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									                                                                                                          TK-     CE6.0
                                                                                                          TK-3550 CE6.0/LX
TK-3550 is a new stylish box-type thin client with compact size        CPU Type                 AMD GX III LX800

and small housing.    The primary benefit is space-saving and          Processor speed          500MHz

easy to accommodate to any locations.      The uniquely-designed       Chipsets                 Geode CS5536 Chipsets

removable foot stand makes TK-3550 flexible in various positions                                Microsoft Windows CE 6.0
                                                                       Operating system
                                                                                                Linux Kernel 2.6.11
including vertical, horizontal and panel-mounted. You can
                                                                                                IE 6.0 For CE 6.0
disassemble/assemble the stand easily and put the client in
                                                                                                256MB for CE 6.0
                                                                       Compact Flash memory
vertical or horizontal angle.   Equipped with mounting bracket,
                                                                                                256MB for LX
TK-3550 also enables standard VESA-mounted at rear of LCD
                                                                                                128MB DDR SO-DIMM for CE6.0
monitor.   This efficient design makes the client and LCD monitor
                                                                                                256MB DDR SO-DIMM for LX
look like ALL-IN-ONE.                                                                           (expandable to 1GB for CE,LX)
The special cap design on the housing of TK-3550 also makes it                                  1 x Serial, 1 x Parallel, 1 x VGA video output,
                                                                       I/O Ports
                                                                                                4 x USB 2.0, 2 x PS/2 ports, 1 X RJ-45
unique and extremely convenient to access the flash and RAM.

Users can easily swap the flash included with Embedded OS              Option                   Metal mounting bracket

(CE/XPe/Linux) or expand the RAM size quickly to evaluate                                       for VESA standard Option

different software and applications.   The hidden Parallel port is     Manageability software   Remote Management
                                                                                                RDP 5.2, ICA 10.0 for CE6.0
available for legacy printer devices when necessary.     The key       Protocols
                                                                                                RDP 1.5.0, ICA 10.6 for LX
                                                                                                Terminal Emulation
features of TK-3550 hardware platform are adopted with AMD GX
                                                                                                (Default for CE/LX)
III chipsets, DDR RAM and four USB 2.0 ports (two on the front,                                 190mm(L)x140mm(W)x40mm(H)
                                                                                                weight:   0.6 kg only
two on the rear) which bring excellent system performance and

functionality.   All series of embedded OS are supported such as

Win CE, Linux and Windows XP Embedded.         Termtek

self-developed remote management software is a very efficient

tool to manage CE/LX/XPe clients simultaneously from server


If you are looking for a delicate and compact-sized thin client with

powerful functionality, TK-3550 is your best choice.

TK-3550 CE6.0/LX
Compact Size and Powerful Thin Client                                                     TERMTEK COMPUTER CO.,LTD.

                                                         TK-3550 CE6.0/LX Specification
                                                                 Compact Size and Powerful Thin Client

HARDWARE                                                                                ☉Server O.S. Support
☉ CPU                                           ☉Operating System                       Windows 2003 Server Family + RDP
AMD GX III CPU 500MHz (fanless)                 Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 and Linux      service
☉ RAM                                           Kernel 2.6.11                           Windows XP Pro + RDP service
128MB for CE                                    ☉Software Feature                       Windows 2000 Server Family
256MB for Linux                                 CE 6.0                                  Windows NT Server 4.0 + TSE
(expandable to 1GB for CE,LX)                   MS RDP5.2, Citrix ICA 10.08             ICA:
☉ South Bridge                                  MS IE 6.0, JAVAScript5.6,               Citrix MetaFrame XP+Windows2003
AMD CS5536                                      VBScript5.6                             Server Family
☉ Compact Flash Memory                          Windows Media Player 9.0, MPEG-2        Citrix MetaFrame XP + Windows2000
256MB CF for CE                                 and MP3 supported                       Server Family
256MB CF for Linux                              TCP/IP with DNS, WINS, PPP, DHCP        Citrix MetaFrame+Windows NT
☉ Display and Audio                             and PPPoE, PXE, RAS, VPN, PPPoE,        Server4.0+TSE
Resolution                                      WLAN, SNMP Agent and SNMP MIB II,       ☉Setup and Configuration
1920x1440 32bit up to 60Hz                      SNTP                                    Local power-on boot.
1600x1200 32bit up to 85Hz (Linux up to         USB devices supported (Support USB,     Configurable automatic login
100Hz)                                          Floppy, CDROM, HDD), USB External       Multi-language keyboard support
Video Memory                                    storage supported and sharing           Multiple auto-startup
Shared System memory 8MB to 64MB                Thin Print supported, LPD supported     Reconnection
                                                Go-Global3.20, VNC                      ☉Remote Management
AGP 8x performance
                                                TK-Emulation, TK-RM Agent               FTP update, Wake on LAN, Remote
                                                Office viewer, PDF viewer               shut down,
Output: AC-97 2.2 CODEC compatible              Image Update & Backup                   Schedule (wakeup, shut down,
(Mic-In, Line-Out),1/8-inch full                User Security control                   reboot, FTP update),
16 bit stereo FM synthesis                                                              remote configuration, Config data
Input: 1/8-inch 8 bit mini microphone           Linux Embedded                          distribution,
☉ Input/Output/Peripheral                       RDesktop 1.5.0 (RDP), Citrix ICA 10.6   XPe recover and backup, grouping,
One serial port, RS-232C compatible,            TCP/IP with DNS, WINS, PPP, DHCP        VNC
DB9M connector, baud up to 115.2K bps           and PPPoE, PXE                          ☉Temperature
One parallel port, DB25F connector,             TK-Emulation, TK-RM Agent               Operating: 5℃ to 40℃
Bidirectional centronics-compatible and         LPR/LPD Print Support                   Storage: -40℃ to 60℃
locally printable                               COM Port Redirect
                                                                                        Convection cooling, fanless.
Two PS/2 ports for mouse and keyboard           Password-Protected Setup, USB
                                                                                        ☉Relative Humidity
One analog VGA video output, DB-15              Security Manager
Connector                                                                               10% to 90% non-condensing.
                                                Compressed Read-only File System
Four USB 2.0 ports(two at front, two at rear)                                           Operating altitude range from 0 to
                                                Desktop Mode
for floppy disk drive, mouse, CDROM,                                                    10,000 feet (0 to 3050 meters)
hard-drive, etc.                                                                        ☉Regulatory Compliance
☉ Networking                                                                            Emissions FCC Class B, TUV, UL/CUL,
RTL 8100C+ 10/100 Mbps or RTL 8110SC                                                    CE, BSMI, C-TICK, CB , VCCI
                                                                                        ☉Power Requirement
10/100/1000 Mbps(RJ-45)
☉ Expandable Options                                                                    DC 5V/6A external power adapter
Internal USB 802.11b/g Wireless LAN module                                              ENVIRONMENT
☉Housing                                                                                DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT
Plastic case                                                                            ☉Terminal box
                                                                                        190mm(L) x 140mm(W)x 40mm(H)
                                                                                        NW: 0.6kg
                                                                                        ☉Packing with Gift Box
                                                                                        273mm(L)x 233mm(W)x 88mm(H)
                                                                                        NW: 0.9 kg, GW: 1.4kg
                                                                                        ☉Packing with Carton
                                                                                        Full carton: 5pcs/CTN
                                                                                        463mm(L)x 291mm(W)x 267mm (H)
                                                                                        NW: 7kg, GW: 7.67kg

                                      TERMTEK COMPUTER CO., LTD.
7F, No.168, Jian-Kang road, Chung Ho City, Taipei County, Taiwan, 23551 TEL: 886-2-2225-7173 FAX: 886-2-2226-5076

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