Budget by maclaren1


                                       One Year Budget

Sr.No                         Heads                          Details                          Total
 1      Salary
        Co-ordinator (Part time)                    4000 x 12                        48,000
        Trainers                                    4000 x 3 x 12                   144,000
        Social Worker                               2500 x 2 x 12                    60,000
        Peer Educators                              1500 x 3 x 12                    54,000
        Doctor (Part time)                          4 visits per month x 500         24,000    330,000
 2      Fringe benefit for the staff
        (Medical, incentives, insurance etc)        10% of total salary                         33,000

 3      Rent & Utilities
        Rent for the centre                         20000 x 12                                 240,000
        Utilties                                    7000 x 12                                   84,000
        (water, maintenance, phone, electricity)
 4      Operational cost
 a.     Nutrition and food
        Lunch & Dinner Rs. 10 each x 60 boys        Rs.600 x 30 days x 12 months               216,000
        2 time tea & Breakfast Rs. 3 x 60 boys      Rs. 180 x 30 days x 12 months               64,800

 b.     Health Expenses
        (Medicines, hospitalisation, x-ray,
        pathalogical test, blood test etc for the
        children as and when necessary)             5000 x 12                                   60,000
  c     Office supplies
        Report writing, xerox, stationery etc.      Rs. 2000 x 12 months                        24,000
 d      Travel & Transporation
        (Travelling for the boys and the staff to
        go for marketing, hospital, for meeting etc) Rs. 3000 x 12 months                       36,000

Sr.No                         Heads                          Details                          Total
  e     Equipment & Materials purchase
    Carpentry : 5 tool boxes in each batch
    Rs. 5000 x 5 tool boxes x 2 batches                                               50,000
    Welding : 5 tool boxes in each batch
    Rs. 5000 x 5 tool boxes x 2 batches                                               50,000
    Screen printing
    Colour, papers, positive making etc.           Rs. 20000 x 3 batches              60,000
    Raw materials                                                                     35,000         195,000
f   Staiphand
    Carpentry : 40 boys in 2 batches               Rs. 300 x 40 x 6 months            72,000
    Welding : 40 boys in 2 batches                 Rs. 300 x 40 x 6 months            72,000
    Screen printing : 80 boys in 4 batches         Rs. 300 x 80 x 4 months            96,000         240,000
g   Repatriation of the boys                       Rs. 3000 x 5 boys                                  15,000
    (After completing training, the boys will be
    sent to their native place)
    Total                                                                                          1,537,800

    SUPPORT CONTRIBUTION FROM OTHER SOURCES FOR FOOD                                                2,80,800
    FUNDING REQUIRED                                                                               1,257,000

    So far Asha was giving us Rs. 7,50,000/= for this project. I am not sure this year how much will be
    their contribution. We will try to raise money through other sources as well but in case we do not get
    the required amount, then we will the project with few boys. It is not possible to take large number of
    boys without proper funding. But would be happy if your chapter can commit for 10000 dollars apart
    from Asha Seattle's contribution.
 In $$$







In $$$



                        JUSTIFICATION OF THE BUDGET

No.           Heads                               Explainations
1 Salary                         As this training is residential programme, most of our staff will be
                                 staying for 24 hours. The doctor will be visiting for once in a week
                                 in the centre. Three trainers will be train in three types of training
                                 The social worker will take group sessions, keep day to day records,
                                 report writing work, to fill up intake sheets and case studies of the boys.
                                 the children, the peer educators will work like a care taker.
                                 All these staff will be working under supervision of Co-ordinator
2 Fringe benefit for the staff   The staff has to be provided mediclaim as well as incentives once in a
                                 year as token amount of appreciation.
3 Rent & Utilities               Sixty boys will be staying at a one time, it needed big space for the
                                 training. The utilities includes water, electricity and other repair work
                                 of the centre.
4 Operational cost
a. Nutrition and food            As this is residential programme, two meals and breakfast will be
                                 provided to the boys. SUPPORT WILL BE CONTRIBUTED FOR
b. Health Expenses               As these boys come from the street, they has various infections on the
                                 skin and the lack of nutrition, vitamins. Some times they get into
                                 injuries while doing training at that time they needed hosptalisation and
                                 proper medicines.
d Office supplies                Stationery, xerox printing work, report writing work etc.
No.               Heads                       Explainations
d Travel & Transporation      To go for marketing and train fare to be paid to the boys who will
                              go for job outside.

 e Equipment & Materials      Five Tool boxes will be purchased for each batches in carpentry. The
      purchase                same therapy will be used for welding section. The screen printing
                              includes paper, colour, positive making charges. Some times the
                              materials gets spoiled by the boys.

 f    Staiphand               Rs. 300 will be given to all the participants per month.   This money
                              will be saved in the bank with a joint signatory and will be handed over
                              after completing training.This amount can be used as a capital
                              for starting petty business to the boy.

 g Repatriation of the boys   UP and states of India. After propor home visit, the boys will be handed
                              over to the parents. Rs.3000/= is a minumum expenses of this activity.

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