spirits, for the spirits to pass over.
                            ...Lakota Sioux Song...
© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
                          The NIGHT Sky

                         The Entire Year

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
                     What’s Your Sign?
         Let’s briefly tour the Zodiacal Constellations.
            The Zodiac comes by its *astronomical*
         importance because during the course of the
          year the Sun passes through these areas of
                              the sky.

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
      The Babylonians, the Egyptians, the
     Greeks and the Persians all agreed on
     this constellation's name of the Ram.

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
        The Greeks saw Taurus as Zeus in
     disguise. The story went that Zeus fell in
    love with Europa, the daughter of Agenor
           who was King of Phoenica.

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
        Castor and Pollux, the "twins" of
      Gemini, were Greek heroes. They were
        among the men Jason led on his
              voyages on the Argo.

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
     Cancer, the Crab, plays a minor role in the
  Twelve Labors of Hercules. While Hercules was
  busy fighting the multi-headed monster, Hydra,
   the goddess Hera, who did not like Hercules,
           sent the Crab to distract him.

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
  Leo is the Lion which was killed by Hercules on
   one of his great quests. Legend says that the
    lion had a hide that could not punctured by
  iron, bronze or stone. Since he couldn't reason
   with the ferocious beast, Hercules strangled it
       to death and the local people were very

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
                 In Roman times, the
 constellation Virgo was known as Ceres. Ceres was
the goddess of harvests, particularly corn. Her festival
 was the second week of April, the same time that the
      constellation appears in the Spring skies.
© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
                          Libra was commonly
                            thought of as the
                         scales of balance but
                           eventually became
                            known as Hades'
                         golden chariot. Hades
                         used his chariot every
                           time he wished to
                          emerge in the upper
                           world in search of
                         women. The Chariot is
                           pulled by four jet-
                              black horses.
© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
     Scorpius is an ancient constellation and is one
     of the original six constellations of the zodiac.

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
      Sagittarius's origin is unknown. Some believe
    that is a centaur with a bow, while others believe
         that it is an archer. Others claim that the
      constellation was invented by the Sumerians

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
     Capricornus has been recognized as a
      goat since Babylonian and Chaldean
        times. Usually, it is depicted as a
               goat with a fish tail.

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
  Aquarius is a rather faint constellation which would not be
    famous if it weren't part of the Zodiac. Aquarius, as its
    name suggests is universally associated with water. In
   most cultures, it is drawn as a man pouring water from a
   bucket. This may arise from the fact that the Sun enters
   Aquarius in early winter when the rainy season begins in
                    many parts of the world.

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard
     Pisces was named after Aphrodite and
    Eros. The story of Pisces originated from
    the destructive monster, Typhon. Typhon
        was the son of Gaia and Tartarus.

© Dr. Joseph W. Howard

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