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Progress of recommendations from HMIC Neighbourhood Policing

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									                                                                                     Agenda Item No.7
Devon and Cornwall Police Authority Community Engagement Committee
23 September 2009
Open for the purposes of FOI
Report of Assistant Chief Constable Netherton

 Progress of recommendations from HMIC Neighbourhood Policing/Citizen Focus
(i)  The Committee to note the content of this report.

Introduction / Summary
1. HMIC carried out a review of Neighbourhood Policing and Citizen Focus within the Constabulary
    during April 2008 as part of it’s national Phase 2.5 inspection into Neighbourhood Policing & Citizen

2. There were 5 recommendations for progression and these have been placed on the Organisational
   Learning Database (OLD) for monitoring. Progress updates are called for on a quarterly basis.

3. In addition future development of Citizen Focus and Neighbourhood Policing are overseen by The
   Public Service Strategy Board, chaired by ACC TP. The Public Service Strategy includes work
   around future development of Citizen Focus & Neighbourhood Policing and Contact Management.

4.   A summary of their progress is detailed below:

        Recommendation 1 - Her Majesty’s Inspector recommends that the force should
         undertake more visible marketing of its neighbourhood policing teams, in particular how
         to make contact with them and also provide details of the who the teams are at their
         respective police stations and other community venues such as libraries, council
         offices, shopping centres etc.
         Progress - recommendation was completed in March 2009. Examples of work carried out to
         complete this recommendation include:
          Corporate posters designed, including team and individual posters for public display for
             front offices and other key locations
          Introduction of the Neighbourhood Policing Website
          Corporate Communication Department working with Basic Command Units(BCUs) to
             ensure Neighbourhood Policing initiatives are marketed through local newsletters
          Partners and Communities Together(PACT) templates including postcards, posters and
             flyers re-designed to improve promotion of these meetings

        Recommendation 2 - Her Majesty’s Inspector recommends that the force should
         implement a formal process to measure the quality and extent of engagement in all its
         neighbourhoods to identify good practice and any areas for development, then putting
         in place systems and processes to address these.
         Progress – progression of this recommendation is still ongoing. Initiatives that have been put
         in place are a formal Performance Management Review (PMR) around Neighbourhood
         Policing, including the PACT process in early summer 2009 and the inclusion of PACT
       development as a standing item agenda in the Neighbourhood Policing Improvement Group
       (NPIG). A sergeant’s post has been introduced into TP Department to enable key PACT
       priorities across the Force to be developed corporately taking cognisance of local and national
       best practice.

      Recommendation 3 - Her Majesty’s Inspector recommends that neighbourhood priorities
       should be identified and agreed with local communities being involved throughout the
       process. The force should improve the feedback provided to communities of progress
       against the priorities including the use of neighbourhood web pages.
       Progress - recommendation was completed in March 2009. The Neighbourhood Policing
       website lists the priorities for each neighbourhood which have been agreed in conjunction with
       local communities. There is also a section on this website for public feedback: ‘You said We
       did’. This is also a major part of The Policing Pledge. We are still awaiting the final HMIC report
       from an inspection of our activity around The Policing Pledge to establish if further work is
       needed around this recommendation.

      Recommendation 4 - Her Majesty’s Inspector recommends that the force should
       undertake a fundamental review of its contact management processes in order to
       improve ease of contact and provide a better quality of service to the customer, while at
       the same time serving the professional needs of operational officers and staff.
       Progress – although work is still being progressed a number of initiatives have been
       introduced to fulfil this recommendation:
          Through QUEST, an appointment system has improved the quality of service delivery for
           routine incidents.
          On line crime reporting has also been incorporated into our contact management strategy.
          The Neighbourhood Policing website also allows people to contact their neighbourhood
          Project Mercury and The Contact Management Strategy as part of The Public Service
           Strategy will enable greater opportunities for the public to contact us.
          A drive for more ‘shop fronts’ for our neighbourhood teams as part of the Estates Strategy.

      Recommendation 5 - Her Majesty’s Inspector recommends that the force should develop
       clear branding of citizen focus policing corporate standards and these should be
       publicised and communicated both internally and externally.
       Progress – this has been superseded by The Policing Pledge, which details national standards
       around customer service. At the launch of the Policing Pledge, a lot of activity was undertaken
       both internally and externally to raise awareness. This included local roadshows, media
       interviews and articles, external and internal leaflets. The imminent HMIC inspection report will
       give us a clearer understanding of whether further work is needed around this area.

Contact: for further information
Claire Tucker
Database and HMIC Liaison Officer
01392 452693

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