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									Software List for Student Computing Services
Update: August 12, 2008
Software                         All labs      Software                              Lab
Adobe Acrobat Professional           General   ArcInfo                               (Ag)
Acrobat Reader                       General   ArcView GIS                           (Ag)
Adobe SVG Viewer                     General   Beilstein                             (Ag)
Atajo                                General   Catia/Cadam                           (Ag)
AuthorWare Plugin                    General   Google Earth (free)                   (Ag)
Autocad                              General   Resistan                              (Ag)
B2 Spice                             General   SciFinder                             (Ag)
Blackboard                           General   Soil Data Viewer                      (Ag)
Calculator                           General   TurfPQ                                (Ag)
CD Player                            General   WEPP                                  (Ag)
Chime Plugin                         General   3D Studio Max                        (Arch)
Clan                                 General   Adobe Flash Pro                      (Arch)
Deep Freeze Seed                     General   Adobe Illustrator                    (Arch)
Download Server                      General   Architectural Desktop                (Arch)
End Note                             General   ArchVision                           (Arch)
Excel Solver Analysis Toolpack       General   ArcView GIS                          (Arch)
Filezilla                            General   ArcView Network Analyst              (Arch)
FireFox                              General   ArcView Spatial Analyst              (Arch)
Flash Plugin                         General   Autodesk Viz                         (Arch)
Geometer's Sketchpad                 General   BackBurner                           (Arch)
German Grammar Tutor                 General   Bentley Software                     (Arch)
Ghost Client                         General   Dr. Beam Pro                         (Arch)
Ghost Script                         General   Dr. Frame 2D                         (Arch)
GSView                               General   Dr. Frame 3D                         (Arch)
Illustrator                          General   Flamingo                             (Arch)
Internet Explorer                    General   Flashcard Reader                     (Arch)
iTunes                               General   Google Earth (free version)          (Arch)
Java versions                        General   Indesign                             (Arch)
Key Access                           General   Lamina                               (Arch)
Lan Workplace (X Windows)            General   PhotoShop                            (Arch)
Lindo                                General   Revit                                (Arch)
Logoff                               General   Rhino                                (Arch)
Maple                                General   SketchUp                             (Arch)
Math ML fonts                        General   Staad III                            (Arch)
Math Player                          General   .NET                                 (BEIC)
McAfee AntiVirus                     General   ACL                                  (BEIC)
Microsoft Access                     General   Adaptex                              (BEIC)
Microsoft Equation Editor            General   AICPA Resource (Accounting guides)   (BEIC)
Microsoft Excel                      General   Alice                                (BEIC)
Microsoft PhotoEditor                General   ArcInfo                              (BEIC)
Microsoft PowerPoint                 General   ArcView 3D Analyst                   (BEIC)
Microsoft Publisher                  General   ArcView GIS                          (BEIC)
Microsoft Word                       General   ArcView Network Analyst              (BEIC)
Nero                                 General   ArcView Spatial Analyst              (BEIC)
Netscape                             General   Beilstein                            (BEIC)
Notepad                              General   Certipoint IQSystem                  (BEIC)
OCR add-in for Office                General   City of Smithville                   (BEIC)
Office Macro Settings                General   Compu Stat (Research Insight)        (BEIC)
Paint                                General   Deutsch: Na klar!                    (BEIC)
PDF add-ins for Word   General   Eclipse                                      (BEIC)
Pharos Pop-up Client   General   Excel Add-ins (tree, 2 .xla's)               (BEIC)
Phonetic Fonts         General   FARS                                         (BEIC)
Photoshop              General   Foundations of Operations Mgmt (OM Exp)      (BEIC)
Putty                  General   Google Earth (free version)                  (BEIC)
Quicktime Plugin       General   Illustrator                                  (BEIC)
Real Player            General   Intercooled Stata                            (BEIC)
Shockwave Plugin       General   Intro. Accounting Network Acc 211            (BEIC)
Shutdown               General   MatLab                                       (BEIC)
Sigi Plus              General   Microsoft Project                            (BEIC)
SNDS Change Password   General   Microsoft Visio                              (BEIC)
SSH                    General   Microsoft Visual Studio                      (BEIC)
Sweb Login             General   MS Business Solutions- Great Plains 8.0      (BEIC)
VLC Media Player       General   Myeconlab plugins(mathxl, econplayer, etc)   (BEIC)
Volume Control         General   Premium Solver                               (BEIC)
Web Drive              General   R                                            (BEIC)
Winamp                 General   SAS                                          (BEIC)
Windows Media Player   General   SciFinder                                    (BEIC)
WinZip                 General   SPSS                                         (BEIC)
WordPad                General   SSA Supply Chain Designer                    (BEIC)
WSFTPLE                General   STATA 10                                     (BEIC)
Zoomtext               General   Statistics for Managers PhStat               (BEIC)
                                 Supply Chain Strategist                      (BEIC)
                                 Uwin                                         (BEIC)
                                 XLMiner                                      (BEIC)
                                 Beilstein                                    (Boyd)
                                 Logger Pro                                   (Boyd)
                                 SciFinder                                    (Boyd)
                                 .NET                                          (Civil)
                                 Alice                                         (Civil)
                                 Ansys/CFX                                     (Civil)
                                 ArcInfo                                       (Civil)
                                 ArcView 3D Analyst                            (Civil)
                                 ArcView GIS                                   (Civil)
                                 ArcView Network Analyst                       (Civil)
                                 ArcView Spatial Analyst                       (Civil)
                                 Aspen                                         (Civil)
                                 Autodesk Civil Design                         (Civil)
                                 Autodesk Land Desktop                         (Civil)
                                 Beilstein                                     (Civil)
                                 Bentley Software                              (Civil)
                                 Cadam Drafting                                (Civil)
                                 Carlson Software for AutoCad                  (Civil)
                                 Catia/Cadam                                   (Civil)
                                 Eagle                                         (Civil)
                                 Eclipse                                       (Civil)
                                 GeoSlope                                      (Civil)
                                 Google Earth (free version)                   (Civil)
                                 HEC-HMS                                       (Civil)
                                 HEC-RAS                                       (Civil)
                                 Highway Capacity                              (Civil)
                                 Ky Frame 2                                    (Civil)
Lab View                            (Civil)
Logix Pro                           (Civil)
MathCad                             (Civil)
MatLab                              (Civil)
Model Sim                           (Civil)
Passer                              (Civil)
Pipe 2000                           (Civil)
Power Tools                         (Civil)
Primavera Project Planner           (Civil)
Primavera Sure Track                (Civil)
Pro Model                           (Civil)
Quick Response System II            (Civil)
SciFinder                           (Civil)
Simul8                              (Civil)
Soil Data Viewer                    (Civil)
Staad III                           (Civil)
SurvCad                             (Civil)
Transyt 7F                          (Civil)
TSIS                                (Civil)
VisualEM                            (Civil)
Xilinx                              (Civil)
Beilstein                         (Commons)
Eclipse                           (Commons)
GMAT                              (Commons)
GRE Power Pred                    (Commons)
Logger Pro                        (Commons)
SciFinder                         (Commons)
Indesign                             (Edu)
PhotoShop                            (Edu)
Sam and Tom XP                       (Edu)
ToolBook II                          (Edu)
.NET                                (EWL)
Alice                               (EWL)
Ansys/CFX                           (EWL)
AutoCad Architectual Desktop        (EWL)
AutoCad Civil Series                (EWL)
AutoCad Inventor                    (EWL)
AutoCad Land Desktop (w/survey)     (EWL)
AutoCad Map                         (EWL)
Blender                             (EWL)
Catia/Cadam                         (EWL)
Flamingo                            (EWL)
Google Earth (free version)         (EWL)
Logger Pro                          (EWL)
Logix Pro                           (EWL)
MatLab                              (EWL)
MiniTab                             (EWL)
Pro Desktop                         (EWL)
Pro Engineer                        (EWL)
Pro Engineer Mechanica              (EWL)
Pro Model                           (EWL)
Rhino 3D                            (EWL)
SciFinder                     (EWL)
Virtual Lab                   (EWL)
3D Studio Max                 (HES)
AutoCad Graphics Standards    (HES)
Diet Analysis                 (HES)
SketchUp                      (HES)
Illustrator                   (HES)
Indesign                      (HES)
Mosby Medical Encyclopedia    (HES)
PhotoShop                     (HES)
Sourcing Simulator            (HES)
Amos                          (King)
ArcInfo                       (King)
ArcView 3D Analyst            (King)
ArcView GIS                   (King)
ArcView Image Analysis        (King)
ArcView NetworkAnalyst        (King)
ArcView Spatial Analyst       (King)
Beilstein                     (King)
Chem Office 3D Pro            (King)
Chem Window                   (King)
Eclipse                       (King)
Emfield                       (King)
Gauss View                    (King)
Gaussian 03W                  (King)
Google Earth (free version)   (King)
GPS Pathfinder                (King)
GRE/GMAT Software             (King)
HyperChem                     (King)
JMP                           (King)
Logger Pro                    (King)
MathCad                       (King)
MatLab                        (King)
Organic Compounds IOC         (King)
Phreeq                        (King)
R                             (King)
RasWin                        (King)
SAS                           (King)
SAS Enterprise                (King)
SciFinder                     (King)
Soil Data Viewer              (King)
SPSS                          (King)
Table Curve 2D                (King)
ThinkWell                     (King)
Viewer Lite                   (King)
VisualEM                      (King)
Beilstein                     (King)
Chem Office 3D Pro            (King)
Chem Window                   (King)
Emfield                       (King)
Gauss View                    (King)
Gaussian 03W                  (King)
HyperChem                                      (King)
LoggerPro                                      (King)
MathCad                                        (King)
MatLab                                         (King)
Organic Compounds IOC                          (King)
RasWin                                         (King)
SciFinder                                      (King)
Table Curve 2D                                 (King)
ThinkWell                                      (King)
Viewer Lite                                    (King)
Visual EM                                      (King)
Cali (Internet Shortcut)                       (Law)
Lexis-Nexis (Internet Shortcut)                (Law)
Premise (Internet Shortcut)                    (Law)
WestMate                                       (Law)
WordPerfect                                    (Law)
.Net                                            (ME)
Alice                                           (ME)
Ansys/CFX                                       (ME)
Aspen                                           (ME)
Catia/Cadam                                     (ME)
Eclipse                                         (ME)
Lab View                                        (ME)
Matlab                                          (ME)
Model Sim                                       (ME)
NasTran                                         (ME)
Neruro Solutions                                (ME)
Open Watcom Fortran                             (ME)
Patran                                          (ME)
Pro Engineer                                    (ME)
Pro Engineer Mechanica                          (ME)
SciFinder                                       (ME)
West Point Bridge Designer                      (ME)
Xilinx                                          (ME)
Aperio Imagescope Viewer                        (Nur)
ArcInfo                                         (Nur)
ArcView                                         (Nur)
ArcView 3D Analyst                              (Nur)
ArcView Network Analyst                         (Nur)
ArcView Spatial Analyst                         (Nur)
Beilstein                                       (Nur)
Biology Great Lectures (Thinkwell's Biology)    (Nur)
Citrix client                                   (Nur)
CN3D                                            (Nur)
Diet Analysis                                   (Nur)
Google Earth (free version)                     (Nur)
HESI Test                                       (Nur)
nQuery                                          (Nur)
PLC                                             (Nur)
Pro Calc                                        (Nur)
Pro Model                                       (Nur)
Ras Win                                         (Nur)
Respondus                                     (Nur)
SAS                                           (Nur)
SAS Enterprise Guide                          (Nur)
SAS Enterprise Miner                          (Nur)
SPSS                                          (Nur)
SciFinder                                     (Nur)
Simul8                                        (Nur)
Soil Data Viewer                              (Nur)
UK Hosp Med Ctr Library                       (Nur)
UK Hosp Student Computing Service             (Nur)
UK Hosp Web SPIRS Training                    (Nur)
Vector NTI                                    (Nur)
.Net                                         (WYL)
Alice                                        (WYL)
Amos                                         (WYL)
Ansys                                        (WYL)
ArcInfo                                      (WYL)
ArcView 3D Analyst                           (WYL)
ArcView GIS                                  (WYL)
ArcView Network Analyst                      (WYL)
ArcView Spatial Analyst                      (WYL)
Beilstein                                    (WYL)
Catia/Cadam                                  (WYL)
Deutsch: Na klar!                            (WYL)
Eagle                                        (WYL)
Eclipse                                      (WYL)
Google Earth (free version)                  (WYL)
GRE/GMAT Software                            (WYL)
Lab View                                     (WYL)
Logger Pro                                   (WYL)
Logix Pro                                    (WYL)
MathXLplayer (mymathlab.com)                 (WYL)
Matlab                                       (WYL)
Microsoft Project                            (WYL)
Microsoft Visio                              (WYL)
Microsoft Visual Studio                      (WYL)
Myeconlab plugins(mathxl, econplayer, etc)   (WYL)
Pro Engineer                                 (WYL)
Pro Model                                    (WYL)
Organic Compounds IOC                        (WYL)
SAS                                          (WYL)
SciFinder                                    (WYL)
Soil Data Viewer                             (WYL)
SPSS                                         (WYL)
Statistics for Managers PhStat               (WYL)
Tesoros                                      (WYL)

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