; Pull-in Underwear announces UK Distributor
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Pull-in Underwear announces UK Distributor


Pull-in Underwear announces UK Distributor

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         Pull-in Underwear announces UK Distributor
Pull-in Underwear have announced the appointment of Internet Fusion Ltd as their UK
distributors as the brand continues its global expansion and development into foreign

Internet Fusion’s appointment follows the announcement of new distribution networks for the
global underwear brand including Hawaii, Greece, Poland, Canada and Russia and the
opening of the brands ninth global flagship store in Ibiza earlier this year. Internet Fusion plan
to develop Pull-in’s independent and multiple retailer network throughout the UK and emulate
the brand’s success in Europe.

Pull-in CEO Emmanuel Loheac said, “We are really excited to be working with Internet Fusion
in the UK, we’ve had incredible success globally over the past ten years with hundreds of
independent accounts sitting alongside our flagship concept stores and know with expert
distribution networks like Internet Fusion teamed with great marketing we have the potential
to expand successfully into new territories”.

Trading since August 1999 Internet Fusion has had great success with their family of online
retail sites dealing with a variety of fashion brands, they now aim to further develop their
distribution arm in the UK bringing new products and services to the UK market place. Martin
Brailsford, Director of Internet Fusion Group said, “Pull-in create some amazing products and
their growth over the past 5 years has been really impressive. There is so much potential for
a brand like to Pull-in to flourish in the UK and we’re really happy to be at the forefront of their
development here.”

French born brand Pull-in has become the market leader for underwear in the street fashion
sector with its products and the brand’s philosophy conveyed throughout the world by a team
of charismatic professional athletes and celebrity fans. Pull-in is renowned for creating stand-
out underwear for men and women with a high-tech and uniquely fashion-forward influence.

For all trade sales UK enquiries contact: 0845 299 4400

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About Pull-in:
Pull-in is an underwear brand born in Hossegor (FRANCE) in 2000. Pull-in developed a new
concept in the underwear market, focusing on the style of “skater’s pants”, with a low waist,
Pull-in created underwear that consumers would want to show off. Pull-in began working with
the surf and action-sports markets and have developed throughout various global fashion
markets, producing 4 collections per year, with approximately 50 different styles per
collection. Visit www.store.pull-in.com to experience Pull-in products first hand. For more
information, visit www.pull-in.com.

About Internet Fusion:
Internet Fusion Ltd specialises in the retail and distribution of high quality products to the UK
and Irish markets via extensive online retail and trade networks. Originating as an online
retailer with a single website in 1999, Internet Fusion now has over 23 market leading online
stores supplying thousands of products direct to customers across the UK and Europe.
Alongside the growing retail network Internet Fusion has developed into one of the UK’s
fastest growing trade distributors being chosen by over 8 global manufacturers to distribute
their brands exclusively in the UK and Ireland.

Martin Brailsford, Director, Internet Fusion Group Ltd
Tel: 0845 299 4400

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