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Australian Quality Distance Education Degree Programs With Tutorial Support
                                                                          Info Sheet For [Prospective] Students in Ghana
 Academic Calendar/Enrolment Dates                                                      Current Programs On Offer
                                                                                                Details at:
 Trimester Time Frame                                                                    Institute of Technology Australia (IOTA)                            EdICTech
 1A                 January - April           For exact dates please visit
 1B                 March - June                                                                        Education & ICT Technologies Ltd
 2A                 May - August                                                                                                                                                              
 2B                 July – October                                                                                                          URL: Email:
 3A                 Sept – Nov                                                                                                              Tel: 0245 810 959, 0285 093 991; +64 277 415 371
                                                                            Business Programs:
 3B                 Nov – Jan/Feb
                                                                            Diploma of Business – 8 Units
 We email to a student the login details needed to access any IOTA study Associate Degree in Business – 16 Units                            We deliver Australian Distance Learning Education degree programs
 materials available for the subjects enrolled into when the trimester is Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – 24 Units              through selected private universities and polytechnics
 about to begin. Fee payment is treated on a unit basis. Hence, please sort Graduate Certificate of Business – 4 Units
 out your enrolment & pay your fees well in advance to guarantee Graduate Diploma of Business Administration – 8 Units                      Program Length & Workload:
 receiving your study materials before a trimester begins.                                                                                  Bachelor degree comprises 24 units/subjects
                                                                            Graduate Diploma of International Business – 8 Units
                                                                                                                                            Masters degree comprises 12 units/subjects
                                                                            Master of International Business (MIB) – 12 Units
 Enrolment Cut-off:                                                                                                                         Standard duration: 36 months for bachelor
                                                                            Master of Business Administration (MBA) – 12 Units
 We admit students at all times. However, applications must be received at Information Technology Programs:                                                    18 months for Masters
 least 4 weeks prior to the commencement of a trimester to start studying Diploma of Information Technology – 8 Units                       Average workload: about 7-10 hours per week per unit
 in that trimester.                                                         Associate Degree in Information Technology – 16 Units
 Fees & Payments (What you Pay):                                                                                                            Program Features/Advantages:
                                                                            Graduate Certificate of Information Systems – 4 Units
 Admission/Application Processing Fee: GHc50 (non-refundable)               Graduate Diploma of Information Systems – 8 Units               • Good quality Australian degrees, but low fees
 • Undergraduate (Dip, BBA & BIT, etc.):                                    Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) – 24 Units             • Flat all-inclusive single fee per unit, no hidden costs
 US$280 per Unit                                                            Master of Information Systems (MIS) – 12 Units                  • Can migrate to work in Australia with IOTA degree
 Cost per year: US$2,240 (8 Units, full-time study load)                                                                                    • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): get credit for your past learning
 Total costs: US$6,480 (Full Bachelor Degree Program)                       Contact Persons at Study Support Centres (SSCs):                You pay much less fees altogether if you obtain
  • Postgraduate/Masters (GradCert, MIB, MIS, MBA, etc.):                                                                                   credits through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
 US$ 430 per Unit                                                           Accra Study Support Centre (ASSC)                               Details at
 Cost per year: US$3,440 (8 Units, full-time study load)                    Contact Person: Mr Owusu
 Total costs: US$5,160 (Full 1.5-yr Masters Program)                        Tel: 0285 093 991, 0243 436 848,      • Diploma, HND & CA holders welcome, this is the end of your isolation. ACIB
                                                                                                                                              & CA III holders can start masters degree straight away
 Package included in Fees:                                                                                                                  • Modular units in each program & pay as you go
                                                                           Kumasi Study Support Center (KSSC)
 • Unit outline & IOTA prospectus                                                                                                           • Do as many units as you can afford in each trimester
 • Study guide (accessible from IOTA servers online)                       Contact: Dr George Ampong                                        • Gateway to the world, IOTA degrees accepted worldwide
 • Textbook(s) from EdICTech library & access to ProQuest online           Tel: 0244 811 446; 0208 187 127                                  • Study when you want, at your own pace & at where you live
                                                                           Email:                                       • You can work and/or keep family as you study
 • Assessments (exams, assignments, etc.)
 • Administrative support & optional tutorial support                                                                                       • You can study 3 trimesters per year to reduce your duration of candidature
 • Online collaborative learning environment                               Sunyani Polytechnic                                              • Multiple exit points with interim awards after passing a set of 8 units
                                                                           Prof K. Nsiah-Gyabaah and Mr Jones Arthur,                       • You can spend some time in Australia at your own extra costs
 Entry Requirements:                                                       Tel: 0244 597 296,                   • You have IOTA’s international student cohort as your classmates
 Undergraduate: Completion of Senior Secondary School (SSS) or its                                                                          • All academic issues handled in Australia
 equivalence or equivalence of Australian Year 12                                                                                           • You can move between campuses/LSCs at the begin of trimesters
 Masters: Bachelor degree from a recognised tertiary institute or its      Other Study Centres: Details at
 equivalence. English Language requirement: Ok if (Senior) Secondary
 School or undergraduate education was taught in English, otherwise
 minimum score of 550 (TOEFL) or 6.5 (IELTS)
                                                                           Relevant Info (incl. Prospectus & course brochures) for all
                                                                           students can be found at: IOTA student centre:
                                                                                                                                                           Accreditation Status
 Special background: Those who do not fulfil the standard entry                
                                                                                                                                            Our programs are fully accredited both in Australia & Ghana by NAB.
 requirements should submit their credentials to                                                                            Our graduates are issued an Australian certificate/degree
 for assessment

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                                         ADMISSION / ENROLMENT PROCEDURE FOR IOTA PROGRAMS IN GHANA

The ordered steps below are meant to facilitate enrolment into IOTA Study Programs by suitable prospective applicants in West Africa. Please read through carefully.

PLEASE NOTE: Every payment must be made directly into either of the two Ecobank accounts indicated below. No payment must be made otherwise. Thank you.

1.   Applicant can contact us for help on suitable program based on career aspirations.
2.   Applicant downloads the admission form and IOTA prospectus from Please contact us should you need assistance while completing the admission form.
3.   Applicant completes (a) the admission form, (b) pays the non-refundable one-off admission fee, (c) makes photocopies of his/her certificates and transcripts (if any), and (d) any other essential
     documents as listed on the last page of the IOTA admission form under “Application Checklist”.
4.   Applicant certifies his/her photocopied documents listed in (3c) and (3d). The certificates/transcripts can be certified by ONLY an IOTA representative, a representative at an EdICTech/IOTA
     Learning Support Centre, the headmaster of an SSS, the registrar of a recognised tertiary institute, a registered engineer, a reverend minister or a lawyer/solicitor.
5.   The admission application package comprises: (a) completed admission form, (b) copy of bank receipt of admission fee payment, (c) certified copies of certificates & transcripts (if any). The
     admission fee must be paid into the GHc account below. Applicant’s name must appear on the payment for identification purposes even if someone else pays the admission fee. The admission
     application will NOT be processed without evidence of payment of the NON-REFUNDABLE admission fee.
6.   Applicant scans the entire admission application package and email to
7.   Applicant then call our Administrative Office in Kumasi on 0245 810 956 or 0244 186 326 to arrange submission of the hardcopy application package. Please note that your application will not
     be processed without fulfilling this last step. Nothing submitted to EdICTech/IOTA will be returned to applicant. Hence, please do NOT submit originals. Applicants living outside Kumasi
     usually send their applications to us via STC or OA transport companies after arranging with our contact person in Kumasi. Please address your package to:
                                                                Education & ICT Technologies Ltd, PO Box KS 6906, Kumasi

Students and prospective students pay their fees into the appropriate bank accounts below. Fees are USUALLY paid in United States Dollars (USD). However, we allow students to
pay the equivalent fees in local currency. As conversion rate between USD & GHS changes over time, please email us for our current exchange rate at the time of subject
registration if you want to pay your fees in Ghana cedis. Please do NOT use your own exchange rate.

                             New Ghana CEDIS (GHc) Account                                             US Dollar (USD) Account
                             Ecobank Ghana Limited                                                     Ecobank Ghana Limited
                             Harper Road, Prempeh II Roundabout, Adum, PMB Kumasi GHANA                Harper Road, Prempeh II Roundabout, Adum, PMB Kumasi GHANA
                             Education & ICT Technologies Ltd                                          Education & ICT Technologies Ltd
                             0213 0344 1484 5901                                                       0212 1044 1484 5901
                             GHANA, Swift code = ECOCGHAC                                              GHANA, Swift code = ECOCGHAC

8.   Admission application is forwarded to IOTA in Australia for processing, and if successful, admits applicant and email admission letter to him/her. Please note that the Student ID is issued
     AFTER enrolment into the first set of subjects, which also validates a student’s admission into our programs of study.
9.   With the help of IOTA representative the student registers subjects/units he/she wants to take for the particular trimester using the form “SubjectEnrolmentForm.pdf” and pays the equivalent
     tuition fees into the appropriate bank accounts with the details as above. Students can opt to pay their tuition fees in GHc into the Ecobank cedi account above but MUST ask us for the current
     exchange rate as this changes over time. Please remember to state your name, student ID and codes for the subjects you’re paying for.
10. Upon reception of subjects’ registration info through the “SubjectEnrolmentForm.pdf” from student, IOTA sends Internet LOGIN account to student to enable student to access all IOTA learning
     resources for the subjects/units registered and paid for. Any textbook(s) required for the corresponding subjects will also be ordered for the applicant.
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Visit the webpage for the list of IOTA textbook(s) for each subject.

Usually, the acquisition of textbooks is the responsibility of the student. However, EdICTech Ltd has started to build a library system to support IOTA students and their facilitators.
This library will take some time to build up as some of the textbooks are expensive.

Currently, the EdICTech Ltd Library system stocks books in:
   1. Accra (with Accra Study Support Centre)
   2. Kumasi (at Edictech Ltd office in Ayeduase near KNUST)
   3. Sunyani (at Sunyani Polytechnic)

Students living outside the above cities can also access the books by contacting the contact persons at any of these SSCs. Students willing to maintain personal copies of the
textbooks can buy them from sources such as:

    1. Vidya Bookstore, Accra, Email:, Tel: 021 781 005; 021 762 704; 0244 262 0981.
    2. Abebooks UK, (ships books directly to Ghana)
    3. Amazon, (UK, may ship books to Ghana), (does not ship books to Ghana)

Students are advised to order their books at least one month in advance to ensure they obtain the books prior to the begin of the trimester for which the books are to be used.

Contacts & Partner Institutes in Ghana - IOTA Offices in Ghana
Kumasi Office:
Education & ICT Technologies Ltd (aka EdICTech)
PO Box KS 6906, Kumasi, Ghana
Office Location: Ayeduase/KNUST boundary. Directions: Ayeduase near KNUST, turn right at the first street immediately after exiting KNUST gate when entering Ayeduase then
turn left into the 2nd street.
Tel: +233 (0)245 810 959; +233 (0) 273 779 422 (The Administrative Officer)

Accra Office:
Education & ICT Technologies Ltd (aka EdICTech)
Office Location: Please ring 0245 810 959 or 0273 779 422 for instructions

EdICTech Ltd, the educational company supervising IOTA degree programs in Ghana, has partnered with the tertiary institutes below, referred to as Study Support Centers (SSC), through which we
deliver world-class degree programs to students across the country. Our students can receive tutorial support from qualified learning facilitators/tutors/lecturers at these institutes and sit for exams
there. Of course, as our student, you can opt to study purely over distance as attendance to face-to-face facilitation is optional. In which case the only thing you will do with your SSC is to sit for
exams there. As usual, it is the responsibility of the student to make effort to access the services and facilities available at his/her chosen SSC to support IOTA/EdICTech students.

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Reminders (These reminders do NOT replace IOTA policies):
  1.   In your own interest, please study IOTA’s policies at and as there is no pardon for failing to obey these policies
  2.   It is up to the student to seek to register him-/herself at the local institute [i.e. study support centre (SSC)] through which s/he is studying.
  3.   If you need to request for an extension of assessment item’s submission deadline for any reason, then it MUST be done prior to the deadline. If you’re sick and unable to contact IOTA by
       yourself then please ask someone to contact IOTA on your behalf. Please send email on such issues directly to IOTA over and copy to
  4.   Understand IOTA’s policies on fee payment and violation of deadlines, etc. Students repay the tuition fees if they fail a subject and have to repeat it.
  5.   Every trimester lasts 12 Weeks. Some of the subjects have mid-semester exam, which occurs between Weeks 5-8. Please seek to know the time table for the subjects that you’re
       studying. Final Exams are written usually at the end of every trimester, from Week 13. Contact your local study support centre (SSC) for exact time and dates for all your exams. Please
       email if you’re unsure of anything.
  6.   Send every continuous assessment item directly to IOTA by uploading them at when you log in with your account. Please note that all assessment items
       are marked & graded by IOTA, NOT your local SSC. Email for all issues on assessments.
  7.   Send enquiry on academic issues including assessments to or and enquiry on login problems to
  8. On the first day of trimester, please login and ensure that you are enrolled in the correct units/subjects. If you have any problems, please do contact IOTA administrator over Please note that subject enrolments for a trimester are not instantiated until the trimester is about to begin.
  9. For subject specific issues please contact IOTA subject coordinator directly. His/her contacts can be found at the Moodle webpage for that specific subject.

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