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									                                              Race Equality Policy


Aims and Values

The college embraces diversity in all its aspects and actively seeks to recruit
learners and a workforce that both reflects and celebrates the local and
national community. Discriminatory behaviour, whether overt or covert, will
not be tolerated from employees, learners or members of the public.

•   BCA will actively work towards the elimination of racism and will seek to
    ensure that all stakeholders have appropriate and equal access to
    learning, employment and college facilities, fostering a shared commitment
    to challenging and preventing racism, promoting a positive inclusive
    environment where issues of stereotyping and discrimination can be
    openly discussed.

•   All college policies and practices will promote and develop a positive
    working and learning environment, treating all stakeholders with respect
    and dignity, free from harassment and discrimination, taking account of the
    needs of all faiths, communities and cultures as well as those who have no
    religious affiliation.

•   BCA will undertake to provide training and support for employees in
    respect of race equality issues.

•   BCA will seek to ensure that all marketing strategies address the needs of
    all in the community, using diverse images in any materials produced,
    encouraging participation and eliminating discrimination.

•   BCA will implement and maintain rigorous review processes, ensuring that
    all sections of the college community have opportunity to comment and
    report, and that information is used sensitively to inform strategy, policy
    and practise.

Governors are responsible for

•   As the ‘responsible body’ the Governors will ensure that BCA acts within
    the terms of the Race Relations Act 1976 and the Race Relations
    (Amendment) Act 2000.
•   Ensure compliance with the race equality policy and associated
                                                                Race Equality Policy
                                                               Updated October 2006
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•   Ensure every effort is made that the membership of the corporation
    reflects the diversity of the communities served by BCA
•   Ensure that Race Equality is embedded within the Strategic Plan

Senior Management Team are responsible for

•   Promoting the Race Equality Policy both internally and externally
•   Give a consistent and high profile lead on race equality issues
•   Ensure that the Strategic Plan, Development Plan and Annual Operating
    Statement include a commitment to race equality
•   Ensure that BCA responds to the ethnic monitoring information on staff
    and learners
•   Ensure that all policies, practices and procedures promote good practice in
    equal opportunities and race equality for staff and learners

Managers are responsible for ensuring

•   They are aware of the policy and their duties in relation to race and equal
    opportunities legislation and for implementing policies by translating into
    action across all college provision
•   Ensuring that all staff are aware of their responsibilities and receive
    appropriate training and support for the implementation and good practice
•   Develop, monitor and follow relevant procedures for taking action against
    staff or learners who discriminate for reasons of race, colour, nationality, or
    ethnic origins.
•   Monitor ethnicity in relation to curriculum areas and take appropriate action
    to target under represented groups
•   Ensure that learner Induction and Tutorial programmes reflect the colleges
    commitment to equality of opportunity
•   Ensure that all college publicity materials present appropriate and positive
    messages about minority and under represented groups
•   Ensure that the procedures for the recruitment of staff reflect best practice
    in equal opportunities

Staff will be responsible for

•   Taking up learning and training opportunities regarding Equal
    Opportunities and Race Equality
•   Ensuring they are up to date with college policies and relevant legislation
•   Promoting race equality and good race relations, tackling racial
    stereotyping and discrimination against anyone for reasons of race, colour
    nationality or ethnic origin is avoided
•   Ensuring that any racist incidents are dealt with in the appropriate manner
    and reporting the incident and outcome takes place through the
    appropriate channels.

                                                                 Race Equality Policy
                                                                Updated October 2006
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Review and monitoring arrangements

Teaching and Learning

•   Participation, retention, and achievement of learners will be monitored on
    the basis of race, gender, age and disability to ensure equality of
    opportunity and any indication of inequality will be investigated and acted
    upon. Appropriate targets will set including four Key Performance
    Indicators. Learner Participation, Achievement, Retention, and
    Attendance will be no worse than the college average.
•   An annual report will be made to Governors assessing the effectiveness of
    Equal Opportunity and Race Equality policies and procedures.


•   BCA is working towards being the Exemplar College for the region on
    Equality of Opportunity and Race Equality issues. As part of this
    commitment BCA will set one Key Performance Indicator for Staff. The
    target is that the staff complement at BCA will reflect the local population
    profile by ethnicity, gender, age and disability and this will be monitored by
    the Employment and Personnel Committee of the Governors.

Policy Review and links

This policy links with and complements the following BCA policies and

•   The College Charter
•   Learner Code of Conduct
•   Equal Opportunities Policy
•   Disability Statement
•   Complaints Procedure
•   Learner Disciplinary Procedure

This policy will be reviewed every two years and agreed by Academic

                                                                 Race Equality Policy
                                                                Updated October 2006
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Glossary of Terms (Equal Opportunities Definitions)

Racism – All attitudes and procedures, whether economic, social or cultural,
conscious or unconsciously intended to create, maintain and extend the
power, influence or privilege of one group of people over another.

Racialism – An implicit set of negative beliefs about a racial or ethnic group.
Can result in offensive or violent behaviour towards members or a racial or
ethnic group.

Discrimination – Less favourable treatment of an individual or a group which
is not based on their work performance or conduct as a member of staff or

Sexism – All attitudes and procedures, whether economic, social or cultural,
conscious or unconsciously intended to create, maintain and extend the
power, influence or privilege of one gender over another.

Prejudice - An opinion or feeling about people of a different group which is
formed beforehand, without informed knowledge, thought or reason and which
is likely to be sustained even despite evidence to the contrary.

Harassment – Can be directed at any group or individual and can include
unnecessary touching, unwanted physical contact, leering. Personal remarks,
verbal or written abuse, visual displays, coercion, isolation or non co-

Racial Harassment – Less favourable treatment of an individual or group on
account of their ethnic origin, colour, or nationality.

Sexual Harassment – Unwanted conduct of a sexual nature or other conduct
based on sex affecting the dignity of men and women at work (European
Community Code of Practice). Repeated and/or unwanted verbal or sexual
advances, sexually explicit or derogatory statements or sexually
discriminatory remarks (TUC).

                                                                Race Equality Policy
                                                               Updated October 2006
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