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					Personal & Community Enrichment

                                                                     Art of Digital Photography Course
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L  earn from an Official White House photographer whose work has been exhibited at the US Capitol
   and Smithsonian in Washington DC. This is an introductory course in creating powerful, emotional,
and technically solid still imagery using a digital SLR camera and computer.

Overview                                                                 Benefits/Objectives
 We’ll explore how to take complete control of the camera to shoot       Participants will become comfortable using their cameras exclusively
strong images in challenging environments. You will also gain a          on manual settings to shoot still life and people photographs. You will
working knowledge of digital image editing and workflow using            begin to develop a critical eye and understand what elements make
Photoshop.                                                               for great pictures. Also, you will know the process for digital workflow
                                                                         when taking your images from camera, to computer, to archive, to
Required supplies:                                                       output.
 •	 Digital SLR Camera (lens comes off and on)
 •	 Lens (wide and telephoto recommended)                                Course Information & Registration
                                                                          Art of Digital Photography
 •	 Cable Release
 •	 Tripod (any, as long as it holds your camera steady)                 Intended Audience
 •	 Flash Card                                                           This is a beginning photography course, ideal for individuals who
                                                                         just bought or are about to buy a DSLR camera and individuals who
 •	 Flash Card Reader
                                                                         already own a DSLR camera who want to start using the manual
 •	 PC or MAC                                                            settings. Students may hold off buying a camera until after the first
 •	 10 CD-R discs and/or DVD-R/DVD+R discs and DVD case                  class when we talk about equipment.
 •	 Internet Access
                                                                         Awarded Certificate
 •	 Photoshop Elements 6 (which is included with many new                A certificate of completion will be awarded upon successful
    cameras) or Photoshop CS3                                            completion of the course.
 •	 Internet hosting (hold off buying, will be discussed in class)
 •	 $50 in online printing costs                                         For More Information
Class will be held once a week for ten weeks. Each class is three
hours long and will produce at least three hours of homework
(shooting and editing assignments). Some assignments require travel.
No images produced before course will be accepted.

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                         phone 909.869.2288

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