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					                                                                                                                           Bachelor of Science Degree Program

 Evening and Weekend option in Graphic Design

PROGRAM           Evening and Weekend option in Graphic Design at The New England Institute of Art. Students can earn their degree in
                  Graphic Design in an evening and weekend, online and on-ground format. All required classes will be offered online, at
OVERVIEW          7:00pm, or on Saturday. Some classes may also be available at 4:00pm.
                  These program options provide excellent education opportunities for working adults, allowing them to earn a degree in
                  Graphic Design.

                  This option features:
                  -   Evening/weekend format in conjunction with online classes                - Financial Aid available to those who qualify
                  -   Curriculum designed with industry input                                  - Career advisors who work with you for six months after graduation
                  -   Instructors with industry experience                                     - Classes are prescribed to ensure open classes for evening students.
                  -   Technology that reflects industry trends

                             Sequence A                  Sequence B                      Sequence C                      Sequence D              *Students are required to
                                                                                                                                                 have access to a 4.0 mp
        1st                                                                                                                                      or higher manual digital
                              GD 101                      GD 102                          ENG 101                         SEM 101
      Semester                                                                                                                                   camera for homework
                        Drawing & Perspective       Fundamentals of Design                 English I                  Freshman Seminar

        2nd                                               CSI 101                                                          HIS 100
                              GD 109                                                      ENG 200
      Semester                                     Understanding Computer                                       History of Mass Communications
                             Color Theory                                                  English II                                            **Evening or weekend
                                                        Technologies                                                        (online)
                                                                                                                                                 internships are not
        3rd                                                GD120                           GD 140*
                               GD105                                                                                      GD 201                 guaranteed; students may
      Semester                                          Digital Imaging            Principles of Commercial
                         Concept Development                                                                          Advanced Drawing           need to adjust their
                                                            (online)                     Photography
        4th                                                                                GD130
                               GD 104                      GD 107                                                        MAT 101
      Semester                                                                        Digital Illustration
                              Illustration              Type and Layout                                                College Algebra

        5th                                                                             HUM 101                           SSC 110
                              GD 110                        GD 210
      Semester                                                                       Humanities Through                   Psychology
                             Typography                Electronic Design I
                                                                                         the Arts                          (online)

        6th                                                                                                               MAT 202
                               GD 255                     GD 310                         HUM 301
      Semester                                                                                                            Geometry
                          Electronic Design II       Advanced Typography                 Art History

        7th                                               GD 240
                              GD 220                                                      ENG 300                         SCI 270
      Semester                                       Production Processes
                           Package Design                                                 English III               Environmental Science

        8th                                                GD 315                         GD 320
                             GD 230                                                                                      GD 410
      Semester                                   History and Analysis of Design          Corporate
                         Web Page Authoring                                                                          Marketing & Design
                                                           (online)                    Communications

        9th                                                 GD 360                                                         SCI 200
                              GD 330                                                       GD 440
      Semester                                        Digital Illustration II                                      Physical Science of Visual
                          Advertising Design                                         Environmental Design
                                                            (online)                                                    Communication

        10th                  GD 350                      GD 420                           GD 421
      Semester                                                                                                         General Elective
                          Publication Design        GD Seminar & Portfolio        Graphic Design Internship**

        Core Course
                                                                                                                                                   Subject to Change