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                                     Tender Notice

Sealed tenders duly affixed with Rs.5/- revenue stamps are invited from Registered
contractors of Kashmir Valley/Jammu, who are having sales tax Registration certificate/
Registered with State Labour Department/ Running canteen License from Municipality
Council Srinagar/Jammu, on printed stationary with proper seal and signature for running
the three Students Messes w..e.f. 01.03.2009 to December,2009.

Tenders accompanied with CDR for an amount shown in the tender documents against
each Mess pledged to the Staff Advisor (Mess) N.I.T. Srinagar, showing Mess Charges
per student per month inclusive of service charges, taxes etc should reach to the office of
the undersigned by or before 31.01.2009(Saturday) up to 2.00P.M.and tender will be
opened on the same day at the office of the Staff Advisor (Mess) by the
purchase committee. The Institution reserves the right to accept or reject any or all
tenders in full or in part without assigning any reason thereof.

Tender documents can be obtained from the office of the undersigned against a bank
receipt of mess saving account No. 1006/SB at J&K Bank N.I.T/REC. Srinagar for non-
refundable amount of Rs.500/- on all working days between 10.30 A.M. to 4.00P.M.
from 19.01.2009 to 29.01 2009 and detailed information is also available at Institute web
Contact Nos. M(9858705067/ 9205048534/

                                                      (Dr. A.H. Bhat)
                                                       Staff Advisor (Mess)
No: NIT/Mess/09/          DT: 16.01.2009
                      TECHNOLOGY SRINAGAR.

                                                                    Total No. of Pages- 07
                                                                       Cost Rs. 500/-only.

                                   Tender Documents

                                                            Bank Receipt No:__________
                                                           Dated:    ________________

Issued to M/S;

Terms and Conditions:

   1.   Amount of CDR for Indus Mess = Rs. 1,00,000/- for more than 300 Students.
        Amount of CDR for Chinab Mess = Rs. 90,000/- for 250 Students
        Amount of CDR for Girls Mess  = Rs. 30,000/- for about 100 Students.

   1. The period of contract will be w.e.f. 01.03.2009 to 31.12.2009 or end of academic
      section 2009..
   2. Tenders not accompanied with the required amount of fresh CDR will not be
   3. Tenders not written on printed stationary of the firm, and not duly signed with
       stamp will not be entertained.
   4. The tenders of the suppliers already blacklisted will not be entertained.
   5. Incomplete and conditional tenders will not be entertained.
   6. Tenders must reach to the mess office by Registered post or personally by hand
       (sealed). No tenders will be entertained beyond the expiry of the due date and
       time i.e. by or before 31.01.2009 up to 2.00 P.M.
   7. Tenders will be opened on 31.01.2009 at 2.30 P.M. in the office of the Staff
       Advisor, Students Mess by the Purchase Committee.
   8. If 31.01.2009 happens to be a non-working day, the tenders will be received and
       opened on the next working day at the same time.
   9. Tenders not accompanied with the valid Municipal Corporation Council
       certificate, sales tax certificate and VAT clearance certificate of the firm will not
       be entertained.
   10. Tenders of firm registered in the name of the employee of the State or Central
       Government or Autonomous Bodies will not be entertained.
   11. Tender documents are non-transferable.
   12. All quoted rates shall be written legible both in the figures as well as in words
       without cutting and over-writings according to menu of different messes.
   13. Tenderers shall quote their rates only per Student per month inclusive of Service
       Charges etc.
14. No escalation in the quoted rates will be allowed in any case under any
15. The rates quoted shall be inclusive of all taxes, Service Charges etc.
16. “Tenders for the Mess --------must be legibly written on the top of the sealed
    envelop containing tenders.

17. CDR of the successful contractor will be released only after the successful
    completion of the contract.
18. Before a formal contract order is placed with the successful contractor, he/she has
    to submit an undertaking duly sworn before a First Class Judicial Magistrate for
    the fulfillment of the contract under the terms and conditions stipulated in the
19. The Staff Advisor Mess reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders
    in full or in parts without assigning any reason thereof if they deem so necessary
    or proper.

20. The Successful Contractor (hereafter called contractor) has to prepare food in the
    allotted mess kitchen and he has to provide services at the table in the dinning
21. The successful Contractor (hereafter called contractor) has to bring alive male
    sheep to the mess stores and after inspection by the Mess Committee members
    and Mess officers on spot, slaughtering, weighing of the dressed meat without
    liver, stomach will be accepted.
22. The successful contractor (hereafter called contractor) has to bring alive chicken
    broiler of weight from 1.5kgs to 1.7kgs. to the mess stores and after inspection by
    the mess committee members on spot slaughtering is to be done.
23. The successful contractor (hereafter called Contractor) has to bring standard type
    brand commodities for preparation/service as per our Annexure-I and the
    inspection for the same will be done from time to time by the officers nominated
    by the Director, in case other than specified mentioned brand are brought in the
    mess, the action will be initiated on the recommendation of the Committee.
24. The Utensils for services and preparation will be arranged directly by the
    Contractor, however existing utensils in the mess will be provided to the
    contractor subject to giving mutually agreed concession in the monthly bill to the
    Students. More-over gas baties and some available equipment will be provided
    by the Institute Management against proper receipt and in case any
    services/repairs or AMC(Annual/monthly Maintaince contract) required for
    equipments will be arranged directly by the contractor.
25. The Water, Electricity and sufficient available space in each unit will be provided
    by the Institute against reasonable charges on monthly basis to be agreed upon by
    the parties which will be deducted from their monthly payment.
26. The successful contractor has to produce list of the students who have availed
    messing facilities during the month along with the bill of every month duly
    verified by the Mess Secretary and Mess Officers as nominated by the Institute
    for payments in the mess office before 10th of every month.
27. The Students who avail ‘leave’ during the session will be entitled for rebate of
    Rs. 25/- per day. The rebate in a month will be minimum for 3 days and
    maximum 20 days.
28. The Successful Contractor has to provide meals strictly as per menu shown in the
    annexure-II, In case due to hartal or non-availability of some items of the menu
    on the date the same will be provided on the next day in addition to the normal
    menu items. Seasonal vegetable be provided as per the availability in the market
    and more-over if there will be any compliant regarding the quality of food, the
    charges of the same meal will be deducted from the final bill of the contractor.
29. The Empty LPG Cylinders will be provided by the Institute against security
    deposit of Rs.1000/- per cylinders.
30. Any clarification with regard to quantity, quality, brand or any other thing with
    regard to contract can be obtained from the Mess Office.
31. In the event of sub standard quality of food/services, the contractor will be
    wholly and solely responsible for any financial or material loss or damage which
    may result due to the occurrence of such problems. The penalty will be imposed
    that the Staff Advisor Mess may deem necessary or proper.
32. In the event of supply of a sub-standard quality of food preparation/ service by
    the contractor, not conforming with the quantity/quality/size/make/brand etc.
    mentioned in the contract order list, the contractor will be held responsible and
    penalty will be imposed that the Staff Advisor Mess may deem necessary and
33. The Successful Contractor has to arrange supply directly.
34. The successful contract has to arrange AMC (Annual Maintaince Contract) with
    the concerned agency directly of water purifiers in the mess, which are already
    installed in the messes by the Institute.
35. The successful contractor has to extend same facilities to the new batch of 2009
    at the approved rates from the month of July 2009 for more than 330 students, if
    the same is desired by the Institute.
36. A Committee of officers which will be nominated by the Director, NIT Srinagar
    will have full powers to conduct examination of kitchen and other edible
    materials to ensure proper hygienic conditions, quality of food and verifying that
    edible, vegetables and non-vegetable items used are fresh and in good condition.
    Their findings will be binding on the service provider.
37. If the successful contractor fails to fulfill or abide by any of the term and
    conditions laid down herein or stipulated in the supply order, his/her CDR will be
    confiscated with the Students Mess besides imposing any other penalty that the
    purchase committee may deem necessary and proper under law.
38. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Courts of Srinagar only.

                                                            Staff Advisor (Mess)
S.No. Name of the Commodity          Brand/ Quantity        Remarks.
01     Rice Basmati                  Sharbati ( A Grade )   Golden coin/
                                     20kgs pack             Comodo/AA
02    Rice                           Kashmirie
03    Wheat flour( Raugh Atta)       Khyber/Amer/Apple
04    Wheat flour ( superfine)       Kyber/Amer/Apple
05    Wheat flour (Maida )           Khyber/Amer/Apple
06    Vegetable Ghee                 Dalda 1 ltr. pack
07    Mustord oil                    Peer 15kgs tin.
08    Refind Oil                     Dhara .
09    Milk Powder                    Verka/sifty
10.   Sugar                          Indian
11.   Butter                         Amul
12.   Biscuts                        Krackjack/Sun feast
13.   Desi Ghee                      Khyber/sifty
14.   Tea Leaves                     Red Label/Taj/Tata
15.   Jam                            Bhutan/Kissan/Tops .
16.   Salt                           Tata/Annapurna
17.   Salt tea                       Kanda gori
18.   Mushroom Button            850 gm per tin             Golden crown
19    Tomato Sauce               (Kissan)
20    Sodium Bicarbonate         Horse brand/kg.
21    Nutry nugget               Nestle 200grms pack
22    Basin                      Rajdhani per kg.
23    Tomato puri                800/850grms tin pack
24    Coffie                     Nestle 100grms pack
25    Castord                    Nestle 500grms pack
26    Sevayann                   Nestle per dozen
27    Chilly powder              Kanwal Anantnag brand
28    Termeric powder            ---------do-------
29    Caraway (Zeera)            Kashmirie per kg.
30    Pickle Mixed/Mango         Delhi made
31    Meat Masala                BMC/Rehmat 50grms
32    Chick pea Masala         ---------do------
33    Chicken Masala           ---------do------
34    Rajmash Masala           ---------do------
35    Samber Powder            ---------do------
36    Kasturi Methi            ---------do------

37    Suji                     Rajdhani per kg.
38    Pine apple sliced        850grms per tin pack         Golden crown
39    Potassium per magnate    400grms pack
40    Washing powder           Wheel

41    Rajmash Gram              Kashmirie Per kg

42    Mutton                    Male sheep with out
                                liver, heart &

43    Chicken                   Broiler( 1.5 to1.7
                                kg) with out Liver
                                and stomach
44     Cheese                   Kashmirie per kg.

45.   Bread Loaf (700 grms)   Montana/J.N.Sons/Mougal
                              Darbar/Jan Bakers.

                                          Staff Advisor (Mess)

Day           Breakfast                  Lunch                      Dinner
Monday        Veg.paties(2) with         Bindi Tomoto/Palak+        Veg:- Paneer Burji +
              sauce+tea                  Dal Channa(W) +Rice        Dal Rajmash+Rice
                                         Basmati                    Basmati +Roti(2) +
                                         (sharbati)+Salad           Pine apple(1pc).
                                                                    Non-Veg:- Chicken
                                                                    (1/8th) +Rice Basmati
                                                                    + Pine apple(1)
Tuesday       Samosa(2) with sauce+      Loki + Dal Mash(S) +       Nadroo Dal/Palak +
              Tea                        Curd+ Rice Basmati         Rice Basmati
                                                                    +Chapati (2)+ Dal
                                                                    Mong(s) + Ice Cream
                                                                    of Rs.5/-
Wednesday Kashmirie Roti (2)             Aloo Tomoto+ Mixed         Veg:- Shahi Paneer +
          +Butter/Jam +Tea               Dal +Curd + Mango          Rajmash Dal + Roti
                                         pickle.                    (2) + Halwa
                                                                    Non-Veg:- Chicken
                                                                    (1/8th ) + Rice
                                                                    Basmati + Halwa.
Thursday      Aloo Parantha (2) +        Bangan tomato/Mixed        Palak Panner + Rice
              Mango pickle+ Tea          veg.+ Dal Channa(w) +      Basmati + Roti (2) +
                                         Rice Basmati+ Salad +      Kheer.
Friday        Bread toast(4 pcs) with    Phoolgobi (fried)+ Dal     Dham Aloo + Mixed
              Butter/Jam + Fresh         Rajmash+ Curd+ Pickle      Dal + Chapati (2)+
              Milk (01 glass)            + Rice Basmati             Rice Basmati +
                                                                    Rasgola (1) of 50
Saturday      Kashmirie Roti (2) +       Khichdi (Basmati) +        Paneer Tomoto+ Dal
              Omlate/Butter/Jam+         Curd + Pickle Mango        Channa(w)+ Rice
              Tea                                                   Basmati Rice + Roti
                                                                    (2) + Rasmalie (01)
Sunday        Aloo Parantha(2) +         Veg. Buryani +Dal          N-Veg:- Egg Curry(1)
              Pickle + Tea               Rajmash Salad              +Dal Rajmash+ Rice
                                         (carrot,lemon,onion,       Basmati + Lassi (1
                                         Radish) + Pickle           pack)
                                                                    Veg: Mushroom +
                                                                    Dal Rajmash+ Rice
                                                                    Basmati + Lassi (1pk)

Note: Seasonal Vegetable will be provided subject to the availability in the market.

              (CONTRACTORS) FOR THE CONTRACT 2008-09.
DAY          BREAKFAST              LUNCH                       DINNER
Monday       Veg.paties(2) with     Aloo Palak + Aarhar Dal     Non-veg:- Chicken
             sauce + Tea            (fried)+ Rice Basmati       (1/4th) + Basmati
                                    (Sharabti)   +     Salad    Rice+Kheer
                                    (Lemon,carrot,radish)+      Veg:- Zeera Rice +Aloo
                                    curd.                       gobi(fried)+Rajmash
                                                                Dal+Roti(2)+ Kheer
Tuesday      Chola puri             Mixed veg.(gobi,carrot,     Cholamasala (fried)
             (3)/Biscuts (CJ)+      mutter,shimla mirch) +      with cheese (un-fried) +
             Tea                    Channa Dal (w) + Salad      Rice Basmati + Dal
                                    + Basmati Rice+ Curd.       Mong (s) + Roti (2)
Wednesday Plain parantha (2)        Green Mutter with Aloo      Non-Veg:Chicken(1/4th)
          Zeera Aloo + Tea          + Mixed Dal +Salad+         +Rice Basmati+
                                    Curd.                       Sawaiyan
                                                                Veg:- Palak Paneer +
                                                                Zeera Rice + Rajmash
                                                                Dal+ Roti (2) +
Thursday     Bread Pokoda (3        Vegitable Buryani +         Zeera Rice + Channa
             bread Slice)+ Tea      Rajmash Dal + Salad         Dal +Aloo Palak+
                                                                Kheer + Roti (2)
Friday       Roti (2) & Nutri +     Loki+ Dal Arhar (fried)     Non Veg:- Mutton (100
             Tea                    +Rice Basmati + Salad +     grms pc un cooked) +
                                    Curd.                       Rice Basmati
                                                                Veg:- Aloo gobi (fried)
                                                                + Aloo Parantha (1) +
                                                                Rajmash dal +Rice
                                                                Basmati + gulab
Saturday     Bread Omlate (4        Shimla Mirch with           Mixed Veg. + Mixed
             slice)/ Bread toast    tomato + Rice Basmati +     Dal + Zeera Rice + Roti
             with butter/Jam +      Cholla (fried) + Salad+     (2).
             Tea                    Curd.
Sunday       Aloo Parantha (2) +    Veg. Buryani + dal           Aloo gravy with tomoto
             Pickle + Tea           Rajmash+ Salad               + Egg fried(1)/Butter +
                                                                 Rice Basmati + banana
                                                                 or Orange or apple (1).
Note: Seasonal vegetables will be provided subject to the availability in the market.

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