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									                   TRAKYA UNIVERSITY

                      Central Library

Common Knowledge                       CENTRAL LIBRARY
Personnel                                   BULLETIN
Work Hours                           T.U. SCIENTIFIC EDITION
Announcements                              CATALOGUE
Thesis                               OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER
Online Database                    INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC
Catalogue Search                   EDITIONS ENCOURAGEMENT
Electronic Reviews                     PROGRAMME (UBYT)
Periodical Editions
Using Conditions
New Coming Books
Library Policy
Other Libraries

NAME AND SURNAME        DUTY                          ELEKTRONİC POST

Ender BİLAR             The Head of Department
Behice BULUT            Office Manager
Burçin KURTBAŞ          Secretary
Expert (Librarian)
Bahattin DEMİRELLİ      Technical Services
Expert (Librarian)
Tülin ÖZÇELİK           Technical Services
Expert Ferihan ATASOY   Lending Services
Reyhan BAVKIR           Information Services
İlknur ÖZDEMİR          Periodical Editions Service
Nazan ELDURMAZ          Catalogue Service
Nurdan ISLATTI          Catalogue Service
Fatma DURAN             Document Record
Selahattin BAĞCIK       Assistant Services
Tülay KÖKKUŞ            Assistant Services
       Inguiry forms which are prepared for concerning to the using of Central Library by
Library and Documentation Department Presidency are sent to Rectorship office by

                                INQUIRY RESULTS

       Our Department Presidency getting to present the information as a purpose to our
academic members and students with the best and the last technological developments of
today, by means of that purpose, began to membership test period of online database. In
addition to this, by performing membership works of 78 printed periodic edition of ISI,
EBSCOmed databases for 2001, they are presented to our user’s service.

       Introduction Film of Central Library was prepared by the cooperation of Trakya
Univercity Library and Documentation Department Presidency and Information Operation
Department Presidency in the surroundings of oryantasyon plan in 1999. The film was
presented to first class students with a programme in Türkan Sabancı Culture Center in 2000-
2001 education and instruction period, and it was shown to our instructors in faculty and
college academic committees and the information about these works was given.

        A programme was prepared for the celebrations of 37th Library Week which was
congratulated on 26th March 2001 and 01st April 2001 with the cooperation of Turk
Librarians Club Edirne Branch on 29th March 2001 in Türkan Sabancı Culture Center. In this
programme, a conference was presented whose subject is “ Sphericalness and Türkiye” with
the participation of Prof. Dr. Emre Kongar. At the end of the conference, Mr. Kongar signed
his books to his readers. The remembrance day for Necati Cumalı was prepared in the extent
of Trakya University 8th Culture-Art and 18th Sport Festival with the Presidency of Library
and Documentation Department and the students of Librarianship section on 22nd May 2001
and Sami Karaören who is both journalist and author was invited as speaker to remembrance
day. At the end of the conference, a book exhibition consisting Necati Cumalı’s books was

       “Trakya University Library and Documentation Department Presidency Central
Library Introduction Brochure” was printed in our university’s printing which introduces
Library and Documentation Department Presidency Central Library’s works. Someone who
wants to get the brochure, can have it from Department Presidency without payment.

       Library and Documentation Department Editions are nine now. The 9th edition whose
name is “Trakya University Central Library Periodic Publications Catalogue” was prepared to
publish by Expert Librarian Bahattin DEMİRALLİ, Nazan ELDURMAZ, Nurdan ISLATTI.
Someone who wants to get the edition can have from Department Presidency without
payment. The edition contains the alphabetical cast of periodic editions.
                                        THE THESIS
Natural Sciences Institution

      Doctorate
             *Garden Plants
             *Keeping Plant
             *Food Engineering
             *Machine Engineering
             *Çorlu Machine Engineering
             *Computer Engineering
             *Agriculture Economy
             *Agriculture Machines
             *Agricultural Structures and Irrigation
             *Field Plants

      Master
                *Garden Plants
                *Keeping Plant
                *Food Engineering
                *Machine Engineering
                *Çorlu Machine Engineering
                *Computer Engineering
                *Agriculture Economy
                *Agriculture Machines
                *Agricultural Structures and Irrigation
                *Field Plants

      Health Sciences Institution

      Social Sciences Institution


        Reference and Enformasyon services help to researchers and users in the operations of
benefiting from library, source, bibliography and abstract edition scrutinizing and make user

PHOTOCOPY SERVİCE: Printed materials’ photocopy in Central Library is taken with
payment according to Concilation Law.


        You can reach Periodic Editions registered in Central Library coming to the
registering search menu from Catalogue Scrutinize and from edition sort alternative by
marking SY (Periodic Edition)

Basic Collection:

       Library basic collection is classified according to Dewey ten arranging system and is
represented to users with open shelf system.

Internet Terminals:

       Users can benefit from computers being in Reading Hall as scientific in Central

Computer and Internet Room:

        Computer and Internet Room is in Central Library which students will be able to use.
In this room, it is given that thesis, scrutinizing, edition scrutinizing from computer, the
service of document of printer from own disc and by using CD.
        These services are given with a certain payment.


        The giving services of ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and ISNN
(International Standard Periodic Edition Number) to prited editions in university are
performed by the Precidency of Library and Documentation Department.


    Local: It is provided that scrutinizing of national thesis and their photocopy from
    Foundation of Higher Education Documentation and International Knowledge
    Scrutinizing Center.

    *With the helping of ULAKBİM connected to TÜBİTAK, it is provided that borrowed
    book and article photocopy from Periodic Editions and another all university libraries
 Abroad: All kind of article photocopy is provided with payment from The British
 Library Supply Center in England with the helping of Hacettepe University, The British

                         PERIODICAL EDITIONS
                  OBES (Common Document Providing)

                            ONLINE DATABASE
                       SUBSCRIBED DATABASE
                             USING CONDITIONS


  a. Academic, Administrative personnel, retired instructors and registered students into
     university can be member of library.
  b. Students can apply to Library and Documentation Department Presidency for
     membership in the beginning of every period.
  c. Students being member have to approve their library cards in the beginning of term.
  d. Student who lose the library identity card in the mid of the term which she the will
     take from student services Department Presidency by giving back her this books and
     paying his ther loan.
  e. Members accept to obey library rules.
  f. The students of other universities can not borrow library material from library; but
     they can use them. Instructors, on the other hand, can borrow with the help of their
     own libraries.


  a. University members can borrow books according to rules below.
  b. Books can be given to instructors, master and doctorate students for a month, to
     students and departmental personnel for 15 days, and the magazines can be given only
     to instructors with its two binding for a week.
  c. Teachers, master and doctorate students can have 5 books, on the other hand,
     administrative personnel and students can have 3 books.
  d. While borrowing book, members have to show their library card and university
     identity card.
  e. Book is not given with another person’s identity and library card.
  f. Members having delayed books cannot borrow book without giving back them and
     paying delayed fine.
  g. Books being in another user can be reserved.
  h. Borrowed book’s lending period can be increased three times when it is not wanted
     by another user.
  i. The President of Library and Documentation Department can take borrowed book
     from user when it is necessary.
  j. Member who will leave from university with any reason, has to give library card
  k. Books that returning date passed are not borrowed from library.
  l. Reference books, periodical editions and master thesis, manuscript and rare printed
     works, material being in visual-auditory section and computer environment can not be
     borrowed. They can only be used in library with photocopy.
  m. For materials borrowed and not given back in time, a warning writing is written.

     Academic, administrative personnel and students not giving back borrowed books and
  another materials in time can not use from library services in every passing day. In
  addition to this, for every delayed book, money fine is taken
 n. Legal operation is practiced when material is tried to go out without permission in
    library’s entrance and controls.

                           ELECTRONIC REVIEWS

                         ELECTRONIC NEWSPAPERS
                            INTERNET REVIEWS
                        OTHER ELECTRONIC REVIEWS

                         ELECTRONIC LIBRARY



    T.U. Rectorship will be understood as Library and Documentation Department
 Presidency Central Library in this text. Policies determined below, can change with
 librarians’s decisions taken at the meetings and with the Head of Department’s suggestion
 and with Rector’s approval. The policies are prepared as registered in every area of
 library’s works. This policy contains the working styles of librarians and reader’s using
 conditions. Central Library consists of the units of Reading and Searching Hall, Internet,
 Using Computer, CD-ROM searching, Periodic Editions, Local Memory. Central
 Library’s services are free except for library membership internet, document of printer
 and photocopy.


 1-Central Library’s Purposes:

    Central Library is open to instructors and students and region researchers. According
 to university’s education policy: to meet necessary information, especially to provide
 current and realistic knowledge sources because people can train themselves, by
 observing technological developments at close range which will reveal the workings of
 university’s instructors and students, to create possibility and to give service, to present
 every kind of opinion and idea about local, national and international problems to
 university’s instructors and students in neutral and balanced way, to meet knowledge and
 document needs of university’s workers and students in order to perform higher education
 and scientific investigation activities.
Educational Purposes:

   To form compilation which will give response to university’s education needs. For

a.To provide basic information sources which all readers can use and to present them into

b. In order to train ning, to search for getting the ways of necessary book, periodic edition
and document by means of donation or buying or cooperation of libraries and to present
them readers’ using.

c. To make the importance sequence by the unit’s wishes. Because it is not possible to
meet all needs of university’s instructors and students.

d. To negotiate with experts and to provide their giving conferences in definite days.

e. To support educational sources with video, computer disc, CD-ROM and sound
cassettes without keeping them in book and periodic edition borders.

Cultural Purposes:

a. To gather, to order, to present into service Türkiye and International Cultural values,
   and to transfer social values into youths of future.

b. To watch the activities made in local language, literature, art and to get documents
   and information connected with them. To order subject titles by using all details and
   approaches in necessary number.

c. Video cassettes of cultural, artful activities which are performed in Edirne and Trakya
   University are made archives.

d. To co-operate with civilian, official and special institutions ordering these activities.

e. To make the relations stranger with related person, and institutions in order to get
   every kind of written information and document about region provinces.

f. To gather knowledge and documents orderly according to university’s purposes and
   to announce them to other institutions without wishing information in necessary
   situations according to sources.

g. To watch and provide every kind of book, periodic edition and documents which will
   provide cultural development.

h. To support central library with new editions so as to present service to poor students
   and instructors who watch current editions and to give them courage to participate in
   cultural and artful actions.
i. By cooperating with special and official television channels, to copy definite cultural
   programmes, documentaries and discussions on condition that they are used only in
   the library.

Knowledge Purposes:

a. One of the basic purposes of library is to collect and order about Trakya’s culture,
   art,education, technology, economy, tourism, social structure and its characteristics.

b. For this, all documents and knowledge are put into files under the name “Local
   Memory” and they are transfered into computer.

c. In addition to this, the knowledge is taken into CD-ROM.

d. The index of subject of all local newspapers in Edirne and Trakya is prepared and they
   are kept ready for necessary investigation about Trakya University.

e. Writings and news about Trakya University in other newspapers are cut and added
   into information file.

f. It provides information to local and foreign institutions especially about Trakya
   University, except for this, it makes investigation about necessary subjects.

g. It is the basic principle that knowledge is true, realist and neutral.

h. At first, every kind of knowledge’s collecting, ordering and providing the
   information’s passing about university education and the needs of students and

                         THE USING OF TECHNOLOGY
a. Computers are presented to service by being given appointment according to
   application number.

b. CD-ROM scrutinizing and using Internet are presented to service according to
   application number with one hour period.

c. The list prepared according to programme which management will determine is
   practised for using computer.

d. After the period of using computer ends, someone can use it for an hour. İf there is not
   another user.
                             ORGANIZATION SCHEME

                                      Rector Assistant
                                     Common Secretary
                                Common Secretary Assistant
                                  The Head of Department
                            Office Manager (Technique Services)
                              Office Manager (Reader Services)
                          Office Manager (Administrative Services)
                                      Expert Librarian
                                     Computer Manager
                                       Civil Cervant

Organization Scheme: Was determined according to library’s sections Central Library is
connected with Library and Documentation Department Presidency. Decisions are taken with
Rector’s approval under the influence of Department Presidency’s opinion and suggestions.
Opinions and ideas abaut Central Library are transmitted to Rector, by means of Rector
Assistant, Comman Secretary and Department Presidency. Department Presidency’s
correspondences among units are performed by Rector assistant who is responsible for
Department Presidency, correspondences being out of unit are made with Rector’s signature.

                         THE HEAD OF DEPARTMENT

      To determine working principals of library.
      To determine working conditions of librarians.
      To plan librarians’ workings in introducing library operations.
      To give information, to bring suggestion about necessary subjects for library.
      To attempt in order to develop compilation and to make suggestions about what
       Rectorship will determine.
      To be responsible for library’s working.
      To order staff’s working place and hours.
      To represent report about library’s workings to Rector once time in six month.
      To watch much workings of workers; when more working is necessary, to transmit
       necessary knowledge to Rector.
      When possible problems are in policy, taking decisions for necessary changes with
       Expert Librarians and administrative workers by making meeting and to put these
       decisions on practice with Rector’s approval.
      To cooperate with civil organizations like other library, cultural institutions.
      To perform other works which Rector will give.
                                    SERVICE UNIT
        The graduated people of Librarianship section were determined as related to Library’s
service units.
        There are four units. These are Reading and Searching Room, Local Memory Room,
Periodic Editions, Computer and Internet Room.

                                 OFFICE MANAGER
       He performs duties that president will give him. When president is not on duty, he is
on duty as President.


       All works made by beginning from the selection work of every kind of material
   coming to library till they are presented to user are in the extent of technical services
   (catalogue, classification and like that)


       He is responsible for transporting of library materials put in shelves by being ended
   their technical operations to users in the fast and the most comprehensive way. He
   performs the presidency when Department President is not on duty.


       He provides that users benefit from library and knowledge sources in the most fertile
   way. With this, he is responsible for Department President. He orders and observes,
   students workings doing apprenticeship in the library. He makes suggestions about getting
   collection for developing of application sources in the direction of purposes and performs
   inter library loan cooperation. He is responsible for carrying out administrative services.
   (corresponding, cleanliness and like that) He performs other duties which Department
   President will give him. He performs Department President’s duty when he is not on duty.


      He is the most competent and responsible person after Department President and
   Office Manager. He is responsible for library’s scientific and technical labours and
   developments about them. He performs to provide material, to form library collection, to
   buy, denotion and variation labours.

          He carrys out making catalogue of provided collection and classifying works in
           certain rules.
          By cooperating with university’s various sections, he provides to scrutinize of
           Periodic Editions collection, he orders and presents them into service.


       To help about subject which Central Library reader’s searching for, and to meet
necessary materials.

       Half Time Librarians:

       They are librarians working out of working hours because library is not open 12 hours
every day. They progress all operations in specialist librarian’s control.


       a. Technical Services Chief:
          He is responsible for performing technical services to Office Manager.

       b. Administrative Services Chief:
          He is responsible for performing administrative works of Central Library to Office

       c. Reader Services Chief:
          He is responsible for performing reader services to Office Manager.

                                  COMPUTER OPERATOR
           a. To transfer the knowledge of Trakya University’s culture, art, education,
              technology, economy, tourism, social structure and its characteristics into
              computer under the name of “Local Memory” orderly.

           b. To provide to take knowledge from computer easily for university’s instructor
              members and students by registering all library materials into computer in
              library automation programme.

           c. He provides that Central Library and its units’ Central Library automation
              services are performed well.


              To perform Department Presidency’s corresponding and document operations.
              He performs the operations of labeling books, making ribbon of them, putting
               on shelves, transfering knowledge forms into computer and taking photocopy.
              To answer CD sound cassette wishes.
              To answer lending operations.
              To do daily works determined by Administrative Services Chief.
              To observe coming newspapers and magazines.
              The employee works in the direction of library’s working policy.

                                   ASSISTANT SERVICES

              To clean library every day.
              To wait security door.
              To move books.
              To perform librarian’s wishes about library.

                                     DONATION POLICY

1. Library accepts book, periodic edition and documents as donation.
2. When the number of donated book is 500 or more making donation people’s names are
written in “Library Honour Board” in library entrance.
3. It can be formed a special section under the name of person who donated works from a rich
compilation about writing, rare work or a certain subject. About this subject, Department
President and Office Manager and Specialist Librarians decide together.

        People whose working area is determined above have to obey library policy. Donating
people’s any condition can not be approved if the works don’t have the characteristics of third
matter. When donated works are in library, they can be used for variation or donation to
another library. Donating person, if he wants, can print his name on his donating works by
making a signet emphasising his donation on library. Money donation for library, is made to
T.U. Foundation’s account to the name of Department Presidency. With the money, all kind
of material which Central Library needs can be bought. When the people make a gift 3
milliards or more, their names are written in board. Nobody’s name is written in library
Honour Board if he doesn’t have the conditions above.

1. Lending operations will be performed within the limits of matters determined in “Trakya
University Library Regulation” and “Trakya University Central Library Instruction “ and
published in official Newspaper whose number is 22714 on 1st August 1996
2. Books can be given to instructors, to master and doctorate students for a month, to students
and departmental personnel for fifteen days and the magazines can be given only to
instructors its two binding for a week.
3. Teachers, master and doctorate students can have five books, and departmental personnel
and students can have three books.
4. Members must show their library cards and university identity cards, when they lend a
5. People can use information sources, computer programmes, works and documents about
Trakya in library ; they can not be lent. When borrowed CD sound cassettes and video
cassettes are broken, and books are not returned in time, a warning writing is written.
6. With “Borrowed Book Form” prepared in library Web page, the books are lent to
instructors on internet for a month.
7. Users can reserve books on Internet in the extent of “Conjectural Librarianship” giving by
Central Library on the condition that they take books in 3 days. In addition to this, 5 books are
lent to instructors working out of units for a month and they are given extending right three
times for a month. Period extendings must be declared to Library and Documentation
Department Presidency by instructor.
8. For lending a book from Web page, it is necessary to be made member registering to
Central Library and to be an instructor of Trakya University.

                                 TAKING PHOTOCOPY
        Taking photocopy subjects to a charge. Photocopy is taken in rows. The distinction of
short or long taking photocopy is not important. Taking photocopy of documents about library
management is given priority; but being not urgent documents are taken photocopy then.
Being dependent on book’s edition right, all poses of photocopy of books completed 50 years
can not be taken. Quarter of the book is taken photocopy. Workers can not use photocopy
machine for their special works, if they do, they pay the fee.
        Taking photocopy is done by ordering daily taking numbers.

        Central Library Compilation is enriched with buying periodic and nonperiodic editions
in the direction of university units’ wishes.
        University’s buying books are performed by Library and Documentation Department
Presidency in one hand. University’s supplementary budget and T.U. Foundation budget is
performed with funds provided by Health Culture and Sport Department Presidency.
        According to principle decision taken by Higher Instruction Foundation for university
libraries on 19th May 1982, libraries’s meeting under a central registering and management,
performing of buying and subscription workings of books and periodicals in a university in
one hand, certain books belonging to expertness subjects are necessary to be kept in sections
on the condition that their registerings are made in center. This practice is fullfilled all around
the world, and it is both an economic and a rational way.
        Selection of book and document is fullfilled with regulations und University’s
        It can not be possible to put cencorship on user for books having not banning decision
of judgement organs.

                                     POSTER POLICY
       In order to hang a poster in library, it is necessary to obey the conditions in below.
            To be connected with old and new images of Atatürk, University and Region.
            Old and new Rector’s photographs.

       Poster and posting-bill of matter can be hung for announcement temporarily on
Culture and Art Activites Board-in the entrance of library.
                                 OTHER LIBRARIES
                                 OUR LIBRARIES

                                    WORK HOURS
        Except for sunday, Central Library is open in hours that management will determine.
        While workers are working in work hours, they are on duty at the end of work hours
and at the weekends in rows.
        When one or more librarian are out of library at the some time, necessary measures are
taken by management.
        The worker of Central Library performs his duty in duty instruction determined by
management in work hours.

        Department Presidency and its units.
        Personnel working in Department Presidency and its units and being after office
manager use their hourly or daily permissions by filling “Administrative Permission Form”
with section chief’s paraph and office manager’s approval .
        Hourly permissions are reduced from yearly permissions or the more permissions they
take, the more they work.
        Yearly and excuse permissions out of a day are used after the approval Common
Secretaryship Office with Office Manager’s paraph and Department President’s proper

                                  VISITOR POLICY
        To the people coming to Library and Documentation Department Presidency for visit
out of library’s using are given visitor card, taking identity card and their name, the person
visited, visit date are registered into “Visitor Notebook”.
                                       PHONE USING
* Interviews made phoning out about special matters are not langer than 3 minutes.
* Special phone interviews’ time is 3 minutes when phoned out of library
* Interviews made for library are not determined.
* As long as it is not necessary for library, intercity and international calls are not made.
* Readers and users can not use library’s phones.

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