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					                                       Low−cost Surefire Marketing Ideas

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Low−cost Surefire Marketing Ideas

By Susan Dunn

Low−cost Surefire Marketing Ideas by Susan Dunn, Coach

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There are lots of ways to advertise your business that cost money, and they work, but there are also
more innovative ways that don't. Non−profits offer one venue for promoting that's very cost−effective.

Volunteering your time to serve dinner at a shelter, or to serve on the Board of a non−profit can give
you exposure to people you might not run into otherwise. Volunteers generally chat and share
information and you can have your cards and brochures handy when you serve. It's expected. If you're
on a Board and can serve in your area of expertise, it's wonderful.

You can volunteer to coordinate a canned food drive for your company, or to gather school supplies for
needy children. If done properly, they are also a photo op for the media.

If you're building a business or practice and can work up a seminar or workshop, notify non−profits and
churches that you're available as a speaker or presenter. They are a very warm and grateful audience.
Will it give you exposure to give a "Dress for Succss" seminar for the homeless? Yes. These things are
usually brought up at Board meetings, and the people on the Board generally are big consumers and
have wide circles of influence. It feels good to help others, and in addition to that, you get to practice
some really important skills, such as public speaking. Will the local church appreciate your offering to
give a talk on "How to Make a Midlife Career Change?" You bet.

Keep in mind events and banquets also. If you volunteer to provide the decorations (this would cost
money) or sponsor a table, your name and the name of your business can conveniently appear on the

                                       Low−cost Surefire Marketing Ideas

program. Also consider donating a gift from your business to the silent (or live) auction. People who
attend these functions usually are from a high−income bracket and are great consumers! The
presentation package of the auction item is the key. Get creative and do something that will stand out.
Sprinkle it with your business card and flyers of course. It'll get a lot of attention at the auction table!

Another promotional tip is to sponsor a billboard or bus ad for a charity with your name and web
address at the bottom. This attaches your name to a cause that's dear to people's hearts. You'll help
and be helped. Your company can also sponsor an issue of a non−profit's newsletter; this can bring
exposure to tens of thousands of people. It's appropriate to ask that your logo appear on the front page
as sponsor, and some tagline.

Sponsor a Little League team, donate t−shirts with your logo on them to Goodwill (they'll get around
town), serve at the local Thanksgiving dinner wearing a t−shirt with your logo and product on it ... get
out, do good, get exposure. It works.

As a former development officer for a homeless shelter, I can assure you that if you aren't doing these
thigns, someone else is.

Why The Surefire G2 Flashlight Is A Great Buy

By S. Arya

The Surefire G2 flashlight is an excellent buy. The G2 is the most cost effective flashlight Surefire
manufacturers and provides the same light output as Surefire which cost four times as much.

The Surefire G2 comes in an indestructible Nitrolon body which is basically a reinforced form of plastic.
Do not be fooled this light is lightweight, powerful, compact and pack a punch. It puts out sixty lumens
which is equivalent to other Surefire lights such as:

· Surefire 6P · Surefire G2Z · Surefire C3

The above mentioned lights are much more expensive then the G2 because of the aircraft aluminum
used versus the Nitrolon.

The Surefire 6P puts out a clean, focused, tactical beam that produces four times the average two D
Cell flashlights. The Surefire G2 has the capability to temporarily blind an attacker and also has the
ability to disorient someone who has adapted their vision to the night. An optional Surefire P61 lamp
assembly is available which doubles the run time however the battery life drops 66%. The Surefire G2
is supplied with the standard P60 lamp assembly which provides 60 lumens for 60 minutes, however
with optional P61 a searing 120 lumens is produced but the run time is a mere 20 minutes.

The Surefire G2 requires 2 CR123 batteries and comes in four colors:

· Black · Desert Tan · Yellow · Olive Drab Green

                                     Low−cost Surefire Marketing Ideas

The Surefire G2 flashlight features the following:

· Weatherproof body with O Ring Seals · Tail cap switch when pressed is a momentary light however
when twisted it is constantly on · Turn the switch two full turns from the on position and the safety is
engaged to prevent accidental lighting when being packed or traveled. · Supplied with 2 CR123

The Surefire G2 is 4.9 inches long and 4.1 ounces heavy. Optional accessories include:

· SC1 Spares Carrier for carrying bulbs and batteries (spare) · Z33 Lanyard · FM37 Beamcover and
Lens protector · V70 Speed holster · V20 Fixed Loop Holster · F28 Traffic Wand

The Surefire G2 as mentioned earlier is the most cost effective light and yet provides the equivalent
performance of much more expensive Surefire lights. If you do not want to shell out the big bucks for a
Surefire this light is an excellent choice. has been involved with the sales of Surefire Flashlights for over six years and has
a well rounded knowledge handheld illumination technology. For further information go to−g2.html

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