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					                                                        Face to Face Training                                   IT Tuesdays
        IT Training Opportunities
                                                        Trainings offered as face-to-face half or full-day      New this year - IT Tuesdays will pick up where Fri-
          Fall 2008 - Spring 2009
                                                        workshops. Full details of topics being offered are     day Online leaves off. We will be offering a series
                                                        listed in the Learning Opportunities Catalog.1          of IT-related topics on the second Tuesday of each
                          It’s a new training           Example agendas for topics are available upon           month beginning in September. A full listing of top-
                          season and we are             request. Requests to schedule face-to-face trainings    ics and details can be found at
                          excited     about      the    should be submitted using the online form found at
                          opportunities we have
                          to offer this upcoming                                                                IT Tuesday Topics:
                                                        Topics covered:                                            • Create superior newsletters with Publisher ‘07
                          year. We have worked
                                                          • PowerPoint                                             • Manipulate & use graphics in Publisher ‘07
                          t o      b u i l d        a
                                                          • Excel                                                  • Add audio to PowerPoint with Camtasia 5
                          comprehensive            IT
                                                          • Publisher                                              • Custom labels and mail merge in Word ‘07
                          Training road map that
                                                          • Centra                                                 • Backup your PC with SyncBack
                          offers    face-to-face/
                                                          • GroupWise                                              • Master the basics of Access ‘07
                          hands-on        training
                          workshops as well as
                          m a n y       o n l i n e
opportunities. We are working to revamp our
                                                        The IT Toolbox
newsletter and bring back the helpful tips focus        The IT Toolbox blog provides tips, tricks and the
                                                        latest techie scoop aimed at “Do ‘IT’ Yourself”         Learning Opportunities Catalog
of that publication. Another part of this road
map is to develop a one-stop-shop for all IT-           support. The blog will be updated regularly. Readers    We’ve mentioned the Learning Opportunities
related learning resources on the IT Website.           can subscribe using RSS for automatic notification of   Catalog (LOC) a few times in this brochure. Many
And finally, to help make the process of                updates. Visit   aren’t familiar with this useful resource (or even
scheduling your training workshops easier, we                                                                   know what it is). The LOC is an online resource that
are setting up an online request form. This form                                                                lists all learning opportunities for IT Training (online,
can be used to request specific dates for topics        Friday Online                                           face-to-face, and other resources).           The LOC
listed or to request other topics not on the list.      Friday Online sessions begin                            evolved out of the YesPDS Competency Model.
                                                        September 5, 2008. IT related                           Please take a moment to check it out and familiarize
In building this training road map, we ran across       topics will be the focus for the                        yourself with the resources available.
some sites that have been under-utilized in the         first seven sessions. Following                         Go to for full details about
past and have reincorporated them. One of               the IT set of topics will be a                          upcoming learning opportunities.
these resources is the Learning Opportunities           section of sessions related to
Catalog. We hope the Learning Opportunities             eLearning. For the full Friday Online schedule, go to   Please contact Jill Hughson or Jeffrey SoRelle if
Catalog will become an indispensable part of            the full list found at    you have any questions.
your IT Training planning process.          More
                                                        IT Related Friday Online Topics:
information about the Learning Opportunities
                                                           • Differences between Word and WordPerfect
Catalog follows later in the brochure.
                                                           • Upgrading to Office 2007
Please contact Jeffrey SoRelle or Jill Hughson             • Getting the most out of GroupWise Calendar
for any questions you may have related to your             • Creating forms with Acrobat Pro 8 & 9
IT training needs.                                         • Presentations that pack a punch!
                                                           • Master the basics of MS Excel
                                                           • Capture it with Camtasia!

         Reference Links                    Contact Us

                                       IT Training Coordinators
Learning Opportunities Catalog:                         Jeffrey SoRelle           Information
                                            (325) 653-4578            Technology
                                                                  Training Road Map
                                              Jill Hughson                2009
IT Training Request Form:                 (979) 845-9689

                                          IT Training Team
Friday Online Schedule:
                                             Pete Flores

                                            Weldon Floyd

IT Tuesdays:                                  Steve Paz
                                            Greg Thomas

                                           Aimee Sandifeer

IT Website:                                  Jim Segers

                                                                  IT Training Opportunities
IT Toolbox:
                                                                   Fall 2008 - Spring 2009