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					                                      Bring the Best Business
                                      Content to Your Course Pack

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To help you develop the most relevant XanEdu CoursePack for your next term, here are five of the most popular
Harvard Business School cases of 2005 from some of the most popular business disciplines. Thousands more are
available in nearly every business topic.

MARKETING                                   ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR
                                            AND LEADERSHIP                                HOW TO GET STARTED:
• The Black and Decker Corporation (A):
  Power Tools Division by Robert J. Dolan   • Charlotte Beers at Ogilvy & Mather
  (Case #595057)                              Worldwide (A) by Herminia Ibarra and        CALL: Call 800-218-5971 to speak
• Barco Projection Systems (A): Worldwide     Nicole Sackley (Case #495031)                     with a representative about
  Niche Marketing by Rowland T. Moriarty    • Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau-Hellas A.E.         XanEdu’s products and services.
  Jr. and Krista McQuade (Case #591133)       (A) by John J. Gabarro (Case #498045)
• Citibank: Launching The Credit Card In    • Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley (A)            EMAIL: Email
  Asia Pacific (A) by V. Kasturi Rangan       by M. Diane Burton (Case #498054)
  (Case #595026)                            • Karen Leary (A) by Linda A. Hill and        VISIT: Login to
• TiVo by Luc Wathieu and Michael Zoglio      Jaan Elias (Case #487020)                          for full-text access to these
  (Case #501038)                            • Erik Peterson (A) by John J. Gabarro               and other cases from Harvard
• Calyx & Corolla by Walter J. Salmon         (Case #494005)                                     Business School and our many
  & David Wylie (Case #592035)
                                                                                                 other premier business publishers.
                                            FINANCE                                              Only XanEdu can provide you
HUMAN RESOURCES                                                                                  access to the largest online
                                                                                                 collection of business cases.
MANAGEMENT                                  • Marriott Corporation: The Cost of Capital
                                              (Abridged) by Richard S. Ruback
• Nordstrom: Dissension in the Ranks? (A)     (Case #289047)
  by Robert L. Simons & Hilary A. Weston    • American Home Products Corp. by
  (Case #191002)                              David W. Mullins Jr. (Case #283065)
• Cirque Du Soleil by Thomas J. DeLong      • Clarkson Lumber Company by
  and Vineeta Vijayaraghavan                  Thomas R. Piper (Case #297028)
  (Case #403006)                            • Netscape’s Initial Public Offering by
• General Dynamics: Compensation and          W. Carl Kester & Kendall Backstrand
                                                                                          part of
  Strategy (A) by Kevin J. Murphy and         (Case #296088)                              National Archive
  Jay Dial (Case #494048)                   • Cooper Industries, Inc. by                  Publishing Company

• People Express (A) by Leonard A.            Thomas R. Piper (Case #274116)
  Schlesinger & Debra Whitestone
  (Case #483103)