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									                                                                                          ITEM NO   11

                                        Report to the Executive

                                    DATE                                 28th November 2006
                                    PORTFOLIO                            Leisure
                                    REPORT AUTHOR                        Simon Goff/Ian Sturzaker
                                    TEL NO                               664601

                                   Memorial Park, Padiham
                             Application to Heritage Lottery Fund


    1.      For Executive to consider whether to support an application to the Heritage
            Lottery Fund’s Parks for People programme for the restoration and improvement
            of Memorial Park, Padiham.


    2.      Background

    3.      In April 2005 the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) announced a new funding
            programme for public parks called the ‘Parks for People’ programme. Funding of
            £90 million is available over a four-year period (2006-2010). Grants of between
            £250,000 and £5 million are available for projects involving urban or rural green
            spaces designed for informal recreation that will usually be owned by a local

    4.      The HLF will consider applications which demonstrate that:

                o The community values the park as part of their heritage
                o The park meets local social, economic and environmental needs
                o The park actively involves local people

            Project must also meet all five of the following outcomes:

                o Increase the range of audiences
                o Conserve and improve heritage
                o Increase the range of volunteers involved through training; and
                o Improve management and maintenance

    5.      Memorial Park is one of Burnley’s six ‘heritage’ parks and provides an area of
            significant recreational value for the residents of Padiham. The Park has been a
            Green Flag Award winner since 2000, however it retains this award only by a

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            narrow margin because the condition of many of the parks features, such as the
            public toilets, play areas, paths, former bandstand, etc. are in poor condition. The
            park badly needs further investment.

    6.      Memorial Park is considered to be a good candidate for HLF funding for the
            following reasons:

                •    There is a strong friends group, which has been very active in organising
                     events, undertaking practical work and raising funds for improvement.
                •    Thomas Mawson, a prolific and influential landscape designer who was
                     born near Lancaster and gained an international reputation during the
                     early 20th century, designed the Park.
                •    There are strong links with a number of other projects taking place in
                     Padiham including the proposed Linear Park (which will improve access to
                     Memorial Park) the proposed refurbishment of Padiham Leisure centre
                     (located within the Park), and the Padiham Life project.
                •    The restoration of Memorial Park will have a positive impact on housing
                     market renewal in Padiham and help to achieve the objectives of Elevate.
                •    The current Area Action Plan process and subsequent Local development
                     Framework aims to build on Padiham’s tourism potential. A restored
                     Memorial Park would contribute to this objective.

            An example of one of Thomas Mawson’s design illustrations

            Application for HLF Funding

    7.      Applying for HLF Parks for People funding is a two-stage process. Stage 1
            involves the preparation of a park restoration plan and grant funding may be
            available from the HLF. The estimated costs of preparing a Stage 1 application is
            £20,000 and this work would be undertaken by landscape consultants that are
            experienced in park restoration projects. There will be extensive consultation with
            residents in Padiham, with the Friends of Memorial Park and the Town Council.

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    8.      The ‘Parks for People’ programme will be oversubscribed and Stage 1 is
            competitive, therefore success depends on the quality of the submission.
            Projects, which gain Stage 1 approval, are eligible for further grant assistance to
            develop detailed restoration proposals and project costs. The estimated cost of
            this stage is £50,000 and again consultants would undertake this work.

    9.      The HLF grant is a maximum 75% of project costs. The remaining 25% of
            partnership funding must be raised from other sources, of which at least 5% must
            be cash. The implementation of restoration projects may be phased over more
            than one year. At this stage it is difficult to estimate the cost of the restoration
            project as it will be determined by the cost of proposed works, the amount that
            the HLF are willing to grant and the amount of match funding that can be raised.
            However, based on similar schemes, a cost of up to £1 million is assumed.

            Project Timetable

    10.     If the Council supports an application to the HLF and funds are identified to
            employ consultants, work on the restoration plan will commence in April with a
            view to submitting the application in September 2007. If this is approved by the
            HLF, a Stage 2 application would be made in spring 2008.


    11.     That the Executive supports an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund to
            facilitate the restoration of Memorial Park, Padiham.

    12.     That the Executive offer ‘in principle’ support for an application to the Council’s 5-
            year capital programme of £120,000.


    13.     The Heritage Lottery Fund is the only source of funding for major park restoration


    14.     The project-planning grant (Stage 1) would require match funding by the Council
            of approximately £7,000 in 2007/08.

    15.     If approval is given for a stage 2 submission the Council would need to contribute
            approximately £13,000 in 2007/08.

    16.     If the restoration project (of up to £1 million) is finally approved by the HLF, it is
            expected that up to £100,000 (based on 10% cash contribution) would need to
            be contributed from the Council’s capital programme over a period of 2 years
            from 2008/09 with the balance of cash and non-cash match funding from other
            external sources.

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    17.     The Corporate Improvement Plan 2006/07 identifies that the Council will finalise
            and implement the Green Spaces Strategy (ref C4a) and will achieve 4 Green
            Flag awards for key parks in the Borough (ref C4c).

    18.     The Green Spaces Strategy (recommendation PG 8) identifies that the Council
            will support the development of the Padiham Linear park by LCC/Sustrans to
            improve access to Memorial Park and investigate sources of external funding to
            implement improvements to Memorial Park and development of the Linear Park .


            Councillor Gordon Birtwistle
            Councillor Charles Bullas
            Councillor Roger Frost
            Mick Cartledge, Director of Community Services
            Alison Davies, External Funding Manager, Regeneration and Economic
            Michael Wellock, Elevate Coordinator
            Howard Hamilton Smith, Finance Unit
            Lindsey Cowburn, Finance Unit


            Project file held at Cemetery Office, Rossendale Road, Burnley

PLEASE CONTACT:                                             Simon Goff
ALSO:                                                       Ian Sturzaker

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