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Public Conveniences, The Ship Inn, Langstone Road, Havant

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					05     Application Number 01/50825/010                                           Ward: St Faiths

       Site Address: Public Conveniences, The Ship Inn, Langstone Road, Havant
       Applicant:    Havant Borough Council                                         Team 1
       8 week Date: 01/10/2001                                  Case Officer: Julia Wingate

       Reason for Committee Consideration: HBC Application

       Proposal: Internal and external alterations to public conveniences block to include new
       pitched roof and repositioning of entrances (as amended by plans received 24/09/2001).

   HDC Recommendation: GRANT PERMISSION

1     Site Description

1.1   The application relates to an existing detached flat-roofed single-storey building providing
      public toilet facilities. It is prominently located on the east side of Langstone Road,
      adjacent to The Ship Inn (Grade II Listed Building) and is situated within Langstone
      Conservation Area.

2     Planning History

      13663/3         - Erection of a public convenience at Langstone Quay permitted 4 May
      21578/4         - Disabled facility addition to existing public convenience permitted 21
                        October 1982

3     Proposal

      Permission is sought to construct a pitched tiled roof on top of the existing building, alter
      the window and door openings and replace some of the external stone cladding with
      brickwork. The scheme has been amended through negotiation, to include improved eaves
      and guttering details and alterations to roofing and fascia materials.

4     Policy Considerations

      HCSPR  - UB1, UB3 (Urban Regeneration)
               E16 (Built Heritage)
               C4 (Development on the Coast)
      HBLP   - E1 (Setting of Listed Building)
               E3 (Conservation Areas)
      HBDWLP - D4 (Building Design)
               HE2 (Development in Conservation Areas)
               HE6 (Environmental Improvements in Conservation Areas)
               HE7&10 (Preservation/setting of Listed Buildings)

5     Consultations

      CHC        - Comments that there is no landscape or nature conservation significance and
                   raises no objection.
     AO        - The disabled toilet needs to comply with Part M of Building Regulations in
                 terms of internal size and level thresholds to entrance.

     CO        - Provision of pitched roof and change in external materials will be an
                 improvement to the appearance of the building, however, it was suggested that
                 some alteration to the detailing was required to make the final appearance

6    Representations


7    Planning Considerations

7.1 The originally submitted scheme was not considered acceptable given its prominent
     location on the Langstone Road frontage and its sensitive position within Langstone
     Conservation Area. However, through negotiation, the proposal has been amended to
     include traditional eaves and guttering detail and more appropriate materials that reflect
     the visual importance of this site.


That the Head of Development Control be authorised to GRANT PERMISSION for
application 01/50825/010 subject to the following condition:

1             NS   The works hereby permitted shall not be commenced until samples
                   and details of all external facing and roofing materials have been
                   submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority.
                   Thereafter only such approved materials and finishes shall be used
                   in carrying out the development.

Appendices:   (A) O.S. Location Plan
              (B) Proposed floor plan
              (C) Elevations as existing
              (D) Elevations as proposed

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Description: Public Conveniences, The Ship Inn, Langstone Road, Havant