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									                       Sample Letter End of Lease End of Tenancy
This letter must be sent at least 30 days prior to lease termination (check the lease to see
if it may require more time). In addition, this letter can also notify the landlord of the
tenant’s desire to be present when the landlord inspects for damage. Such a notice must
be sent by certified mail.

April 29, 200_

111 Good Valley Road
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Re:    Apartment 101, 103 Good Valley Road
       Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dear Landlord:

This is to advise you that I will be ending my tenancy at the above apartment on May 31,

I request the right to be present during inspection of my apartment for damages. I will be
moving to 222 Goodplace Drive, Frederick, MD upon vacating. All future letters or
notices should be sent to me at that address after May 31, 200_.

Very truly yours,

Terry Tenant

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