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									    Antai College of Economics & Management
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2009 MBA Programs
for International Students

      Ranked No.41 in Financial Times 2008

      EQUIS and AMBA accredited
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), directly subordinate to China’s Ministry of Education, is a key university in China, jointly

run by the Ministry and Shanghai Municipality. known formerly as NANYANG Public School, founded in 1896. For the past

hundred years, it has nurtured over thousands of outstanding figures of politicians, social activists, industrialists, scientists and

made significant contributions to the thriving and prosperity of the nation and the development of science and technology. Its

famous alumni include JIANG Zemin, LU Dingyi, DING Guangen, WANG Daohan, QIAN Xuesen, etc.

As one of the earliest schools offering the courses of management in China, Antai College of Economics and Management

(ACEM) of SJTU was founded in 1918, known formerly as the Railway Management Department. MBA program of ACEM, started

from 1994, offers MBA degree and graduate diploma, which are recognized by China’s Ministry of Education and Degree Office

of the State Council. ACEM aims to cultivate the management talents and professional managers with international economic

visions and modern theory and technique of management. We conceptualized the education guidelines of “guarantee the quality

with regulation and standardization; create the brand with quality; and pursue the sustained development with brand”. ACEM has

build up a set of strict rules and procedure of management and has been awarded AMBA and EQUIS accreditation.

Over the past ten years,the graduates of ACEM MBA have become the excellent talents which are needed by the well-known

enterprises of the world and the brand-effect of ACEM MBA program is conspicuous day by day. On the 25th Feb, Financial Times

released 2008 Global MBA Rankings: the MBA program at Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong

University is listed as No. 41 at its initial participation. The list shows that there are 7 Asian Pacific business schools listed in the

Top 100 and ACEM ranked No.5. The list also indicates that for two criteria, ACEM enjoys the 1st position globally and leads

several others in Asia — the salary increase is 177% and placement in three months is 100%.

We join the following Organization:
The Master of Business Administration program at Antai College of Economics & Management of

Shanghai Jiao Tong University is authorized by China’s Ministry of Education and the Academic Degree

Committee of the State Council in 1994, and has enrolled students for 14 years, with a total number of


ACEM has different MBA programs. In terms of teaching time, there are full-time MBA and part-time

MBA; in terms of orientation, there are International MBA, Technical MBA Program, MBA Program in

Finance and Investment. MBA courses consist of various specialties, including business startup and

investment, corporate accounting and finance, logistics and supply chain, international business and

enterprise management, marketing and strategy, HR Management, Organization Behavior, etc.

            Full-Time                                                 Part-time

                                  MBA in Finance
                                  and Investment          General MBA                Technical

                                                  General               Intensive
                                               Part–time MBA           MBA Program

              Program                     Class Time         Language       Entry Date     Duration

 International MBA                    Mon. to Fri.          English                       2 Years

 Chinese MBA Programes                18:30-22:00
 (General part-time MBA Program ;     on Tue. and Thu.;
                                                                           Fall (Sep.)
 MBA in Finance and Investment;       8:30-22:00
                                                            Chinese                       2.5 Years
 Technical MBA Program)               on Sat.
 Chinese MBA Program                  8:30-22:00
 (Intensive MBA Program)              on Fri. ,Sat.& Sun.
  International MBA
To meet the need in economic globalization for senior management talents equipped with practical experience and advanced

management conception, based on years of experience in MBA program, first-class domestic teaching facilities and environment

and wide international cooperation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has developed an innovative MBA program: International MBA

(IMBA). This program is open to domestic and international applicants. The students are composed of domestic excellent

applicants, who has passed GRK(Entrance Examination) and those from America, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR,Taiwan

area,and so on and learn together in an international cultural atmosphere.

  General MBA Program
This program aims to cultivate the comprehensive talents with management, operation competence and international vision as well

as innovative conception. Therefore, in the course setting, we emphasize the integration of theory and practice. MBA courses

consist of four modules, which are divided into two parts, degree courses and non-degree courses. Degree courses consist of

public courses and core courses, while non-degree courses consist of compulsory courses and courses in different orientation.

Degree courses cover the basic knowledge and skills in management, economics and finance that must be acquired by MBA

students. Non-degree courses focus on the professional knowledge and skills in various fields.

  MBA Program in Finance and Investment
Facing the global competitions in the financial industry, the program aims at cultivating the potential professionals competent in

international investment and finance industry (such as the enterprise’s CFO and professionals in finance and investment).

  Technical MBA Program
This program aims to cultivate the talents for high-tech industry management and technological innovation management who are

in great demand. Based on the courses on high-tech Development and Management in MBA, through further combination with

other relating courses and resources, Antai College of Economics and Management sets the strategy to cultivate senior manage-

ment talents in high-tech industry, and launches a more challenging program-- Technical MBA Program.
  Application Deadlines & Interview
All foreign applicants who apply for IMBA program and Chinese MBA programs are required to send their application forms

before May 25, 2009.

                  Deadline for
    Round                                     Time of Interview                        Venue

   One        Dec 8, 2008            9:00am on Dec 20, 2008(Sat.) Room 101, Antai

   Two        Mar 30, 2009           9:00am on Apr 11, 2009(Sat.) Building, 535 Fa Hua
                                                                             Zhen Road, Shanghai
   Three      May 25, 2009           9:00am on Jun 06, 2009(Sat.)

For International applicants, the whole program’s tuition is RMB 148,000 (for 2009 enrollment), which will be paid annually.

  Application Process
    1. Online Application or ----“English”----“Programs”----"MBA Program" ----"Admission"-

    ---"Apply Online"----"Apply"

    2. Application Documents

    Application Form for International Applicant

    Official highest degree or diploma certificate

    Official university transcript


    Two reference letters

    Financial Statement (Deposit certificate with the amount of all tuition issued by the bank.)

    Documents of English or Chinese proficiency

    Proof of remittance of application fee (US$120 or ¥800RMB)
Language requirement

     Program                                         Requirement

                           1. TOEFL:580 (paper based)/250 (computer based)/85 (internet
                           based) ;
                                or IELTS: 6.5;
International MBA
                                or Bachelor of English
                                or Got Bachelor in English Speaking Country
                           2. GMAT Score

                           HSK level 8
                                or Bachelor of Chinese
MBA Program
                                or Native Chinese Speaker

Academic/Experience Requirements
  (1) A bachelor’s degree and at least three years’ working experience after graduation.

  (2) College graduates and at least five years’ working experience after graduation.

Contact Information
  College address:

  No. 535, Fa Hua Zhen Road, Shanghai 200052, P.R.C.

  Tel: +86-21- 6293 3249/6293 3213/6293 2594

  Fax: +86-21-6282 3660

  Website: ; ;
Contact Person:
For Admissions Inquiry

                                 Mr. Gu Yongping, Ms. Zhao Wuying
Admissions Office
                                 Tel: +86-21-6282 1079/6293 2277
International Education School   Email:

                                 Ms. Ou Ping
                                 Director of MBA Office
                                 Tel: +86-21-6293 2743/+86-21-6293 3213 ext.85
MBA Office, ACEM

                                 Ms. Liu Jun
                                 International Program Coordinator
                                 Tel: +86-21-6293 2594/+86-21-6293 3213 ext.86

For Program Inquiry

                                 Ms. Wang Mantian
                                 Vice Director of MBA Program & IMBA Program Director
IMBA Program
                                 Tel: +86-21-5230 1185

                                 Ms. Shen Qi
Chinese MBA Program              MBA Program Coordinator
                                 Tel: +86-21-6293 2743

                                 Wu Wenfeng, Associate Professor
MBA Program in Finance and       Director of MBA Program in Finance and Investment
Investment                       Tel: +86-21-5230 1194

                                 Dong Zhengying, Associate Professor
Technical MBA Program            Director of Technical MBA Program
                                 Tel: +86-21-5230 1385
Admission Office                         MBA Office
School of International Education        Antai College of Economics and Management
Shanghai Jiao Tong University            Shanghai Jiao Tong University
                                         Add: Room 213/215, Antai Building
Add: 2nd floor of Tao Li Yuan Building
                                              535 Fa Hua Zhen Road, Shanghai
Tel: 86-21-6282 1079/6282 2277
                                         Tel:86-21-6293 3213/ 6293 3249/6293 2594
Fax: 86-21-6281 7613                     Fax:86-21-6293 3660
Website:      Website:

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