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A sample cleaning service agreement

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This House Cleaning Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) is dated as of ________________________, 20____, by and between Maid Your Way Professional Cleaning Service (“Contractor”) and _______________________________________ (“Owner”) (collectively the “Parties”). The Parties agree as follows: 1. SERVICES: Contractor will perform the cleaning services described below (check all that apply): Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning Realtor Make-Ready And Home Staging General Cleaning Post Construction Clean-Up Office Cleaning / Janitorial Carpet Cleaning One Time or Special Occasion Cleaning Other:_______________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ (attach an appendix if you require more space to detail services) 2. TIME OF COMPLETION: (mark the applicable provision) The Services shall be commenced on or before _________________, 20__, and shall be substantially completed by ______________________, 20__. The Services shall be performed between the hours of __________ a.m. and _________ p.m. Time is of the essence. (more appropriate for one-time service) The Services are ongoing, and shall be completed _______________ (e.g. weekly, biweekly, daily, etc.), commencing on ________________, 20__. The Services shall be performed on ____________________ [insert day of the week] between the hours of _____a.m. and _____p.m. (more appropriate for on-going service) 3. EQUIPMENT: (mark the applicable provision) Owner shall provide the following equipment for Contractor’s use when performing the Services: _____________________________________________

When performing the Services, Contractor will use his/her own equipment. Both Owner and Contractor will provide equipment. 4. PAYMENT: Mark the applicable provision: Owner shall pay Contractor for the material and labor to be performed under this Agreement the sum of ________________________Dollars ($__________). (This is more appropriate for a one-time service) Owner shall pay Contractor for the material and labor performed under this Agreement the sum of _________________________ Dollars ($__________) per ___________. ( e.g. week, month, per session, etc.--this is more appropriate for ongoing services) The payment(s) shall be paid in the following manner: ________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 5. OTHER EXPENSES: Owner shall reimburse Contractor for the following expenses only:___________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ (If none, write “none.”) Payment is due at time of service in the form of check, cash or Visa or Master Card. All first-time visits must provide us with their credit card information or pay in advance before the cleaning begins. There is a $4 fee if you fail to leave any form of payment and we invoice or contact you to make a payment. . There is a 40% late cancellation for canceling or rescheduling a visit after 2:00 pm the business day before the visit. There is a 40% lockout fee if we fail to gain access to your home, through no fault of ours. . There is a $25 fee for any returned check. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Parties have executed this Agreement on the date first written above.

OWNER: _______________________________ Signature _______________________________ Name (please print) _______________________________ Title (if applicable)

CONTRACTOR: ______________________________ Signature ______________________________ Name (please print) ______________________________ Title (if applicable)

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