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									           University of California, Santa Barbara
               School Psychology Program

              2020 Doctoral Scholars Initiative
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the program?
Each year a cohort of 6-10 students is admitted to the UCSB School
Psychology program. Given that some students are pursuing PhDs
and others MEds, the total number of school psychology students on
campus during a given year is typically 20-30.

Is it a full-time program?
Yes, the UCSB doctoral program is a full-time program.

Is it possible to work part-time during the program?
Yes, most students in the program work between 10 and 20 hours
each week. Many are employed as graduate research assistants and
some do work in the local schools.

How many years are anticipated for a student with a masters
degree (or two years of coursework) to complete the program?
The program residency requirement is two years and we anticipate
that most students would complete the necessary coursework,
comprehensive exam, dissertation proposal, writing of dissertation,
and dissertation defense during the two years and then complete an
internship during the third year. Some students may choose to be at
UCSB for three years to complete the requirements delineated
above, then complete their internship year during a fourth year.

Who are optimal candidates for the program?
Individuals who aspire to pursue academic, research, and leadership
positions are optimal candidates for the program. The UCSB school
psychology faculty are committed to providing mentoring to prepare
graduates to excel as scholars in University positions.
Is any of the program accomplished via distance learning?
No, due to the nature of the doctoral scholars preparation, courses
are completed in residence at UCSB.

What is meant by underrepresented groups?
Half of the doctoral scholars will be individuals currently
underrepresented in school psychology among doctoral scholars.
This includes African-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos/Latinas, Native
Americans, Alaskan Natives, Pacific Islanders, Asian Americans,
individuals with disabilities, and females, among others.

What courses will count toward the doctoral requirements?
Courses meeting NASP approved credential standards are each
counted toward the completion of doctoral requirements.

What is the cost of tuition and fees at UCSB?
For residents of California the total tuition and fees (including health
insurance) is $9,100 each year (as of 2006).

Is financial support available?
All doctoral students in the program receive some financial support
during their doctoral studies. There are multiple sources of possible
support, including; block grant funds, research assistant funds,
teaching assistant funds, various fellowships, as well as student loan
programs. For students who seek to become faculty in the California
State University Programs, there is an opportunity to apply to the
forgivable loan program for doctoral studies:
Through the Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive/Forgivable Loan
Program (CDI/FLP), the California State University (CSU) provides
financial assistance in the form of a student loan to a limited number
of individuals pursuing doctoral degrees. The program seeks to
provide loans to doctoral students who are interested in applying and
competing for CSU instructional faculty positions after completion of
the doctoral degree.

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