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									Qur'an and Science

                                                Qur'an and Science
          is a topic becoming ever more important as Muslims try to not only present the
          Qur'an as not conflicting with modern science, but make the much stronger claim
          that the Qur'an is predicting modern scientific discoveries. This is used by many
          Muslims as a major proof for the divine origin of the Qur'an.

          The next step is to call on all who hear it to become Muslims on this basis.

          Since we do not believe the Qur'an to be from God, we are called upon to answer
          these claims and will soon present a very thorough investigation into the various
          details of this topic.

          Until the larger database of articles is prepared have a look at the links and articles
          in the section Qur'an, Islam and Science.

          However, in the section Rebuttal to "It is the truth" we already have a systematic
          response to all the material of the main Islamic site propagating this approach.

          The whole argument is fallacious: Can "Modern Science" be found in the

          Science and Islam explains why Islam and Science are not getting along very well.

          The main issue propagated by Muslims seem to be the claims on embryology,
          therefore in the following an updated discussion:

          Embryology and the Qur'an

                q    Embryology in the Qur'an ([1], [2], [3], [4], [5]) [The Muslim Argument]
                q    Rebuttals:
                        r ‘ALAQA (clot?) and other embryological stages in the Qur'an

                           (Dr. W. F. Campbell)
                        r A second look at "Embryology in the Qur'an" (Lactantius)

                                s Answers to Elias Karim's response to the above:

                                      s the historical aspect (Lactantius)

                                      s the exegetical aspect (Jochen Katz)

                                s Abdullah ibn Adam's response and Lactantius' answer

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Qur'an and Science

                           r   Qur'anic Embryology (Dr. Yusuf Needham and Dr. Butrus

                q    Responses to the "It is Truth" articles on embryology: Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

                q    The Qur'an on semen production

                q    Complete list of verses on man's origin
                q    Two Pre-embryonic Stages?
                q    Is an embryo "something that clings"?
                q    Remarks on the scientific facts of Embryology in the Qur'an.

                     Responses to "The Bible, the Qur'an and Science" by Dr. Bucaille
                     Rebuttals to Shabir Ally's Science in the Qur'an series

          The Structure of the Universe

                q    The Quran and the Shape of the Earth
                q    The Shape of the Earth
                q    The Existence and Location of the Seven Earths
                q    Islam and the Setting of the Sun
                q    The scientific miracle of the date branch like appearance of the moon orbit
                q    The Thunder and the Moon
                q    Astronomy and the Qur'an
                q    The Qur'an and the Red Rose Nebula


                q    Moon Light is Reflected Light
                q    The Qur'an and rain
                q    The Qur'an on Water (a barrier between waters, ground water, etc.)
                q    Male and Female Fruits?
                q    Noah’s Ark Or Noah’s Steamboat?
                q    Qur'an in your DNA!
                q    How Birds Fly
                q    Talking Ants in the Qur'an?
                q    The Amazing Fables of Islam
                q    Zaid ibn Amr ibn Nufail's Cosmological Views and Their Influence on the

http://www.answering-islam.org/Quran/Science/index.htm (2 von 4)30.04.2009 20:06:41
Qur'an and Science

                q    Did the Qur'an prophesy the exact time when astronauts would bring rocks
                     from the moon to the earth?
                q    Islam and the Magical World of Genies and Dragons

          Science and the Hadith (Muhammad's own understanding ...)

                q    There are 360 Joints in the Human Body
                q    Muhammad and the 90 feet tall Adam
                           r Follow-up: Profiles in Quackery II: The Case of Osama Abdallah

                q    Is It Safe to Drink Water Polluted by a Dead Donkey?
                q    Hadith Cosmology
                q    Of Fire and Oceans
                q    The Stone That Took Off Running
                q    Fly Wing Medicine

          Articles on other sites evaluating the claims regarding Qur'an and Science:

                q    Miracle of Reinterpretation
                q    Ali Sina's review of a debate between Dr. Zakir Naik and Dr. William
                     Campbell on the topic The Qur’an and the Bible in the Light of Science

          Did Islam rescue science?

          Besides the claims of miraculous scientific revelation in Islamic texts, there is the
          claim that the West lost all the science of antiquity and it was rescued by Islamic
          scholars and relearned from them. There are glowing claims and theories about
          Islam's contribution to science in the Medieval Age. However, these theories are
          more and more challenged in academia:

                q    Does Islam encourage scientific advancement?
                q    Does the Christian West Owe Anything to the Islamic East?
                q    Hyping Islam's role in the History of Science
                q    The not-so-golden age of Islamic philosophy
                q    The Great Divide: The failure of Islam and the Triumph of the West

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Qur'an and Science

          The Qur'an
          Answering Islam Home Page

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