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									The Value of an Accredited Online Degree in the 21st Century
The Internet is more than a simple information source these days. It is a forum for nearly every language, worldview, and potential market on the
planet. A place where people can buy groceries, watch the news, check their bank accounts, and talk with friends 4000 miles away. It is the ultimate
medium and now, more than ever before, people are taking to the Internet to complete their educations with accredited online degree programs.
There is a newfound respect for accredited online degrees. They are more valuable now than they were even just five years ago. The range of
degrees available is vaster, including programs in business administration, criminal justice, health services management, network management and
private sector accounting, just to name a few. High school students who are stricken with illness in their latter years of school are taking advantage of
these resources as well, obtaining their high school degrees online and going on to colleges around the country that provide highly respected
educations. These degrees, which only a short while ago were an experimental foray into distance learning have proven so successful with hundreds
of thousands of people having now obtained a degree online that major universities are instituting their own distance learning programs. Because an
online degree requires fewer resources and is a remotely accessible option, it saves these individuals money while not interfering with their lives. The
essential problem with a traditional college education is that it requires a substantial investment, both from the student and the school. Online courses
utilize fewer instructors, automated grading systems and require no classroom space. The cost-saving benefits are clear. People are busy these
days. Everyone has a job, or sometimes two jobs. They have families and crowded schedules. If an individual cannot afford to return to college and
has been putting it off for years, these degree programs offer the chance to cheaply take classes at the student's preferred pace. Major universities
have many rules about minimum credit requirements, frequency of enrollment, and attendance. Online programs are much more flexible, allowing
students to decide when and how they learn. When an individual acquires an accredited online degree, they are not limited by the job offers that they
immediately receive. There are a wide variety of potential future career paths they can take that will result in further opportunities down the line.
Consider the possibility of taking a degree obtained online and putting it toward a graduate program in a large, well known college, when it is more
affordable to do so. With good grades and the quality references an online degree provides, this situation is becoming much more common, in the
same way that community colleges are now stepping stones to major universities. You may already have a degree and feel that you did not learn as
much as you would have liked or that your current career requires more schooling. Unfortunately, it is not financially or socially viable to quit your job
and return to college. Luckily, online degree programs allow individuals the freedom needed to take extra classes at night after getting off work. This
can increase the value of an employee at work, while allowing an individual to expand their horizons. An accredited online degree could never have
been so valuable in the 1990s, if only because it was such a new concept. It allowed certain people to take a chance and finish a degree or extend
their learning while it has helped others get their foot in the door of booming job market.

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