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Fair Political Practices Commission


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Fair Political Practices Commission
428 J Street * Suite 620 • Sacramento. CA 95814-2329
>916) 322-5660 • Fa* (916) 322-0886
July 16, 2009
Kevin J. Hiestand, Esq.
RE: Warning Letter
FPPC Case No. 09/471
Dear Mr. Hiestand:
The Fair Political Practices Commission ("Commission") enforces the provisions of the Political
Reform Act (the "Act") found in Government Code Section 81000, and following. The Act
requires that committees file campaign statements at periodic intervals. This letter is to inform
you that you failed to comply with the campaign reporting requirements when Kynship
Development Company contributed $22,300 to Phil Angelides in 2006.
Section 82013, subdivision (c), defines one type of committee, commonly referred to as a major
donor committee, as any person who makes contributions totaling $10,000. The Act requires
that a major donor committee file a Campaign Disclosure Statement (Form 461) for each six
month period that it made contributions. The campaign statement must be filed on January 31
and July 31 of each year. (Section 84200(a).)
Since Kynship Development Company contributed a total of $22,300 on June 5, 2006, you were
required to file a Campaign Disclosure Statement (Form 461) by July 31, 2006. The
contribution to Angelides 2006 occurred during the "late reporting period," you were required to
file an LCR within 24 hours of making the contribution. Accordingly, your failure to tile the
major donor campaign disclosure statement was a violation of the Act. To fulfill this filing
requirement, you must immediately file your delinquent campaign statement with the Secretary
of State, the Registrar-Recorder of Los Angeles County, and the Department of Elections of the
City and County of San Francisco.
Although you violated the Act, we are closing this matter with a written warning to you.
However, the information in this matter will be retained and may be considered should an
enforcement action become necessary based on future conduct or newly discovered information.
J FPPC File No. 09/47!
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The Commission publishes forms and manuals to facilitate compliance with the provisions of the
Act. If you need forms or a manual, or guidance regarding your obligations, you may call the
Commission's Technical Assistance Division at 1-866-275-3772 or visit our website at
www.fppc.ca. gov.
If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact Jeanette Turvill at (916) 322-8194.
Gary S. Winuk
Chief, Enforcement Division

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