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					                                      Eastern Oregon University
                                                  Course Guide
                                                      Fall 2008

“Taking distance education
classes gives me flexibility in
juggling work, family and school
and still allows me time to enjoy
my favorite pastime.”
                   Carolyn Bloyed
                    Liberal Studies
                   Spokane, Wash.

                                            Check with an adviser in your area today!

            Welcome to Eastern Oregon University Online and Onsite Programs

Eastern Oregon University has been a         EOU Catalog                                   Web browser and use a word processing
nationally recognized leader in online and                           program. It also may require that you
onsite education for over 29 years. We       Refer to the EOU Academic Catalog for         have access to a proctor with a computer
offer quality courses and degree programs    details about each degree program.            connection when taking exams.
to adult learners throughout the United
States and Canada.                           Course Dates                                  Onsite
                                                    Onsite courses take place face-to-face in a
EOU gives you an opportunity to complete     Eastern Oregon University delivers its        traditional classroom or fieldwork setting.
a baccalaureate degree right where you       courses on the quarter system. Each term      If you enroll in an onsite course, it will
are.                                         has 10 weeks of teaching plus one week        require that you travel to a designated
                                             of finals. The calendar web link above        site over a weekend or on multiple dates
Online Degree Program Majors                 outlines many important deadlines. Please     during the term. It may also require that
Anthropology/Sociology                       review your course syllabus for details of    you complete some coursework prior to
(Anthropology Concentration)                 specific dates.                               your first class and after your final class
Business Administration                                                                    session. Please check the course syllabus
Business Economics                           Learning Opportunities                        for the date(s) and location of your onsite
English (Literature/Film)                    EOU offers courses in three different         course. Some combination of the same
Fire Services Administration                 delivery modes: On campus, Online and         computer skills required for online courses
Liberal Studies                              Onsite.                                       may also be required for onsite courses.
Physical Activity & Health                                                                 Learning at a distance
Philosophy, Politics & Economics             On Campus                                     Find out if taking online courses is for
Psychology                                   These courses take place face-to- face in a   you. Take the Self-Assessment Quiz to
                                             traditional classroom at our campus in La     determine what kind of education delivery
Online Degree Program Minors                                                               is best for you.
Anthropology/Sociology                                                                     self_assess/selfassess.htm
Business                                                                                   Graduation Requirements
Chemistry                                                                                  A minimum of 180 quarter credits are
Economics                                                                                  needed for graduation, 45 of which must
English (Literature/Film)                                                                  be from EOU. Approximately 60 credits
Gender Studies                                                                             are in General Education, 60 credits in the
Geography                                                                                  major and 60 credits in electives.
Health Studies                                                                             Getting started
History                                                                                    Students seeking a degree or who wish to
Interdisciplinary Writing & Rhetoric                                                       take more than eight credits per term must
Native American Studies                                                                    apply for admissions (see Admissions).
Physical Education                           Grande, Oregon.                               Non-Admitted Options
Political Science                                                                
Psychology                                   Online                                        Students may take up to eight credits per
Spanish                                      Online courses take place over the            term as a non-admitted student. Complete
                                             Internet through the use of a computer.       the form located at the web link above
Onsite Degree Programs                       If you enroll in an online course, it will    to be assigned an EOU student ID. Non-
Elementary Education (CUESTE)                require that you have regular access to       admitted students are not eligible for
Business Administration                      the Internet, are able to communicate         financial aid.
                                             via e-mail with your instructor, use a

Admissions                                   Class Registration                            Proctors and exams                                   
Admission to EOU is required for all         Online registration is available at EOU       Some courses require a proctor to
degree seeking students. View admission      through WEBSTER. This method                  administer the exam. Please review your
requirements, and then apply to EOU by       of registration gives you immediate           course syllabi for specific information
completing an application.                   confirmation of class registration.           regarding exams.

You may be admitted at any time during       Course Descriptions
the school year. The admission process can   Full course descriptions and syllabi are      E-Mail
take three or more weeks to complete. If     available on WEBSTER or the EOU     
you would like more information, contact     Academic Catalog.                             All EOU students are assigned an EOU
the Admissions Office at 1-800-452-8639                                                    e-mail account, which you will be required
or e-mail                                                              to use for all electronic communication
                                                                                           with EOU instructors.
Tuition and Fees                                                          Blackboard
Online and Onsite course tuition is $135                                         
per undergraduate credit hour. Additional                                                  Blackboard is like a cyber classroom.
fees may apply to specific courses, please                                                 Students can correspond with other
check the syllabus for more information.                                                   students and faculty, read lectures, view
                                                                                           videos, submit assignments and take
Financial Aid                                                                              exams.
Admitted students using any of the three                                                   Library Services
course delivery modes at EOU are able to                                         
apply for financial aid through the FAFSA.   Assessment of Prior Experiential              EOU provides a virtual reference service
The EOU federal school code is 003193.       Learning (APEL)                               24 hours a day via live chat or e-mail.
Contact the Financial Aid Office for more    You can document college-level mastery        Students may also request library
information.                                 of curriculum areas in disciplines that are   materials be mailed to their home or
                                             offered at EOU. Up to 45 credits can be       nearby library.
Transfer Student Scholarships                earned through the portfolio process. Prior                  to enrolling in an APEL course students       Tutoring
Transfer students may be eligible for        must be admitted to EOU, complete a 
merit-based and/or need-based EOU            degree planning workshop, and have            The Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides
scholarships. These awards are available     permission of their academic adviser and      writing tutors for online students.
for both part-time and full-time students.   the course instructor.
For more details visit the web link above.                                                 Academic and Career Advising
                                             Two Term Option                     
                                             Some online courses may be completed          Once admitted to EOU, you will be
WEBSTER                                      over a period of two terms. This option is    assigned to an academic adviser who will                          only available for courses with the option    guide you through your degree program
WEBSTER is EOU’s student portal which        listed in the course syllabus and if the      and on to graduation. For advising
will list a host of personal academic        student is not receiving federal financial    assistance, please contact Academic and
information. At this site you can view and   aid.                                          Career Advising at 800-544-2195 or
update your personal information, add or                                         , or an EOU Regional
drop courses, view your academic records     Textbook and Supplies                         Center or Onsite Program near you.
and financial aid, and find your academic
adviser.                                     The EOU Bookstore carries all of the
                                             required textbooks and materials for your

EOU Regional Centers                     Mid-Willamette Valley & Northern    EOU Onsite Programs       Oregon Coast - Salem
                                         Terry Walters                       CUESTE (Curriculum for Undergraduate
Baker County - Baker City                          Elementary School Teacher Education)
Liz Burton                               503-365-4662                 866-724-2815                        Blue Mountain Community College -
541-523-6822                                                                 Pendleton
866-801-6199                             Portland & West Columbia Gorge -    Mirian Munck
Central Oregon - Bend                    Sue Dobson                          541-278-5805
Brenda McDonald                                         503-725-4855                        Mt Hood Community College -
541-385-1137                             888-891-5384                        Gresham
866-801-6192                                                                 Betsy Costi
                                         EOU at Portland Community College
Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian   - Cascade Campus                    503-491-7000
Reservation (CTUIR) - Pendleton          503-978-5498
Susie Calhoun                            888-831-2167                        Treasure Valley Community College                                                              - Ontario
541-966-2468                             Dan O’Grady, FSA                    Jan Dinsmore
Grant County - John Day                  503-978-5498                        541-889-8333
Chris Cronin                             888-831-2167                                                              Kerri Wenger
541-575-2168                             Southern Valleys - Roseburg
866-801-6198                             Jasmine Filley                      541-889-8333
Harney, Klamath and Lake Counties        541-440-4708                        Southwestern Oregon University Center
- Burns                                  800-894-1591                        - Coos Bay
Regina Cashen                                                                Mary Fields                          Southwestern Oregon - Coos Bay
541-573-5012                             Bonnie Olson                        541-888-1518
                                         541-888-7232                        Business Administration
Hermiston and Mid-Columbia -             866-801-6195
Hermiston                                                                    Mt Hood Community College -
Alejandra Pacheco                        Umatilla & Morrow Counties -        Gresham                         Pendleton                           Bob Costi
541-567-1620                             Marie Hall                
800-382-2114                                          503-491-7000
Malheur County - Ontario                 866-801-6196                        Chemeketa Community College - Salem
Michelle Rosales                                                             Peter Diffenderfer                         Union & Wallowa Counties -
541-889-7468                             La Grande                           503-365-4781
866-801-6194                             Sharon Nelson
                                                    EOU is part of the Oregon State University
                                                                             System (OUS) and is accredited by the Northwest
                                                                             Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Subject	 Course	 Title	                                                                     Credits	   Gen	Ed	   Delivery		   Location	    Dates

ANTH	    201	     Physical	Anthropology	and	Archaeology	                                    5	         SSC	      Online	      	
ANTH	    312	     Native	Peoples	of	North	America	                                          5	         	         Online	      	
ANTH	    344	     Selling	the	News	                                                         2	         SSC	      Onsite	      La	Grande	   11/14-11/15
ANTH	    356	     Language	&	Culture	                                                       5	         	         Online	      	
ANTH	    360	     Introduction	to	Archaeology	and	Prehistory	                               5	         SSC	      Online	      	
ANTH	    370	     Environment	and	Society	                                                  5	         SSC	      Online	      	
ANTH	    372	     Sex	and	Gender	                                                           5	         	         Online	      	
ANTH	    410	     Visual	Culture	&	Museums	                                                 2	         	         Onsite	      Pendleton	   10/31-11/1
ANTH	    430	     Medical	Anthropology	                                                     2	         SSC	      Onsite	      Portland	    10/17-10/18
ANTH	    435	     Oregon	Archaeology	                                                       5	         	         Online	      	
ANTH	    440	     Archaeology	and	Sustainability:	Rise	and	Fall	of	Ancient	Civilizations	   5	         	         Online	      	

	        	        Assessment	of	Prior	Learning
APEL	    390	     Assessment	of	Prior	Experiential	Learning	                                4	         	         Onsite	      Portland	    10/24-10/25
APEL	    390	     Assessment	of	Prior	Experiential	Learning	                                4	         	         Online	      	

ART	     321	     Digital	Design	                                                           5	         APC	      Online	      	
ART	     335	     Collage	as	Refuge	                                                        3	         APC	      Onsite	      Portland	    10/24-10/25

BA	      101	     Introduction	to	Business	and	the	Global	Environment	                      3	         	         Online	      	
BA	      114	     Microcomputer	Topics:	Spreadsheets	                                       1	         	         Online	      	
BA	      114	     Microcomputer	Topics:	Word	Processing	                                    1	         	         Online	      	
BA	      114	     Microcomputer	Topics:	Database	Management	                                2	         	         Online	      	
BA	      131	     Business	Data	Process	                                                    3	         	         Online	      	
BA	      211	     Financial	Accounting	                                                     4	         	         Online	      	
BA	      213	     Managerial	Accounting	                                                    4	         	         Online	      	
BA	      225	     Report	Writing	                                                           4	         UWR	      Online	      	
BA	      254	     Business	Law	                                                             4	         	         Online	      	
BA	      310	     Business	Simulation	                                                      1	         	         Onsite	      Gresham	     9/29-12/12
BA	      312	     Principles	of	Marketing	                                                  5	         	         Onsite	      Pendleton	   9/29-12/12
BA	      312	     Principles	of	Marketing	                                                  5	         	         Onsite	      Gresham	     9/29-12/12
BA	      312	     Principles	of	Marketing	                                                  5	         	         Onsite	      Salem	       9/29-12/12
BA	      312	     Principles	of	Marketing	                                                  5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      313	     Principles	of	Finance	                                                    5	         	         Onsite	      Gresham	     9/29-12/12
BA	      313	     Principles	of	Finance	                                                    5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      321	     Principles	of	Management	                                                 5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      325	     Information	Management	                                                   3	         	         Online	      	
BA	      328	     Personal	Financial	Planning	                                              5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      333	     Individual	Income	Taxation	                                               5	         UWR	      Onsite	      Gresham	     9/29-12/12
BA	      333	     Individual	Income	Taxation	                                               5	         UWR	      Online	      	
BA	      346	     E-Commerce	Strategy	                                                      3	         	         Online	      	
BA	      366	     Management	Science	                                                       5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      366	     Management	Science	                                                       5	         	         Onsite	      Gresham	     9/29-12/12
BA	      383	     Intermediate	Accounting	I	                                                5	         	         Onsite	      Gresham	     9/29-12/12

Subject	 Course	 Title	                                             Credits	   Gen	Ed	   Delivery		   Location	      Dates

BA	      383	     Intermediate	Accounting	I	                        5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      384	     Intermediate	Accounting	II	                       5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      385	     Intermediate	Accounting	III	                      5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      407	     Effective	Grant	Writing	                          2	         	         Onsite	      Baker	City	    9/29-12/12
BA	      407	     eBusiness	                                        5	         	         Onsite	      Gresham	       9/29-12/12
BA	      408	     Job	Search	Skills	                                1	         	         Online	      	
BA	      410	     Japanese	Management	                              5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      410	     Marketing	Research	                               5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      410	     Principles	of	Organizational	Communication	       3	         	         Online	      	
BA	      410	     Principles	of	Training	and	Development	           3	         	         Online	      	
BA	      419	     Advanced	Accounting	                              5	         	         Onsite	      Gresham	       9/29-12/12
BA	      419	     Advanced	Accounting	                              5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      428	     Auditing	                                         5	         UWR	      Online	      	
BA	      431	     Gaming	Marketing	                                 5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      434	     Hospitality	Law	                                  5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      438	     The	Tourism	System	                               5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      451	     Human	Resource	Management	                        5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      454	     Product	Planning	&	Development	                   3	         	         Online	      	
BA	      460	     Entrepreneurship	                                 5	         	         Onsite	      Wilsonville	   9/29-12/12
BA	      461	     Organizational	Behavior	                          5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      462	     Leaders	&	Leadership	Processes	                   5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      464	     Promotional	Strategy	                             5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      466	     Managerial	Projects	                              5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      471	     Independent	Business	Management	                  3	         	         Online	      	
BA	      484	     International	Business	                           5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      486	     International	Finance	                            5	         	         Online	      	
BA	      498	     Business	Policy	and	Strategy	                     5	         UWR	      Onsite	      Gresham	       10/4-12/12
BA	      498	     Business	Policy	and	Strategy	                     5	         UWR	      Online	      	

BIOL	    101	     Introduction	to	Biology	                          3	         SMI	      Online	      	
BIOL	    105	     Human	Biology	                                    3	         	         Online	      	
BIOL	    231	     Human	Anatomy	and	Physiology	                     4	         	         Online	      	
BIOL	    311	     Creating	A	Nature	Journal	                        2	         SMI	      Onsite	      La	Grande	     10/3-10/4
BIOL	    350	     Animal	Behavior	                                  4	         	         Online	      	

BOT	     201	     Plant	Biology	I	                                  5	         SMI	      Online	      	
BOT	     202	     Plant	Biology	II	                                 5	         SMI	      Online	      	

CHEM	    101	     Introduction	to	Chemistry	                        4	         SMI	      Onsite	      La	Grande	     9/29-12/12
CHEM	    204	     General	Chemistry	                                5	         SMI	      Onsite	      La	Grande	     9/29-12/12
CHEM	    320	     Analytical	Chemistry	                             3	         UWR	      Online	      	
CHEM	    334	     Organic	Chemistry	I	                              4	         	         Online	      	
CHEM	    338	     Organic	Chemistry	I	Lab	                          1	         	         Onsite	      La	Grande	     9/29-12/12

Subject	 Course	 Title	                                                             Credits	   Gen	Ed	     Delivery		   Location	     Dates

	        	        Early	Childhood	Educaton
ECED	    310	     Behavior	and	Guidance	of	the	Young	Child	                         3	         	           Online	      	
ECED	    310	     Growing	Child:	Birth	-	8	Yrs.	                                    3	         	           Online	      	
ECED	    310	     Literature	and	Library	for	Early	Childhood	                       3	         	           Online	      	
ECED	    320	     Child	and	Family	Literacy	I	                                      3	         UWR	        Online	      	
ECED	    330	     Early	Childhood	Development	I	                                    3	         	           Online	      	
ECED	    360	     Early	Childhood	Curriculum	and	Learning	I	                        3	         	           Online	      	
ECED	    440	     Child	and	Family	Health	II	                                       3	         	           Online	      	
ECED	    450	     Administration	in	Early	Childhood	II	                             3	         	           Online	      	
ECED	    470	     Linguistically	and	Culturally	Diverse	Young	Children	II	          3	         	           Online	      	

ECON	    201	     Principles	of	Microeconomics	                                     5	         SSC	      Online	        	
ECON	    202	     Principles	of	Macroeconomics	                                     5	         SSC,	UWR	 Online	        	
ECON	    318	     Money	and	Banking	                                                5	         	         Online

ED	      208	     Beginning	Signing	Exact	English	I	                                2	         	           Onsite	      Baker	City	   9/29-12/12
ED	      320	     Behavior	and	Discipline	                                          3	         	           Online	      	
ED	      408	     Introduction	to	Counseling:	Theory	&	Practice	                    5	         	           Online	      	

ENGL	    107	     World	Literature	I	                                               3	         AEH	        Online	      	
ENGL	    207	     Applied	Film	Criticism	                                           3	         AEH	        Online	      	
ENGL	    254	     Writers	of	the	Americas	                                          4	         AEH,	UWR	   Online	      	
ENGL	    339	     Literacy	/	Cinematic	Genres:	Detective	Fiction	&	Film	Noir	       3	         UWR	        Online	      	

	        	        Exercise	Science
EXS	     213	     Qualitative	Analysis	of	Human	Movement	                           3	         	           Online	      	
EXS	     312	     Measurement	&	Evaluation	of	Physical	Activity	&	Health	           3	         	           Online	      	
EXS	     323	     Physiology	of	Exercise	                                           4	         	           Online	      	
EXS	     440	     “Motor	Development,	Control	and	Learning”	                        3	         	           Online	      	
EXS	     444	     Adapted	Physical	Activity	                                        3	         	           Online	      	
EXS	     452	     Physical	Activity	and	Disease	Prevention	                         3	         	           Online	

	        	        Fire	Service	Administration
FSA	     307	     Emergency	Service	Delivery	                                       3	         	           Online	      	
FSA	     309	     Fire	Inspection	and	Investigation	                                3	         	           Online	      	
FSA	     311	     Principles	of	Fire	Protection	Management	                         3	         	           Online	      	
FSA	     313	     Fire	Personnel	Management	                                        3	         UWR	        Online	      	
FSA	     315	     Organization	For	Fire	Protection	                                 3	         	           Online	      	
FSA	     319	     Legal	Aspects	of	Fire	Protection	                                 3	         	           Onsite	      Portland	     10/20-10/24
FSA	     419	     Advanced	Legal	Aspects	of	Fire	Protection	                        3	         UWR	        Online	      	
FSA	     421	     Advanced	Fire	Protection	Master	Planning	                         3	         	           Online	      	

Subject	 Course	 Title	                                                            Credits	   Gen	Ed	   Delivery		   Location	     Dates

	        	        Gender	Studies
GEND	    340	     History	of	Women	and	the	Family	in	the	Pre-Industrial	Era	       5	         AEH	      Online	      	

GEOG	    105	     Introduction	to	Cultural	Geography	                              5	         SSC	      Online	      	
GEOG	    106	     Introduction	to	Physical	Geography	                              5	         SMI	      Online	      	
GEOG	    201	     Cartography	I	                                                   3	         	         Online	      	
GEOG	    306	     Cartography	II	                                                  5	         	         Online	      	
GEOG	    317	     Land	Use	and	Environmental	Planning	                             3	         	         Online	      	
GEOG	    409	     Field	Placement	                                                 1-15	      	         Online	      	
GEOG	    483	     Regional	Geography	of	North	America	                             5	         	         Online	      	

GEOL	    106	     Geology	and	Gold	Mining	in	Eastern	Oregon	                       2	         SMI	      Onsite	      Baker	City	   10/3-10/4
GEOL	    122	     Geology	of	the	John	Day	Country	                                 2	         SMI	      Online	      	
GEOL	    123	     Geology	of	the	Columbia	River	Gorge	                             2	         SMI	      Online	      	
GEOL	    124	     Geology	of	the	Oregon	Coast	                                     2	         SMI	      Online	      	

HIST	    325	     History	of	Christianity	                                         5	         	         Online	      	
HIST	    327	     Medieval	Ireland:	Land	of	Saints	and	Scholars	                   5	         	         Online	      	
HIST	    340	     History	of	Women	and	the	Family	in	the	Pre-Industrial	Era	       5	         AEH	      Online	      	
HIST	    352	     The	Sixties	                                                     5	         	         Online	      	
HIST	    444	     History	of	the	Pacific	Northwest	                                5	         	         Online	      	
HIST	    479	     History	of	Mexico	                                               5	         	         Online

HONR	    201	     Honors	Orientation	Seminar	                                      3	         	         Online	      	
HONR	    301	     Controversy	Contemp	Soc	                                         3	         MDI	      Online	      	

	        	        Health	&	Wellness	Science
HWS	     250	     Personal	Skills	for	Healthy	Living	                              3	         	         Online	      	
HWS	     298	     Health	and	Fitness	for	Life	                                     3	         	         Online	      	
HWS	     314	     Health	and	Humanities	                                           2	         	         Online	      	
HWS	     317	     Global	Health	                                                   3	         	         Online	      	
HWS	     325	     Nutrition	                                                       4	         	         Online	      	
HWS	     350	     Lifestyle	Behavior	and	Health	                                   3	         UWR	      Online	      	
HWS	     351	     Community	and	Social	Skills	for	Healthy	Living	                  3	         UWR	      Online	      	
HWS	     412	     Program	Design	and	Evaluation	in	Heath	and	Wellness	             3	         	         Online	      	
HWS	     422	     Gerontology	and	Healthy	Activities	                              2	         	         Online	      	
HWS	     423	     Aging	and	Society	                                               3	         	         Online	      	
HWS	     431	     Alcohol	and	Drug	Abuse:	Prevention	                              5	         	         Online	      	
HWS	     432	     Substance	Abuse	and	Family	Relations	                            5	         	         Online	      	
HWS	     433	     Alcohol	and	Drugs:	Use,	Misuse	and	Addiction	                    5	         	         Online	      	

Subject	 Course	 Title	                                              Credits	   Gen	Ed	     Delivery		   Location	    Dates

	        	        Library	Studies
LIB	     127	     Information	Access	                                3	         GTW	        Online	      	
LIB	     307	     Electronic	Research	Techniques	                    2	         SMI	        Online	      	

MATH	    070	     Elementary	Algebra	                                4	         	           Online	      	
MATH	    105	     Lotteries	&	Loans	                                 3	         SMI	        Online	      	
MATH	    211	     Foundations	of	Elementary	Math	I	                  4	         SMI	        Online	      	
MATH	    212	     Foundations	of	Elementary	Math	II	                 4	         SMI	        Online	      	
MATH	    213	     Foundations	of	Elementary	Math	III	                4	         SMI	        Online	      	
MATH	    239	     Survey	of	Calculus	I	                              2	         SMI	        Online	      	
MATH	    240	     Survey	of	Calculus	II	                             2	         SMI	        Online	      	

MUS	     101	     Elements	of	Music	                                 3	         APC	      Online	        	
MUS	     107	     What	to	Listen	for	in	Music	                       2	         AEH	      Online	        	
MUS	     201	     The	Language	&	Literature	of	Music	                3	         AEH,	UWR	 Online	        	

	        	        Physical	Education	&	Sport
PES	     131	     Foundations	of	Physical	Activity	and	Health	       2	         	           Online	      	
PES	     270	     History,	Philosophy	&	Ethics	of	Sport	             3	         	           Online	      	
PES	     294	     Teaching	Team	Sports	                              3	         	           Online	      	
PES	     365	     Football	Coaching	and	Officiating	                 3	         	           Online	      	
PES	     366	     Basketball	Coaching	and	Officiating	               3	         	           Online	      	
PES	     367	     Baseball	Coaching	and	Officiating	                 3	         	           Online	      	
PES	     371	     Soccer	Coaching	and	Officiating	                   3	         	           Online	      	
PES	     372	     Tennis	Coaching	and	Officiating	                   3	         	           Online	      	
PES	     373	     Golf	Coaching	and	Officiating	                     3	         	           Online	      	
PES	     407	     Aging	                                             1	         	           Online	      	
PES	     410	     Sports	Science	Concepts	                           3	         	           Online	      	
PES	     410	     Healthy	Male	Development	in	Adolescence	           5	         	           Online	      	
PES	     410	     Healthy	Female	Development	in	Adolescence	         5	         	           Online	      	

PHIL	    101	     Self,	World	and	God	                               5	         AEH,	UWR	   Online	      	
PHIL	    102	     Ethics,	Politics	and	Law	                          5	         AEH,	UWR	   Online	      	
PHIL	    320	     Philosophy	of	Religion	                            5	         AEH,	UWR	   Online	      	
PHIL	    321	     Buddhism	                                          5	         AEH	        Online	      	
PHIL	    323	     Yoga	Philosophy	                                   2	         AEH	        Onsite	      Lincoln	City	 10/11-10/12

PHYS	    201	     General	Physics	                                   4	         SMI	        Online	      	
PHYS	    202	     General	Physics	                                   4	         SMI	        Online	

Subject	 Course	 Title	                                            Credits	   Gen	Ed	     Delivery		   Location	    Dates

	        	        Political	Science
POLS	    101	     American	National	Government	                    5	         SSC,	UWR	 Online	        	
POLS	    340	     Politics	and	Media	                              5	         SSC,	UWR	 Online	        	
POLS	    351	     Public	Administration	                           5	         SSC	      Online	

PSY	     201	     General	Psychology	                              4	         SSC	        Online	      	
PSY	     202	     General	Psychology	                              4	         SSC	        Online	      	
PSY	     231	     Human	Sexuality	                                 3	         SSC	        Online	      	
PSY	     321	     Stress	and	Disease	                              3	         SMI	        Onsite	      Portland	    11/14-11/15
PSY	     321	     Stress	and	Disease	                              3	         SMI	        Online	      	
PSY	     327	     Statistics	and	Experimental	Design	              5	         SMI	        Online	      	
PSY	     335	     Principles	of	Cognitive	Psychology	              5	         SMI,	UWR	   Online	      	
PSY	     343	     Principles	of	Learning	                          5	         	           Online	      	
PSY	     370	     Theories	of	Personality	                         5	         UWR	        Online	      	
PSY	     410	     Family	Systems	Theory	and	Therapy	               5	         	           Online	      	
PSY	     442	     Neuropsychology	                                 5	         	           Online	      	

SCI	     101	     Scientific	Methods	                              4	         SMI,	UWR	 Online	        	
SCI	     221	     Introduction	to	Astronomy	                       3	         SMI	      Online	

SOC	     204	     General	Sociology:	Introduction	                 5	         SSC,	UWR	   Online	      	
SOC	     306	     Social	Psychology	                               5	         UWR	        Online	      	
SOC	     315	     Foundations	for	Social	Welfare	                  5	         	           Online	      	
SOC	     338	     Sociology	of	Families	                           5	         UWR	        Online	      	
SOC	     344	     Selling	the	News	                                2	         SSC	        Onsite	      La	Grande	   11/14-11/15
SOC	     370	     Environment	and	Society	                         5	         SSC	        Online	      	

SPAN	    107	     First	Year	Spanish	I	                            4	         AEH	        Online	      	
SPAN	    108	     First	Year	Spanish	II	                           4	         AEH	        Online	      	
SPAN	    109	     First	Year	Spanish	III	                          4	         AEH	        Online	      	
SPAN	    207	     Second	Year	Spanish	I	                           4	         AEH	        Online	      	
SPAN	    310	     Basic	Writing	for	the	Bilingual:	Spanish	        4	         	           Online	      	
SPAN	    338	     Culture	and	Civilization	of	Spain	               3	         SSC	        Online	

Subject	 Course	 Title	                                                         Credits	   Gen	Ed	     Delivery		   Location	    Dates

SPCH	    111	     Interpersonal	Communications	                                 3	         GTW	        Online	      	
SPCH	    112	     Fundamentals	of	Public	Speaking	                              3	         GTW	        Online	      	
SPCH	    325	     Intercultural	Communication	                                  2	         AEH	        Onsite	      Portland	    11/7-11/8
SPCH	    329	     Performance	Communication:	Motivating	Others	                 3	         AEH	        Onsite	      Salem	       10/31-11/8
SPCH	    330	     Are	you	listening	                                            3	         AEH	        Onsite	      La	Grande	   10/10-10/11
SPCH	    340	     Interviewing	Strategies	&	Skills	                             3	         AEH	        Online	      	
SPCH	    347	     Communication	at	the	End	of	Life	                             2	         AEH	        Onsite	      Salem	       10/24-10/25

	        	        Social	Science
SSCI	    145	     Survival	Skills	for	Distance	Learners	                        2	         	           Online	      	
SSCI	    407	     Job	Search	Skills	                                            1	         	           Online	      	

STAT	    311	     Principles	of	Statistics	I	                                   2	         SMI	        Online	      	
STAT	    312	     Principles	of	Statistics	II	                                  2	         SMI	        Online	      	
STAT	    327	     Statistics	and	Experimental	Design	                           5	         SMI	        Online	      	

	        	        Theatre	Arts
THEA	    212	     Introduction	to	Theatre:	Production	                          3	         APC	        Online	      	
THEA	    214	     Introduction:	Dramatic	Literature	                            3	         APC	        Online	      	
THEA	    267	     Technical	TA:	Makeup	                                         3	         APC	        Online	      	
THEA	    310	     History	of	Western	Dress	                                     3	         APC	        Online	      	
THEA	    344	     Costume	Design	                                               3	         APC	        Online	      	
THEA	    360	     Playwriting	For	The	Stage	                                    3	         APC,	UWR	   Onsite	      Salem	       10/10-10/11

WR	      241	     Introduction	to	Imaginative	Writing	(Poetry)	                 3	         APC	      Online	        	
WR	      243	     Screenwriting	Fundamentals:	Introduction	to	Screenwriting	    3	         APC	      Online	        	
WR	      320	     Professional	Writing	                                         3	         APC,	UWR	 Online

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This schedule of classes is published to give you current information about Eastern Oregon University’s distance learning opportuni-
ties. Every effort is made to ensure that this information is accurate at the time of publication. However, sometimes it is necessary to
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