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									Online Certificate in Project Management
            Advance in your career with a recognized credential

            Get practical skills to keep any project on time and on budget

            Online courses mean flexibility and convenience

            Transfer credits to degree programs

Program Overview
To be successful as a project manager you need to know how to effectively plan, organize, control, and lead a
project through its entire life cycle. This program gives you experience with the practical tools and techniques
of effective project management, while also preparing you for the Project Management Institute’s Project
Management Professional certification exam. The program consists of the following four required courses:
    • PMGT 341 Basics of Project Management (3 credits)
    • PMGT 342 Essential Personal Skills for Project Management (3 credits)
    • PMGT 441 Advanced Project Management Tools and Techniques (3 credits)
    • PMGT 442 Project Management Simulation (3 credits)

Program Audience
This program is ideal for:
    • Project managers and team members in many types of businesses who want to acquire or enhance their
      project management skills
    • Project managers preparing to take the PMP certification examination.
    • Business and non-business majors at universities and colleges who wish to broaden their education with
      an additional certificate in project management.
    • Business and non-business majors at universities and colleges who are looking for online elective courses
      that may be transferable to their degree program.

Program Benefits
   • Networking opportunities. Learn from and with other project managers.
   • Relevant work situations. Benefit from the experience and insights of faculty who have extensive expertise
     in the project management field and apply what you learn to your current work.
   • PMP Exam preparation. Gain valuable skills and knowledge around core content on the PMP
     (Project Management Professionals) certification examination.
   • Flexibility. Online coursework at the time and place that fits your schedule.
   • Support. Our program offers personalized student services, including academic advising.

Program Cost
Each of the four required courses is expected to cost about $900. Textbooks for each course are expected to
cost about $100.

Enrollment opens soon for:
PMGT 341 Basics of Project Management (3 credits)
Learn about the core concepts of Project Management, including project lifecycle, project management
processes, project integration management, project scope management, project time management, cost
management, human resource management, project communication management, risk management, and
procurement management.
PMGT 342 Essential Personal Skills for Project Management (3 credits)
Sharpen the personal skills essential for effective project management. This course covers the theories of
general intelligence, emotional intelligence, groups & teams, project leadership, stress, ethics in project
management, and communication.

Contact Information
To enroll or for more information, please contact:
UW-Parkside, Department of Business, 262-595-2280

To get admitted into this special certificate program, please apply online at:

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