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               name                            activity                    address

A.O.G.D.C                                                      TEHRAN
                                     Local and Foreign investment on oil and gas in dustries specially gas-to-liquid(GTL)processes

                                  R and                  karaj
advanced industerial systems research D ,automotion,robotics,education and training

advanced industrial research         after sale services          tehran-sattarkhan

                                   development.invesmentand contribution in establishment of advanced material industries
advanced material industrial devlopmentco.(AMIDCO)        tehran

afranet                              Internet&E-commerce          tehran

alam ara cptco                                                   pictut tubes and displays (befor exploition)
                                     producing types of tv color 10,tabanave,valiasr ave, tehran iran

                                     r                          services&facilities to productive factories&institutes&also to business
albborz industrial city co.(A.I.C.CO.)epresenting overall urban alborz industrial city-kargar square

Ara machine Azin Car Co                                        tehran
                                     automotive seat cover cloth

Arjan gostar oil seed production cocrushing of oil seeds          tehran

arvandan shipbuilding                shipbuilding                 abadan

auto consulting emgineering          consulting                   tehran

AzarabenergyID                                                 tehran
                                     general contractor and project management as engineering, procurement and construction (epg

Bahman manufacturing company refigerator production               tehran

                                                          tehransaadet abad
bam food industry development co date syrup and date packaging

bank of industry and mine                                         tehran

bonyan diesel co                                             tabriz
                                     engine production&machinery services

brelliant medical salt befinery co                              tehran    tmedical
                                     production and refining of edible africa ave and industrial salt

bushehr offshore industries                                       tehran

Car Tech.System Co                                              tehran-vali for petrol and diesel engine vehicles,by SLC technology in
                                     production of high qualitypistons,both e asr

CaspianCrankshaft&camshaft                                    tehran
                                     Crankshaft and camshaft producer africa ave

charkheshgar                                                 tehran-zafar
                                     manufactur of synchromesh gearboxes

                                 of iran                  tehran
construction projects management management of constructive conduction technology and executive manage

desa                                                          tehran-shariati
                                     manufacturing heavy diesel engines

desco                                                          supplying of automotive parts
                                     designing,engineering and tehran

eductionequipment Industries                                   tehran- educational equipment.teaching aids and tools for all kinds o
                                     designing.production and supply ofp.o . Box;13445-379

emad Semicon co.                                                 no . 14 , second st , ahmad st Qasseer ave.(bokharest) tehran-iran/1
                                     integrated circuit design and production

esfarayen seamless pipes                                      tehran
                                     seamless pipe manufacturing

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esfarayen stell cmplex                                        tehran
                                   production of alloy and carbon steel,forged parts,…

                                   it is responsible for devloping shiraz special electronic economic zone
fars industrial and export dvelopment(ltd)                      shiraz khakshenasi st

ferdoes textile co                 textile                     tehran

golnaghash toos co                 decal printing              mashahd

                                  research and consulting
gostaresh center for research and development-magfa            tehran

                                aluminum wheel manufacturing fortoheed
gostaresh gham afarin wheel manufactur                 tehran passenger cars

gostaresh kar afrini               karafarin                   tehran

gostaresh sang hamoon balouch coproducing marble&granite&aglomorated marble

gostaresh sang kord co                                      tehran
                                   producing marble&granite&aglomorated marble

gostaresh shahed transportation    good transportation         tehran

gostaresh shirsazi                                               and gas industeries
                                   production of valves for oil tehran-mirdamad

gosttaresh steel industries co                                nasr-e 10 building , mahestan
                                   implimentation of steel plants&related mines industries st . Shahrak-e-ghods,thran iran

govah                                                          after
                                   supplier of spare parts andtehransale services for mercedes-benz trucks

Green plour industrial group(GIPG)Desing.Manufacturing &Main Tenande of all volling stock vehicles

GTL CO.                                                      tehran
                                   Local and Foreign investment on oil and gas in dustries specially gas-to-liquid(GTL)processes

hepco                                                        tehran
                                   manufacturing of bulldozers,eheel loders,excavators and other road construction machinery

                                  urban planning and projects management
housing and industerial estates ENG                         tehran

                                designing and engineering karaj
I.K.Dengineering&procurementco(I.K.D.EP.CO.) EPCO         of heavy vehicles

idem                                                        tehran-gandi
                                   production of mercedes-benz diesel engines and related parts

Idro financier&consultantcorp                                 financial resources,
                                   Identification of suitable tehran-shariati ave including international firms for the mobilization

idro international trading         export and import           tehran-gandi

Idro Landera Industrial Group                               tehran-
                                   prototy ping and manufacturing of body in ehite automotive parts-prototy ping of indstrial parts-

idro otc                           over the couter             tehran

idro trading                                                   tehran-gandi

indamine                                                    tehran
                                   manufacturing of shock absorbers

                                                           tehran valiasr ave
industreal export development co international marketing&export promotion of iranian industrial products and engineering and tec

                                   evalotion and renovation of indstrial companies
industreal renovation company of iran                        tehran

                                   inspection (i.e.i)         tehran goods
industreal&engineering inspection co . Of iran of imported &exported valiasr ave esfandiarst.no 62 post code 19686

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industrial management institute                                tehrar-jam jam
                                    consulting,training and research

                                   bolts,nuts,metallic,washers,rivets,and etc in various shapes , types and sizes.
industrial nuts&boltsenineering&trading co                    tehran

                                      c                          tehran
institute for productivity and trainingonsulting and training services

iran Agrieultural industries                               tehran
                                    engineering-management contract,planning,execution,construction of industerial equipment , pi

iran auto parts MFG                                           tehran-vanak
                                    production of rings,bumpers,automotive parts control cables

iran aviation industeries                                     tehran
                                    study and research on aviation equipment manufacturing

iran foundry materials supplying                                of foundry materials
                                    production and distributiontehran-sohrevardi

                                   production and              of foundry materials
iran foundry materials supplying and distribution distributiontehran

                                    shipbuilding and repair    tehran-shahrak gharb
iran gulf shipbuilding and offshore industeries and offshore industeries complex

                                    c                             tehran
iran industerial consulting engineers onsulting in fields of technology and industry

iran industerial management                                    tehran
                                    projects consultancy and industerial project management

                                  the company              tehran-
Iran Industrial develoment Investment company through investment in sccurites market the productive,industrial and service entitie

iran info-tech development                                    tehran vali aser ave
                                    IDRORepesntative in it section

                                    engineering- procurement-construction oil&gas projectsno 34
iran international general contractor co .                  tehran vali asr ave kraneh st

iran khodro                                                   tehran
                                    production of passenger cars,buses.minibuses,pick-benz trucks

iran khodro diesel                                           tehran-azadi st
                                    production of mercedes-benz trucks

iran loco motive man facturing co Refurbishment of locomotive

iran offshore industeries                                      lorestan
                                    oil and gas marine structure

iran press                                                    tehran
                                    production of forming and forging presses

iran radiator                                                tehran
                                    designing and manufacturing of automotive cooling systems

                                   consultancy services for quality management
iran standard and quality inspection                          tehran

iran textile industeries                                      tabreiz
                                    manufacturing of ring spinning machines

iran tractor commercial                                        tehran
                                    export,import and after sale services of agri-industrial machinary and implements

iran tractor forging                                         tehran-bokharest
                                    manufacturing of automotive forging parts

iran tractor foudry                                             of cast-iron ,design and
                                    production of various typestehran-mirzaye shirazi manufaturing of foundry toolings patterns ,

iran tractor industerial machinery production of back-hoe loader front loader topper,…

iran tractor industerial services                            tehran
                                    designing,manufacturing,erection and comissioning of electrical and mechanical equipment

iran tractor MFG                                                 tehran
                                    production of tractors,trailers and agriculture equipment

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iran tractor motorsazan                                      tehran-valiasr
                                   manufacturing of diesel engines

iran travel agancy                                            air travel services
                                   domestic and international tehran-sepahbod gharani

                                  industerial research welding fields
iran welding research and engineering                        tehran-

                                  Research                   isfahan, iranp.o.box:84155/337
Iranian surface research&engineering centre and engineering in the field of surface engineering , metallurgical characterization and

isaco                                                        tehran-karaj
                                   supplier of automotive spare parts and after sale services for iran khodro products

jiroft cellelous industries company producer of conventional viscos

jovain                             production of electromotortehran

kaje tile co                                                   tehran
                                   production granite tiles-floor tiles-walt tiles-decorated tiles

kaveh industrial city co           services                     tehran

kaveh khodrosaipa                                            supplying of truck parts
                                   designing,engineering and tehran

khawar parts production(K.P.P)                              tehran-shahid
                                   production of mercedes-benz trucks partsbeheshti

khoram-bid fiberglass co           fiberglass production        shiraz

                                                            tehran handie
kimia gostar pirooz chemical ind.cochemical provide produce bottem toheed

LIDCO(life science Industry Devlopment Company)             tehran

Machin Sazi Tabriz Foundry Co      various casting producer     tabriz-gharamalek

mana                                                          tehran-motahari
                                   civil engineering and construction

MashadPowderForging                powder forging               tehran-vali asr ave

mashin sazi arak                                              boilres,tower and mobile cranes,…
                                   manufacturing of fire-tube arak

mashin sazi lorestan                                        lorestan
                                   manufactring&desiningof offshorestructures&cementplants

mashin sazi pars                                              tehran
                                   manufacturing of steel structures ,oil storage tanks,…

mashin sazi tabriz                                          tehran
                                   manufacturing of mining machines,drill sand lathes

                                  constraction co           tabreiz
mashine sazi arak engineering and engineering,desining and erection of system boilers

mega                                                          tehran
                                   investment consuiting-information technologies-e-business

megha motor                        production of engines        tehran

mehrcam pars                                                   exterior
                                   manufacturing interior and tehran trim plastic parts and A/C units of peugeot405

mehvarsazan iran khodro            production of exel           karaj

nakhle baluch saravan                                        khoramshar
                                   construct the deta packaging production factory

nashr gostar                                                  tehran
                                   trading and setting up exhibitions

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neyreperse                                                 tehran
                                   production of hydromechanical equipment for dams,reserve tanks,…

nosaz construction and services                              tehran-shahrak gharb
                                   designing,consulting,renovation and maintenance

nsab niroo co                                                tehran
                                   evection & commissioning in power plants civil constraction sub station

pakmayeh kermanshah                dry yeast co                 kermanshah

pars kani                          mining research              tehran-

pars khodro                                                  tehran
                                   production of 4-wheel drive and passenger cars

                                  producing cast           meshed-phase toos industrial
payyand toos industrial manufacturing company. iron auto parts

persia Energy Gostaresh                                      tehran-beheshti
                                   connsultancy nd technical services in energy enviroment management and IT

persian goulf chemical polymersco Gopps/hips plant              tehran

petco                                                      tehran
                                   heavy pumps and water turbine manufacturing
                                   manufacturing faz 17-18
petro negain jonoob co              pars jonoobi           tehran

                                 research and consulting in iran tehran - valiasr
petrochemical down stream industies.(pdsid)                 fields of petrochemical down stream industries

petroleum eqiuipment industeries production of machinery and equipment for oil and gas industeries

phishtazanFT                                                    tehran

pideco                                                     tehran-valiasr
                                   general&managingcontractor in oil,gas and petochmical,industries,engineering,construction,insta

plasco kar saipa                                            tehran
                                   designing and manufacturing automotive plastic parts

polymer sanate jonoob co                                    tehran
                                   producing polymeric and chemical productions of peterochemical productions-Establishment,egu

potleh                                                      shahrreza
                                   manufacturing of power plant equipment

                                     company)                   tehran shahrakgharb
R.T.I.CO(rail transporttion industry execution of the railway projects in turn - key type.deveiopment of the sme industries and encur

rasht industrial city co           services                     iran-rasht

rena                                                           tehran
                                   after sale services and distribution of spare parts for volvo trucks

rena industrial group              investment                   tehran

road construction machinery                                  tehran
                                   design and production of parts for road construction machines

sadra omid chabahar                                            tehran
                                   ship building,ship repair,ship breaking

saipa                                                        tehran
                                   production of passenger cars,pick-ups,…

saipa automotive research and renovation center                 tehran

saipa azin                                                  tehran
                                   designing and manufacturing various vehicle seats and auto parts

saipa diesel                                                  tehran
                                   production of volvo trucks and trailers

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                                 designing and manufacturing dies,punchs,controlgauges and special tools
saipa engineering manufacturing equipment and tools       tehran

saipa heavy dies mfg                                          tehran-shahid beheshti
                                   sheet metal press dies for car body…

saipa malleable                    foundry of industerial partstehran

saipa piston                                                 tehran
                                   manufacturing of 2-stroke and 4-stroke pistons and piston pins

saipa yadak trading                                             karaj
                                   after sale services for saipa products

                                  design &manfacturing transformer
sanayeh nirou gistaresh kurdestan co                       tehran

sane                                                         tehran-mirzaye shirazi
                                   manufacturing of diesel engines and renaults 5 engines

sapco                              automotive parts design      tehran

satak                                                        tehran
                                   research.engineering planing

sazeh gostar saipa                                           tehran
                                   design and production of auto parts

seamless pipes shfagh pars         pipe manufacturing           karaj

sepideh jam toos                                             tehran ware st
                                   production of opal and pyrex tablevaliasr glasses

shahrak tahghighatee kavosh                                    tehran bahar
                                   prepration city foundtional.etc.road.power elcctricity.water applinces

sherkat sanayea farasahel (saff)                            tehran and box 15175-189
                                   automotive design ,manufacturing post testing

SHIMI GOSTAR-E-NIKOO                                          tehran
                                   Manufacturing Silicone Polymers

                                 after                       khodros vehicles
spare parts production and developing sale services for pars tehran-azadi

taftan ghleb forging co                                      tehran-valiasr ave
                                   hot forging part manufacturing

taka                                                           arak
                                   production of agricultural equipment

technicon                                                        tehran
                                   installation of industerial complex

techno-tar engineering                                       tehran
                                   designing and producing fuel pumps

tehran sofa                                                  tehran-mirdamad
                                   producec process valves used for petro-chemical industre and other industries

thermal technology co.damafin                               tehran
                                   designing and manufacturing heat exchanger for air coolers

toos payvand                                                   industerial fittings
                                   manufacturing full range oftehran-mirdamad

vehicle axle mfg(V.A.M)                                       tehran-azadi
                                   production of axleand differential for diesel vehicle

wagon pars                                                   tehran
                                   production and repair of wagons and locomotives

zamyad                                                        tehran
                                   production of iveco trucks and minibuses

zeraat choob hamoun company                                   tehran
                                   ecalyptus planting for preparing rgw materials for viscos

zohreh tile co                     single firing tile production tehran africa st

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            tel                   fax                 manager                 email

23862616              23862616              changiz mashayikh

66284211-15           66284210              reza daneshfahim        info@aidco.ir

66046728-36           66046737              abbas haj fataleiha     emrc@sharif.Edu

22913736-8            22276315                                    i
                                            mohammad hossien sabournfo@amidcoinvesting.com

88741956-9            8837133               freidoun ghasemzadeh    afra@afranet.com

88870126-8            88870125              mehdi moetazedian ghomi alamara@alamaracpt.com

88735831              88735833              mohammad hossein bayatian

88285631              88285631              mansoor vala            shamak_co@yahoo.com

88738756-8738755      88730711              farhad bahmany

0632432-3323-3355     0636432-3288          mehdi seif              arvandan@mftmail.com

88774297 -88885381- 88795916                manoucher golmohammadiaiceco@aice.co.ir

88574950-9            88575111-2            mozaffar mohammadi      info@azarabenergy.com

66464284-7            66406215                                      sadeghi
                                            haj mohmmad mahdei hajiphilver @philver.com

22374889-90           22374892              mostafa vahidzadeh      info@bamfid.com

220298911-19          22029894              mehdi razavi            info@bim.ir

0411-4450071-3        0411-4450076          ali bayg negad          info@bonyan-diesel.com

88788867-9            88782339              mehdi azimi nejadan     bmsr@neda.net

88759645              88739356              mohmmad mehdi dissi

22012036-22012033     22012042              ali amirtaheri          cartechsystem@yahoo.com

22053153              22058515              raoof parvaresh

22276773-4            22276710              mehdi mohmmadi          info@charkheshgar.com

88510917-8            88510917-8                                  info@mapsaco.com
                                            mohmmad hadi vahid moghaddam

22261906 22261904     22261903              abdoljabbar baniani     desa@desa-co.com

448912424             44525858              jamashid eghbalpoor     info@iranaccess.com

44503771- 445022440   44503770 44503775     behroz kahzadi          info@eei-co.com

88753076-8            88732260              hamidrezamonjei         nazeran@emadsemicon.com

88725623-4            88725622              seyyed naser alavian    Lgeco@neda.net

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88841182-7             88304114                                 info@esfst.com
                                          mohammad hosain shah hosaini

07112273820-23         07112273826        amin hemmatian            seez@seez.ir

88066728-88043760      88066728           ahadkermanee

0511-5413031-4         0511-5413035       mohammad mehdi katebi info@golnaghsh.com

88510910-14            88763342                                  info@magfa.com
                                          mohammad reza haeri yazdi

66930824               66439510           houshangh shad

22032104-22012592      22012592           jaavad maasoomi           iran@karafarein.com

88037170               88047938           esmaeel safakish

88037170               88047938           behrouz khadjeh nassiri

88731142               88733410           manouchehr sarlak         info@Gostareshshahed.com

22257472               22257756           mohmmad resa jaleileian info@gssvalve.com

88085532-34            88085545                                 info@gsi-gc.com
                                          mohammad hosien khoshnevis ansari

44545016-20            4454004            mohmad irani              info@govah.com

88981252-3             88981252-3         ahmad taheri hangani      plour@gpig-co.com

88524223-88734624      88524223           H.Fateh Daryani           mail@GTL1000.COM

44922312-14            44922494           alimohammad rafiei        sales@hepcoir.com

22054869               22058148           fereydoon zeeya dehkordi hircco@yahoo.com

44630395               44665070                                  epco@epcoir.com
                                          mohmmad sadegh nosratlou

88773571-88770116      88777412           mohsen lotfi              Info@idemco.com

22252679               22253175           Esfandyar karim zadegan idro financier@yahoo.com

88889236 88776833      88799496           saeid hassan khan         info@idro-fairs.com

44503373-44503485      44521270           jafar haji seyed javadi   landra2@Kanoon.net

22022018-22059415-17   22021778           mohmmad eskandari

88786071-4             88799496           seyyed ali beh negad      idro@idro-co.com

66026701-3             66026704           mohamad reza babaee       wepmaster@indamin.com

22018772-2019105       22019106           jafar moalemzadeh         info@idro-expo.com

22035702-6             22050029           mortaeza sharif al nasabi info@iric-co.com

88778892               88772300           esfandiar nezamabadi      info@iei-co.com

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22043005               220430001                                  info@imi.ir
                                          davood mesgarian haghighi

22588310-22592328      22560929           ehssan rabiee            inbet.co@mavara.com

88604222               88604220           masoud homayounfar       info@iphrd.com

88312365               88312365           mohammad vali assadi     valiassadi2001@yahoo.com

88870181-4             88870191           reza asem nakhjavani     ipamashad@neda.net

22052169-22052386`     22058920           hamid sabaghi            info@aii-co.com

88768417 88761827      88765732           farhang sharifi          silicasand@Silicaazndmfgco.com

66693960-66697706      66697706           mostafa taghavi

88089901-15            88085511           ebrahim saiedi           info@isoico.com

88780138               88780143           alireza gholami          iic.idro@neda.net

88529720-6             88529700           ali reza foolad amoli    iranidic@iranidic.com

22053503-7             22057949           gholamhassan parkan      info@ipmi-gc.com

88722479, 88725010-13 88722479            reza samiezadeh          info@iidco.com

22047703-2010208       22048905           s.m.tabatabaie           info@igc-ir.com

48901                  44907202           manoochehr manteghi      irankhodro@ikco.com

66005136-9             66009549           majid sheikhani          info@ikd-co.com

0411-2898791           0411-2898792       mirali akbar asle khademi rwbazsazi@irirw.com

0663-2232273           06632232274        soltanpour               reza@ioec.com

88833223-5             88767280           masoudreza shakrei       em-pic@apadana.com

44922710-16            44922125-6         abbas maleki tehrani     sales@irradiator.com

88020343-88020965      88020540           Amir hossein ghanati     info@isqi.co.ir

0411-2895503-2891755   0411-2890886       asgar khosh fahm         iti.fac@issa2000.net

44503627-31            44503630           mohammad hatami          tcc@mail.dci.co.ir

88736237               88732763           rahmat jadidi            r&d@itforging.com

88833417               88308855           mohammadreza zamanlo info@irtrf.com

0411-4245870-76        0411-4296029       ramezan alei khoshooeei info@itimco.ir

88560694-97            88695910           abdolrahman arshadei     info@itisco.ir

88841358               88844567           mohsen khademarabbaghi pmm@itm.co.ir

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22011223               22010783                abolfath ebrahimi          motorsazan@Neda.net

88897837 88810836      88897840                mohammadreza jeddi         jeddi@parang.com

44605601-3             44605369                abbas zareaee hanzaki      iwrec@hotmail.com

0311-3913900           0311-3913921            F.ASHRAFIZADEH             isrec@istt.org

448902424              448905970               naser merzbani             info@isaco.ir

021-22096860           021-22096860            seyed kazem azimi          jiroft_cellulose@yahoo.com

88727051-4             88724498                hasan yekta moghaddam jemco@jamejam.com

22013360-22046686      22038979                seyed ahmad esmaeili       info@kajehtile.com

88730318-9             88730320                hasannafisi

44196206               44196208                adib nia                   info@irankavehsaipa.com

88735674-5             88732717                bijan zahedi fard          commerce@kppco.net

0711-2284282-2284290   0711-2284307            abolhassan sar shar        info@KFGCO.COM

66917165-6             66435177                bahman ahmadi              info@kdico.net

22226713-2273807       22226713-22273807       amirbayat tork             info@lid-co.com

0411-2892799           0411-2895305                                      info@tmfco.ir
                                               Mir Yasin Seied Shariat Doost

88756115-7             88747954                alireza ashrafi tafreshi   info@iidrcc.com

88792227-88787679      88796264                bijan parvaresh            mpf@mpmiran.com

0861-3135201-9         0861-217230-1           mohmmad bagher sobhaniinfo@msa.ir

0661-4207121-4207010   0661-4207029            morteza allahvardy         info@msl.co.ir

88776375               88776704                saeid kashmari             info@mspco.ir

66431430 66420107      66437779                majeid khodabakhsh         export@mst-group.com

0861-3123021-29        0861-3132216            M.vahadi                   info@msaec.com

88510883-88510889      88510885                bahram haghighi            info@mwgagroup.biz

44922455-6             44922895-44922447       javad najmeddin            mega.motor@apadana.Com

44905176               44905175                jalil zarkesh              mcp@mehrcampars.com

44504944-5             44504696                hasan kazem avini          Mehvarsazan@Kanoon.net

0541-2443299           0541-2442657            ali reza taheri            nakhl_bs@yahoo.com

88605212-14            88605212-14             mohammad reza shahri       info@gostaresh.net

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88771377-88776305      88886412                                     info@neyrperse.com
                                               mohmmad khademi mou ghari

88089901-15            88089899                mohammadmirzai          info@nosaz.com

88003513               88007940                j.khansari              info@nasbniroo.com

0831-8353514           0831-8353557            parvin rezaei           pakmayeco@yahoo.com

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