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									                                                                              Late Degree Information

To be added to the degree candidate list after the deadline for the current term, you must petition your college
dean’s office by the last day of classes. Please follow the instructions below.

Graduate Students

1. Complete the Late Application for Degree. The Graduate School dean’s office (106 Grinter Hall) will
   approve the application. Graduate students do not have to fill out a petition form. Graduate students who
   apply after the mid-point of the term must apply to graduate the following term. Check with the Graduate
   School for the late degree application deadline.

2. Please return the approved application to 222 Criser Hall.

All Other Students

1. Complete the Late Application for Degree and a petition form, which is on the back of the late degree
   application, and submit the forms to your college dean’s office for approval.

2. Please return the approved application to 222 Criser Hall.

Important Information for all Applicants
Please retain this sheet for your reference.

1. If you have been approved by your dean’s office as a degree candidate and you plan to participate in the
   commencement ceremony, allow twenty-four (24) hours for your application to be processed. Your
   degree information must be available electronically on the bookstore file before they can process your
   regalia information. Please contact the customer service desk at the UF Bookstore at the Reitz Union for
   additional information regarding regalia.

2. Because you are applying after the deadline, there is a possibility that your name will not appear in the
   commencement program.

3. Diplomas are ordered after the term is over and are sent to the permanent home address on file
   approximately 8-10 weeks after graduation. Please verify your permanent home mailing address using
   the address change link on ISIS at

 Office of the University Registrar, P.O. Box 114000, 222 Criser Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611-4000, (352) 392-1374, Fax (352) 846-1126

Degrees\latedeginfo.pmd                                                                                                      Rev. 9/03
                                                                    Petition to Apply for a Degree
                                                                                After the Deadline

If you expect to receive a degree from the University of Florida this term, this request must be
approved by a college representative before your application can be processed by the Office of the
University Registrar. Please refer to the attached sheet for information and instructions.

College Authorization

I hereby certify that ______________________________________________________________________,
                               Student name

___________________________ is authorized to appear on the graduation list for the

_____________________________________, __________________________________________________,
College or school                                        Name of degree

______ (year) , ____________ (term). He/she will be considered a candidate for the above-named degree.

__________________________________________________________                                ___________________________
Signature of dean or authorized representative                                            Date

                              Please complete the late degree application on the reverse side.

  Office of the University Registrar, P.O. Box 114000, 222 Criser Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611-4000, (352) 392-1374, Fax (352) 846-1126

Degrees\latedegpetition.pmd                                                                                                   Rev. 9/03
                                                                                                                                                          Late Degree Application
                                                                               Indicate year and term you are applying to graduate: __________       ! Fall       ! Spring
                                                                                                                                      Year           ! Summer A (Bachelor's only)      ! Summer B        ! Summer C
             UFID                      Gatorlink Email Address
                                                                               In the space below, print your name exactly as you want it to appear on your diploma. Please indicate capital and lower-case letters,
 Return this form to the Office of the University Registrar by the             spaces between names, and any punctuation or accent marks.
 deadline to file a degree application, as published in the
 university calendar. If you do not graduate this term, a new
 application must be filed during your anticipated term of                     First name                                   Middle name                                   Last/family name(s)
 graduation. If you are eligible to receive multiple degrees, indicate
                                                                                                                                                    Graduate School
 in the area below and mark the appropriate lines.                             Signature                                                            Doctor of Audiology                              ( )   AUD
                                                                                                                                                    Doctor of Education                              ( )   EDD
                                                                               College of Fine Arts
 Check(#) if applicable:
       #                         ! Receiving 2 different degrees               Bachelor of Arts                                   (   )   FABA
                                                                                                                                                    Doctor of Philosophy                             ( )   PHD
                                                                                                                                                    Doctor of Plant Medicine                         ( )   DPM
                                 ! Name/Degree correction                      Bachelor of Arts in Art Education                  (   )   B A A E D Engineer                                         ( )   ENG
                                                                               Bachelor of Arts in History of Art                 (   )   BAHA      Master of Accounting                             ( )   MACC
Check (#) the degree(s) for which you are applying:                            Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts                   (   )   BADA      Master of Advertising                            ( )   MADV
                                                                               Bachelor of Fine Arts                              (   )   BFA       Master of Agribusiness                           ( )   MAB
 Fisher School of Accounting                                                   Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design            (   )   BFAGRA Master of Agriculture                               ( )   MAG
                                                                               Bachelor of Music                                  (   )   BMUS      Master of Architecture                           ( )   MARCH
 Bachelor of Science in Accounting                           (   ) BSAC
                                                                               Bachelor of Music in Music Education               (   )   BMUSE     Master of Arts                                   ( )   MA
 College of Agricultural and Life Sciences                                                                                                          Master of Arts in Education                      ( )   MAE
 Bachelor of Science                                         (   ) BSA         School of Forest Resources & Conservation                            Master of Arts in Mass Communication             ( )   MAMC
                                                                               Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources & Conserv. (   )   BSF       Master of Arts in Teaching                       ( )   MAT
 M. E. Rinker Sr. School of Building Construction                                                                                                   Master of Arts in Urban & Regional Planning      ( )   MAURP
 Bachelor of Science in Building Construction       (            ) BSBC        College of Health & Human Performance                                Master of Building Construction                  ( )   MBC
 Bachelor of Science in Fire and Emergency Services (            ) BSFES       Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Sport Sciences   (   )   BSESS     Master of Business Administration                ( )   MBA
                                                                               Bachelor of Science in Health Science Education    (   )   BSHSE     Master of Civil Engineering                      ( )   MCE
 Warrington College of Business Administration                                 Bachelor of Science in Recreation                  (   )   BSR       Master of Education                              ( )   MED
 Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration    (                ) BABA                                                                             Master of Engineering                            ( )   ME
                                                                               College of Health Professions
 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (                ) BSBA                                                                             Master of Exercise and Sport Sciences            ( )   MESS
                                                                               Bachelor of Health Science                         (   )   BHS       Master of Family, Youth and Community Sciences ( )     MFYCS
 College of Dentistry                                                          Bachelor of Health Science in Occupational Therapy (   )   BHSOT     Master of Fine Arts                              ( )   MFA
 Doctor of Dental Medicine                                   (   ) DMD                                                                              Master of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences         ( )   MFAS
                                                                               College of Journalism & Communications
 College of Design, Construction and Planning                                  Bachelor of Science in Advertising                 (   )   BSADV     Master of Forest Resources & Conservation        ( )   MFRC
                                                                               Bachelor of Science in Journalism                  (   )   BSJ       Master of Health Administration                  ( )   MHA
 Bachelor of Design                                          (   ) BDES
                                                                                                                                                    Master of Health Science                         ( )   MHS
 Bachelor of Landscape Architecture                          (   ) BLAE        Bachelor of Science in Public Relations            (   )   BSPR
                                                                                                                                                    Master of Health Science Education               ( )   MHSE
                                                                               Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication           (   )   BSTEL     Master of Interior Design                        ( )   MID
 College of Education
 Bachelor of Arts in Education                               (   ) BAE         Fredric G. Levin College of Law                                      Master of International Construction Management ( )    MICM
                                                                               Doctor of Juridical Science                        (   )   SDJ       Master of Landscape Architecture                 ( )   MLARCH
 College of Engineering                                                        Juris Doctor                                       (   )   JD        Master of Latin                                  ( )   ML
 Bachelor of Science                                         (   )   EGBS                                                                           Master of Laws in Comparative Law                ( )   LLMCL
 Bachelor of Science (Interdis. Engineering Studies) (           )   BS(IES)   College of Liberal Arts & Sciences                                   Master of Laws in Taxation                       ( )   LLMT
 Bachelor of Science (Nuclear Engineering Sciences) (            )   BS(NES)   Bachelor of Arts                                   (   )   BA        Master of Music                                  ( )   MM
 Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering                (   )   BSAE      Bachelor of Science                                (   )   BS        Master of Physical Therapy                       ( )   MPT
                                                                                                                                                    Master of Public Health                          ( )   MPH
 Bachelor of Science in Agricultural & Biological Engineering(   )   BSAGE     College of Medicine
                                                                                                                                                    Master of Science                                ( )   MS
 Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering                 (   )   BSCHE     Doctor of Medicine                                 (   )   MD        Master of Science in Architectural Studies       ( )   MSAS
 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering                    (   )   BSCE      Master of Physician Assistant Studies              (   )   MPAS      Master of Science in Building Construction       ( )   MSBC
 Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering                 (   )   BSCEN     School of Natural Resources & Environment                            Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Sciences ( )   MSESS
 Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts and Sciences            (   )   BSDAS     Bachelor of Arts                                   (   )   BANRE     Master of Science in Health Science Education    ( )   MSHSE
 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering               (   )   BSEE      Bachelor of Science                                (   )   BSNRE     Master of Science in Nursing                     ( )   MSNSG
 Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science                  (   )   BSES                                                                           Master of Occupational Therapy                   ( )   MOT
                                                                               College of Nursing                                                   Master of Science in Pharmacy                    ( )   MSP
 Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering (              )   BSEN
                                                                               Bachelor of Science in Nursing                     (   )   BSN       Master of Science in Recreational Studies        ( )   MSRS
 Bachelor of Science in Geomatics                            (   )   BSGEO
                                                                               College of Pharmacy                                                  Master of Science in Statistics                  ( )   MSSTAT
 Bachelor of Science in Industrial & Systems Eng. (              )   BSISE                                                                          Master of Science in Teaching                    ( )   MST
 Bachelor of Science in Materials Science & Eng.             (   )   BSMSE     Doctor of Pharmacy                                 (   )   DPH
                                                                                                                                                    Master of Women's Studies                        ( )   MWS
 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering               (   )   BSME      College of Veterinary Medicine                                       Master of Statistics                             ( )   MSTAT
 Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering                  (   )   BSNE      Doctor of Veterinary Medicine                      (   )   DVM       Specialist in Education                          ( )   EDS

Degrees\late degapp.PMDOffice   of the University Registrar, P.O. Box 114000, 222 Criser Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611-4000, (352) 392-1374 ext. 7229, Fax (352) 846-1126                                      Rev. 9/03Gaga

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